Twitter Copies Page. My Twitter page started off as an ideas sounding board where I tweeted random thoughts, before more interaction occured - after all it's supposed to be a social networking site. I copy and pasted some tweets from it onto here for a blog, or the quotes page. Also some tweets are copied here just because they are interesting to keep. This page was December 5th 2015.





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faster than stars in our #MilkyWay. Being 5X brighter than our #MilkyWay, #Messier82 in #UrsaMajor, behaves energetically + has a dense core Nov 28

Previous tweet:12 million light-yrs away #starburst #galaxy #Messier 82, NGC 3034 or #M82, blasts out hydrogen creating young stars 10 times Nov 28

Majestic #stars + planets in space, are in an interspersed cornucopia of forces within the laws of scientific events Nov 28

. @LicenseRenewed Surprised u RTd an old tweet of mine abt my 1st boyfriend's Dad flying Vulcan Bomber plane in #JamesBond film Thunderball! Nov 28

- autodidact most of time (abt 85%) but studied #physics O level 15 yrs ago. Likes creating own theories. Restless thinker. Day job: #tutor. Nov 28

If you've just arrived here, here's what I do online: Amateur #sciencewriter on my 16 yr old space+ #astronomy website. Loves #astrophysics. Nov 28

Just having quick look online. Can't b here everyday all day even if hv chance. Get restless sat at pc. Been hinking abt astrophysics degree Nov 28

Since then collected 92 books on astrophysics + physics. Studied physics O Level at night school 15 yrs ago- now an amateur #sciencewriter! Nov 26

I've been passionate about space + #astronomy since age 6 +still have a science book +mags from then. Aim hasn't changed + love contributing Nov 26

My new astronomy venture I refer to in previous tweet is @AstronoPub. In teething stage still. Contributers, edu, teachers, presenters handy Nov 19

G-force is a measure of proper acceleration by weight per unit mass, whereby compressive + tensile stress, provide a sensation of the weight Nov 3

#Yarkovsky Effect. 1 ounce of force from imbalance in sunlight steers asteroids into Earth crossing orbits, altering layout of solar system. Nov 3

Earth-rise will be surpassed as will #Cassini's mission of #Saturn's backlit shot of us in #palebluedot Credit #NASA Nov 2

- the next best explanation is the perspective of an astronaut when viewing Earth from the #Moon. Image Credit #NASA Nov 2

Since age 6, I've created a way of thinking: astronomy/astrophysics + art develop rational context for elusiveness + a type of objectivity. Nov 2

- just logged back in to quick say - orbital mechanics<- in #astrophysics is another topic that is enhanced by the same skills. Worth a try. Oct 24

These skills + being familiar about Special Relativity #physics, provides a foundation in reference frames + coordinates used in cosmology.. Oct 24

1 of the best ways to grasp ideas in spatial geometry like Big Bang inflation, is using visual spatial/art thinking for co-moving distances. Oct 24

Plasma just after the #BigBang has been found to emit light thought as #polarized, which is now called a pattern termed E-mode polarization. Oct 24

Once upon a time ago, there was a #galaxy far, far away. In fact, it was so far away, that it was a bit too far away to tell a story about Oct 24

- studying pure physics e.g when I studied it at O level, had to unlearn<- + next level after, re learn as self study(prev tweet about that) Oct 23

Along the lines of learn, unlearn + relearn. Probably in circles, until inevitable innovation in new theory +the whole thing is learnt again Oct 23

prev tweet links to my 7 yr old pg of #sciencewriting. As an amateur #astrophysicist give me a bit of slack ;-) Mind u, maybe not from age 6 Oct 22

Oct topic: The Shape of the Future - #Galaxies in #Astrophysics + the #cosmologicalconstant http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Oct 22

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1:The physics of everything in the universe changes due to context, size+ shape of the objects within it Oct 22

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: A method to change the way light behaves using vibration of waves that are within a specific plane. Oct 22

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: These packets of energy are responsible for us finding out how far away large objects are in space. Oct 22

Quick tweet: The world + beyond is richer with #astronomy, astrophysics, #physics, music, #art+ nature - real wonder Oct 18

Actually<-not actuality (wrong word in previous tweet! was autocorrect not my dyslexia that time) #ABBA music is very spacey/galactic tho... Oct 10

Actuality playing some #ABBA as last 1 tonight. In my top 5 music list of best. Lovely image of Benny on the CD when he was younger. #crush Oct 10

- those 2 subjects r not usually put 2gether. Being of working class background compared to how I've seen the rich, provides extra dimension Oct 10

the working class town I grew up in + the other is #astrophysics bcs it was the 1st science subject I got interested in at age 6. #realdeal Oct 9

Having grown up in 1 of the most deprived towns in the UK, I could write 2 books on 2 topics bcs I know them like the back of my hand. 1 is Oct 9

I've always fancied living in a 60/70's Frank Lloyd Wright house w a massive room sized piece of #Moon rock in lounge Oct 8

- what do u expect for about 85 topics on science + astrophysics? ;-) (#sciencewriting Claire is on 'puter' in rthe day)<- Rare Event Thoery Oct 5

- of course there's loads of proper creative thinking 1st, that's as well as adding correct facts + images. My #sciencewriting is #realdeal Oct 5

pg itself is not just a matter of quick type. Have to type in Word programme, then neutralise in Note pad, then copy paste to Dreamweaver Oct 5

. @davidshukmanbbc During the renaissance, far less money was spent on science bt created some of t bst theories. Shld we b thinking harder? Sep 29

15 yr old space+#astronomy website. A life time of astrophysics science study since age 6 ;-) http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Sep 27

My 15 yr old space pic showing #perigee #lunar as back side angle of #Moon in total #umbral phase as if viewing Earth Sep 25

My 1st book about #science/#physics The Wonder Book of Science with image of prism in front + electricity bolt inside Sep 25

Some old science #Insight magazines my Dad bought me in the 1980's. They were after books collected up, with 1 fav. Sep 25

I remember stood outside looking at the last #supermoon #LunarEclipse in 1982. This was a few yrs after my love of #astronomy started (1976) Sep 25

The subject #calculus (whether applied to electrical #engineering or #physics) is enhanced by using visual spatial skills - the #art part. Sep 25

-continued. Try turbo charging the previous few tweets from #STEM subjects, into #STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Mathematics Sep 25

The study of pure #physics, including introductory level, provides a good, if not 1 of the best foundations, in the pursuit of #astronomy. Sep 25

A pg of subjects I've written about connecting #astronomy #astrophysics #art #physics #maths http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Sep 25

I write abt similarities btwn #physics +art. Grt prgrm abt connections btwn #art #mathematics #cosmology #psychology http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06csx20/secret-knowledge-the-art-of-the-impossible-mc-escher-and-me … Sep 25

- I've developed my own pg of ideas + theories (about 85) woven into facts, about these exact subjects on my website http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Sep 17

I was a tutor (might be going back to it) + found over the yrs that experience in edu provides a unique angle on #astronomy + #astrophysics. Sep 17

What's interesting is, during the #Renaissance, #science was more balanced by using more inductive inference. Also important in science edu. Sep 17

Science uses deductive logic (prev tweet) to prove/falsifying, but it also uses inductive logic to make hypothesis. Is in my writing yrs ago Sep 17

I really don't think a lot sciences today get inductive inference. If they did, they wld specialize less + use outside subjects to innovate. Sep 17

Beautifully majestic, the #stars, planets + space, all involved in an interspersed cornucopia of forces, in the laws of scientific events... Sep 15

- the thing is, they are soooooo big, that they are probably best being called events<-- not objects. But this can be debated accordingly. Sep 15

(discretions<-- was auto corrected word by twitter in previous tweet) was supposed to mean directions<--) objects in space should not exist. Sep 15

but this is an #astrophysics puzzle, bcs, according to the #CosmologicalPrinciple (everything same in all discretions + throughout) these 2 Sep 15

Larger +most dense came the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall in the redshift with 19 GRBs (Gamma Ray Bursts) + 3 billion parsecs across. Sep 15

The Huge Large Quasar Group is 1 of the biggest known objects in the observable universe, with its 73 #quasars + 4 billion light yrs across. Sep 15

There is a war going on – a type of galactic fight between the greatest objects ever to exist. In deep space there are impossible events.. Sep 15

Previous tweet links to a pg of 85 themes w ideas + theories I've written about in the last 7 yrs + r woven into facts about my fav subjects Sep 12

. @Time2Wonder70 that wld mean going in2 #cosmology #topology, #manyworlds (Everette/Tegmark) Boltzmann brains + a then a sugar coated donut Sep 7

- The War in the #Sky. From #Quasars to the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #astrophysics Sep 6

It's really strange how uniform they r, but when taking a step back, as u would to view the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall, it changes. Sep 6

Much like the energetic behaviour of a #quasar, but not as bright optically<-- , the #galaxy Centaurus A, also produces a relativistic jet. Sep 6

Quasar jet output is striking: When matter is thrown out in the centre of axis of rotation of the quasar as it's approaching speed of light. Sep 6

- they're immense objects! Barring a ref wks ago about how much I thought galaxy Centaurus A was in best bracket for #astrophysics objects Sep 6

- violet, all the way to optical range, toward infrared + microwaves, then to radio waves, showing broad emissions in unusual spectra lines. Sep 6

- energy output all powered by a #supermassive black hole at its centre producing from 1 end of the spectrum gamma rays + X-rays to ultra - Sep 6

The hyperluminous #quasar APM 08279+5255 with an absolute mag of −32.2, has prolific energetic behaviour + immense size in terms of full - Sep 6

- I thought it was quite important that in editing it, I distinguished the difference + that it was another way to view how we grasp space. Sep 4

The War in the #Sky - From #Quasars to the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #astrophysics Sep 4

as a theme (this month) to illustrate a way of understanding + thinking about the stars + large objects in space, like quasars as an example Sep 4

A tweet a min links to a pg where I write about science every month. I've edited it by adding more text saying I am against war but used it Sep 4

I love #astrophysics. It's a brilliant subject. Its theories ride on all possible inventions of #scientific thought. Its the most expansive. Sep 3

The War in the #Sky - From #Quasars to the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #astrophysics Sep 1

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1:It’s a group of the same objects seen as 1 cluster of ultrastrong emitters with colossal size + energy Sep 1

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: If measuring across including a central effect, these objects span a great distance from 2 directions Sep 1

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: Just when you thought one space object was the largest ever, another surrounds it + takes its place. Sep 1

continuing 'kids should wonder+learn about' tweets- physics.They should study physics. Art too- helps imagination (see rationale 2 dyas ago) Aug 30

My tweet other day abt problems in childhood was supposed to mean, had a lot to cope+ put up with. Mentally strong + now put myself 1st more Aug 30

+ at same time, get kids to appreciates art bcs it develops creative thinking, visual spatial skills (great for orbital mechanics+ calculus) Aug 28

- 1 last thing, getting kids in2 science, like astronomy, bcs it helps them use objective thinking as they find relevance in school science. Aug 28

+ when an adult, to continue with those exact traits (in #education + beyond), in order to be a decent role model for the next generation. Aug 28

when young + to be decent as an adult no matter how hard childhood was. The character is the part that will take u through life most of all. Aug 28

- main lesson learnt is, don't take things for granted. Being humble, kind + decent (e.g no swearing + smoking) as important as academic edu Aug 28

Bounced back to a degree but have learned 2 appreciate basic things in life. Also 1 reason I went into tutoring +#edu. #toughcookie + strong Aug 28

problems when I was a kid than most of those young girls put together. Was traumatised by my childhood + found out I was dyslexic at age 28. Aug 28

The point of these last few tweets is, outside the academic side, being resilient, self reliant + helpful builds character. I had more Aug 28

responsibility of getting my younger sister up ready 4 school b4 my Mum got back from night shift (parents split +had responsibility as kid) Aug 28

I watched #educatingcardiff last night. I didn't do great at school but unlike some pupils there, I didn't skive + wasn't ever late. I had Aug 28

- galaxy. This 1 is 1405 Mpc away. 31 trillion Km x1405 = 43555.000 000 000 000 trillion kilometers away. There's a pic but he's not twitter Aug 25

- he sent me e-mail saying he's got Quasar 3C 351.As super luminous objects, they emit up to a 1000 times the entire energy output of our Aug 25

I've had e-mails over t yrs from John R Fletcher http://www.jfmto.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/  abt his #astronomy. Met John at Patrick Moore's house in 2008. Today Aug 25

Will try to find the Imploding Theory I created/wrote in my teens. Science was a bit of an early start from The Wonder Book of Science age 6 Aug 23

15 yrs ago I said, if thinking is finite, then finite laterally is infinite. It seems similar to Many Worlds Theory #Everett (but cognitive) Aug 23

I've written about 85 #astronomy, #astrophysics #science + #art themed essays in last 5-7 yrs http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Aug 22

. @Col1196 I'll get my notes from my old presentation I did yrs ago+it's now my own independent #astronomy company;-) Aug 17

. @Col1196 Do u still want 2 do that joint presentation/lecture we decided, 4 my AstronoPub idea I created mnths ago? Aug 17

We all think/learn differently + similar to objects, stars+planets in the cosmos, they r all different too #cognitivescience ~ #astrophysics Aug 15

- not a mind map, it's using visual + spatial awareness that is key. 3rd rule, is in my previous tweets b4- work backwards to diverge. #edu Aug 15

Rule 2 is if ur ever stuck on problem, e.g, an equation, 1st draw diagram - hand eye co-ordination + using visual skills to map forms. It's Aug 15

I was thinking + working out just thinking. It never occurred to the training tutor I was already working just by thinking. That is rule 1 Aug 15

When I did tutor training, in 1 class we were asked 2 write down an answer. All other students wrote straight away. I sat w blank stare but Aug 15

- again back 2 answer (hard typing this rationale on mobile sat in lounge with dyslexia + autocorrect confusing physics words for normal 1s) Aug 15

-diverges thinking (answers r convergent) so 1st part of problem opens possibility. Each function brks dwn if backwards then re build 4wards Aug 15

A method I thought of in writing yrs ago was if equations are difficult, 1st draw diagram, thn study it backwards. Rationale was backwards - Aug 15

. @memcculloch Physics is science of common sense bt without humans Study of energy/forces how things work. A drive out in the car covers it Aug 15

It's handy mentioning to #astronomy newcomers, that it doesn't always stop when night is over - #solar astronomy is to enjoy on sunny days. Aug 15

Just to be clear, I meant long conversations with ppl in either DMs or tweets + same w mobile texts, bcs of my dyslexia. Just a thought here Aug 14

Cutaway view of an engine illustrating, The Anatomy of the Universe- Look At It This Way #time http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Aug 14

I deleted a tweet other day but reinstating it: I'm not v good at multitasking on twitter with more then 1 person at a time. Better w ideas. Aug 14

Taking it straight from a young age at 6 yrs old, left an imprint for life - own 15 year old website provides proof. It goes back a long way Aug 14

Have got a good collection of #sciencewriters in my followers. Often wonder if I've lost out on being a professional but happy as amateur. Aug 13

#BubbleTheory Tea complete in cup with all ingredients mentioned in previous tweet. Why? because #astrophysics(+ tea) Aug 11

Ejecting a relativistic jet in X-ray + radio range, #CentaurusA’s powerful #blackhole produces jets moving around 1 half the speed of #light Aug 8

I've decided that galaxy #Centaurus A, is 1 of the most brilliant objects to study in #astronomy+ #astrophysics today Aug 8

- how something is communicated is just as good as the subject matter + science is best e.g. It is the wonder + inspiration by it that's key Aug 8

1 of my fav science books (from abt collection of 90) is about Electromagnetism + it looks totally unremarkable. The way it's written is not Aug 8

- just because you know the science already, doesn't mean the way it's written or explained isn't still fresh wonder about the same subject. Aug 8

-front cover prism refracting #light to colour started love of #physics+inside 'colour plate' shows electricity bolt. Aug 8

A deep interest in science, which prob why I like #sciencewriting, started w this book 'The Wonder Book Of Science' Aug 8

of 1 of those the other day - was #Voyager probe sent off in 1970s that started love of space + astronomy - #golddisc as an iconic image... Aug 7

Generally spend time here to create ideas on my website + tweet about thoughts on subjects that have stayed since a young age. Was thinking Aug 7

Hello to the science writers of the #space, #astronomy + #astrophysics world. We have lift off.. Aug 7

Countdown to the Quote. August theme - The Anatomy of the Universe - Look At It This Way http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #time Aug 7

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1:A unique method of study taken from a mechanical system that could be applied in the physical sciences Aug 7

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: The research into a subject of forming systems, that when work as parts, function together on 1 level Aug 7

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: How an area of science connects separate parts using common theory already used in the physical world Aug 7


Hya Neil. Muchly appreciate ur adding me to ur 2 lists, talented women https://twitter.com/Neil1808/lists/talented-women … + sciences https://twitter.com/Neil1808/lists/sciences/members … @Neil1808 Jul 31

"How can you be a science writer Claire? You're a dyslexic!" #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter Jul 28

If you're new to my website, u might notice - there are NO adverts! All proper original work (the non magazine section) + ideas of mine. Jul 26

Model telescope I made w LED counter weight crtd impromptu stellarium(picked nearest object off table star reflection Jul 24

. @PiersBizony I write (amateur !) about science on my website every month + tackle basic astronomy/astrophysics/physics, edu + art themes.. Jul 24

I've written about lots of topics:astronomy, astrophysics to physics+art going back since a kid+some edu refs from my experience as a tutor. Jul 23

. @BBCStargazing @DrBrianMay It was great 2 c Maggie presenting the #SkyAtNight show other night - a great presenter + a breath of fresh air Jul 21

+ in Maggie's defence, it's because<-of her eccentricities that she makes #astronomy + #astrophysics more popular+ relevant 2day #SkyAtNight Jul 21

My opinion:the dyslexic #astrophysicist presenter on #SkyAtNight Maggie Aderin-Pocock is only person who reminds me of late #SirPatrickMoore Jul 21

Obvious thing is, if the science starts in the military, it goes straight to the top - best collection of research forming an aggregate to 1 Jul 21

I pearched my #HiggsBoson cosmic Symmetry Shattering book on its edge after reading it halfway thru + it fell over onto its side as expected Jul 21

. @BBCStargazing Brilliant prgm so far. I met Prof. Lintott @chrislintott at NW Astro Fest (see link to pg from previous tweet) - superb guy Jul 20

It's just incredible, it really is - last time such a space thrill occurred was Mars Lander August 6, 2012 with Curiosity Rover. #PlutoFlyby Jul 15

When 2 Worlds Collide. The #Interstellar + The Every Day. From Astro Festics to #AstroPhysics http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Jul 14

Higgs Force - my newest physics book that I bought from NWAF. Nicholas signed it jokingly. More pics of items later Jul 14

Ha! Just been reading Murray Gell Mann (in ref to prev tweet my new book) then saw this tweet by Pallab --> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-33517492 … (by Paul) Jul 14

-it could also be that when #NewHorizons probe goes past #Pluto later, that these 2 worlds (the man made + natural) hypothetically collide.. Jul 14

it doesn't take much for the BBC to look here for a prompt ̶t̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶a̶l̶w̶a̶y̶s̶ ̶n̶i̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶i̶d̶e̶a̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶w̶a̶y̶ Jul 11

The appeal of #astronomy is its unique angle on our world - imagine us from space, to the most distant objects in the #intergalactic realms. Jul 11

Going to get my computer to deploy a black hole strength gravitational pull - it might make me sit down without fidgeting. Yeah sure it will Jul 3

At NWAF I hd chat w BBC #skyatnight presenter @chrislintott+a meal w @Johnimus_Prime too many men, shall I grab more? Jun 30

.@philosophybites @BBCRadio4 just up my street.Was 1st topic I read abt age 8 from old science magazine. Always been into astrophysics since Jun 30

. @chrislintott great presentation by Prof. Lintott (we were treated with this 1st attempt) Good 2 say hello Chris - u enjoying all banter.. Jun 28

-my model telescope, made base, shone LED on (accidental due to using glasses clip on light for counter weight) + it reflected stars on wall Jun 24

-my AstronoPub idea event ths wk continued #Astronomy in the pub. Extra discussion topics:Belt Up! What do we know about the #Asteroid Belt? Jun 20

- cont: My event ths wk my idea should have been done yrs ago. Topics: Wakey, Wakey! Rosetta's #Philae, #Ceres the ‘Rock n’ Roll’ #Planet! Jun 20

I'm at my new AstronoPub event #astronomy in the pub + this is the finished #telescope + Astro hats I made last night Jun 17

Stopped to watch #BBCOne - Dara O Briain Meets #StephenHawking http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05zm4tz … obviously. #Physics #theoryeverything more important. Jun 16

Phase 1 of model #telescope finished. 247 to go. It needs to be astronomy ised now, then fit for showing purpose Jun 16

Nothing shld be taken for granted. Even most stable things can change. Rare events aren't biased, nor common 1s unexpected. Enjoy what u can Jun 16

unusual way of using probability, statistics + intriguing stochastic methods already used in science (relevant to physics + astronomy) Jun 13

Just to clarify, Taleb doesn't do chaos Theory, he devised backwards vector. Robust way of prediction. He's been added to the Jun 13

#ChaosTheory + butterfly effect relevent here. Outcomes from insignificant events can be immense. Been reading my maths book on NN Taleb- it Jun 13

Might b reason y I've always bn in2 light:Light Fantastic+nuclear science:Inside Nuclear Reactors+ ur Voice in space. Jun 11

Will try dig outmy old Scientific American mag.My Insight mgs Frontiers Space Journey Towards Sun,Pioneer Venus Probe Jun 11

. @fcain #BlackHoles 1 of the 1st topics I read about in an old Scientific American mag - I was age about 8 (1978/9)+ may still have the mag Jun 11

Criteria for a real writer: Uses own creative ideas (not just press releases). Supports with visuals. Makes reader think + use imagination. Jun 7

Learn+ think with a theme to ponder, of a time to reflect in a quote a month + then to wonder http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Jun 5

#donut even attempt to remember what the theme of today is, for the shape of the universe+ a sticky cake were always intertwined. #topology Jun 5

A compendium of ideas http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Jun 5

Why do I tweet/write/draw about ideas on #astrophysics #physics #astronomy? Bcs enjoy contributing + why same w edu? I was a tutor + I care Jun 2

June Quote of the Month theme. It’s Not Just a Tool! Draw a #Diagram + Think like an #Engineer http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Jun 1

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1:It’s worth changing a certain style to get another angle on others perspective in this similar subject Jun 1

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: It's a very lucrative subject depending on what + how it’s applied that spans all avenues of science. Jun 1

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: It's a subject that has more aesthetic appeal to it compared to another depending on a point of view. Jun 1

#Astronomy+#astrophysics requires some maths. If difficult eqn, work it out backwards. Rationale: diverges thinking whereas answers converge May 26

#physics + #art same- 3D visual representation of reality e.g via mental rotation. Stuck on problem? Draw a diagram+ think like an engineer. May 26

- I love high energy particle physics but (drum roll) t Standard Model is v bitty/inconsistent/incomplete, but is a part of science, so win. May 26

- I also like calculus bcs if goes wiht my way of thinking. 2nd most fav eqn - #schrodinger's wave, + some general orbital mechanics... May 26

- ref my fav book from my 90 on physics, astrophysics, astronomy+ engineering. Electromagnetism for Eng @DrMRFrancis May 26

An electromagnetic #engineering + #physics eqn for flux +potential lines on a parallel plate capacitor @DrMRFrancis May 25

.@Randirobics U once tweeted I was the real deal. I am+so 1 of nicest things any1 said 2 me. Irony is, ppl who r t real deal get worst deal! May 22

-recent topics are:Orbital mechanics, high energy particle physics +this mnth an extended theme of gaussian function in edu, physics + stars May 19

In the middle of a re-work of http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   A pg I've been doing about a different science theme every month. This 1 is extended. May 19


+ if wondering how a pic of some Allsorts sweets + car TV presenter relate to astronomy + astrophysics, go to quote of month pg on my site. May 18 I've been challenged in2 getting a degree in Electrical Engineering, irony is I've got a slight crush on calculus (got loads of books on it) May 17 As much as there is a science to the measurement of particles (Quantum Mechanics) + events in space+time (Classical M) there is also in edu. May 17 there r different ways of measuring how learners<-#edu jargon, students are tested, referenced, normed +ultimately placed within a framework May 17 -e.g was non mainstream criterion targets didn't need to match mainstream ones + point being, steepness of range was evidence of progression May 17 I was tutor for adults born w physical disabilities + learning difficulties - the provision was Pre Entry Milestones http://www.skillsworkshop.org/pre-entry   May 17 2 examples r Colin @Col1196 + David @DClaphamFRAS who have the precise skills + knowledge to provide support+ education in those provisions. May 17 It's important to remember, there r teachers/tutors who do the best by bringing students up to scratch from lower base point levels onwards May 17. @13SciDave Been reading about statistics + data. What they don't tell us:benchmarks changed without saying. Tampered criteria + deviation. May 17 . @13SciDave teachers trying best 2 b authentic bt leave profession whn thy realise thy can't bcs gov + politics steer them to false results May 17 This is regardless of matching up to get same results as schools in affluent areas, all bcs poor schools have a greater ratio to work with. May 17 Schools in poor areas often do better than schools in affluent areas bcs they prove results from the lowest point to their highest criteria May 17 @13SciDave if they don't achieve same stats results as private schools. Politicians don't get education (or anything) May 17 . @13SciDave Read ths - v unfair. Bit like saying schools in deprived areas not doing well whn they hv larger ratio progression routes even May 17 @Col1196 I was younger than 16 as the book I wrote it in was signed before. Maybe a thought experiment with abstract thinking theory? May 13.@Col1196 cld b. I'll try 2 find the little book I wrote it down in. I'm looking for other things I have since age 7.e.g. science books/mags May 13- it included t fact that t equation could not b real unless u where observing it, but at the point of including u -it distinguished itself. May 13When I ws 16 I created an equation tht whn u were included as observer, at t point u were used as<- observer, it cancelled out entire euqtn. May 13Just got up frm puter 2 look out of window+think. Don't think, that ppl think, that ur not working when you're thinking. U r. Think about it May13Doing a presentation isn't the same as teaching a course. Fame isn't the same as influence -moral of the story, easy to get things mixed up! May 11 . @BBCAmos Same in #edu. When I was tutor, sm of best teachers didn't have highest level of competency in their subject, bt v good educators May 11Although it's not completely clear where I am, you might be able to catch the #astronomy event, the #BeltofVenus opposite to the setting Sun May 9. @chrisenorth I didnt know u were on BBC Breakfast until now. So @PhysicsUnbound to TV. Did U +Jeni drive off after t junction on way home? May 3 My It Takes Allsorts idea, for U, Me + the #Stars U See + our #Physics Unbound event all here http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   May 3 Variety is the Spice of Life for You, Me +the #Stars U See It Takes Allsorts Theory http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #astronomy May1 It Takes Allsorts Theory - Variety is the Spice of Life for U + Me + the #Stars U C http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #astronomy May1 My profile shld read: Most unlikely of persons 2 b a science writer, but is. Into physics/astrophysics/astronomy since age 6. What happened? April 30 Physics Unbound group: famous (media + stuff like that) down South with PhD's. Then me (Northern). April 30 Often wonder why lots of ppl with PhD's follow me on twitter. I don't have 1 - as an amateur. There were plenty of PhD's at PhysicsUnbound. April 30 -chat topics in dining room covered wide range dense level- like holidaying in supernova of ideas gravitationally collapsing to Neutron star April 26 Just spent wknd in Wales in cottage, with a load of professional + amateur astronomy/astrophysics/physics ppl. Getting a common occurance April 26 @PhysicsUnbound @Marqueasy @chrisenorth @JeniMillard @benstill @SarahMaliphant it made physics + astronomy bigger, better. Unique event - April 26. @PhysicsUnbound @Marqueasy @chrisenorth @JeniMillard @benstill @SarahMaliphant I had great time at Castle Farm with u all. Top talks also. April 26 Was texting about when I was a tutor+my training I did 4 it 2 mate earlier. Realised hv more experience in edu than I give myself credit for April 15 My interests are Black Hole #astrophysics (tweetd abt other day) #photonics, #electromagnetism + I'm into solar #physics+ #plasma<- research April 14 Millions of yrs evolving on a big globe with a load of pull. The next big thing is to break away + go as far as possible. #spaceexploration April 13 over quantity + having the desire to exchange ideas + thoughts about subjects that make life more of an noetic adventure. High IQ not needed April 12 I'm not rich + never have been in monetary terms but always valued a rich mind, in particular as a dyslexic self taught #autodidact -quality April 12 - it also had subjects about light + holograms. This mag + The Wonder Book of Science (see my website intro) shaped my thinking since young. April 11 Hope to dig out old Scientific American mag I've had since a kid. Grew up knowing abt Black Holes bcs subject was in this mag. #astrophysics April 11 Wrt tweet b4 on my preference 4 American science writing + the(hopefully temporary) speech paralysis, science writing goes back to abt age 8 April 11 Admit: Preference 4 American science writing. Learned: Major dentist surgery left minor speech impediment + talked less. 2 much trivial talk April 10 Rather like the subject of supernova #astrophysics (+ quasars) bcs they r about lots of dynamic processes - #physics outside a star boundary April 6 Had car headlights on earlier (they suited me fine being slim build) just to watch fog particles wisp past - it's science. It had to be done April 6 April theme Qt #TopGear #HiggsBoson's Mexican Hat Theory By Way of #Jezza #Physics http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #LHCrestart April 6 I don't do Easter (apart from the chocolate bit) but I do do flying #atoms. Bought myself an #AirHog toy (not edible) April 5Orbital mechanics easier to work thru than high energy physics. Latter like branch of chemistry. Former is a bit more complete + applicable. April 2 April Quote pg- #JeremyClarkson ± the #HiggsBoson Mexican Hat Theory By Way of #Jezza #Physics http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   April 2 Love science writing (amateur)bt worry firing up Dreamweaver will delete my whole site like Willard Wigan breathing on 1 of his masterpieces March 31 What's left of March Quote of Month. Everything In Motion - Fun+Games With #Orbital #Mechanics http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   March 29 . @memcculloch Why do mathematicians use physics<--to describe the 'maths/probability for understanding physics' - r they having a joke? ;-) March 27 . @memcculloch I dn't know yt. But its use of *roller coaster* derivatives (jerk/jounce) for skew/moments/ is hilarious. I'm familiar w them March 27 . @memcculloch jsut letting u know, I've been reading abt Kurtosis Theory along my #antifragile book -makes #physics (+ all) more intriguing March 27 but if u read my quotes pg, 'Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost' Jan theme http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   I also suggest across to wander + combine. March 27 I often hide my interests topics (physics, astronomy etc) bcs goes against mainstream thinking living on surface. Not 4 me - prfr some depth March 23 If getting stuck on anything (physics, astrophysics, astronomy, mathematics) do these 2 things: 1) Draw a diagram. 2) Think like an engineer March 23 March quote of Month theme #Orbital #Velocity Put Your Foot Down! http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #acceleration due 2 #gravity March 23 http://www.cthisspace.com   an interspersed cornucopia of majestic stars in space combine within laws of scientific events March 21 It's great having #Astronomy in the Northwest. We have @jodrellbank with the @BBCStargazing team #StargazingLive #aroraborealis #eclipse2015 March 18 -personally, I think quite a good find. Considering lot complacency w our knowledge of the #solarsystem -> Small Step. Step back. Giant leap March 17- also just 2 change t ̶p̶l̶a̶n̶e̶t̶ ̶o̶b̶j̶e̶c̶t̶ ̶ subject, I noticed an article ths wk abt the Moon surface having about 9 diff layers. March 17 Planet #Mercury is small + has no atmosphere which results in a temperature that isn't constant - Facing Sun side 427°C, to shade -173°C. March 17 Wild + wonderful times for #astronomy this week -> the #auroraborealis, then #BBCStargazing TV then #eclipse2015 @BBCStargazing March 17Let's be rational about this - no re occurance of #PiDay in base 16? March 14 No 1 can change the world (Flat World or not!) but all contribute our lives, be they short + fleeting in this vast universe. #TerryPratchett March 12 - had a good conversation with #TerryPratchett at Patrick's house about how good it is to get astronomers all together in 1 place #astronomy March 12 Like #astronomer Patrick Moore sad news abt Terry Pratchett. Met both at Patrick's house 2008. Terry took his hat off when he walked up 2 me March 12 March quote of Month theme #Orbital #Velocity Put Your Foot Down! http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #acceleration due 2 #gravity March 1 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: BIG MASS with little mass over the distance between the 2 masses squared is a force due to gravity. March 1 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: It's a scalar moving in a constant straight line with size + worked out by area covered per unit time March 1 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: Something is pulling you down to the Earth, that was like a fruit that a famous scientist discovered. Mrch 1 Pg 272-273 refs #BlackSwan + character faces theory 4 y + and - convexity effect. Y #asymmetry maps 2 convex +concave Feb 27 Key (P-Promising) (MD-Mouth Drop) Random flick thru: Why The Aggregate Hates The Individual (P). How To Be Stupid (MD). Run, Don't Walk (P). Feb 27#Antifragile book has arrived in post (handle with Claire). Wondering if hardback has diagrams in (mine paperback)... Feb 27Once upom a time ago there was a planet far far away, in fact it was so far away that it was 2 far away 2 tell a story about #RuinAFairyTale Feb 27 I've never heard of Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters<-- More study, reading + looking up (drawing diagrams) on #astrophysics... Feb 25 (<--- ref to twitpics on left of my books) I was only a young dude, age 6, when 1st got into physics + astronomy. The Wonder Book of Science Feb 25 E = mc 2: Energy = Mass of Cocoa times chocolate milk squared - old physics joke I made up on my website. Challenge u 2 find it (mindfield2) Feb 25 - notice the pic of the prism refracting the light to colour on front cover. That was 1st turning point encouraging my interest in #physics. Feb 25 Part of my science book shelves (abt 200)+ my 1st science book 'The Wonder Book of Science' w pg of electricity bolt. Feb 25 + light, include my obsession with the #physics of light. That was 1st subject as young child spurring interest in physics (+ Black Holes). Feb 25 its there all the time, but it was dark. Ntl, Fascinating seeing that contrast over any stars (we got Jupiter with bands<-- on the 8 inch) Feb 25 I remember being outside for 1999 partial #eclipse + seeing multiple shadows on the ground. The #eclipse2015 might be just as good #penumbra Feb 24 My pg w new science/astrophysics theme evry month, incl my ideas/theories+ illustrated w music http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Feb 24 -prev tweet (refer to - not showy) I spent a day at #patrickmoore 's house, the worlds #astronomy populariser. This: http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … Feb 24 . @astromiles Hya Richard, yes ok. I might visit him again (I met him + Mr Moore, at a whole day party at Patrick Moore's house, April 2008) Feb 24 - idea is to wander across topics. The span is sideways. A specialisation is ok but adding cross disciplinaries adds wider scope (pun intend Feb 24 Last months theme science + art, now add more to span subjects arnd #astronomy, so study maths/physics/astronomy/art http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Feb 24 Complementing astrophysics + astronomy w economic + probability maths next. Orders #antifragile (see lst wk for mutual tweest-> @memcculloch Feb 24 - it would need refining for the fraction of Alien viruses, assuming a civilisation be found different to ours + thus extraterrestrial virus Feb 23It doesn't look a lot (thin book) but joy to read. Others on shelf comprise of mainly texts books. About a 3rd popular astronomy + physics. Feb 15 1 of my favs books from my collection of 90 or so astrophysics books is 'Electro Magnetism For Engineers' (read it twice) - tweeted abt b4. Feb 15 Just 2 add, my Straight + Crooked Thinking book (scroll pg here) is cognitive science not astrophysics but complements my physics book shelf Feb 15 . @PeterMadelaine @DrPhiltill agree. I studied Edward de Bono many yrs ago (I ref to him on my site a lot) Lateral thinking *very* important Feb 15 If I can catch up w @memcculloch (+ buy #Antifragile) b4 hols, then I'll take that book too - just to confuse myself. Ofetn read more thn 1 Feb 15 + I've already read the #Electromagnetism for Engineers book but just like the way it's presented + written - almost whimsical to comical. Feb 15 The diagram is "field near the edge of a parallel-plate capacitor" Also, this is for engineers - no postulates like new dimensions/particles Feb 15 to quote "The picture looks very complicated, but with a little practice one can make free-hand sketches which are quite accurate" #physics Feb 15 This is y drawing/diagrams dvlp thinking in physics. From Electromagetism for Engineers Method of Curvilinear Squares Feb 15 Was thinking taking these books on hols w me: Trouble with #Physics, Electromagnetism For Engineers, S + C Thinking Feb 15 We can't predict some rare events but can predict how we would like to predict them #blackswan. Tough vector (my speculation) #antifragile.. Feb 8 ref previous tweet:High impact, low probability in unaccounted for mathematical quadrant-> #blackswan Something from disorder-> #antifragile Feb 8 . @memcculloch P values just gone in #Nature mag Mike. We've both set a trend w ref NNTaleb+set fire to science then dropped it in the bath. Feb 8 . @memcculloch if u scroll down abt 30 mins of my tweets here, Mike is the guy who's reading Antifragile by N N Taleb (beat me to it! ;-) Feb 7 Black Swan: High impact, low probability distribution function in an unaccounted for mathematical quadrant: Antifragile Smthng from disorder Feb 7 Simple version: probability used in physics (atoms, wave prob field distribution functions) might not wrok for economy systems. Too Platonic Feb 7 Prev 2 tweets NNTaleb not an astrophysicist(maths Doc) but I've studied his work. Realised 1 of my fllwrs beat me 2 it reading Anti Fragile! Feb 7 Don't Fear Aliens but Viruses from Outer Space Feb Quote of Month http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #FermiParadox #DrakeEquation Feb 7 Mark Wilson, if you read this - where is this dinner date you're offering? Your ref to 7pm sharp. Also, #football or other? Feb 4 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: Equation showing our knowledge in probability of extra-terrestrial activity occurring in our galaxy. Feb 1 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: Very tiny agents living inside cells that replicate + change to combine with elements of our selves. Feb 1 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3:A response to a random event from outer space caused by an object creating a natural disaster on Earth Feb . @SimChess but yes be inspired, then postulate etc. Also real Chess games are good for strategy thinking with some visual spatial learning. Jan 31 . @SimChess ing is from a) Doing (experiment) b) Using process 2 do i.e. combine methods of knowledge acquisition (read all my tweets 2nite) Jan 31 . @SimChess simulation is limited (like watching a computer calculate+provide visuals on how much dark energy in universe) 1st order learn Jan 31 Experiment 1st provides real load for learning, then use other cognitive faculties I've mentioned here + on my website. It's all part of it. Jan 31 . @SimChess simulation isn't playing chess, for same reason looking at drawing/diagram/photo isn't same as drawing/formulating out a theory. Jan 31 to create, their own cognitive potential. Conclusion: It shld be compulsory to use drawing + diagrams as well as equations to grasp physics. Jan 31learning science (physics, astronomy, calculus) wld b at an advantage if provded the correct mental tools to grasp what already there + how Jan 31 s the physiology<- not just static physical structure of cognitive learning of model - a practice paramount in higher tier, mapping. Kids Jan 31in science, diagrams r mental mapping but not enough just looking at them, much like writing equation, processes in drawing out model create Jan 31utilising a mental model (by then had some drawing structure) to formulate (drawing process) actual idea in mind. Hard to tweet about here Jan 31It's not about looking at pictures/visuals (whcih can be lazy), it's about drawing + mapping out theory + formation of theory. An example is Jan 31As well as working out many equations backwards, I sketched equation ideas + theory out when studying physics. I often see it as 1 subject. Jan 31Astronomers can also use same method. There are also a few physicists who have used art to some degree to enhance their science knowledge. Jan 31in what's left of Jan theme http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   read how I say it's been suggested surgeons take up art class to develop thinking skills Jan 31rendering its surface after (if linear drawing 1st) provides a robust outer layer. In astronomy planets are a good start. Combine w science. Jan 31- on the science/art note, if not understanding something, try drawing it. The formation skill in drawing develops a solid mental model + Jan 31Last day of Jan - Quote - A Wander Sideways from #Science to #Art(+ back) http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #astronomy + #music Jan 31. @TheEQNS Like ur ethos. When I studied O level physics +didn't understand an equation, I worked thru it backwards (explanation on my site) Jan 28Try looking at the Moon through as many different telescopes as u can at any 1 time, then ask why only the Moon. Use same principle in life. Jan 28 Imitation is ok, but no other can own, be above/on top of your own new ideas - like being able to stand on the highest point on a mountain. Jan 28 1 of best things in life is being able to find out something unique, usually in the familiar + mundane. It takes a certain kind of thinking. Jan 27UT. 27th. RA 8hr 32 min + 10 deg 09min Cancer Alt 47 degs. Position co-ordinates for #Asteroid2004BL86 orbit paths for wide field #star map. Jan 26 RA 8hr 27 min +05deg 32min. Hydra At 41 degs. 23.59 hrs UT. 26th.RA 8hr 30 min + 07deg 53min Cancer Alt 46 degs. 0059 hrs #Asteroid2004BL86 Jan 26 Draw orbit positions as follows: 21.59 hrs UT. 26th. RA 8hr 25 min + 03deg 08min Hydra. Alt 34 degs.22.59 hrs UT. 26th. #Asteroid2004BL86 Jan 26I've not checked yet but wondering if I'll get sent usual ace e-mails from my #astronomy mate John Fletcher (#NEO/#NEA expert) abt #2004BL86 Jan 26 . @leb_chaz an #astronomy #astrophysics #physics + #music pg I've created with all my original ideas with facts here http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Jan 21 . @leb_chaz see previous tweet for link to my ideas interspersed with facts pg about #space #astronomy #astrophysics #physics #music + #art. Jan 21Jan quote theme - "Not all those who wander are lost" http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #science + #art during the #renaissance Jan 17 It's amazing to think that we occupy a small portion of #space on Earth, but at the same time, seem to envelope it with our great knowledge. Jan 17 Jan Quote of Month theme - Science + Art + my talk w historian of #astronomy Dr Allan Chapman http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Jan 17 . @DavidBflower It's weird is't it? I'm very slim build too, so plus I've a hereditary heart defect, so if I get flu it's not good at all! Jan 17 . @DavidBflower thanks 4 t kind words David. I don't smoke, hardly drink + look after my health as best as pos but doesn't always guarantee. Jan 17 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: This historian of astronomy got our full attention with his talk on the view of the mix of 2 subjects Jan 12 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: A time when subjects were mixed together that invented a shift in attitude which created new ideas. Jan 12 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: Famous person who invented a new technique changing existing telescope methods + influenced by music. Jan 12 when I studied physics O level, if I couldn't work out an equation (I'd research above level) I'd study it backwards. Explanation on my site Jan 9 I've got a very #dyslexic brain, so see numbers + letters turned upside down + back to front. It's a spectacular perspective on everything. Jan 9 . @fastestfredy loads of ppl have been telling me to go back to Uni to study Astrophysics. It's expense + change = stress etc, so uncertain. Jan 9 Uni in 1989. Worked at 3 Further Edu Colleges from 2001. My 1st tutoring session was Sep 11th 2001<-- :-/ + tutor training for 2 yrs. Jan 9 I meant in 2001 trained at night school + worked in day as a tutor in specific edu: adult special needs being 1. Also went to Uni in 1989 Jan 9 + look at my followers? (Professors, PhDs + brainy heads) Now who's clever? Followers yes? Me , a mere amateur. ... Jan 9 I'm an autodidact (but studied physics O level+ human physiology+ art + Yr + half at Uni- (tutor training in adult edu worth half a degree) Jan 9 Fred @fastestfredy @ClaireCSmith hate it so much when Claire talks clever witch is incidentally is most of the time Jan 9 Oh no. Now I've mentioned Plato, I've got a Platoist following me! Oh no! Let's run (in honour of Professor NNT) it can't be, it can't be... Jan 9 . @memcculloch yep. I also think 1 of the best problems in pure mathematics. How it's applied + changes with: determinism of physics + non Jan 9 . @memcculloch Too true! I've followed him for yrs (also non twitter) he's a brilliant thinker, arrogant but brilliant. Translate to physics Jan 9 R ppl like particles? Not always. Shape of prob dist in general set - where's tail? Look at how u wld predict uncertain sets - still Plato? Jan 3 . @memcculloch In eeconomics, finance, world stabability (if there is) on assumption, physics too Platonic a model. Uncertainty tail difrnt Jan 3- as often the case, real life 1st then online projects. (I may also get more inspiration after later today at an astronomy excursion) Shh.. Jan 3 “All that's gold doesn't glitter, not all those who wander r lost; old that's strong doesn't wither, deep roots aren't reached by frost" JRT Jan 1. @OOK_Librarian The Q harmonic oscillator would change due 2 sock (with other socks in washing machine) as spoon (Pauli) so dif eigenvalue Dec 29 @OOK_Librarian (the sock having been accelerated is the 1 in washing machine) ends up in washing bowl (Pauli)- didn't see it (Schrodinger) Dec 29 . @OOK_Librarian yes. Wet Sock Theory: the (1 odd) sock undergoes acceleration :. younger sock than other left in drawer (washing up bowl). Dec 29 . @OOK_Librarian Correct. This type of cutlery has intrinsic angular momentum (spin). There should b a classical version in washing mashines Dec 29 . @OOK_Librarian No. Due 2 laws of Q observer destroying the pot as soon as they watch it. Try cooking from distance - Schrodingers Hot Pot. Dec 29 . @OOK_Librarian Same Q principle wi odd socks. Said other sock 2 b found (as spoon only) next 2 other sock in drawer + never w another sockDec 29. @OOK_Librarian Pauli Exclusion Principle. No 2 cutlery types 2 b in same place, same time after washg up. Said other spoon found in drawer Dec 29 . @OOK_Librarian Julian Babour the Q physicist says time doesn't exist for little triangles on Q scale. We all live in classical triangles. Dec 29 #Astronomy for the end of Dec 2014 to Jan 2015 shows us the northern hemisphere with the #Orion's Belt, the Hunter belting out bright #stars Dec 29 With regards to previous tweet, now thinking of writing about it in 1 of my quotes pg on my website, with maybe some tweets to accompany it. Dec 24Last wk I had a good chat with #astronomy historian Dr Allan Chapman http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3hsmEpGF2eA … http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p009gx96 … will tweet about it tomz Dec 23Absolutely brilliant science program with Richard Hammond on #wildweather + always loved his 'Invisible Worlds' + 'Builds a Planet' series. Dec 15 - it's what life is like when you 'draw your words' (been told I draw my words) + can dyslexia + amateur science writer be in same sentence? Dec 15 Wld b good 2 bring forward manned mission to #Mars (I think it can be done), do same as #LunarMissionOne so put Earth fingerprint on both. Dec 8 Dec theme - Quote of Month: #Pattern replication in larger #universe http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #euclid's 5th #postulate Dec 4-there's no real need for elaborate or expensive equipment for #astronomy - just take your wonder + intrigue along to a #star gazing session Dec 4#Astronomy (umbrella of #astrophysics, #physics, #maths etc.) science subject 4 anybody, level - no discrimination. Basic Eqpmt: Scope. Sky. Dec 4 - scroll down for prev tweets. My mini #astronomy #planetarium from 2007 under construction + being re-assembled. Other distractions also... Nov 29 It's not going 2 b finished tonight bcs I've just found 4 more #planets + decided I'm going to make a #quasar. A bit longer yet. Stay calm. Nov 25 I create my #space website (now 15 yrs old this Dec) + do it for nothing as been life long interest in #astronomy etc altho not been day job Nov 25Personally, my interest in astronomy/physics is only paramount thing, not who is better than who. In my opinion it's just about the subject. Nov 25 My followers list, altho not large, is of quality: ppl/institutes of #edu, #astronomy, #astrophysics, #physics, #space art+ #sciencewriters. Nov 24#Astrophysics problem not understood - draw it +how the art of exoplanets makes us think ahead http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Nov 24 Later some images of my mini #planetarium I made in 2007 (if Jupiter hangs around + stars lit by lounge lights + a planet stuck with tape Nov 24In 2007 I made a miniature #planetarium (on legs). Might tweet a pic of it tomz (If I can get it out of the glass unit + assemble it) #astro Nov 23 Try imagining a change in orientation of the objects in the #solarsystem then keep them static + then change your orientation of observation Nov 19Science requires art (3D rotation/visual analysis/diagrams) 2 imagine the world as it might be http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Nov 19 #Astrophysics not understood? Draw the problem +how the art of exoplanets makes us think ahead http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Nov 18 We r only here 4 a short glimpse in time on this world - now matter how big or small, we all contribute. Make most of ur time on this planet Nov 18 A few people didn't know abt the #rosetta mission. I said lump of mass size of London in space with washing machine stuck on it. They got it Nov 16 - that was b4 inviting about another 14 more astronomy mates but thought would have been 2 much at 1 party bumping it up to nearly 30 guests Nov 16 - I may as well given a lecture on astronomy (I was asked if I was going 2 do 1) - we were all talking about the #Philae probe on the #comet Nov 16 Just had quick glance at #wonders - fantastic ! Obviously Mr Cox knows his stuff - a superb book. My B day was actually Friday not yesrty... Nov 16 . @DawnSunrise Kewl.1 meant other 89 #astrophysics books I've got + plus this 1 by Prof Brian Cox. He's not written that many! #wonders Nov 16 Party - Wonders of the Universe book, got gift just now to add to my other 89 #astrophysics books by Prof Brian Cox. Nov 15 .@StephenMullen There's no need to be jealous - as long as you're interested in the subject of astronomy now, that's all that matters... Nov 12Inside my large explanatory #space + #astronomy book- 'The Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy' by Jean Audouze + Guy Israel Nov 12 The cover image is light being split by a prism - it's an image that has stayed for life + an interest in the #physics of light started here Nov 12 This is 1 of my earliest books- The Wonder Book of Science showing intro pg as 'colour plate' of an electricity bolt. Nov 12 is it's not been my jay job but a hobby. Something that you've (I) have loved since age 6 - astronomy as it doesn't go away. + it shouldn't. Nov 12 I don't get up at 5 am for nothing. I don;t do my website for nothing (in fact I do, I don't get paid for it) I mean, it's passion. A regret Nov 12 - I can't actually even pin point it. It was like I was taken back immediately. It stays in your bones for life. I've the same enthusiasm. Nov 12Read my pinned tweet- odd feeling 2day wrt #Philae+#Rosetta mission. Like being the kid I remember reading abt the #Voyager mission in 1977. Nov 12 1 of my guests rang me back after I invited him (John) + asked me if I was going to do an astronomy lecture/presentation for my party guests Nov 8 may b telescopes involved but wld mean inviting another 10 -12 astronomy friends (1st set old mates not astro related) making over 30 guests Nov 8 I'm having a party next week. 10 family members + 12 friends are attending + neither of them are on twitter - all arranged in text messages. Nov 7 Space is the place where #stars, #planets + #galaxies are seen in a live show called #astronomy + where its vastness takes your breath away. Nov 4 At its peak - Nov 17 the #Leonids #Meteor shower occurs, which is associated with a meteoroid stream of particles via #comet Tempel-Tuttle. Nov 3 'Not allowing pupils to discover ideas by themselves' is a ridiculous rule + self learning not a teaching myth #UKGov doesn't get creativity Nov 3 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: A study of this subject enables the mind to produce 3 Dimensional rotations, detail + visual analysis Nov 1 Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2:1. Processes are taken in order to capture data + develop theory in science + aided by another subject Nov 1Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: As a kid I loved 3 subjects that I combined into a theme for the autodidactic study of space + light. Nov 1 I love Chaos Theory. I'd watch a TV doc all night on it. To a degree, randomness is predictable, but chaos is less so Oct 28 �� Super Sight from the 1 Eyed (Cat) #Telescope - it's all about #parallax view Quote of Month http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Oct 22 Good thing about #astronomy -outdoors - standing in fresh air. Only need standard #telescope + mobile phone. Daytime solar astro even better Oct 19 another moral of the story- not always invest in top quality equipment but rather, invest in high quality meta cognitive (learning) thinking Oct 19 - the hypothesis was, what would happen if<-- stacking inconsistent #telescope eyepieces. That's what I asked in #astronomy the early 90's. Oct 19 happen chance - a type of Hypothetico-deductive #science method. With my telescope + two eye pieces that resulted in a surprising outcome. Oct 19 to it (1st was highest magnification - 2nd was next highest mag) the result was I saw the Moon whiz past very quickly. The experiment was Oct 19 In the early 90's I remember stacking 2 highest mag #telescope eye pieces onto my telescope. 1st was fitted, the 2nd I just placed it next Oct 19 There r no rules in #science writing (I don't follow any) 2 display thinking in words (most ppl use words)+ science can b explained with art Oct 19 In Oct, a class A bright young star #Fomalhaut or α PsA, can b seen shining 25 light yrs away. Its spectrum is used to classify other #stars Oct 10 Super Sight from the One Eyed (Cat) #Telescope - a Quote of the Month pg with facts + my ideas http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Oct 10 The sky 2night resembles a dark velvet sheet, embedded with a random surprise of sparkling jewels gleaming in #astronomy's magnificent glory Sep 26 #Strictly Come #Astronomy - From Cataclysmic Whack to Cosmic Waltz http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   an #Earth + #Moon story Sep 25SUPERB programme presented by Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock #Do We Really Need the #Moon? http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00yb5jp … (like theme on my quote of month) Sep 25 . @oliver_wright @BDAdyslexia I'm dyslexic + on the verge of calling myself an amateur science writer. V similar maybe (apart from amateur). Sep 22 #Nasa's Maven mission to study #Mars atmosphere http://bbc.in/1aUTvpZ   As it zooms near, looks like it's saying, 'Give me a hug' #MAVEN2MARS Sep 22 . @MarcusduSautoy I can definitely<--see calculus visually + physics. Yrs ago I was tested on a music scale for colours + got them all right Sep 19 . @MarcusduSautoy @djharding Being a Synesthesite, I've often linked science + art (e.g music incl modern music) y only only use classical? Sep 19 My benchmark for amateur #sciencewriter: Create own website, blog or webpg. Self edit + use images (include own) to illustrate facts + ideas Sep 18 -of analysis along with some study (entry level accepted e.g O level) Not always abt writing standard paper level - is about intrinsic study Sep 13 - benchmark for amateur science writer (my threshold) not<- always in published places - is<- having original creative ideas + certain level Sep 13 It's not studying science to use in #science writing that's hard, any idiot can make it more complicated, it's making it easy - that's hard! Sep 13 - a certain benchmark I've set myself. (I've not done that yet - sucker for punishment ;-) but I know I'm up against the professionals. Sep 13 - experience to gain a good angle on this part of science writing. I might allow myself 2 b called an amateur science writer when gone past Sep 13 - ref, the quotes pg I do is an attempt<- to get ppl who r half interested in science (or not) via other vehicles, e.g. music. Used my tutor Sep 13 3 catrgys, 1: Ppl already in2 science (can contribute + exchange ideas w them) 2: Ppl who want 2 b. 3: Ppl who r not +won't b (hardest part) Sep 13 a look at my web stats for that pg that's now top of list for views as hits (now nearing 15 yrs stats count)- I must b doing something right Sep 13On my nearing 15 yr old website, the last 4 + half yrs, I've illustrated a science theme every month with music + a few other subjects. Had Sep 13Just wondering how much technological visual #astronomy is now becoming a specialised subject of advanced image analysis. #Rosetta #comet67p Sep 11 In the awe of science, #astronomy with its #stars of beauty, takes us on a universal journey through a majestic story of space + the #cosmos Sep 11 - Dr Chapman was very huggy + cheek kissy in the car park after the meal ;-). He's REALLY affectionate - well, he was with me! #astronomy Sep 10 Back of me on left (dark hair) at Dr Allan Chapman's talk at our annual #Astronomy Society Xmas meal Garstang, Lancs Sep 10A strangelet particle walks into #neutron bar + approaches its nucleus. It says to the other, it says to the other, it says to the other... Sep 1 From Cataclysmic Whack to Cosmic Waltz http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   the #Moon + Earth Dance to the #Cosmos in #astrophysics Sep 1 - just b4 that, I tweet a few twints (hint tweets) about the new 1st of that month theme which is like a puzzle. They r called countdowns - Sep 1 If you are new here, every month I choose music to illustrate an astrophysics (+ related) themed quote of the month page I create on my site Sep 1Ways 2 learn #science (or anything): read, write, listen, draw, watch, experiment, act, sing, think in quote of month http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   August 30 A wonderful place this #planet Earth, travelling at great speed thru space, like having a ride on the biggest roller coaster of the #cosmos. August 28I grew up watching roller coasters (I lived near a fun park) + worked out very early how forces on rides r created using rules of #physics. August 27the constant<- for the 'rate of change of'->acceleration. Now forces r at their max + shld b enough 2 make any1 throw up on a roller coaster August 27acceleration (remember what acceleration was). This really whizzes the effects but 1 more needs to be included called the ->jounce. This is August 27acceleration is a rate of change of speed (per unit time) so make sense to 'ma'x out' the next force- the 'jerk' (surge) rate of change of August 27Acceleration, vector quantity, has magnitude + direction. Roller coaster forces ned 2 b maximized inertia 2 create whooshing/dizzying effect August 27Quick twitter run using term ->surge (context) explaining roller coaster physics (max effect):Speed, scalar quantity, has size + magnitude. I've always wanted to contribute to #science, #astronomy, #space #physics + #art because of a genuine interest in these subjects since age 6 August 21My website is nearing 15 yrs old this Dec (started just after internet did)+ all done for the love of it + not for any money. What a journey August 21 Not #IceBucketChallenge - #IceCometChallenge (with a bit of rock + carbon dioxide) #Comet #67P / #Churyumov-Gerasimenko #Rosetta mission. August 21 Double scooped ice-cream #Comet #67P / #Churyumov-Gerasimenko now appears to be photo bombing every place possible. We await probe. #Rosetta August 21 Every month I choose music to illustrate astrophysics themed quote of month. Just thought of this connection (I usually write it on the pg). August 19 A single event in #space is a piece of history with epic potential for future #discovery - this creates the best #paradigmshift in #science. August 19 #MarsColonisation (not sure) but testing how humans can withstand some time on #Mars achievable. Maybe in another 100 yrs human + animals August 18 Planets #Venus + #Jupiter will be close together in the #astronomical sky this morning, at about 5:20 am-rare coupling this yr for observers August 18 .@skyatnightmag @Avertedvision hya #SkyatNight mag. Thank 4 including BADAS's (our) very top #astrophotographer @Stephencheatley in ur mag! August 16 . @Nancy_A @Stephencheatley hya Nancy - thanks for including our (BADAS) Stephen's astro image on ur magazine! He's a professional... August 16 . @Tim_O_Brien Hya Tim. True. I've only got the 1 space rock- a regmaglypts surfaced Russian Sikhote Alin #meteorite August 14 I think that's y space + astronomy work by forcing us 2 grasp things as a whole, all by standing back + seeing the biggest picture of it all August 12 Many #science articles online now are v short, often too short for mid to high level science depth+added research of author ideas + thoughts August 8 The Catalina #asteroid later turned into #comet + was classed as a damocloid- a long period object in retrograde in a highly eccentric orbit August 8 Various ways 2 learn #science:read, write, listen, draw, watch then do demo, act out, sing, think in a quote of month http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   August 8 + #Comets) Here are his latest on his Comets findings: #Linear- C/2011 J2, #Catalina- C/2013 UQ4 + #Neowise- P/2014 L2. Usually have images. August 8 John Fletcher, a mate of late #astronomer #PatrickMoore sends me tons of emails abt co-ordinates + findings of #NEAs (Near Earth #asteroids) August 8 -from section, 'The Magic Carpet of Science' A quote in its text by Shakespeare, "In nature's infinite book of secrecy, a little can I read" August 7 - quote from my book I#ve had since childhood called, 'The Wonder Book of Science'. I just think they might need to update a word in there August 7 "If we live to-day in the midst of worlds full of wonder, it is because men of science have taken for their own different things to study" August 7 Very impressive #Rossetta images of the #comet being produced just before. Exciting times ahead this year for #space + #astronomy August 6 It's not only you, but your lounge too, inside a large #Galaxy http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   the #MilkyWay in #astrophysics August 3 #Astrium's #Gaia #satellite Impressive load:10 mirrors, 1 #astrometry, #photometry + #spectrometry function. Photometer res 1 billion pixels July 23 #Physics #PhysicsToday #ScientificAmerican #ScienceNews #PhysOrg #SpaceAstronauticsNews #NASA #AstronomyMagazine #Nature good subjects + mag July 23 The 1st #science book I read as a young kid age 7, is called 'The #Wonder Book of Science' which I still have. It's beautifully written... July 19 The #science of #Astronomy + #astrophysics (+ #physics <-- as 1 of my fav subjects + needs more societies) is infinite with new discoveries. July 19 Various ways to learn science:read, write, listen, draw, watch demo, do demo, act it, sing, read it in quote of month http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   July 19 Once upon a time ago, there was a #galaxy far far away, infact, it was so far away, that it was too far away to even tell a story about. July 18as apposed to high energy protons as cosmic rays. Summary: #Supernova remnants r nifty labs creating unique collider #physics (but in space) July 15 Protons accelerated at high energies, pions decay into pairs of gamma rays, poss bremsstrahlung effect - electron inverse-Compton radiation July 15 A Supernova remnant + its shock wave are involved in its system + evolution. A breakdown gives 2 examples, 1 is Pion decay + 2 is Cosmic ray July 15 A single event in #space is a piece of history with epic potential 4 future discovery. That is, to create a #paradigmshift in all #sciences. July 11 #Chocolate #smarties are oblate spheroids with a minor axis of 5 mm, or 0.2 in + a major axis of 15 mm so, 0.6 in. U have an answer to this? July 10

My tutoring experience in #education has paid off on that pg - my 14 yr old website, a life long interest in science + all that surrounds it June 30

My webstats for the 'Quote of the Month' #science #space #astrophysics etc themed pg I created, have sky rocketed -> http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   June 30

but #light was my 1st love of #physics in #science, #astronomy, #space + #art as a young kid (see intro) http://www.cthisspace.com   ...all there June 26

I've just found some extra virtual estate I forgot about + dropped a box when I did https://www.dropbox.com/s/60hqntdali3ljm0/CCSmith.mp4 …#space #wonder #astronomy #art June 23

I remember my teacher training lecturer mentioning this subject when I did my tutor training qualification. .. @CLOUD_STR1FE @Starseed52 June 22

When I 1st went on twitter I followed electric car twtr accounts+my 1st followers where scientists as physicists @figuerescr @GravityDynamic June 22

.@MarcusduSautoy Yes, lines between art + science during the Renaissance were fuzzy, earlier cave art communicated ideas + thus science... June 20

Art also inspired maths, physics + science, if not more so ref to my pinned tweet. Science occurs after art. @GreshamCollege @MarcusduSautoy June 20

#astronomy + #space since being a kid. My website is probably an amplification of what's going on in my head when not sorting real life. June 18

also I've (hidden somewhere in my computer room shelf) some old Insight mags, Scientific American mags + others dotted about. Always liked June 18

I've got 89 #science books in my collection of #physics, #electronics, #astrophysics, #astronomy, #space, #calculus (needed for electronics) June 18

The Wonderful World of Claire C Smith http://www.cthisspace.com/  early influences since age 6 The #Wonder Book of #Science, #physics #space #art June 18

I made 2nd part up. 1st part is simple physics breakdown. I've done these pgs for the past 4 half yrs http://www.cthisspace.com/quotesarchive.html … @fastestfredy June 18

A theoretical idea I made up using non Platonic economic methods transferred into astrophysics, in a simple quote of t month @fastestfredy June 18

Looking left of the #star Vega, what looks like a binary, is in fact a double-double multiple star system called Epsilon Lyrae shining away. June 14

In June, look for Messier 13, or M13 in #constellation Hercules which is a #globularcluster + u can use binoculars to see its 300,000 stars. June 14

Beautifully majestic #stars, planets+ space, in an interspersed cornucopia of forces in the laws of scientific events June 11

#Science e.g. #physics, requires art (3D rotation/visual analysis/diagram representation) to imagine the world as it might be -> #hypothesis June 8

Chomp ur way thru this Months Quote of the Month on Mega #Mass(+ #Mars #Planets) http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #quasars #iop June 6

It was rushed this months quote of the month, it was a bit off the cuff, a bit back of the envelope, a bit of scribble on the serviette... June 6

Having studied O level #physics in the 90s, is wondering if scrapping that cld b worse than scrapping #astronomy as provides grounding facts June 6

- I'm making #physics jokes up from my bed, on my mobile, at 7:49 in the morning. Like you do. May 26

A stranglet particle walks into a Neutron Bar + approaches its nucleus. It says to the other, it says to the other, it says to the other, it May 26

Ta 4 #ff's George, Michael+Karah @Spacettf @ponder68 @Pixie_kh Thanks 4 t fav Sophia @Pharaoness (I'm only an amateur science writer really) May 24

Hya Victor. I did say that 1st 2 u in my tweet - that String Theory gets rid of any infinities apparent in the quantum theory @victormm3112 May 24

know this comet) + Comet P/Linear C/2011 J2. I'm not going 2 say the astrometry/photometic measures John has sent me, bcs it's his work ;-) May 21

which has co-ordinates for #Comet Boattini C/2013 V1, #Comet P/Linear 209P (with apparently a thin tail) Comet Panstarrs C/2012 K1 (we all May 21

+ #NEO (Near Earth object) discoverer who was close mate of late #PatrickMoore (I met both at Patrick's house in 2008 http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … May 21

Just b4 I log off, I have yet another e-mail from John Fletcher (he is professional amateur #astronomer/near Earth asteroid + comet - #NEA May 21

1 of the problems with University in the UK today (not in 1989 when I 1st went to Uni) is that the fees are very large. Different world now. May 21

I should have done a #physics degree years ago. It would have suited me. #suchislife.... May 21

#Science e.g. #physics, requires art (3D rotation/visual analysis/diagram representation) to imagine the world as it might be -> #hypothesis May 12

I can see the Belt of Venus- an #astronomy event where light in the sky opposite + after the setting Sun, is scattered producing a pink arch May 11

It's amazing that we occupy only a small portion of space on Earth but at the same time seem largely to envelope it with our great knowledge May 10

Thanku for the follow! I followed straight back bcs I used to comment on ur forum over 10 yrs ago now. Brings back memories.. @physicsforums May 10

Sad news abt #colinpillinger. He was at the #astronomy party I attended for the day, at #PatrickMoore's house in 2008 http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … May 8

I'm not naturally at ease around many ppl,but no choice in real world of work! esp in edu, real ppl skills essential part of work experience May 7

Puters r good but I think a real job is what u actively do 2 earn out of house + work real ppl skills, not sitting at puter all day tweeting May 7

Yup, high subject mastery level 1 thing, REAL day job experience in teaching + inspiring another #physics http://bbc.in/1jtL6MW   #education May 7

I'll do a new pg on my website about my interest in #space, #science + #astronomy abt my books/mags from age 6 soon. I've the photos already May 6

I've #Reverse #engineered this months 'Quote of the Month' theme http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #energy #thermodynamics #engineering #physics #time May 6

I've been interested in #space + #astronomy since age 6. My love of it has never left me + my website is probably just me Claire, at aged 6. May 6

I've still got the 1977 #Voyager1 launch in my mags+ remember it as clear as a bell till 2 this day. Its #golddisk being sent in2 #deepspace May 6

What a wonderful place, planet Earth travelling at great speed thro #space, like riding the biggest #astronomy #rollercoaster of the #cosmos May 6

Around now 5/6th May u can c the peak of the #EtaAquarid #MeteorShower, which is dust from #CometHalley. It is found looking East-Southeast. May 6

I'm diggin it - #BBC #science News - Nasa's Curiosity Mars rover drills for rock sample http://bbc.in/1qb6Lib   #MarsCuriosity #NASA #space May 6

#Reverse engineer your thinking - May theme 'Quote of the Month' http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #energy #thermodynamics #engineering #physics #time May 5

Dynamic + majestic, the #stars, #planets + #space r woven into the interspersed cornucopia of forces, within the laws of #scientific events. May 2

Countdown to the Quote of the Month -1: This term is a trick that can be used in a subject, using a mirror, if wanting correct proportions. April 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 0: This term is makes u think about what would happen if everything went the way it doesn't go currently April 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: This term is a process used in engineering which re constructs no new components but meets new ends. April 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: This term is its behaviour in 1 direction as a 2nd law when not observed, unless under one exception. April 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: This term goes directly opposite to a natural state of a 1st law that is found in the Platonic world. April 30

Superb 2 get them 2 crunch (+practicals + draw their ideas+ thinking as notes) also. I bet -->(they humour u)<- vice versa!? @memcculloch April 24

Grabs #scientificcalculator (on left side of my PC table)2 remind myself that we can still use them+even make upside down maths @memcculloch April 24

My ''Quote of the Month' pg April theme, the question: When is Midnight? http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #nadir #zenith #astronomy #cognitivescience April 22

or Platonic world. 1 of Dr Taleb's risk models is based on high impact, low probability. We can learn from non #Platonic methods for #NEO's April 22

prediction from other fields like risk used in economy + finance can still b used 2 help our understanding of events occurring in classical April 22

it not always easy to explain. Back on my PC! Might be better to understand now. In the case of #asteroids events as less rare, methods for April 22

- which is in two parts. The 1st is positioning of an event within astronomy + the 2nd is cognitive science within education. Nothing else! April 16

For the past 4 yrs I've written a 'Quote of the Month' pg. April's theme is question:When is Midnight? http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #nadir #zenith April 16

Millions of years evolving on a big globe with a load of pull - The next big thing is breaking away from those constraints #spaceexploration April 13

Everything I've done online has been 4 nothing + no payment so nothing other than great interest in the personal research. A rare exception? April 11

No idea how much I contribute 2 the world on line tbh. Got 14 yr old website + 2 twitter accounts + no monetary reward. Prob rare exception! April 11

Have been thinking, can I b bothered with it all any more (online projects)most ppl wldnt do a 10th + only if it paid money #doingit4nothing April 11

If exams in the arts are to get harder, how about more creative thinking in the sciences to balance things out http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-26937958 … #edu April 10

- to top it off, when I did do the practicals when studying O level #physics, I enjoyed them because it made the physics more tangible. #edu April 9

applies to how the learner will prove their understanding of an experiment or what the theory is supposed to represent. Both methods imprtnt April 9

to show that they understand the material. The crucial thing to remember is that some ppl learn w theory + some practical - this also April 9

but I don't like that fact that #Ofqual have taken practicals out of exams. They r another way that a person who relies on that learning April 9

way the work was set out on pg, made it hard 4 my mind 2 grasp the working out. The rules are the same. I think about everything in reverse. April 9

level physics, I wrote + worked thro the equations in reverse because I often got the thinking better. Later wrote normal way but found the April 9

- I'm not alone then. About 2 wks ago I tweeted (now on my intro on my website - not mentioned it yrs for risk of ridicule) when I studied O April 9

I used to study + write 0 Level Physics equations backwards which I tweeted week b4 last. No odd looking reactions to it as yet. @BBCPallab April 9

You know when signing off with the word 'hugs' in correspondence, try putting a bit of weight to it, by replacing it with the word '#higgs'. April 9

in #astronomy, #astrophysics, #physics + art, meant these real events happened. Here is an archive of my new project http://www.cthisspace.com/quotesarchive.html … April

for my society which was called excellent by a member. My experience as a tutor + working in #education, as well as my long term interest in Apr 8

that I've done has now established a half full massive hall of new #astronomy members + increasing! In 2013 I did an astronomy presentation Apr 8

account, I also successfully promote my local astronomy Society, BADAS, on twitter. Because I host their twitter page, the work over the yrs Apr 8

this genuine 14 year old website that I contribute #space, #astronomy, #astrophysics, #physics + #art to, not forgetting a personal twitter Apr 8

I've edited my intro on my site http://www.cthisspace.com   Here on twitter, are a few words taken from it: Today in 20014, as well as having - Apr 8

Don't under estimate cold stark planets. The #Moon has molten lava covering its iron core + #Mars frozen carbon dioxide changing its surface March 20

Little did we think we cld wonder. We did. Explore. We can. To make great progress in human space exploration far beyond the #Moon. We will. March 18

interest in art + music combined with my study of O level #physics created a great understanding of the topics #science, #astronomy + #space March 12

me think that it's important to have a basic grasp of real scientific facts before getting to grips with #astronomy as whole. This plus my March 12

I started my website as a hobby that's doing well, in 1999. I studied #physics O level at night school around the same time. This made me March 12

So, all this plus my quote of the month project I've been working on for past 4 years http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   has meant I have learnt a lot March 12

47 pgs of #astronomy + #space facts that I've kept in Microsoft Word. I take chunks + tweet them here + the other #astronomy account. March 12

them having seen the original from the pg they where created on or twitpics + flikr. Over the yrs on twitter, I've written + collected March 12

I've collected + seen thousands of #space + astronomy images that I've posted there. Many of them were shown on #SpaceLive tonight. What March 12

As well as my website as the main project I've been creating for the past 14 yrs+ ths twitter pg, for my other astronomy account on twitter March 12

R we all ready for #SpaceLive at 9 on #channel4 tonight? Better had b, the #rocket boosters are on. #space + #astronomy but not as u know it March 12

...awaiting dispatch 'One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind' Neil Armstrong 1st man on the Moon @SpaceLive @Channel4 #SpaceLIve March 11

All system go. Houston, there is no problem, #SpaceLive has made sure of that. Space is still ace. Get set http://space.channel4.com/  @SpaceLive March 11

T- a few hrs to E- SSC, LC: NSC reports spacecraft is GO! LC: Prop 2, top 1st stage LOX to 100% levels 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 #SpaceLive March 11

#TheSkyAtNight theme 'The Sounds of the Universe' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-26464396 … sounds like mine 'The Song of the Universe' http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   March 9

YES! Go, take this test - #SpaceLive is going to be a great way to get ppl 2 experience how #astronauts live in #space @SpaceLive @Channel4 March 6

Hya Randi, I've sent you a little e mail about my experience with special needs + education if you need any suggestions. .. @Randirobics March 6

Tonight #Asteroid2014EC is to whizz past Earth + be closest to us at 37 thousand miles. Don't worry, evrtng safe. Tweeted from under a table March 6

I'm not an expert on Uranium hexafluoride nuclear fission #physics - was getting ideas from it. Massively fascinating subject all the same. March 5

This Months theme - #Equilibrium + Fine Tuning (But Don't Make A Song + Dance About It) http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #Planck #CosmologicalConstant March 5

+ the way everything worked in that field inspired me to write this months theme for my quote of the month (next tweet) Narrowed down ideas March 5

Last wk I read +studied in detail how the inside of nuclear fission rod works + how Uranium hexafluoride is made in subject nuclear #physics March 5

Claire's life on line (esp twitter) synopsis: being watched by hundreds of #physicists They lovely. Learns from them. Adds ace angle to life March 5

Ta 4 the follow. I'm up against a top person! (+ loads of my followers) ̶g̶e̶t̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶S̶I̶ ̶u̶n̶i̶t̶s̶ ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ @SciWriterDave March 5

is reading about orbit data for #asteroid #2014DX110 http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=2014%20DX110;orb=1 … #NASA #JPL #astrophysics march 5

I am at this http://live.slooh.com/  tracking #asteroid #DX110 in both accounts #NAW2014 March 5

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: It is a combination of variables in the right proportions that enable a certain shape of the universe March 3

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: A place where if all the other events are in the correct place, increases chances for this occurrence March 3

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: A unit requiring bits of another process that builds more parts to create a whole to be finely tuned. March 3

T-minus to E-minus, SSC: Armed, LC: NSC reports spacecraft is go LC: Prop 2, top first stage LOX to 100 percent levels..10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 March 1

You're really welcome. Absolutely can't wait. It's a long needed new space programme + thanks for the follow! @SpaceLive Feb 26

Live from Space ‏@SpaceLive  Hi Claire, great to have you on board for the mission. We have some big news incoming soon... #SpaceLive Feb 26

Is looking forward to #channnel4 TV that will be documenting a new #space programme - all on @SpaceLive #SpaceLive Feb 26

An archive of ideas http://www.cthisspace.com/quotesarchive.html … #space #astronomy #astrophysics #physics #science #music #art Feb 23

The 1st half of a course should be spent learning about how the students think. The 2nd half should be about students learning how you think Feb 21

mastery that provides a powerfull advantage in expanding interest of subjects thus enabling a rounded learning experience. Feb 21

These days it's not enough just knowing your subject. Having teaching + tutoring training + real life day to day experience, enables subject Feb 21

involved in working within an #education establishment provides a more rounded experience in #teaching + #learning. Enhanced skills also. Feb 21

that suggests this is a wise step. Although there are similarities with lecturing + presentations (talks) the everyday tutoring + teaching Feb 21

It's good teaching + lecturing might now be a large requirement for a #professorship as it builds character. I've much tutoring experience Feb 21

Feb Quote of the Month: A Breath of Fresh Air - The Importance of Fresh Air http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   + #Air on #Mars #MarsAtmosphere #Ozone Feb 20

Thanks. Having studied O level #physics many years ago (1999) helps with my understanding somewhat also. @DavidBflower Feb 8

David Blanchflower ‏@DavidBflower @ClaireCSmith Just been reading your night's tweets. Excellent facts well presented in an easily digestible form. Well done. Enjoying them:) Feb 8

It's because of its orbital period of common perturbations. As a whole system, its apparent mag is +1.35 where its dominant star is RegulusA Feb 8

The orbiting star might be a white dwarf. The primary is an odd shape so in this context, #Keplers 3rd law is then thrown out of the window. Feb 8

#RegulusA otoh, is a binary of bluey whiteness + main sequence<- which is quite niftily being orbited by a #star of around 0.3 solar masses. Feb 8

Look out for #Regulus in #constellation Leo. A bright #star about 77.5 light yrs away, being a multiple of 4 stars but into 2 pairs. #space Feb 8

1 #star that is slightly above infrared range + above #Arcturus, along with Betelgeuse, is R Doradus, as another 'bright' star. #infrared Feb 8

Add to this its bolometric range<- which is its #infrared correcting for absolute magnitude + its total becomes 80 times that of our #Sun. Feb 8

All because it is based in the infrared range<- around the J band mag of about -2.2, which, for e.g is only slightly less than #Betelgeuse Feb 8

emission lines. Although this is quite an obvious occurrence in red giants, it means its visual luminosity is 110 times more than our #Sun. Feb 8

being a type K1.5 IIIpe orange giant. Arcturus has been classed as an oddity because of its weird emission spectrum, namely jam packed with Feb 8

which will remove its outer shell. Being 1 of t brightest in celestial equator + 4th brightest star compared 2 Alpha Centauri, it's brighter Feb 8

Heading towards being a white dwarf, Arcturus has prob used all its hydrogen + fused its helium to oxygen as it currently expands #astronomy Feb 8

when compared to Alpha Centauri, α Cen A + can be seen at 5 degrees north of the celestial equator, shining happily, like stars do. #Arcturu Feb 8

The star of #Arcturus is quite near to us at 36.7 light yrs or 11.3 parsecs away, shining in the celestial equator being the 3rd brightest. Feb 8

We're talking an orange giant #star that used up all its #hydrogen which will keep shedding itself, and later become a white dwarf #Arcturus Feb 8

After that Boötes says hi (well not literally) in the herdsman. Being 4th brightest #star in the sky, Arcturus is here at vis mag of −0.04 Feb 8

years from us. α² Canum Venaticorum is the brightest #star of the two. The fainter one is termed α¹ Canum Venaticorum. Deep field #astronomy Feb 8

apparent magnitude of 2.81. Being 19.6 arcseconds apart, its 2 stars can be seen with a decent #telescope. This system is about 110 light Feb 8

Cor Caroli, 1 of the brightest #stars in the northern #constellation Canes Venatici, is to appear soon. It is a binary star with a combined Feb 8

Hope all goes well at #astrofest all u #astronomer ites. It's been a while since I've been down south http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … #PatrickMoore Feb 8

Variety is the spice of life + that includes the #stars, #planets + wonders in our observable + probably un observable #galactic universe. Feb 6

natural selection will always produce same distribution curve + its tail representing minorities for low levels won't change. A fact of life Feb 6

Due 2 fact that ppl, there4 school pupils, have different levels of attainment, bcs in an evolutionary context variation cannot be changed, Feb 6

norm referencing system, achieve the same exam result or not. #Education Mr Gove won't achieve change bcs ths model works for most schools. Feb 6

progression routes for some pupils in private schools, regardless of whether each pupil from those different schools, if compared using the Feb 6

The ratio in the progression route from piont A to B for some pupils in state schools is often greater in comparison to the ratio in Feb 6

it might b that altho a pupil frm a state school gains a low result in comparison to 1 from private (norm reference) thy hve progressed more Feb 6

in state schools is lower than ones in private schools, the main thing is progression from any set point from low to high. Big difference. Feb 6

the pathway 2 an advanced level is a point of attainment measured against others not result as such. It might b that the point of attainment Feb 6

Progression doesn't mean just attaining high results but the difference in ratio btwn starting from entry level 2 advanced + mid level 2 adv Feb 6

Some schools in deprived areas can have better progression levels than private 1s. Very different method of measurement + results #bbcqt BBC Feb 6

Ejecting a relativistic jet in X-ray + radio range, #CentaurusA’s powerful #blackhole produces jets moving around 1 half the speed of #light Feb 5

#CentaurusA stands out in deep galactic space as one of the nearest radio #galaxies churning out a supermassive #blackhole from its centre Feb 5

Enjoy your cuppa Benedict + thanks for the follow back, it made my day (fell over a table + injured my leg when I read it) @BenedictTCC76 Jan 29

Is thinking about doing another #astronomy presentation this yr. The 1 I did last years was called excellent<- Some1 needs 2 change day job. Jan 27

It went down very well. Someone said that it was an excellent<-#astronomy presentation. Ties in with my tutoring experience too @a_draconis Jan 27

If u mean me, u'd be the 3rd person 2 suggest I present #astronomy TV prgm. Wondered if 2 do w my lst yrs astronomy presentation @a_draconis Jan 27

There's a suggestion that £215m Willetts be cut from #science funding. Jan 26

John Fletcher is a top professional amateur #astronomer + been involved in it for many years, so qualifying as genuine. Jan 25

My mate John Fletcher + friend of the late Sir #PatrickMoore sent me another e-mail with his capture of S/N 2014J + #Comet Jager on image. Jan 25

Been sorting my garage out. One small step nearer to having my large #telescope easier to use, one giant leap for mankind. #NeilArmstrong Jan 25

In the world of #astronomy on July 2015, a new space probe called #NewHorizons will encounter the Kuiper Belt + the demoted planet #Pluto. Jan 24

A genuine interest in #space #astronomy #astrophysics #physics #science since age 6 + a 14 yr old website 2 prove it http://www.cthisspace.com   Jan 23

Imitation sincerest form of flattery? but using your ideas...mm different league. Just mulling over something...back on topic in half an hr Jan 23

It's ok. I already know the consequences of churning out free, new ideas online. It's all in the cards...doesn't make any less annoying! Jan 23

They don't want to follow you, nor talk on twitter, or other wise but they pinch your ideas--------------- *THAT*--------------! Jan 23

Jump To The Future A Long Time Ago(Extended) Beyond #Mars #colonisation quote of month Illustrated by music of #Toyah http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Jan 22

Jump To The Future, A Long Time Ago… Pop Star (Humans Beyond Mars - Extended) Quote of the Month http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #Mars #colonisation Jan 21

There isn't enough #science on all TV 2 educate + inspire, esp next generation, whthr on News which is daily or otherwise. Never enough #BBC Jan 19

A synergy + undercurrent from #star light alongside patterns of the #AuroraBorealis dancing to the magnificence of the universe...#astronomy Jan 18

Dave. Thanks for mentioning me + BADAS on ur BBC Radio show. I wasn't told abt ths? - saw it by chance. Will promote ltr BADAS @DClaphamFRAS Jan 17th

Pop Star – Beyond The Future (Humans Off Mars - Extended) Beyond #Mars #colonisation Illustrated by music of #Toyah http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Jan 16

Pop Star – Beyond The Future (Humans Off Mars - Extended) #Mars #colonisation + beyond. Jan Countdown to the Quote http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Jan 16th

It wld b good if they introduced some quantum mechanics +#physics thought experiments in2 #Sherlock. It'd suit his character. QuantumPalace? Jan 15

watched #Sherlock on iplayer last night. It's lost lots of its deduction + analysis. Very much like Benedict Cumberbatch - slight crush. Jan 15

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: Two rocket boosters propelled a well-known US space company into stellar orbit at around this time. Jan 12

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: In the name of a well-known fruit (as an ACRONYM) this mission was to orbit our planet + India’s 1st Jan 12

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: Back at this time a space explorer probe discovered an event on the North Pole of a well-known planet Jan 12

An open star cluster with middle aged hot B-type stars + nearest star cluster to Earth that can be seen with naked eye, is called #Pleiades Jan 5th

More #astronomy later with deep sea wonder in constellation #Cetus, up high near #Mira, like a lighthouse beacon, flashing inside its middle Jan 5th

The lovely Leo #constellation is out late Jan where its beating heart is the star #Regulus, sparkling away in the early evening. #astronomy Jan 5th

is going to watch TV for the #NewYear tonight. Here's 2 an #astronomical 2014 filled with sparkling #stars amongst the #interstellar dust... Dec 31

Mars Express close flyby w #Phobos 2day #MarsExpress. Mars theme w some mention of Phobos ths mnth(what's left of it) http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Dec 29

That's the #Orion belting out a great dazzling array of #galactic brilliance, shining majestic #stars over our heads in the nxt coming wks. Dec 27

a hot triple star hosting a blue #supergiant + brightest class O. Last but not least is faint #Saiph found to be in the #ultraviolet region. Dec 27

massive O-type white star as an #eclipsingbinary variable star, then #Alnilam a quickly loosing mass, B-type blue supergiant. #Alnitak next Dec 27

#Orion also shows #Bellatrix, another B-type blue giant but not big enough 2 explode + #Mintaka, a multiple star system, with B type blue + Dec 27

which is a triple star system hosting another blue-white supergiant primary called Rigel A having an absolute mag −7.84 - reasonably bright. Dec 27

#Orion’s Belt has #Betelgeuse an M-type red #supergiant. Rigel is a B-type blue supergiant where heavy elements are fused + at vis mag 0.12 Dec 27

For #astronomy the end of Dec 2013 to Jan 2014 shows us the northern hemisphere with the #Orion's Belt,The Hunter belting out bright #stars Dec 27

Apparently this massive bright young star, named VFTS 102 rotates at a million mph, or 100 times faster than our #Sun does! #TarantulaNebula Dec 27

I do tend to enjoy + celebrate the #NewYear though. It's the best part. Have a Starry Filled day everyone! Happy #astronomy Dec 25

Merry Happy back. I'm not religious + don't drink but enjoy getting LED-ERED (putting loads of LED lights up) @awb355 @Col1196 @Betelgeuse10 Dec 25

Some1 just said to me they couldn't get to their presents bcs there were 'thousands of ppl" under the tree. Heh. #worldofwarcraft Dec 25

size of the universe + how rich it is in greater potential because one day we might need to know. Getting mankind on #Mars is an example. Dec 19

is live proof of how the timeline of how the universe works. Spend time making Earth a priority, by all means, but don't underestimate the Dec 19

Events in space are a portal, or an instruction book to the cosmos. New ideas take shape when accessing its formation. A discovery in of it Dec 19

A single event in #space is a piece of history with epic potential for future discovery. That is, to create a #paradigmshift in all science. Dec 19

more left out of our immediate sphere of knowledge in #astronomy, that when diversifying our questions about the #cosmos, increases its size Dec 19

It is through all the dynamics that combine in the universe, that create events only worked out by the forces of time and space. There is Dec 19

I hope 2 c some stars later. The universe is vast. We r only at the start of understanding its complexity + simplicity. A v profound quest. Dec 19

after dinner speaker was Dr Allan Chapman himself, a superb television presenter + historian of science + #astronomy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Chapman_(historian) … Dec 19

Previous few tweets were from the annual inter society #astronomy meal at Garstang Country Hotel + Golf Centre. Over 70 ppl attended. The Dec 19

Dr Allan Chapman has now got 'extra marital' on hishis clothes but he said was worth it. Astronomy never got so good. Lovely guy! ! Dec 19

as it's from a 'beautiful woman' ( ahem) + that he'll explain to his wife why it's there. (some also on his coat) I've left a legacy. Dec 19

I hope his wife doesn't mind but Dr Allan Chapman just gave me loads of kisses + hugs. He's got foundation on his jacket. He says he doesn't Dec 19

Besides, I didn't get my 1st #astronomypresentation this yr called excellent for nothing ;-) Being a tutor + doing its training has paid off Dec 17

Sagan definition divided by the indefiniteness of the Sagan number multiplied by the probability that there is 1 somwhere @joelschlosberg Dec 14

I read that as indefinite + fictitious numbers divided by from Wiki the free encyclopedia (I've a good imagination) I get u @joelschlosberg Dec14

It's always been drummed into me that getting your units right in #physics means diff between getting it wrong + right #science Dec 14

RT @Joel Schlosberg @joelschlosbberg Discussing which unit to name a "sagan" with @nicksagan & @ClaireCSmith. As a mathematician, I suggest all of them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Lists_of_things_named_after_mathematicians … Dec 14

but needs must.... I will still love #space + #astronomy. It will be with me forever more. Dec 14

Tutoring job was with special needs adults. I loved it but not sure if my 1st choice. Sometimes we cannot choose because of the circumstance Dec 14

Apologies, reminiscing, but I didn't take it up. In 2002 I then did a teaching qualification at night school whilst tutoring job in day. Dec 14

I feel that only studying O levels in #physics + biology in 1990's that it hasn't been enough since I have loved #space since being a kid. Dec 14

#astronomy + #space is in my blood. I shld have done more about it professionally younger http://www.cthisspace.com   + http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   Dec 14

... was saying the other week, Nick is only 1 Sagan Unit younger than me, pahh we agree, nearly same age! @joelschlosberg @nicksagan Dec 14

Let's call 1 trip around the Sun a Sagan unit. @joelschlosberg @nicksagan #sagan Dec 14

We say, "I love you #Moon" Moon replies, "#Yutu" Dec 14

Sorry folks, it just irks me.... totally unnecessary in most cases. Dec 14

+ bad judgement.. A well known scientist of all ppl shld b aware of that power + value system but like anything, there's always 1 (or a few) Dec 14

I'd rather be a lady. It really lets me down when someone who is in the media representing thorough subjects + values uses bad language Dec 14

- call me boring but I least I have some decency. Swearing in context (Billy Connolly comedy) ok but doesn't gel from higher ups.. Dec 14

... hmm no need in my opinion, it just detracts from what respect that was had about that person. A teacher wouldn't do it... Dec 14

Why do ppl who should be representing good manners + values (supposed 2 b high status) use immature swear words on line + twitter? Dec 14

Cld show lack of judgement of that prsn on ur behalf using word 4 some1 at least he has an idea! Most can't think 4 themselves @jimalkhalili Dec 14

It might not b a good idea but also might not b a good idea 2 attribute the idea with the person suggesting it @jimalkhalili @grahamfarmelo Dec 14

The #Moon bug is back. It's the only type of bug we want back. We have spread the bug. We can now all buggie woogie to the #Lunar music. Dec 14

Nasa's Juno mission shld get 2 #Jupiter July 2016 to study the gas giants core, gravity, gas emissions+ its magnetosphere + more #Juno #NASA Dec 13

Gosh, it's been some time since I've seen Nick, (years) with massive nostalgia about Rossall astronomy centre... @BBCLancashire Dec 10

The Vimto settles in bottom of glass, while lemon fresh at top, colour split like #BeltofVenus an #astronomy + #atmosphericphenomenon term Dec 9

I created new nonalcoholic drink: Zest of Venus. Spring water in wine glass, squeeze 3 fresh drops of lemon. Slowly pour Vimto settle bottom Dec 9

No pobs, I knew. I also studied combined O/A level physiology (biology) before I did O level physics - which was around 1989) @themosmitsos Dec 9

We will. All means #PISA partly true but mainly biased. Generally it doesn't represent UK compared to others @Astro_Den @JFKmemmobileobs Dec8

Yes I did O level physics at night school in 90's. Higher grade A level physics/math needed 4 decent science/astro/phys degree @themosmitsos Dec 8

this makes massive difference 2 how we as readers make assumptions based on studies that are interpreted by someone who persuades @Col1196 Dec 8

that's also correct + ties in with my idea. It not obvious to reader at all + whoever wrote this pg knows how 2 manipulate us @AshfordAstro Dec 8

1st sample cld represent greater amount therefore interpreted as greater amount not reaching baseline. Sample diffrnt @AshfordAstro @Col1196 Dec 8

The reader assumes from 1st sample that it's students used if comparing 2nd sample with <-the 1st. Subtle difference @Col1196 @AshfordAstro Dec 8

nearly 1st sentence omits students as sample + says '15 yr olds', whereas 2nd syays 'students' @AshfordAstro Dec 8

No. The 1st sentence assumes a sample that's not defined - misses out word student<- 2nd sample syays student. @Col1196 Dec 8

'In Canada, Korea, Shanghai and Singapore, it is one in 10 students or less' It's not subject of maths, it's subtle wording. Any1 notice? Dec 8

Read this sample 'One in four American 15-year-olds do not reach the PISA baseline Level 2 in math proficiency ' Now read next sample - Dec 8

The amount of manipulation + underhand calculation in the wording + info on this pg is incredible http://www.oecd.org/unitedstates/a-usa-and-international-perspective-on-2012-pisa-results.htm … Dec 8

'students representing more than 70 economies' from Programme for International Student Assessment #PISA :Do students represent economies? Dec 8

That's it. Iv'e said in about 7 or 8 tweets just now why the #PISA test is not best practice if finding where we are as country. It complex. Dec 8

in such a way that we think (as a country) that we r now inadequate. This gets snow balled + mis interpreted @JFKmemmobileobs @Astro_Den Dec 8

in order to 'convince' 'persuade' gov (if they are not politically based) + us that we r placed amongst others @JFKmemmobileobs @Astro_Den Dec 8

to compare countries (normally used in school + edu for finding which student is placed were compared to others) @JFKmemmobileobs @Astro_Den Dec 8

as opposed to a random sample (if they assume culture based variable) 2: They have used norm referenced method @JFKmemmobileobs @Astro_Den Dec 8

2 things stand out:1 They used a select sample (regardless of norm referencing that can b done with anything) + @JFKmemmobileobs @Astro_Den Dec 8

You guys r on the right side of this subject! V difficult to explain to many what this test means proper. @JFKmemmobileobs @Astro_Den Dec 8

That's where the problem is. It's not a random sample. If was wld include test of ppl who work in industry, not just student of academia. Dec 8

Who thinks that a selected group of students used for the #PISA test in Shanghai are a proper sample<- of culture throughout Shanghai? Dec 8

Why do a target sample not a random sample? Because it skews the results before u start. Random sample shows over view so more true method. Dec 8

I'm not convinced that #PISA is absolute measure for UK compared to other countries. PISA a norm referenced targeted sample = not definitive Dec 8

2ndly #PISA (my opinion) not appear to be culture based at all. Altho they may have used norm referencing<- method for country comaprison Dec 8

1stly the #PISA test doesn't test skills for jobs<-only academia skills, altho ths ok, maths skills not soft skills required for jobs market Dec 8

is not definitive of intelligence (nor culture) as it doesn't seem to have been based on a random sample - rather a select few (not UK) Dec 8

Skills transfer for jobs are different (but some overlap) form knowledge + skills transfer for academia - this is reason why the #PISA test Dec 8

based knowledge of both physics + maths (amateur) helps tremendously BUT it's not a must, just means harder to study @themosmitsos @satispy Dec 8

Also depends on what you read. If popular science then it's not so bad. If reading to get teeth into, then ground @themosmitsos @satispy Dec 8

If amateur, then using good judgement + some knowledge of physics+ maths is sufficient for reading science papers. @themosmitsos @satispy Dec 8

It's often suggested A level maths standard as a rock solid foundation for proper physics + astronomy degree. @themosmitsos @satispy Dec 8

In UK O level but certainly A level in physics + maths is a requirement for standard physics/astronomy/maths degree. @themosmitsos @satispy Dec 8

In UK O level but certainly A level in physics, maths a requirement for standard science/maths degree. No letting up. @themosmitsos @satispy Dec 8

If reading, studying + producing professional amateur + popular science at amateur level, then good judgement + thinking skills are enough. Dec 7

that covers skills transfer for jobs (specifically) + knowledge transfer for academic arena. Both can be used 4 each other too in some areas Dec 7

It's advised O to A level physics b4 any worthwhile astro degree. Some appear 2 b ok without but grounding lost with no knowledge transfer. Dec 7

In 90's I studied O level physics at night school. It served me well 4 reading science articles - I'd advise O or A level physics b4 degree. Dec 7

continuing knowledge + skills tweets other day, alternatively there's knowledge transfer e.g A level physics needed for #astrophysics degree Dec 7

Knowledge is a bit domain specific when put against skills. Last months subject imagination<- is prolific in comparison esp within #science Dec 7

Skills can b transfered. Knowledge isn't always possible 2 match up with job description. Sometimes skills are advantageous @6_tailed_comet Dec 5

You're welcome. Yes, not surprising at all - just wish there were more like him. @nicksagan #carlsagan rocks! Dec 5

Nothing beats meeting other ppl online who have also had a genuine interest in real #astronomy since being a kid. Shows loyalty + duration. Dec 5

Hello Nick, I've a few books by your Dad - had since being a kid within a collection of 89 #astronomy + space books. @nicksagan @ColdRFusion Dec 5

If Earth is the child's playground of humankind, then Mars colonisation is its Teenage Wasteland http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #Mars #space Dec 4

If on other hand I wanted 2 ask a professional amateur #astronomer about #ISON it'd my mate John Fletcher-close friend of late #PatrickMoore Dec 2

If I were 2 ask a professional astronomer about #ISON it'd b some1 researching #astronomy as their day job, either Professor or real Uni lab Dec 2

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: We developed a list of these events that back up our ability to achieve greater ones with us aboard. Nov 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: A stage in human technological development that is amplified by human history and its future outlook. Nov 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: In evolution + nature a certain species from a time inherited this ability to access new pastures. Nov 30

Mostly carbon dioxide + 54.4 million kilograms of dust, Soda Popping #ISON fizzles away like the biggest effervescent tablet of the cosmos. Nov 28

Graze over the fact that there could be more to #cometison than meets the ice. Nov 28

Is looking foward to the 2014 #Rosetta space mission that will attempt to put a probe on the nucleus of #Comet 67P/Churyumov #67P #Churyumov Nov 28

Andrew from @NWAstroFest2013 did this drop box for me last month. I couldn't make Astrofest but hope to go next yr. https://www.dropbox.com/s/60hqntdali3ljm0/CCSmith.mp4 … Nov 28

What's left of Nov - Quote of the Month's subject is Imagination in #astronomy #science #art http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #imagination #einstein Nov 28

Delayed new project (mentioned new 1 on horizon a couple mnths ago) as well as, bcs was't sure if I cld afford it. Still thinking about this Nov 28

My site nearly 14 yrs old end of next month. A genuine interest in #space #astronomy #science + #art since a kid wah! http://www.cthisspace.com Nov 28

What's left of Nov - Quote of the Month. Subject: Imagination in #astronomy #science + #art http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #imagination #einstein Nov 28

Mars Curiosity Rover power is back. We can put power on Mars buggy but UK is threatened with future power cuts. Adds up, not. #MarsCuriosity Nov 28

I used 2 read #NewScientist paper mag every wk in college library, along with other science mags when I did my tutor training around 2002. Nov 26

I bought a New Scientist paper magazine yesterday for a change. Just thought you all ought to know. #NewScientist @newscientist Nov 26

Wants to know if comet #ISON C/2012 S1 will go brighter by sublimation as a change from solid form to gas, or if it breaks up. #cometison Nov 26

Comet #ISON has a hyperbolic trajectory suggesting it's from the Oort cloud. At its perihelion 28 Nov it may reach negative mag - brighter! Nov 26

Sungrazing Comet ISON, Comet Nevski–Novichonok or C/2012 S1 was 1st spotted by Vitali Nevski + Artyom Novichonok on 21 Sep 2012. #cometison Nov 26

Richard Hammond #BuildsaPlanet has right balance. Prgm formula + his knack of presenting (that I can not describe as such) create great prgm Nov 24

Few hrs ago (scroll down) I ref Richard Hammond as my best science presenter. The 2 prgms I refer to 'Builds a Planet' + 'Invisible Worlds' Nov 24

V true. #Horizon from the 70's to 80's was best science docu BBC had. It went sour last decade. Recent prgrm returns hope! @6_tailed_comet Nov 24

(obviously I'm joking - previous tweet) but makes you think....BBC Soup? Nov 24

Have #ProfBrianCox write #DrWho50th episode (needs wonder science). Get #Jimalkhalili 2 b Doctor. Have #SteveMoffat present #Horizon. Nov 24

laid out straight carefully, then Moffat ties them into a knot. We, TV audience (at end of prgrm) tangled the lot of it with our complaints Nov 24

Next few tweets - call them 'BBC Soup'. #DrWho50th episode. Me thinks #StevenMoffat made Doctor's warp space timeline like strings or wool Nov 24

have appealed quite well to ppl who have not been introduced to science. They may have found it very good which means it prob did its job! Nov 24

Need 2 say 1 more thing for last time on Light in #LightandDark. I'm inpatient + know the subject matter but not every1 does. It might Nov 24

#Horizon on #ISON didn't over use/shoot presenter (like #LightandDark) was balanced + coupled with errors BUT made good viewing. Was ok. Nov

At least so far. Next: Comet of the Century: A #Horizon Special about #ISON. I loved the graphics/animations of #planets + #astrophysics. Nov 24

(according to laws of probability not everything succeeds anyway + that's ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶ science). My verdict on #LightandDark : Disappointing. Nov 24

Sometimes<- a distinct difference between mastering your subject + delivering it 2 massive audience means not every science doc will succeed Nov 24

ed with presenting style reminiscent of #topgear Hammond (in my mind) seem to nail the lot (+ he's not even a scientist - Patrick Moore ish) Nov 24

The formulas for a couple of prgrms that Hammond have been in seem to out weigh the subject just enough not to make it sickly + combine Nov 24

Going 2 b honest. The prof r ace (Cox, Al-Khalili) but not sure if they 'grab n tingle' in same way Richard Hammond did in Invisible Worlds. Nov 24

+ u expect ace prgrm but was missing something. Didn't grab me + not sure y. I hope they shed more light on the matter in Dark #LightandDark Nov 24

Formula of the prgrm (not the Maxwell equations used in it) cld have used Prof Brian Cox for all we knew. Jim Al-Khalili in #LightandDark. Nov 24

I don't mind watching intro science in docs even if I know the facts as long they create sense of awe. Will give it more time. #LightandDark Nov 23

So far liking the Galileo Galilei introduction of glass lens #astronomy #telescope invention. Perhaps move on2 next parts now #LightandDark Nov 23

Pacing bit slow. Might b bcs I know the science but like journey so far. Jim is v handsome but can we have a tad more science? #LightandDark Nov 23

Couldn't wait 2 report at quarter time. I'm at #Jupiter's Moons section. Lots of camera lens out of focus on Al-Khalili walking around Italy Nov 23

Currently watching science documentary 'Light and Dark' #LightandDark presented by the bus conductor, Jim Al-Khalili. Report about it tomz. Nov 23

Secret to make. I fell asleep during #DrWho50th prgrm earlier bcs a) I was tired. b) bcs I didn't know what was going on. What was going on? Nov 23

In an infinite awe of the #science of #astronomy, combined with the beauty of space within, the universe leads us 2 a sense of the majestic. Nov 22

88 days+ undergoes extreme temperature changes. #Mercury, a rock with no atmosphere, goes cold from 100 K at night to a hot 700 K in the day Nov 22

+ some moonlets occurring within its rings. #SaturnRings. #Mercury the smallest + innermost planet in our Solar System, orbits the Sun every Nov 22

Sun, #Saturn is made up of mainly gas with an iron, nickel + rock core. It hosts 9 rings + 3 arcs made of ice, rock + dust. It has 62 Moons Nov 22

On Nov 25 + 26 #Saturn + #Mercury will be in conjunction before sunrise. The 2nd largest planet in our solar system, + 6th planet from the Nov 22

I also discovered yesterday that my Sikhote-Alin #meteorite contains small amounts of Iridium, which produce nasty high energy gamma rays. Nov 22

Update ystrdy detecting gamma rays from my Sikhote-Alin #meteorite. It contains Germanium + like short range alpha decay, produce beta rays. Nov 22

3rd experiment shows no radioactivity without source 2nd time round. This means my Sikhote-Alin #meteorite is giving off some gamma radation Nov 21

calibrate in same place, then I go 2 source drive to nearest nuclear rod plant making place + or a pub near there) to scan + check the area. Nov 21

I'll un install the APP after this because it takes up too much battery + consumption power, then on Sunday I'll re install the APP Nov 21

The next option is to place my other luminous sources (old glow in the dark putty, luminous dial + old objects) over the camera to re read. Nov 21

The APP won't won't pick up the energy level of the particle but will be a general check to see if there is difference in background levels. Nov 21

another check without my Sikhote-Alin #meteorite again 2 make sure there is a definite difference in #gamma or (any high energy activity) Nov 21

28.9 µSv/hr is 28.9 microsieverts per hr<--- whereas a geiger counter only checks events. The gamma activity may also be anything so I'll do Nov 21

28.9 µSv/hr for my small (about inch + half across) Sikhote-Alin #meteorite *once* sat in my lounge. Might place near other end of lounge. Nov 21

Hya astro folks. U might not want to be sitting nest to a Sikhote-Alin #meteorite like mine because it gives off a load of #gammaradiation Nov 21

in same area that is was calibrated + place in the dark again. It gives u 20 seconds before each check to sort out. Leave for about 20 mins. Nov 21

as possible. In this case they suggest front camera lens because is more sensitive. Then put both mobile + source (my case meteorite) back Nov 21

Don't confuse check<- with calibration<- (prob common). Calibration needs clear background + dark area then place source as near to detector Nov 21

that is was calibrated to show any difference. It will be interesting to see what it produces in about half an hour. #gammaradiation Nov 21

my Sikhote-Alin #meteorite right over the front camera lens to make sure its a clear read, also wrapped up in dark thick cloth in same place Nov 21

Because I have used the free one, it might be slow but can be more precise if patient. The check appears to be taking time. I've placed Nov 21

Iv'e calibrated it for 20 mins. Make sure source is different from background if u need to re do another check. Don't calibrate near source Nov 21

All good fun. Nov 21

dial then some old glow in dark objects with probably enough luminum phosphorus old enough to throw just enough #gamma radiation its way. Nov 21

I've got a Sikhote-Alin #meteorite in my cabinet. It'll b interesting 2 c if there is gamma activity. 2nd to that old glow in dark luminum Nov 21

Going to install GammaPix then calibrate my mobile for about 20 mins (place in dark area) 2 c if it can detect radiation off my meteorite. Nov 21

I don't have the money or space for large telescope (have 3 small scopes) but I do have an experimental lab - my mind. A labyrinth of ideas Nov 19

Don't I know--> "There are lots of real positives to being dyslexic. It gives you a huge capacity for imagination" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-ouch-24988596 … Nov 18

North of #Spica by 18th C/2012 S1 to ref space #astrophysics comet #ISON at perihelion to be less than one solar diameter by 28th Nov 2013 Nov 18

adults, and all I can say is this, it's the most humbling + thought provoking thing + something that will be with me for the rest of my life Nov 18

It showed clips of daily REAL life challenges of helping disadvantaged children throughout the concert. I have worked with disadvantaged Nov 18

I used to watch the #XFactor but not as much now but #GaryBarlow did an ace job of the #childreninneed #rocks concert with #ELO at the end. Nov 18

"A million lights are dancing and there you are, a #shootingstar." from #Xanadu music by #ELO #JeffLynne #ElectricLightOrchestra Nov 18

Apparently #space #rocket to launch #Mars probe #MAVEN is on the pad at CCAFS 1 + #Nasa will no doubt get the bulls eye again. Go Nasa! Nov 16

http://www.cthisspace.com site will be about 14 yrs old by end of Dec 2013. My love of #astronomy + #space started age 6. Long may it continue. Nov 16

Was weird when writing this months quote theme http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html bcs reminiscing many topics from 13 yr old site http://www.cthisspace.com Nov 16

I can quite happily watch a #science prgm + find it intriguing, even if I know the subject already, as along as it creates a sense of awe. Nov 16

I've dumbed down loads of stuff on my Countdown to the Quote of the Month pg about #space #astronomy #science #art... http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Nov 16

Dumbing down can often be the best way to get ppl into an introduction into #science, after all, they will certainly b put off by complexity Nov 16

Haven't seen #Gravity yet + I don't mind if it's dumbed down. The fact that it's visually acceptable suggests 2 me that is enough 4 a film Nov 16

Use your #Astronomical + #Scientific Imagination in my Quote of the Month #einstein #imagination in #science + #art http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Nov 16

Science is a beautiful, brilliant + beyond amazing subject. Exoincredible. Immense in its power to inspire + educate. Mind changing #science Nov 12

I spent ages looking at this panorama the 1st time, now again the terrain of #Mars here is so magnificent + beautiful http://www.360cities.net/image/mars-panorama-curiosity-solar-day-437#551.78,9.08,22.9 … Nov 12

Andrew put this together a couple of wks ago (odd seeing my pic up tho) https://www.dropbox.com/s/60hqntdali3ljm0/CCSmith.mp4 … #space #astronomy Nov 11

It's good that the #indiamarsmission has back up resources that allow it to make steady progress on its way (via Earth orbits) then to #Mars Nov 11

Been to Maplin. Bought myself an ace LED pocket microscope. I've already got large lab one. Now have 2 microscopes + 3 telescopes. #maplin Nov 7

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 1:This function is the basis of another subject and when combined with science creates a noetic balance. Oct 31

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 2:In maths and physics this function aided a greater description of a topic changing our way of thinking Oct 31

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 3: This function is a precursor + part of suggested explanations needed before finalising and verifying. Oct 31

With a general parabolic shaped orbit, Comet #ISON<- came from the Oort Cloud - an area of ice debris, about a light-year away from our Sun. Oct 29

but I do want to spread the word to make popular + sure ppl end up thinking #astronomy #science + all the things around them are brilliant. Oct 27

Ta, 4 kind words Steve. I'm not bothered abt being famous but have genuine passion for my subjects in profile. @zubeninskip @NWAstroFest2013 Oct 26

It's good 2 share on some occasions, my mind with the world + 2 go into the realms of #space, #stars + the #universe. http://cthisspace.com Oct 25th

I visualized + imagined moving diagram of turbulence in my head for idea (can draw then explnd it) but had problem with the word. #dyslexia Oct 24

Previous tweet - was thinking of analogy decreased inertia in a fluid when it's chaotic with air bubbles. Also the Bernoulli's principle.. Oct 24

.@ProfBrianCox Apart from BHs there may b pockets of universe where laws of physics r scrambled allowing changes in communication + travel. Oct 24

When I say rotation is not transformation I meant, in Lorentz context, a rotation ref 2 space. The object twb a transformation. Oct 21

(x,y,z co ordinates of Lorentz Transformations). Interesting how some ppl might find it difficult 2 visualize then c comparisons, others not Oct 21

Rotation not transformation bt general prncpl + nxt bst thg 2 usng mental manipulation of objects/events in space (ref my tweets 2 days ago) Oct 21

I'm not making a new theory up but rather seeing how to get ppl thinking in an way to understand remote ideas like GR to SR. @Quantumology Oct 19

Nutshell: 3D rotations+events easy 2 c in mind (GR) ltr a'get' abstract', place same event, but in linear form -> Lorentz theory (SR). Oct 19

This is what u end up with, a #Lorentz transform world line http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e4/Lorentz_transform_of_world_line.gif … Oct 19

that is, now rotating objects in an abstract way using the lorentz transformations. If kids can get the 1st bit then they can get the second Oct 19

now combine the abstract thinking of objects in space + rotation, as b4 + the Lorentz transformations in special relativity become less so. Oct 19

- then compare how to do that with the maths function s used in probability, it's more abstract like #algebra. Stats has upside c/b applied. Oct 19

Go back about 14 hrs on this pg here 2 c my tweets about how astronomers visualise in 3D the objects to place + map events in space + time - Oct 19

Try imagining you are a planet #orbiting a star in space. Think about how u would see the other objects positions, trajectories + behaviour. Oct 19

Visualisation of process of #star #formation creates an accurate 3D diagram in time + space + the imaginary observer can orbit it to rotate. Oct 19

Thinking about interstellar space is good 4 the brain. The 1st #astronomers didn't have animated diagrams online but had to use their heads. Oct 19

When imagining objects in space e,g stars + planets, it's like creating a 3D map in the mind. Trajectory of a planet is start of #astronomy Oct 19

(previous a RT Oct 17)

/ \
| |
| |
█ |
| █
/ \
| S-V |
| ▂▂|
| █ |
|u█ |
|s| | |
|a| | |

Folks, u might not know this, but I'm going 2 tell u anyway, my quote of the month pg includes general basic science imbued with my ideas. Oct 16

Actually a rly gd stragety, he's tied up infinities using applied math + convinced funding of loose ends in QT @david_hurn @Quantumology Oct 16

It might b wrong. Everything wrong at some point. Relativity breaks down nr black hole so could b trmd wrong there @david_hurn @Quantumology

That is also true. Baryonic matter tis dead easy peasy, non Bary matter tisn't. Incomplete standard model. @Quantumology @david_hurn Oct 16

No not all. Brian Greene ties up + tidies his theories using math like he eats + polishes up his plate at dinner. @david_hurn @Quantumology Oct 16

Space is the place where #stars, #planets + #galaxies are seen in a live show called #astronomy + where its vastness takes your breath away Oct 14

My visit to the #royalinstitution #RI in 2009 that was about #astronomer #PatrickMoore in audience is on DVD not CD. Just found. Will review oct 11

I'll add my day at #royalinstitution on pg w my mtng #astronomer #PatrickMoore all day at his house 2008 http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … #SkyatNight Oct 6

Been genuinely interested in #astronomy + #space as an amateur from an early age. More info on my 12 yr old website http://www.cthisspace.com Oct 6

Folks the Southdowns Planetarium is the best in the country for indoor astronomy. Was a pleasure to meet Dr. John Mason also. @sdownsplanet Oct 6

Woke up lst ngt 4am Looked out window. Went in grdn w bins fr hlf hr. Saw double cluster, Jupiter, M31 #Andromeda galaxy+3 yellow #Draconids Oct 6

Hello night sky, how wonderful u r. Ur stars crystal clear, inspire the universe with ur brilliant scene. The best show on Earth. #astronomy Oct 6

Through Autumn's golden gown, kick your way through 'The Leaf of Ages' – http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #Autumn #RedGiant #IceAge #GlobalWarming Oct 1

If the world is our oyster then #space is the ocean of dreams... Sep 30

Hya Rossall School. It has been a few years since I saw Nick at the astronomy centre so I will b honoured to know. Thank you! @RossallSchool Sep 30

I don't have kids, but I think it's a good quality in any person (married or divorced) if they put kids 1st. Nice quality. @NickAstronomer Sep 30

No probs. Talking of doing #astronomy #presentations in big halls, I need 2 get cracking on prep for my 2nd 1. @DClaphamFRAS @David_Scanlan Sep 29

1st it was #Orbital's #Cygnus then #Falcon9, later #Proton with #ASTRAE. Space goody bag day. #NASA #SpaceX Sep 29

Positives about #Dyslexia in subjects #physics #astrophysics #science + #art excellent 3D thinking + visualisation, creating new theories. Sep 27

When u followed me Kate, I researched more how #important #dyslexia is in #tutoring + #teaching = massive positives in #edu @DrKateSaunders Sep 27

Ha, Yes I know Nick Lister. Been to a few of his presentations. Will follow up w this thread ltr. I'm intrigued...@1alpha9er @DClaphamFRAS Sep 26

Hya Keaton, thanks for the lots of favourites. #TheSkyatNight is best astronomy prgm along with #StargazingLive both great. Cheers @Keaton_S Sep 26

I reckon Andrew Symes @FailedProtostar looks like Adam Steltzner @steltzner @MarsCuriosity #Mars #CuriosityRover #NASA #JPL #MSL Sep 22

- #integration + #embedding methods using facts, then placing my own ideas within, all tied into explanation in a quote of the month. #edu Sep 22

Using simple terms + my tutor experience I've illustrated #astronomy #astrophysics + #physics thro #music in a quote http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Sep 22

The photographer/camera man 2 take pics of my various 97 #astronomy + physics books has been ill so waiting 4 that 2 tick off the 2 do list Sep 22

#Solar Observing in the day + #astronomy is almost continuous. If clouds over study online + from books to ask questions about its theories. Sep 22

The #DumbbellNebula M27, with a White Dwarf centre, in constellation Vulpecula, was the 1st #planetarynebula discovered by Charles Messier. Sep 22

so my 13 yr original work on #space, #physics + #astronomy from my site + my genuine thoughts here with them paid off. I'm a Top Tweeter. Sep 21

Top Tweets (I got 2 last night) is based on users w high quality #tweets were t variables in an algorithm filter out as the best to be seen. Sep 21

@Dales_Starman @David_Scanlan @Betelgeuse10 @Stephencheatley b4 they get 2 us, they prob smashed in2 man made space debris, how embarrassing Sep 20

@Betelgeuse10 @David_Scanlan @Stephencheatley light spedd take long tm bcs mass increase wld mn using up half, if not all enrgy in univrse Sep 20

John R Fletcher F.R.A.S. has just sent me another e-mail of co-ordinates + image of #Comet C/2010 S1 + Linear + C/2011 L4 #Panstarrs. #FRAS Sep 20

I've never seen a house like #PatrickMoore's. The amount of stuff + #astronomy study by the man himself was amazing. http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … Sep 19

I'm looking forward to the exciting stages of #ESA's #Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in about Aug 2014 next year #Philae Sep 19

I've got The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch + we when we did book review section we got sent free books to review. @DClaphamFRAS Sep 18

In 500 years time we might be saying, "Titan is a good place. Here's a pic of our accommodation - The Liquid Hydrocarbon Lakes Hotel" #Titan Sep 17

#Astronomy is the best live show on Earth, but u wouldn't think we were on Earth half the time, with our minds in the beauty of outer space. Sep 17

- it's all there. There's nothing like meeting real people in the flesh + reminiscing over a 12 yr old Amateur #Scifi #Science #Mag. #Space Sep 17

#Science of #Discworld w #TerryPratchett (who I met with #PatrickMoore in 2008) http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … + Disc World - http://www.cthisspace.com/ftl/features/sod.html … Sep 17

Professor of #Mathematics + #Geometry #IanStewart's work shown on a list on my old sci + science mag from 12 yrs ago http://www.cthisspace.com/ftl/features.html … Sep 17

Professor of #Mathematics + #Geometry #IanStewart's work from a section of my old sci + science mag from 12 yrs ago http://www.cthisspace.com/ftl/kertrats/rats1.html … Sep 17

@jimalkhalili He was 1st person to be on my magazine from years ago. He will remember FTL Mag that's now on a subsection on my website. Sep 17

2 do list
1)Website stats
2)Soon live new project
3)Review some of my 97 #astrophysics books
4)2nd #astronomy presentation
5)Science article sep 16

If u want 2 c #Sirius's 2nd less bright mate (its white dwarf) u will need something around the 300 mm (12 in) aperture range + good seeing Sep 16

Being twice as big as our nearest star, the Sun + about 25 times brighter, #Sirius's 2 stars r at a minimum angular separation of 3 arcsecs. Sep 16

Sirius also hosts a little whipper snapper of a white dwarf.of spectral type DA2, Sirius B. This is a dense but small volume stellar remnant Sep 16

its own inward gravitational effect, in short, a self maintained star that's distinguished on colour magnitude range rather than brightness. Sep 16

a spectral type A1V. This is Sirius A. Positioned by its mass + based on a system of equilibrium, its hot core behaviour is balanced by Sep 16

#Sirius is not 1 star altho it seems that when looking using naked eye, but in fact a binary star system. 1st is white main sequence star Sep 16

The brilliant star #Sirius shines for us in the nxt couple of days. Its visual apparent mag −1.46 tells us its superiority in the night sky. Sep 16

2 do list got longer:1) Website stats.2)New project (soon live)3)My 97 astrophysics book review(some)4)2nd #astro presentation5)Sci Article. Sep 13

My #genuine + #original work http://www.cthisspace.com a 13 yr old hobby website on #space #astrophysics #astronomy has done exceptionally well Sep 13

I can't even get around the WHOLE website total let alone a single pg in linear, so the amount per month has gone over my estimated limit Sep 13

13 yrs later I realise my website has done well. VERY well. I didn't know until now. I much needed boost to the week, or year or decade.. Sep 13

The quotes pg is my way of simplifying science geared toward wide audience imbued with my tutoring experience using an integration method. Sep 13

+ Sat I'm making a 'house' for my biggest 6" Russian reflector #telescope (got 3)+3" short tube #Catadioptric + 60's Captain Cook tube thing Sep 12

In 1977 I was 7 yrs old when the #Voyager1 event was launched. I don't feel any older (my website) + nor want to. #reminiscing (again) #NASA Sep12

The iconic #GoldDisc image on its way on #Voyager1 space craft now wonders into vast inter stellar space, along with mankind's blueprint.. Sep 12

Also working on my 2nd #Astronomy #Presentation for later this yr. More of them to come. Last wks was a hit as I was in my element #Tutoring Sep 11

U might think u cannot touch a #star but it takes light from #ProximaCentauri 4.2 yrs 2 arrive at ur eyes. In that sense u r touching a star Sep 11

Something #original I've been doing for yrs - Illustrating #astronomy #astrophysics + #physics thro #music in a quote http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Sep 11

A #genuine passion for the #stars from age 6 http://www.cthisspace.com - it does not stop there. More soon in #Space + #Astronomy Sep 11

1 of the most amazing things about #QuantumPhysics, #Astronomy + #Cosmology is being astounded from grasping the contrasting scale of events Sep 11

Some reviews will b on my site by end of next wk from my collection of 97 #astronomy #astrophysics+ #physics books. Had s since being a kid. Sep 11

Every month I do a quote. This month it's #Planetary #Astronomy + cold #Pluto with a bit of #Football (to boot, ha!) http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Sep 10

A wk ago 2night I did #astronomy presentation in large hall w mid Cheshire + Liverpool Astro Soc in audience. Ta for all compliments. Sep 9

.@Col1196 it was great spending day at #PatrickMoore's house +he was lovely 2 talk 2. I also met other scientists + #Author #TerryPratchett Sep 9

I stayed + met #Astronomer #PatrickMoore +other scientist, all day at his house in 2008. Reminising... http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … #SkyAtNight Sep 8

Great launch of #Nasa's latest #Moon mission 2 study what could be electrically charged #Lunar dust + its exosphere atmosphere #LADEE #Space Sep 11th

Because #Antares radiates a large part in the infrared range, its bolometric luminosity is about 65,000 times that of our Sun. #Astronomy Sep 6

On Sep 11th #Antares is up, a Scorpius-Centaurus association as a 2 star system consisting of a warm red hue supergiant, larger than our Sun Sep 6

Don't let thermically challenged #Planetary #Astronomy let your life get too cold #Pluto http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #Space+ #Football #SpaceBall Sep 3

Stephen Cheatley BFC ‏@Stephencheatley @ClaireCSmith @midcheshastro @liverpoolas @ggastro It was an excellent talk Claire. Sep 3

@physicist13 For e.g my next presentation will b about #Quasars or #BlackHoles so proper #astronomy but aimed at wide audience. Sep 3

To my local astronomy society, ta for watching my Astronomy presentation tonight with @LiverpoolAS + Andrew from @MidCheshAstro in audience Sep 2

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: It's got 1 of the less thermally challenged surfaces making its surface 1 of the most unusual ones. Aug 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: This object along with another, was later found to be a large part of the behaviour of a 3rd object. Aug 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3:From major to minor, a change in status 2 2nd of them now as was 1 in 9 of the same around some other. Aug 30

@SirKenRobinson Disagree. Ability distribution more in the mean, not all same. #Creativity also more likely on tails not bulk. Scroll down Aug 30

My Executive Summary: Like in #physics whereby heat is a by-product of light, #creativity is a by-product of extremes of dstrbn #Education Aug 30

Formative assessment another term for finding out natural ability. Summative assessment is norm referencing. I won't go into that #political Aug 30

A more general explntn for this is natural selection in evolution. Distribution curve in edu is a mini e.g of natural selection so 2 ability Aug 30

the by product is #creativity. Folks it's all there + ties in within special needs edu training. This is specific to natural ability. Aug 30

in with ends of bell shaped curve bcs brain difference in cognitive function (via proof of distribution curve)means allowance for by product Aug 30

Bulk of ability is in median area, the main part. The tails not as they represent at each end extreme lesser + high ability. Creativity ties Aug 30

- I shld know, I did distribution curve experiment on my students in my tutor training. Distribution of ability is a curve shape on a graph. Aug 30

@SirKenRobinson Disagree. Ability distribution more in the mean, not all same. #Creativity also more likely on tails not bulk. Scroll down Aug 30

#Science is for everybody, I hope we all agree with this. What level or status irrelevant but keeping wider audience incldd all part of it. Aug 30

Smtng interesting often leads a new direction moving 4ward changing its course unlike stopping if complacent when finding out if it's right. Aug 30

<-prev tweet refers to an analogy I made up using physics quantities for right + interesting on my site yrs ago (random thoughts/Harvard pg) Aug 30

Interesting just as important as right. Right (#magnitude) has #SIZE but interesting is a #vector (->#direction) #Physics #Quantity #Analogy Aug 30

I won't go off on a #tangent this time on my themed Quote of the Month pg next Month #RollerCoaster #Physics #Jerk #Jounce Aug 29

When pouring cream into a stirred cup of black coffee, you are hypothetically creating similar conditions within the centre of a #BlackHole Aug 29

Comet #Kiess C/1911 N1 is fuelling the #Aurigids meteor shower this Sep. Expect a (ZHR) Zenith Hourly Rate of around 10 + peaks of 30 an hr. Aug 28

I don't know y but every1 else appears far more glamorous than me. Has 14 yr old website, doing 2nd new project alongside it. #astrophysics Aug 27

had 2 sort cat out then, so I'm a self made, self taught autodidact, northern working class girl, day job special needs tutor, likes science Aug 27

I don't fall in2 category of prestigious + glamorous professional scientists, journalists + writers but my next prjct is a 2nd contribution Aug 27

The Moon + star #Aldebaran, a big red star in constellation Taurus with apparent mag of 0.87, hold hands tonight (not literally) #Astronomy Aug 27

Beyond current #thinking + further in2 the #cosmos, a new playground of science awaits mankind +1 of an exploration of #space never imagined Aug 27

Genuine #Astronomy #Astrophysics+#Physics connections being made then illustrated by #Music on this Monthly Quote pg http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Aug 27

New project is on the #Horizon. Keeping all other stuff on my website as it is, but better. Will say when new project goes live.. Aug 27

Referring to my website stats, my quote of the month pg http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html is doing v well, which is great news #realdeal #originalwork Aug 25

My website over 10 yrs old has my #OriginalThinking + connections between #science + #art +been part of my whole life http://cthisspace.com Aug 25

Yrs of facts imbued w #OriginalThinking http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html The #indefinite #sciencethinking of #planckconstant #systems + #darkenergy Aug 25

The #Moon + #Aldebaran, a big red star in constellation Taurus + apparent mag of 0.87, r going out together on Aug 27 in the astro nightclub Aug 23

Sometimes it's more difficult 2 explain obscure complex facts, e.g.#astrophysics + simplify them to wider audience, than the other way. Aug 21

I've got absolute genuinely superb<-- followers, from all walks of life, very astute thinkers + intriguing lives in all... Aug 21st

Prev tweet sounds like I'm reviewing 97 books. Meant I've got 97 science/astronomy/astrophysics/physics books. I'll b reviewing some of best Aug 21

Still working on project + new section for my site about some of my 97 #astronomy #astrophysics #physics books to review. All taking time.. Aug 20

Whether it's #science, #art, #business or anything, having #dyslexia gives you an edge in creativity. Think of anything other than the box. Aug 20

#Physics needs popularisation. I can do that. Aug 18

A report about my visit to #PatrickMoore's house a few yrs ago. 1 section is about #WomenInAstronomy http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … #BBCSkyAtNight Aug 17

The correct position of the #Nova is 20h 23m 30.68 +20 46 03.8 (2000.0). It had increased in brightness to about mag +4.5 by Aug 16.5 UT. Aug 16

The Nova was confirmed by frames on Aug 14.750 UT, using a 0.60-m f/5.7 reflector + unfiltered CCD after discovery at magnitude 6.3C. #Nova Aug 16

Ref to the Variable Star Section, a Nova has been seen in constellation Delphinus by Koichi Itagaki using a 18cm reflector + CCD #Astronomy Aug 16

#Astronomy is a unique subject because anybody can study + learn it, at either professional or amateur level as it expands our deep intrigue Aug 16

Some overlap with my job (see below) http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html It's the #indefinite #sciencethinking of #planckconstant #systems + #darkenergy Aug 15

Referring to my website stats, my quote of the month pg is doing very well, which is excellent news - #realdeal #originalwork Aug 15

I've collected 97 #astronomy #astrophysics + #physics books over the yrs, some since a kid. To review some in new section on my website soon Aug 15

It might b that the generic topic brings together the facts in order 2 create my idea(s) much like this months topic - indefinite. It varies Aug 15

generic subject. The reader is learning about facts, by way of a common topic e.g term -> indefinite, then my original ideas are introduced. Aug 15

I've #integrated my ideas within facts, simplified most terminology about those facts + my ideas too then #embedded those facts within a Aug 15

working on my old random thoughts on my site. My quotes pg is a way of resetting the ideas in fresh context. It's my contribution to science Aug 15

are formed. In my quote of the month pg I weave my own original ideas + connections into facts. I changed the platform to quotes after Aug 15

us -> original thinking + connections. It's important to get this into writing too. Original thinking gets peoples awareness of how ideas Aug 15

writer who convey this info in articles + media so we know about the world of science, or anything, but often a certain genre isn't so obvio Aug 15

Science + general articles written from either press releases, or other articles inform us well enough with correct info. It's good to have Aug 15

u do on twitter. Eeeck moment coming up.... most ppl don;t have time to spend all day on twitter (sorry) but it true! They have @RadioVicky Aug 15

nurses, carers etc... most ppl are like this. What (fancy lifestyles + assumed glamorous lifes) u see on twitter + facebook @RadioVicky Aug 15

As u know most ppl have day jobs. They work fulltime in sectors that means no time for twitter everyday + all day, teachers, @RadioVicky Aug 15

Yrs worth of #OriginalThinking here http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html It's the #indefinite #sciencethinking of #planckconstant #systems + #darkenergy Aug 13

Referring to my website stats, my quote of the month pg is doing very well, which is excellent news - #realdeal #originalwork Aug 13

2 reasons why #science + #astronomy communication is for me 1) Trained + experienced tutor 2) Loved science +astronomy genuinely since age 6 Aug 13

T'was nice to see Mr Ghosh on 6 o clock #BBCNews showing us #perseids at an #astronomy club.. Aug 13

@chriscfrench Oh, ok! Shame I'm not in London. Maybe catch one of your talks in the north UK more. Lancashire here... Aug 13

Brilliant inspiration from #astronomy, space + the vast cosmos is always there for anybody to be explored, as a #science as well as an #art. Aug 12

I've collected 97 #astronomy #astrophysics + #physics books over the yrs, some since a kid. To review some in new section on my website soon Aug 11

Referring to my website stats, my quote of the month pg is doing very well, which is excellent news - #realdeal #originalwork Aug 11

To top physicist @materion + #Astronomy grp @Tring_Astro Ta 4 RTing my tweet 2 my #OriginalScienceThinking quotes pg http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Aug 9

Will be consulting my astronomy mate, asteroid + near Earth object expert, John Fletcher soon. #NEO #NEA Aug 9

For #astronomy it is the #Perseids meteor shower (next week peaking on Monday eve/Tues morn). They are a unique sight to see if it is clear. Aug 9

My online activity of offering inspiration + knowledge in the unique subject of #astronomy has helped diverse groups of people get involved Aug 9

#physics abstract thinking (vector analysis, algebra, geometry, space, time) = #art abstract thinking (form, dimension, area, time, space) Aug 8

Physics is just art, but w bits added 2 it, like dimension + maths. Escher + Dali where just artistic physicists. The thinking is v similar. Aug 8

Book review delayed until I get a proper camera man nxt wk. Slightly under estimated how many #astrophysics #astronomy book I've got. 97 Aug 4

Notice 2 bhvrs online 1:ppl think they can get away w pinching ur ideas without credit 2: Some ppl in media think idea creator lesser mortal Aug 4

and don't forget the #Moon Aug 3

This angle changes rapidly with realisation that 1 of t things allowing us 2 b about in t day + survive is down 2 our nearest star, the Sun! Aug 3

on the local events at the cost of fitting within the pay off from astronomical events. It can seem remote to think of stars in the daytime. Aug 3

Space is the area sitting in + around all the events of the #cosmos. In the humdrum of the every day we oftn forget our context +concentrate Aug

I've gone off on a (roller coaster) tangent a bit in this months quote explntn. Was slightly rushed but there is an (excecutive) summary. Aug 3

The indefiniteness of the definite of the cosmos (all definitely in a quote) http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #PlanckConstant #Systems #DarkEnergy Aug 1

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: The notation that suggesting an edge creating a constant here is less so when imagined as changeable. July 31

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: From top to bottom it is here that the collected affects theorised of this are really fuzzy. July 31

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: On the smallest scales, only here do the certainties run and uncertainties hide to make it. July 31

I recommend the BBC website in general as main daily hub 4 UK + world. Main sections I read are, SciTech, edu, business, health, world etc July 30

@BBCPallab @bbcscitech Your group are like the cosy scientific fireplace of the lounge, where the lounge is the vast internet. Well done. July 30

NTS - extreme high impact, v low probability, not objects but cataclysmic events, not local but astronomic scale. Ref to N.Taleb . #p-value July 28

Altho I'm dyslexic I've a good grasp of t generalisation of ideas tweeted here (i should, after owning+studyng 80 or so books on it all). July 27

U c I've got some v clever Math/Stats/Econometrics/Astro Physics/Physics scientists following me tht can make greater sense than 'wot I put' July 27

(I;ve refereed to Dr Taleb many times on twitter here + possibly on my site as I think he has valuable ideas that could be utilised elshwere July 27

To sum up, the brilliant mathematical model as devised by Tableb for Black Swan events cld help outr understanding of events on large scale. July 27

the type of models used for financial world economy that can allow us to predict (to a degree) what cld hppn on larger astronomy scales July 17

This is important bcse, altho we have a vague idea how 2 model (math theory not fashion model) rare financial events, wht can b learned from July 27

allow us clues about rare events in our universe but large scale as high impact low probability in an unaccounted for mathematical quadrant July 27

instead on large astronomical scales such as NEO's or more rare. What can we learn from the Black Swan theory (as pro Dr Taleb) that will en July 27

wot I'm curious about is like asking about t probability of a certain event occurring on small scale, e.g finding the Higgs Boson but July 27

Near Earth Objects) the tails term was referring to mathematical tails not swan tails (altho I mentioned math term Black Swan) #pvalue July 27

Previous tweet - better terminology - 2nd go (I hadn't been clear)! I asked Dr Taleb what math is used for astronomy events, like NEO July 27

@nntaleb Dr. Taleb I oftn wonder what type of formula 4 unusual Black Swan or assumed tails, say 4 rare objects or tragectories such as NEOs July 27

The #RoyalBaby might not b the only jewel in the crown - http:// cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   and http://www. ciclops.org/view_event/194   #DayEarthSmiled #WaveAtSaturn July 22

1 last tweet about #RoyalBaby - will the new baby boy end up looking like this? http://www. cthisspace.com/cthisart/william.html … old #PrinceWilliam pic I did yrs ago July 22

(Old calculus books - not many diagrams. need more for dyslexics like me) Hard to grab in mind w nothing to bite into (images or actions) July 22

I've got a load of biology + chemistry books that add to that but mostly astrophysics, astronomy + physics going to maths as calculus. July 22

I'm not a trained writer AND I'm dyslexic - slow - takes me forever get ideas down in text but have craeted own various methods 4 writing July 19

Apart from the film #StarWars. That was good. July 19

1st time Ive watched #Sherlock > also 1st time I've actually liked a fiction programme on TV. A celebration maybe in order July 19

The way I have written the quotes + countdowns is using direct + simple language altho t topics can b complicated http:// cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   July 19

The quotes have facts + r well known, current themes+ events + lots of thinking as I create connections + fun ideas. http:// cthisspace.com/quotes2.html  July 19

Every month I put a quote on my site. The main themes are about astronomy, physics, space, science + intend to make the reader learn + think July 19

"The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena", Carl-say-again? "The Earth is" http:// cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #CarlSagan #DayEarthSmiled July 19

Works other way 2. If not as well known, means less likely a connection found if ideas pinched by others. So that's y they keep me muzzled. July 16

Prev tweet had a few of my ideas pinched. Not a shock 2 expect. Always a risk when using internet 4 work, even an interest. #creativelicence July 16

Iv'e just eaten a burnt pizza for supper. So I've eaten a load of carbon. So basically inside of a star. I blame #CarlSagan #Space July 15

#Supernova explosions + positron destruction, along with black holes, are some of the places of Gamma-rays in #space + #astronomy July 15

The most energetic forms of light r in the #electromagnetic spectrum as Gamma-rays, having the smallest wavelength permeating the universe. July 15

The strange effect of #gamma-rays termed Bremsstrahlung, of deceleration by charged #particles after deflection, offering a braking system. July 15

Claire quickly realised that in order 2 make sure any #cosmological theory not work in the metric expansion of space she just needed a pin. July 15

Previous tweet I incorrectly tweeted 2 instead of 1. No reason ends cannot be 2 or more - think of #non-Euclidean #RiemannHypothesis #Zeta July 15

Everything relies on a fine equilibrium of balance + fine tuning but don't rule out extremes at 2 end or the other. #science #space #system. July 15

It's amazing that we occupy only a small portion of space on Earth but at the same time seem largely to envelope it with our great knowledge July 15

What a wonderful place to be, on this planet Earth, travelling at great velocities, through the vast unknown of #space itself. #astronomy July 15

#Smarties are oblate spheroids with a minor axis of about 5 mm (0.2 in) + a major axis of about 15 mm (0.6 in). And they know the answer. July 15

In an infinite awe of the science of #astronomy combined with the beauty of space within, the universe leads us 2 a sense of the majestic. July 15

Is thinking of changing my day job http://www. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362793/Dyslexia-Britains-secret-weapon-spy-war-Top-codebreakers-crack-complex-problems-suffer-condition.html … #Dyslexia #Creativity #CodeBreaker #cognitivescience July 14

Beautifully majestic - the #stars, #planets + #space etc... Involving an interspersed cornucopia of forces in the laws of scientific events. July 9

A free arena of glalatic glistening in the night sky. The panorama u witness is about the past + the future. It's the story of the #universe July 9

When looking up at stars + in2 interstellar space, it's amazing 2 think about how future travel could 1 day take us away on2 distant #stars July 9

Astronomy is so good that it covers a vast spectrum of real world domains that catch ur attention in ways u cld never imagine. #astronomy July 9

Surface temp of #Zubeneschamali is more than our Sun, almost double + spins 100 x faster than our Sun. A hydrogen fusing mass of brightness. July 9

#Zubeneschamali in Libra 2 b about nxt cpl days. Apparent vis mag 2.6 it's a B-type main sequence variety. 130 x more luminous than our Sun. July 9

By the way, all the presenters r good, Cox, Stewart, Sutoy, Humble (The Secret Life of the Sun). Just merely sayin what was my best TV doc.. July 6

- Iain Stewart does, cos it's a rock in Australia + it needs 2 b brought to life + now. #RiseoftheContinents wins 1st hand on all accounts July 6

In a science doc, where Prof Cox doesn't rly need 2 go across the world 2 explain what a rocky planet is, with a stick + stone on a beach - July 6

come hither to the rocks (get ur rocks off) looks, head wiggles, pulling us in 2 c glimmering Opal rocks amongst the labyrinth of caves. July 6

presenter, Iain himself (getting wet again) like a wet T shirt competition for us girls, Iain whips us in (the water?) with a frenzy of July 6

Harry Potter style music, twinkly triangles + chimes playing, aircraft flying over rocks + scenery creating chills down ur spine. the the July 6

The photography completely mesmerising (the Australian Bite cliff edge section in particular) grabbing the viewer with an overlay of July 6

doc rose<-- to the challenge, #RiseoftheContinents presented by the jiggy with it geologist Prof Iain Stewart. This was the Australia one. July 6

Horizon was slow, topic I'm very familiar with - black holes, so shame it didn't; take off as it used to when I was a kid. However another July 6

Last night (ths morn) I found out I cldnt watch last few #Precision presented by Du Sautoy(have seen 1st) so from 3 to 2 docs to review here July 6

even tho I know more about black holes than geology. That's t power of TV. Gonna get Iain Stewart 2 talk about t inside of a ping pong ball. July 6

The next few tweets later 2day will prove amusing, in the nicest possible way, 4 it turns out, I end up enjoying geology doc over astro doc July 6

or not, explaining it to various levels of background can prove a challenge. It harder to simplify complex ideas than make more complicated. July 6

Very difficult getting public 2 understand complex ideas. Science reasonably easy to understand (depends on area) but whether complex area July 6

Later 2day will tweet about #RiseoftheContinents . Altho subject not my fave, was my fave prgrm to explain + engage *the* subject of geology July 6

similar pacing throughout the prgm. Only other criticism using same visuals 2 many times, tho last 5 mins was good! #Horizon on Black Holes. July 6

Order: #Horizon the BBC (prob loads of astrophysicists), #Precision: The Measure of All Things (Du Sautoy), #RiseoftheContinents (I Stewart) July 6

Was thinking I might watch #Horizon on the BBC. It's the one about black holes. Then Precision again then, the rock man, subduction blues.. July 6

"Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge." - Carl-say-again? "Science is.." http:// cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #CarlSagan July 5

Astronomy is classed as being 1 of the higher echelons of science bcse it deals with space + all the events that go on within it. #astronomyJuly 4

George Clooney does govenor acting role for The Brink of England at 0.5%. Tesco take note - could use actor Bad Pritt. #MarkCarney #BoE July 4

- Twittersphere, Stratosphere, Kuiper belt, Heliosphere, Bow shock, all where #Voyager1 went. Now near Heliosphere edge. Talking of Voyager1 July 4

For very action, there is an equal + opposite reaction (unless you bring emotion into it). Rocks don't bother with feelings (usually) July 2

weep, not does a planet get angry. Good job really innit? It they did, it's be a dam mess trying to sort our Newtons Laws for a starter. July 2

may as well follow the laws of physics bcs those are also similar. Anything the universe does has no regard for emotion. A star doesn't July 2

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: The next jewel of a moment for us in space will be captured 19th Jul 2013 near a planet close to us. June 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: A 2nd unique perspective occurred, when captured by Voyager 1 from 1 of the rarest views ever. June 30th

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: The rocket Saturn V launched an event on Jul 16, 1969 which marked this significant occasion. June 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: The next jewel of a moment for us in space will be captured 19th Jul 2013 near a planet close to us. June 30

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: A 2nd unique perspective occurred, when captured by Voyager 1 from 1 of the rarest views ever. June 29

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: The rocket Saturn V launched an event on Jul 16, 1969 which marked this significant occasion. June 29

+ it is true 2 this day. Short intro here http://www.cthisspace.com What amazing things + events there r 2 remember since childhood... #Voyage June 28

Many years ago, prob about 2003/4 I wrote in an online comments astronomy pg that The Wonder Book Of Science was my 1st book to inspire me. June 28

So 3 prints that inspired me well in2 early 1970's: The Wonder Book Of Science (1931!) Scientific American + Insight (was science mag then) June 28

This can't b right. 1st #Voyager mission was 1977 so earlier so I must h had the science Insight mags on paper in 1970's. Long time ago! June 28

I remember #Voyager launch as clear as a bell till 2 this day + reading the info + graphic of gold disk being sent off with it. #nostalgia June 28

which will take half a day. I've loads of books + mags stored in 2 rooms. I can't remember where everything is. #Voyager launch then was big June 28

- cont, my Dad bought me the mag (I'll need to dismantle half my book shelf in order to get to the mags in print id can't find info online) June 28

I am absolutely sure #Voyager launch was in print in science mag 'Insight' in the 1980's. Can't find it's history on line tho. All very odd. June 28

The magazine was science subjects. I also own a few Scientific American 1 of which got me into science at very young age. Got that rolled up June 28

Did anyone have Insight Magazine in the 1980's? I have them hidden away but don't want to get them out (means taking half my box room out) June 28

I remember #Voyager 's message on gold disk in print. I still have t paper mags Insight + Scientific American. I think this was Insight mag June 28

I'm not going 2 say this lightly (said it twice b4) all my followers are really ace + I'm grateful 2 have them share this world of wonder... June 27

@MeteoriteMen @geoffnotkin Thanks for the follow Geoff + Steve Arnold of Meteorite men! June 27

See, again, I've got loads of physicists following me ! ( per unit volume of followers) + lots more other superb ppls too. All good set June 27

@DrMRFrancis Yes, u're a good writer. Well, I dunno if I'm a writer bcs it's hard 4 me. I'm ideas person but playing w the idea of writing June 27

Claire C Smith - Description: female version of TV chef Jamie Oliver but in astronomy. Sounds about right. June 27

@DrMRFrancis use that) I need to get it trained again so I can speak my type out. Other than that I struggle to get my ideas down. June 27

@DrMRFrancis to do my quote of the month. Having said that, I do have Dragon Pad Naturally speaking software that makes it easier (i used to June 27

@DrMRFrancis I write but not a writer (not day job). More of a thinker who think she can write! I'm crap bcs of dyslexia. It takes me hrs June 27

@DrMRFrancis I've had writers ̶b̶l̶o̶c̶k̶ blog all day and I'm not even a writer. June 27

In scientific research, where theory of formalism in proving is tied up by deduction, it's like there is a stop sign, but there need not b 1 June 27

Is wondering whether to #MentionSomeoneHandsome or kiss a frog, like the one in the previous tweet. June 27

"To see a frog in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower" https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cBkWhkAZ9ds … #Particle or Frog Duality #physics June 25

@AlexLSpeed Get them on2 it! They might b next science + tech pioneers! Good set of kids, ur kids then, to want to now more... June 24

@AlexLSpeed u know y that is? Bcs by t time they've grown up any sense of wonder been drummed out of them bcs politically uncorrect 2 wonder June 24

I don't have kids but astronomy is + shld b main inspiration point 2 get kids in2 any science that a school curriculum cannot do. #astronomy June 24

Will report about my next trip 2 Astronomy Observatory I saw Tues gone. It's already 1 of the best in the North + its potential is stellar.. June 23

@katehumble Hello Kate. I'm a cat lover but love dogs just as much too. Hope the new series goes well + keep up the good presenting skills June 23

Have enough time 2 b - Out of Time - Twist http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #FeynmanDiagram #MTheory #EverettsManyWorldsTheory #PhysicsofTime June 23

most accomplished telescope maker in the UK. When I go next, I'll b meeting astrophysicist + lecturer Andy Sieroslawski + others. June 22

Also under secure settings as onsite CCTV a fixed 17" Dobsonian. There were numerous others. Site watched by land owner. Owner very June 22

Ths wk I went to very well situated housed Observatory in t north. Secure grounds with numerous. Main r 2 fixed Meads, LX200 16" SCTs June 22

1st free standing Newtonian White light filter - solar spots. 2nd Refractor Coronado with Hydrogen Alpha filter - solar spots + prominences June 22

Just a quick tease till tomz. The hidden gem I saw Tues ths wk was 1 of the largest astro observatories in the UK (barring a few) June 21

Just quickly, the hydrogen alpha filter was daytime for the Sun (mixed that tweet up then) meant the separate issue w variable + binary June

too tired tonight but will tweet this ths wknd. Doubt I'm going star gazing ths wknd due to wetaher (good excuse to tweet then) ... June 21

view (I'll go thro how i got to that) the 1st was the variable star system + binary science (will need to read up more in binaries) June 21

I do have lots to put on twitter here r themes to come up: visit to large scope (s) with own house(s) w 30 more. Hydrogen alpha a filter June 21

There is hope for me yet -> (in astronomy, physics + science writing) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-22949353 … #DyslexicWriters #ScienceWriters June 19

On 19 Jul 2013 #Cassini will get us all on cam during an eclipse of Sun where we will b a mere speck amongst the glory of Saturn's regalia June 17

Poss ltr 2day or nxt cpl days, I'll tweet about y binarys or multiple star systems cld have extra going power in an understanding of science June 17

: We already know your secret tricks (I meant to put 3rd parties then, not 35rd but it wldnt *surprise* me if there where 35 of them. June 17

Prev tweet - u'd have thought that with all the muzzling by 35rd parties that there'd b a new science of muzzling with a surprise result of: June 17

The tickets are blowin' in the wind. A brilliant star #BobDylan comes to #Blackpool June 15

Yes, how many times must the stars look blurred, Before the telescopes binned? The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind, #Dylan June 15

How many scopes must a man look down, Before u call him a man? How many seas must a scopes view fail, Before it steeps in the sand? #Dylan June 15

Now entering the metropolis of Blackpool. Fitting - Abba music is now Summer Night City (Town) with science lyric, "In the giant dynamo... June 15

Just driven round what (appeared) 2 b an infinite bend like spiral, v sharp, as if following the rules of 1.6180339887 ... the #GoldenRatio June 15

Learn by participation http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html Have enough time 2 b #OutofTime June 15

prev few tweets- Was joking - Prof Cox v good. I liked all 3 prgrms but thought similar filming formula for last 2. Good some science on TV June 14

Atomic clock apparatus to convey real groovy feeling of the time effect as wld have clicked better but he certainly went the distance. June 14

#Precision: The Measure of All Things, Prof Marcus Du Sautoy - My verdict: Loved it enthusiasm + wld have expected Sautoy 2 have sat in June 14

planets on beach, using stick + pebble props. Stewart cld have gotten away with words like 'wonder' but wld have needed more music on CV June14

#RiseoftheContinents : Africa Prof Iain Stewart (geology) - My verdict: Loved wet shirt look over waterfall. Same formula as Cox spurting June 14

Old #Horizon (20 or more yrs ago) was the main funky pop science prgrm 4 the masses. Cat idea great but 4mat didn't rock. Need more cat June 14

#Horizon 'The Secret Life of the Cat' - My verdict: U cant teach an ̶o̶l̶d̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶g̶r̶a̶m̶m̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶m̶a̶t̶ dog 2 do new tricks. June 14

(tweet b4 last) all my followers r superb, just sayin for per unit volume of followers, got mainly those professions as largest amount.... June12

Current twitter List Status: Fantastic load of science writers, astronomers, astrophysicists + physicists (+teachers) on my follow list. June 12

Is wondering if any1 has had a go at this months participation idea in my quote of the month. http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #TimePhysics #SpaceTime June11

scientific ideas + aids mind wondering from astronomy -> astrophysics -> physics, anything. It a kind of submersion of thinking (on wheels) June 11

-was mainly 2 get inspired 2 think of ideas. Often play music in car + have drives out. Freedom on open roads is superb. It like moving thro June 11

+ talking of cars, last night (ref 2 few tweets down) I drove my car (lovely random drive out) country lanes, on the open ̶t̶o̶a̶d̶s̶ roads. June 11

Any 1 in #BilderbergGroup intersected t keeping of #MOSI open. Wants 2 know if scientists were invited. Oh, yeah 4got, I'm not sposed 2 know June 11

To learn, think and listen, with a theme to ponder, of a time to reflect, in a quote a month, and then to wonder... http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html June 5th

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: There needs some different types of participation and learning in order to get the idea. June 7

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: It takes both or many ways, to make a physicist (as in everything). June 7

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: It was written about last month with a general explanation. June 7

Last 2 days I tweeted about my site + work like throwing party custard pies in peoples faces. Rare event theory! (shows slight blushing!) May 29

My site:OVER 10 yrs in t making. Always loved science + art from age 6. Day job: special needs tutor (some overlap) http://cthisspace.com May 29

I have my website bcs + being online is a letting off steam arena for my thoughts + actions (also love science etc). Tonight It's a let off! May 28

Why am I wining on about my job? I'll tell u y, because sometimes ppl need to know what goes on in the real world of work. May 28

If u want 2 live in the REAL world, do MY job for a day. U'll find out VERY quickly how life can be so complex. (a lot of paper work too) May 28

If anything makes you humble it's my area of work that makes a person realise that life is VERY fickle. I dare not say much more! May 28

It's *VERY* hard work working with people with physical + mental disabilities but you DO learn a heck of a lot. That's just the start. May 28

I have seen it all. Sometimes people turn a blind eye to such experiences. They will miss out on a lot of they do. #disabilities May 28

Spend a day with people with learning + physical disabilities for a real life experience + remember NEVER take what u do have for granted. May 28

The term 'integrating' is in special needs edu. Students learn something without their realising. I've integrated my own ideas on that pg. May 28

My site:OVER 10 yrs in t making. Always loved science + art from age 6. Day job: special needs tutor (some overlap) http://cthisspace.com May 28

A real interest in astrophysics from age 6. Light + Dark <-- a genuine title I<- made up last yr http://www.cthisspace.com/intro.html #LightandDark May 28

They only did it to see what the toys looked like for acceleration of 4 G (staging) + micro gravity mode. #volare #Soyuz #Exp36 May 28

(don't confuse launch with lunch <--- ;-) #pasta #spacefood #volare #Soyuz #Launch #ISS May 28

Luca Parmitano @astro_luca launch to #ISS starts tonight #volare #Soyuz May 28

Astronaut Luca Parmitano +crew NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg + Soyuz commander Fyodor Yurchikhin scheduled launch http://spaceinvideos.esa.int/esalive #ISS May 28

Did you get where you are today, in your interests, for the right reasons? http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … #BBCSkyatNight #astronomy #space May 27

A genuine interest in astrophysics from age 6. Light + Dark <-- a genuine title I<- made up last yr http://www.cthisspace.com/intro.html #LightandDark May 27

Genuine Astro Analysis: Interests- astronomy, physics, music + art. Scientific Parameters: Slim, trim +long dark hair pic.twitter.com/fff5W23OZm May 27

Little did we think we cld wonder. We did. Or explore. We can. + make great progress in human space exploration far beyond the Moon. We will May 24

...I've just been transported back to the age of 6 ! May 22

Ref 2 intro on my website: my 1st introduction to science, physics + art of light - 1970s, glass ornament rftng light in south facing window May 22

Gonna have to say ths (on mobile) Sunshine thro leaves + window completely mezmerizing. Beautiful fld of light from t nearest star, the Sun. May 22

It's Comet Ison C/2012 S, at perihelion, Nov 28 ths yr. Originating from the Oort cloud, it's orbit is parabolic shpd. #CometIson #Astronomy May 22

Ground control to #majortim Take your protein pills + put your test pilot in. May 20

From this mnth 2 the next - Quotes - there's going 2 b a twist http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #FeynmanDiagram #MTheory #EverettsManyWorldsTheory May 20

The Beta Cephei range are about variations in brightness due to contraction + expansion + classed as main-sequence variety. #Spica May 19

blue giant of the night sky at about being the 15th brightest star, it is a variable. Its range is a Beta Cephei type where it pulses. May 19

In a couple of days a nifty bright star called Spica is here in constellation Virgo. Being 260 light yrs from us, we're talking a #Spica May 19

"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one," he said - Lyrics from 'The War of the Worlds' #TheWaroftheWorlds #Mars May 19

Opportunity Rocks! - Mars Rover drives 263 ft as longest drive surpasses Apollo 17 from 1972. http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/m/news/index.cfm?release=2013-166 … #MarsRover #Nasa May 17

Large impact makes big explosion on Moon. Lunar surface flash http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2013/16may_lunarimpact/ … #lunarexplosion May 17

Big explosion on Moon seen from large impact. Could be seen with naked eye. Quite incredible #MoonExplosion #Lunar May 17

"Oh man! look at those cavemen go. It's the freakiest show. He's in the best selling show. Is there life on Mars?" DAVID BOWIE- LIFE ON MARS May 16

Only your fuel, space suit, visor + the sound of your own... breath... http://api.ning.com/files/WSxatTpvnkcg9exXQD1l76PCXFWrZ4FDhDT8-XPOFT4h9R0cywUgp*vdp779GTZvKsYN00O7gI8fOcjq3o36JzhZUZmijcOx/AMartianTempest.jpg …May 16

and here goes the Mars Panorama - Curiosity Rover http://www.360cities.net/image/mars-panorama-curiosity-solar-day-177#97.39,-4.35,40.4 … #Mars #Curiosity #SpaceExploration #astronomy May 16

Be honest, could you take a long walk... on the planet #Mars ? May 16

+ against the quietness of space + seeing the endless emptiness on the horizon, within ur visor, the only thing u can hear is ur own breath. May 16

If a sand storm obstructed ur eye level view, mayb ur mind wld need 2 get clued up in rock differentiation, in order 2 remember where u were May 16

If u wanted 2 explore the landscape of Mars, u wld have 2 train urself 2 remember visual rocks + natural place names. A long walk ahead. May 16

U wld have 2 go back 2 being a completely primitive agent + t race of 100 of yrs of human technology would b laughed at right in its face. May 16

And you. May 16

U wld think no different. All vantage points taken away then setting foot on its surface alone. All there is, is a space suit + fuel. May 16

Try thinking about the internal psychological + psychophysical warfare if placed on Mars + having being stripped of all your experience... May 16

In fact, the more barren the view (like the #Mars landscape) the more the human mind HAS to comprehend something to make up for nothing... May 16

planets have a simple engagement in our minds + that is to capture our imaginations with absolutely no more than a barren view. May 16

too much going on, like a film that has too much action or a cake with too much sugar, Earth in all its glory is great but the outer May 16

There is something more to less is more on Mars. It should be called Mores. A whole land scape of empty planes is more full filling than May 16

The vast amazement of space, that it takes your breath away anyway + that's before the thin atmosphere of space itself does that same job. May 16

I've great admiration 4 ppl, who like Chris Hadfield, put value on t everyday even if it was the least likely of every day places, the #ISS May 16

never get 2 c. Mentioned not a special scientist (listed some) b appeared 2 play down his duties. Modest, down 2 Earth (altho was in space) May 16

Ths afternoon we were treated 2 a live feed from Chris Hadfield. V humble guy who has seen the Earth many times from places most of us will May 16

Chris Hadfield talks inspiringly about seeing Noctilucent Clouds from the #ISS #ChrisHadfield #BBC #space May 16

Watching the superb Chris Hadfield live talking value of space tech + space exploration. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-22552485 … #ChrisHadfield May 16

bcs of its orbital period of common perturbations. As a whole system, its apparent magnitude is +1.35 where its dominant star is #RegulusA May 14

The orbiting star might be a white dwarf. The primary is an odd shape so in this context, Keplers third law is then thrown out of the window May 14

#RegulusA otoh, is a binary of bluey whiteness + main sequence which is quite niftily being orbited by a star of around 0.3 solar masses May 14

Look out for Regulus in constellation Leo. Bright star about 77.5 light yrs away, being a multiple of 4 stars into 2 pairs.#Regulus May 14

1 star that's slightly above infrared range + over Arcturus, along with Betelgeuse, is R Doradus, as another 'bright' star. #infrared May 14

Add to this its bolometric range, which is its infrared correcting for absolute magnitude + its total becomes 80 times that of our Sun. May 14

It's bcs it's based in the infrared range, around the J band mag of about -2.2, which, for e.g is only slightly less than #Betelgeuse May 14

with emission lines. Although this is quite an obvious occurrence in red giants it makes its visual luminosity 110 times more than our Sun. May 14

being a type K1.5 IIIpe orange giant, Arcturus has been classed as an oddity because of its weird emission spectrum , namely jam packed May 14

which will remove its outer shell. Being 1 of t brightest in celestial equator + 4th brightest star compared 2 Alpha Centauri, it's brighter May 14

Heading towards being a white dwarf, Arcturus has prob used all its hydrogen + fused its helium to oxygen as it currently expands #astronomy May 14

Star spangled night sky in nxt couple days with orange giant, Arcturus in constellation Boötes. Vis mag −0.04 + quite near to us. #Arcturus May 14

If there is no money in the banks then why do we still have daylight robbery? May 13

Amazing how missing 1 word out completely changes of sentence. May 13

Do quants (mathematical + financial) have an advantage over physicists in referencing? #physicists #quants May 13

How would animals evolve if they started using the internet? #evolution May 13

@DClaphamFRAS when I say my followers, I mean number as less in comparison to number I follow, not the followers. They r superb followers. May 12

@DClaphamFRAS also think that bcs u r in an interesting circle of connections, u might b better at the event. It was good to have a go.tho. May 12

@DClaphamFRAS outside of your main day job, and more so, if you are female, the stakes become harder. maybe u might have better chance. May 12

@DClaphamFRAS more interest in the idea. (all this is logical deduction taking into account what happens when u have genuine gifts or talent May 12

@DClaphamFRAS popular rank. I have actually got used to this fact + maybe that is the way it should stay, otherwise I think I may have had m May 12

@DClaphamFRAS agree that, from my follow list + the lack of RT's of the tweetup/meetup idea I tweetd the other day, that I am in the not v May 12

@DClaphamFRAS honesty from talented individual, (the wife<-- if the the guy ignores or *blocks* u, threat of talent. I think we can safely May 12

@DClaphamFRAS main reasons that come about from being less popular (tgw with added talent) can b many or some of the following:envy, fear of May 12

@DClaphamFRAS I learned in psychology recently tht if u have genuine natural talent, ur less likely 2 b popular + more popular less talent May 12

Idea 4 Star Party at unique location, with presentation(s) as tweetup, 1 nights holiday in the making. Pls RT this or prev tweet to promote. May 11

Idea to get a few astronomy ppl together, at superb location, presentation + wonder at unique tweetup soon. Pls RT to help promote. Thanks. May 11

I'll present + host event. @DClaphamFRAS had an idea for the venue. @LiverpoolAS (as any1 interested) 2 b notified when idea is finalized. May 11

U'll have 2 pay 4 ur own accommodation etc. I arrange event. If goes well, might b annual. Let's c which way things spin 1st. Any thoughts? May 6

I've just run back( walked slowly) back 2 mobile 2 tweet this: If the venue has a lecture/edu room, we can have presentations 2. #starparty May 6

Had 2 run back 2 mobile 2 tweet this: If supposing the Lake District isa bit 2 far, 2nd option:outside Manchester, either north of or south. May 6

-previous few tweets -"Astro Spwace Up" wil 1 day b realised by myself. Keep looking here + the event will materialise. #starparty <-4 real! May 6

The idea I have in mind is the Lake District area. A venue 2 stay over night or 2, at either shalets or country hotel, if not semi rural plc May 6

So idea improves: A combined star party(observing session) tweetup/party about astronomy, space + wonder +whatever goes at a lavish place. May 6

This will include anybody over seas, anywhere around the world. All space + astronomy oriented, at a superb place. Dream to be made real. May 6

A space party + astronomy party/tweetup at a fantastic venue hosted by myself might be on the agenda some time soon. Watch this space or cth May 6

is sitting in the sunshine in shorts + bikini top! #chilaxing or wot? yeah!! May 6

Do you have enough time to be - Out of Time? http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #time #physics #feynman #mtheory #everettsmanyworlds May 5

If u want 2 c #Sirius's 2nd less bright mate (its white dwarf) u will need something around the 300 mm (12 in) aperture range + good seeing May 5

Being twice as big as our nearest star, the Sun + about 25 times brighter, Sirius's 2 stars r at a minimum angular separation of 3 arcsecs. May 5

Sirius also hosts a little whipper snapper of a white dwarf.of spectral type DA2, Sirius B. This is a dense but small volume stellar remnant May 5

its own inward gravitational effect, in short, a self maintained star that's distinguished on colour magnitude range rather than brightness. May 5

a spectral type A1V. This is Sirius A. Positioned by its mass + based on a system of equilibrium, its hot core behaviour is balanced by May 5

#Sirius is not 1 star altho it seems that when looking using naked eye, but in fact a binary star system. 1st is white main sequence star May 5

The brilliant star #Sirius shines for us in the nxt couple of days. Its visual apparent mag −1.46 tells us its superiority in the night sky. May 5

Watch out 4 #CometISON in Sep this yr, when it should become quite visible thro most telescopes + bins. It'll be nacked eye visible Nov 6th May 5

With a general parabolic shaped orbit, #CometISON come from the Oort Cloud,.which is an area of ice debris about a light-yr from our Sun May 5

Get set for ISON, or C/2012 S1 later this year.Its closet distance to the Sun, its perihelion, is on Nov 28th ths yr. #CometISON May 5

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: This idea gives weight to a popular theme that can be grasped if you use many of them. 30 April

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: It goes beyond something we know, in the world of physics, to 11 of them 29 April

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: The interpretation of the time axis in 1 theory, for the event of this, suggests it is common place. 28 April

Astrophysics + cosmology is about in the middle. I like the broad spectrum of astronomy to pure physics, with all the other things... 27 April

tell u what, just knowing about planets, stars + space is much easier but does it have the same intellectual bite as pure physics? 27 April

+ that if u knew, what it knew about u, the idea wld automatically cancel itself out b4 u found any more. It double bluffed the bluffer. 27 April

On my website, yrs ago, I had an idea that QM was just a scientific way of looking at the world thro the eyes of a game of poker. 27 April

I don't think really that, being a sceptic (scepchick) is a bad thing but to sprinkle it with 'I acknowledged this completely' sometimes. 27 April

so at that point, one must stop + think, this surely is real, is it not? (+ don't call me Shirley, it's Claire). It's all about balance. 27 April

interjection (Science + art the theme runneth throughout my tweets also) a continuous loop of being doubtful of the doubts? 27 April

cancellation. Ask, what if there was 27 April

Juts going back to the doubt theme a few mins ago, what if it was the case of doubting the doubter? Sceptic of the Sceptical. That's like 27 April

If u look at the world through science + art u have a 3 dimensional view of how things work. It's like wearing sunshades, but not. 27 April

Change of subject. I think science + art are almost the same. It's a universal theme throughout my website. It's like a stereogram. 27 April

Doubt (in the correct dose) is the best way 2 go. Lots of doubt + careful thinking, only later, can u fall in the garden pond (it was dark) 27 April

so, just when u think it's all going hunky dory, the best thing 2 do is stop + ask at least once, or more: R u COMPLETELY sure? 27 April

Ever get the thinking that there are certain things you can never be completely convinced about? I'm a sceptic of most things. 27 April

...and in the words of the the fantastic music group ABBA, from the song 'That's Me' Lyrics - "That's me" 27 April

U c, I'm just a northern girl who is genuine. What u c is what u get. A much as I love space - down to Earth is the key. 27 April

@RadioVicky Besides, I shoud be fit, I'm a size 8! Trim/slim, don't smoke, not into drinking much (unless Peach Schnapps +lemonade) 27 April

Note to self: Stay on topic, u know, planets moons + sparkly star sky stuff. Non of this, legs 'n' shorts theme malarkey. #asif 27 April

- those pesky #supernovae, the wild children of interstellar space, the stars of the most powerful parties of the cosmos, space + beyond.. 26 April

ocurs when its explosions shock wave actually sucks in expanding dust + gas shells that were around it. Amazing events of the #Supernova 26 April

Supernovas are extremely bright stars causing a burst of radiation creating a shock wave. A Supernova Remnant #Supernovas #Astronomy 26 April

As well as hosting an active galactic nuclei, the Sombrero Galaxy hosts a supermassive black hole + 1 of the most massive. #SombreroGalaxy 26 April

The Sombrero Galaxy: source of synchrotron emissions - high velocity electrons oscillating when passing thro areas w strong magnetic fields 26 April

what i meant was, I'll continue to get my legs back the way they where. I used 2 wear shorts + t shirts (sporty) + loved showing the pins 23 April

I'm very lucky to have a good figure. I used to wear short all the time. Then i stopped, this will continue when legs are sorted as + when. 23 April

@6_tailed_comet Interesting. This summer I'm 2 make sure my legs r tanned + toned 4 shorts (I don't need 2 loose weight as I'm trim/slim) 23 April

or #astronomy wears its hat. 23 April

#Astronomy is where it's at. 23 April

keeps us on our toes. This little story just now explains how things evolve, how ideas are brought about. A story of the universe. #physics 23 April

to break into a discovery. Sometimes, it's just the 1 lone person, sometimes it's a fight to the end + the war is won, but the universe 23 April

view that can astound any 1 who says they think they only know 1 way to understand. Much like the Higgs Boson, it takes many methods 23 April

.. +the rest is history. How can such a powerful idea b so different? The way we c the wolrd doesn't depend upon 1 way, its a many faceted 23 April

u know the score. Chalk breaks in Feynman's hand, but its doesn't matter. The chalk is just dust, the diagram just drawn, that's gold dust 23 April

2 minds thinking about the same prblm. 1 wrote + symbolic, the other diagrammatic. Schwinger wears the suit - Feynman wears the T shirt 23 April

Feynman walks to the blackboard in front of his students +chalks out the 1st ever diagram explaining quantum electrodynamics... 23 April

He walks past a colleague called Julian Schwinger, (Julian holds the latest physics books teaming with long monologues of numbers) 23 April

+ while the sound of 50's music plays in the background a young man called Richard Feynman walks into the entrance of a university 23 April

How do we do this, what do we use to do it with? A really interesting idea called quantum electrodynamics was being tossed about. 23 April

Setting the Scene: 50's America (like Mad Men but with science), just after the war + the minds of the young scientists teaming with ideas.. 23 April

The Higgs Boson should be called T'he Hogs Basin. This y, physicists Hogging the limelight all contained within a Basin. #higgs #physics 23 April

Previous tweet refers to the lovely @BBCPallab Mr Pallab's article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22250092 … 22 April

U'd want 2 b a ̶B̶E̶H̶G̶H̶K̶ BERK 2 call it ̶S̶a̶d̶o̶ ̶M̶a̶s̶o̶c̶h̶i̶s̶m̶ ̶S̶q̶u̶a̶r̶e̶d̶ Standard Model Scalar Meson anyway. #Higgs 22 April

Brilliant Ad. Where today's technology, science, art + music creates the iconic - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Pp7nDmb5K4 … #tech #science #art #music 22 April

More on physics + physicists teaching + learning later. Interesting + valuable notes are tweeted here by myself if anyone wants to read. 20 April

Back to stars + planets later. In the meantime, fractals get to boogie http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #fractals 19 April

1) Cross ref learning -graphs + wrote in a subject acquisition 2) Cross ref thinking - linking separate subjects.e.g analogy. Both different 19 April

In physics, there r areas that use graphs 2 represent a function or equation. The cross linking between both could b re-enforced. 19 April

limited in some subjects. This also seems limited in some learning areas that are taught + sometimes unbeknownst to the student or learner. 19 April

I use lots of cross references in my thinking (see my website) so creating links to various ways of thinking + understanding. This seems 19 April

as a kid grows to use 1 type of learning, say just use wrote method, they miss out on the concrete - do they know what it represents? 19 April

The diagrams are just a tip or rough guide to large areas in its section. This could be leaving out a lot. It could also mean that 19 April

When I read an old text book which is about calculus which is not easy to get, it does have some visual representation, but it's limited. 19 April

caters for one style on thinking. Although this is good, it leaves out a minority that might be useful for our future needs- visual learners 19 April

taken off (be it only slightly, I think there is some political interference) not jsut math, but the whole UK curriculum. It's as if it 19 April

that most old maths text books, where written with left brain styles in mind. It's only in the last 20 yrs that right brained learning has 19 April

because, an item in a problem, in algebra becomes an object 1st then an math idea later. (this is just my thinking) it's actually possible 19 April

mathematics, algebra is very abstract. I've often thought that physics is a good way to create a concrete grasp of maths (not the other way) 19 April

understanding of learning as a subject, that is, not everyone learns the same way, nor do they know things the same. For example, in 19 April

clever ways of explaining ideas to represent learning that creates a whole new world. It might suggest that we have to re-evaluate our 19 April

seems to play down various learning styles that are only coming to light.e.g visual representation of a calculus problem. Today we have 19 April

- learning) a lot can be grasped if using common sense + picking out what is relevant + obvious. Lots of text book style from the past 19 April

in professional study, the language is maths has 2 b used to prove + present an idea + but for purpose of interest (summary, gestalt - 19 April

The idea that some mathematical theory cannot be grasped, without a massive knowledge of equations, isn't always the case. Obviously 19 April

I have always liked + known a few conceptual theories in maths, which tie in with a big interest in astronomy + physics, even art. 19 April

I was telling the gentleman Nick, in my previous tweets (I deleted both) that I am not good at mental arithmetic bcs of my dyslexia but 19 April

Another stat statement: 'cylinder and sphere archimedes'. Another: 'bohr rutherford diagram for stable ion' good heh? U want more? 19 April

Another stat statement: 'cylinder and sphere archimedes'. Another: 'bohr rutherford diagram for stable ion' good heh? U want more? 19 April

(interjection) these next few statements might not be true (+ I haven't asked permission to use them. So I'm 'winging it' literally) 19 April

Here goes a stat statement:the most abundant isotope of lead contains 82 protons and 124 neutrons packed closely together in the nucleus 19 April

To learn, think and listen, with a theme to ponder, of a time to reflect, in a quote a month, and then to wonder... http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 18 April

The infinity of amazement of #FractalGeometry 18 April

"If u try u may find, u may find what u need. Do u like what you see, do they hide what you need?" - Lightning Seeds. http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 18 April

light's star spangled brilliance among the dark night of matter, about interstellar space, waltzing with time, the continuum... 17 April

It was 2 do w mathematical topology + fractal dimensions. They have a way of out sizing their own dimensional boundary. Dead easy, honest. 15 April

Leonhard Euler did the problem - Seven Bridges of Königsberg that tied in w fractal theme on this months quote on my site. Lovely. 15 April

Any1 notice 2day Swiss mathematician + physicist Leonhard Euler on Google? I mentioned him briefly on ths pg http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html   #fractal April

yes i did mentio9n Swiss mathematician + physicist Leonhard Euler. tell u waht, shall I start again? Yes why not. 15 April

I thought i did, but I think i left him out. Karl Weierstrass the German mathematician did the graph version of a fractal. #fractal 15 April

#WW - Wallops Wednesday @genejm29 #NASA #Space 14 April

of the Iris Nebula emits a cold bluey white colour, much like the way light is scattered in the blue sky, because of its shorter wavelength. 13 April

It was Edwin Hubble a US astronomer, who got the difference between emission + reflection theory. The scattering of light of emission effect 13 April

More on Iris. This Nebula is in the Caldwell catalogue - loads of nebulae, galaxies + bright star clusters in list created 4 amateur astros 13 April

As with life, in this months quote, you have to take the rough with the smooth http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #fractalgeometry #mandelbrot 13 April

Being 1,300 light-yrs away, the Iris Nebula is near the Mira-type variable star called T Cephei + close to Beta Cephei or #Alphirk. 13 April

Termed a Caldwell object, the Iris Nebula or NGC 7023, is a bright reflection nebula. At mag +6.8 it's quite bright + shiny. #Nebula 13 April

Its microscopic particles are carbon, nickel + iron, where its nickel + iron r aligned with the galactic magnetic field causing polarization 13 April

Rading about the frequency spectrum of reflection nebula like the Iris Nebula. Stars nearby can't ionize its gas but scatters its dust light 13 April

I've just changed a setting on my stereo(Marantz) amp(Ion Obelisk) using my new Hoover(2300W) just by induction.Went past unit + it changed. 1 April

Also have more new #NEO + #NEA data from Mr Fletcher via e-mail. Will report that in next couple of days too. I'm going 2 b busy then. 8 April

By the way, just because they are 'bigger than' our sun doesn't mean they are brighter. Often in ultraviolet + X-ray range as output. #space 1 April

V quickly, Wolf–Rayet star is massive star, 20 solar masses, shedding itself a lot as a stellar wind, (like our Sun but more) #WolfRayet 1 April

when compared to Alpha Centauri, α Cen A. u'll c it at 5 degrees north of the celestial equator, sitting happily, like stars do...#Arcturus 1 April

The star of Arcturus is quite near us at 36.7 light yrs or 11.3 parsecs away. it sits in the celestial equator being the 3rd brightest star 1 April

We're talking an orange giant star that used up all its hydrogen. It will keep shedding it self then become a white dwarf. #Arcturus 1 April

After that Boötes says hi (well not literally) in the herdsman. Being 4th brightest star in the sky, Arcturus is here at vis mag of −0.04 1 April

This is an interesting star because of its spectrum range. Namely, massively bright emission lines then a complete drop into dark bands. 1 April

Later in constellation Vela, is a mag star system at +1.7 called Gamma-2 Velorum. 1 of the brightest stars in the sky. #Gamma2Velorum 1 April

This star sheds lots of mass as stellar wind, that can be detected in wavelengths of the non-visible ranges like radio + X-ray. #astronomy1 April

I actually like this star because of it's range in ultraviolet. The term bolometric luminosity refers to it being 500,000 times than our sun 1 April

In a visual sense, this star is12,500 more powerful than our Sun. Because of its blue appreance it's in the ultraviolet range. #ZetaPuppis 1 April

it has a surface temp of 42,000 K, being 22.5 solar masses. This blue supergiant is 1 of the brightest stars in the sky. #ZetaPuppis 1 April

It's constellation Puppis that there is a bright star called Zeta Puppis, Naos, a spectral class of O4If, its quite warm. #astronomy 1 April

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: About 3 main mathematicians generally formed the history of this theory. 31 March

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: They generally break topological boundaries. 31 March

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: It's a self similar pattern found in nature. 31 March

No need for 3D glasses: Understand the amazing universe stereoscopically through science + art. Astronomy is a good example. #scienceandart 31 March

Best. 31 March

actually. even better, you might want 2 keep lights on to get garment. THEN turn lights off. Then strip off. Sexy Science at its beast. 31 March

Alternve method: turn lights off. Get cotton garment. Pull material between fingers + c static happen. Electron Stripping nvr had it so good 31 March

stripping off the duvet cover, turn ur bedroom lights off + watch the ace static occur as the material pulls away. Best when.n it's dry air. 31 March

Science experiment U wll LIKE. Cos it's been dry air in the UK (cold but very dry if u've noticed) do this: When changing ur duvet, b4 31 March

I can get away with lots of chocolate too as I'm a slim/trim build. I just end up washing it off in the shower later if it's not licked off. 31 March

@zubeninskip Thanks. I rather only enjoy the chocolate part. 31 March

It's pretty damn solid stable evidence, is #science + quite interesting 2. Good job really or we'd b running around like jack ass flies. 31 March

mean it answers everyything but it's the best thing t2o use to understand our place in ththe universe includingg the univer se itself. 31 March

me, u know only 2 well that life is a rich tapestry (accepting differences) but I remain solid in my views. Science is real, that does not 31 March

That truth is science + it's explanatory power to encompas everything there is, was + will always be. If u've had hard knocks as a kid like 31 March

If others have different values I don't just cut them off. Rather I try to understand their view but I remain thorough in the basis of truth 31 March

not into fables + fiction as history (or anything, I do like some fiction on TV in films for e.g) to simply put, I'm a sceptic or skeptic - 31 March

This is what I deleted this morn/last night (it needs to go back) : I back the truth that science is the basis + origin of the universe. I'm 31 March

- I'll let you know if I give up the day job. 31 March

- having said that, my website is staying put. And why not, I know I've a mark on this world. That's all that matters. 31 March

v31 March nothing genuine. The world can be a nasty place (as well as a nice place) but don't always expect a good return, especially online activity 31 March

what ever ideas u put online WILL be pinched + then possibly the source b hidden + made as quiet as possible. The best behaviour online is 31 March

Just 1 word of advice when putting a genuine website online: Don't expect the world unless u r good at pulling wool over ppls eyes and 31 March

The black hole of twitter Earth space time has just been accounted for. We have jumped over an hr + gotten out scot free. 30 March

Status Update: Watching funny 'The Big Bang Theory' cos its genius comedy. #TheBigBangTheory 30 March

of astrophysics in the science with music in its art, this the best of your universe, so don't close your mind 4 too long or it will b gone. 29 March

- was No.5 in B flat (D.485) (Sch ubert) beautiful music. Makes the sky come alive+ the stars as we shall later see in this boundless world 29 March

Haydn & Schubert, 2nd movt: 'Andante con moto', with glorious sky thinking of science + the cosmos. 29 March

the classical music carefully leads the way of the mind as new + lucid thoughts tune to the rythms of science + its majestic power... 29 March

The synergy + undercurrent of the light of the setting sun alongside patterns of bird flight, dancing to the magnificence of the universe.. 29 March

Seaguls flying on currents, circulating in sky with music in background (string section goes wonderfully along with this) Natures video... 29 March

Current Status: Stood next to window looking at clouds formations + sun in sky whilst listening to music + thinking. About astrophysics. 29 March

' I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night' - Galileo 28 March

vfunction. Can't be pre determined, so likely reuslt is chaos (actually like chaos theory!) notwithstanding Taleb hates p-values! 28 March

all interesting....(the Black Swan is a term used to describe a high impact low chance event, like financial crash) uncounted for prob 28 March

a chance result + non linear pre formed theory that cna change result or error rate. It's v complicated range to cover. 28 March

unacounted for probability in a math quadrant, as devised by NNTaleb. I was readring about what the differences where bweteeen 28 March

propositions on what it means to have a result that proving chance + the null hypothesis idea. I am aware of The Black Swan theory 28 March

Interesting talk with PhD student just b4 here ties in with something I tweeted (then deleted) about p-values in hypothesis + scientific 28 March

The B area is non linear (keeps jumping out at right angles) good if u wanna catch a frog. 28 March

What ever takes someone 1 hr to get something down in text, takes me about 4x as long. My A straight to C: A->B->C. 28 March

then a telescope keyring to go with the ring, the watch + a meteorite round my neck http://shop.rmg.co.uk/ImageCache/Products/1670.1.1000.1000.FFFFFF.0.jpeg … #astronomyjewellery #telescope 25 March

My next purchase is a Telescope Ring to go with the previous watch http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e9b7/ #TelescopeRing #telescope #astronomy 25 March

Zirconium Nitride UR-110 ZrN Torpedo watch displays time on satellite cubes+ speed dial like pointer. Nothing special http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-t6edgrgIp18/TpVfiTYQlyI/AAAAAAAAC2o/NHAA0hK4JWM/s1600/Urwerk+UR-110+ZrN+Torpedo+Champagne+Supernova.jpg … 25 March

Gettin Groovy with #CosmicRays (like u do) + #NoelGallagher from the Champagne #SupernovaRemnant http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 25 March

I'm reading about Neil Armstrong. 2 sum up his life story: He was grounded but just liked flying + boy did he fly #aeronautical #space #Moon 25 March

...who's the dark horse ? ;-) 24 March

U wanna know something? My 1st boyfriend's Dad was in the RAF in 60's + he flew the Vulcan Bomber plane in the James Bond film #Goldfinger 24 March

The stars are out there. The magnificent wonder of #astronomy in all its glory just outside your door step. Wait for the clouds to clear... 24 March

The Beta Cephei range are about variations in brightness due to contraction + expansion + classed as main-sequence variety. #Spica 24 March

blue giant of the night sky at about being the 15th brightest star, it is a variable. Its range is a Beta Cephei type where it pulses. 24 March

In a couple of days a nifty bright star called Spica is here in constellation Virgo. Being 260 light yrs from us, we're talking a #Spica 24 March

Just watching F1 highlights. Apparently a Formula 1 race car steering wheel costs more than my house. There. #F1 24 March

- well it has 2 b, astrophysics is about everything, even what's outside (ahem) of everything #astrophysics is outside of it + in it, innit. 21 March

It was good to see some astrophysics on the BBCNews tonight. That is what it is all about. #BBCNews #astrophysics 21 March

@rincon_p You're welcome. My pleasure. 20 March

I also created a new name for Arcturus: Heat Lamp #Arcturus #astrophysics 20 March

I also have a new name for Alpha Ophiuchi: Poached Egg. #AlphaOphiuchi #astronomy 20 March

I'd like to give Jupiter's Moon, Europa a new name: Ice Punk. #Europa #Jupiter 20 March

@rincon_p Your recent write ups on it are all good reads... 20 March

@francisreddy u should scroll down 2 c what I tweeted about #AlphaOphiuchi . I called it, 'The Odd Egg' of the universe! 20 March

bcs of its orbital period of common perturbations. As a whole system, its apparent magnitude is +1.35 where its dominant star is #RegulusA 20 March

The orbiting star might be a white dwarf. The primary is an odd shape so in this context, Keplers third law is then thrown out of the window 20 March

Regulus A, a binary of bluey whiteness + main sequence which is quite niftily being orbited by a star of around 0.3 solar masses #RegulusA 20 March

Look out for Regulus in constellation Leo. Bright star about 77.5 light yrs away, being a multiple of 4 stars into 2 pairs.#Regulus 20 March

Noel Gallagher never had it so #astrophysics good. Champagne #supernovaremnant http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #cosmicray #music #noelgallagher 19 March

1 star that's slightly above infrared range + over Arcturus, along with Betelgeuse, is R Doradus, as another 'bright' star. #infrared 19 March

Add to this its bolometric range, which is its infrared correcting for absolute magnitude + its total becomes 80 times that of our Sun. 19 March

The is because it is based in the infrared range, around the J band mag of about -2.2, which, for e.g is only slightly less than Betelgeuse 19 March

with emission lines. Although this is quite an obvious occurrence in red giants it makes its visual luminosity 110 times more than our Sun! 19 March

being a type K1.5 IIIpe orange giant, Arcturus has been classed as an oddity because of its weird emission spectrum , namely jam packed 19 March

Arcturus is 1 of the brightest in the celestial equator + 4th brightest star 2 c. If u compare it to Alpha Centauri, it's brighter. 19 March

this star has prob used all its hydrogen + fused its helium to oxygen as it currently expands, which will remove its outer shell. #Arcturus 19 March

Around march 21st, the constellation Boötes, hosts a groovy warm yellow star called Arcturus vis mag of −0.04. Headed towards a white dwarf 19 March

I'm not saying get rid of what's on(some might best b tho!) BUT there is nothing wrong w showing science on TV, even if just entry level. 19 March

I am glad TV companies have realised that putting more science documentaries on TV, will make 4 a more interesting + informative viewing. 19 March

Noel Gallagher never had it so #astrophysics good. Champagne #supernovaremnant http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #cosmicray #music #noelgallagher 16 March

cont- sometimes it's just about something we all know, but then thinking, wow this is so intriguing + our perception of it changes. 16 March

If a science doc is about something very simple, it doesn't matter to me, bcs if done well enough, it has become more interesting by it. 16 March

I don't mind watching a science doc even if I know what the science is. 2 b sure I just enjoy the different journeys of known subjects too 16 March

Roses are Red, I'd like 2, But better if they come, In NASA Blue. #NASA 16 March

Iv'e just watched the whole of this. Oleg Novitsky, Kevin Ford + Evgeny Tarelkin land http://www.spaceflight101live.com/live-soyuz-tma-06m-undocking-and-landing.html … #Soyuz #TMA-06M #EXP34 #ISS 15 March

All done then. Soyuz TMA-06M landed just b4. #Soyuz #EXP34 15 March

I don't like kids(or animals) suffering. U'd think with all our tech + mindpower that we cld change this situation #rednoseday #ComicRelief 15 March

Titan. The Moon that thinks it's a planet. Now ask: #AlphaOphiuchi A star that thinks it's a galaxy (or a poached egg). #astronomy 14 March

Or fried. 14 March

It's no yolk, #AlphaOphiuchi has to be 1 of the most oddest stars I have ever studied. Call it a Bad Egg maybe but at least its been cracked 14 March

equator region! Its axis of rotation from us Earthly beings makes it look a bit like a fried egg at inclination around 87.°7 ± 0°4. 14 March

The poles of oddly shaped, spinning quite fast, star called, Alpha Ophiuchi, have an avarage temperature of about 1,840 K more than its 14 March

polar radius so its shape ends up as an oblate spheroid. Bloody fast star is that. It gets worse + its about its poles. 14 March

that it doesn't break itself up in the process. Quite amazing. All this spinning creates an equatorial bulge, which is large compared to its 14 March

Alpha Ophiuchi A rotates quite fast with a projected rotational velocity of 240 km. It spins so quick that it's surprising #AlphaOphiuchi 14 March

Its primary has a mass of about 2.4 times the mass of our Sun. its 2ndry is a main sequence star generating energy by thermonuclear fusion. 14 March

Located between Aquila, Serpens and Hercules, Ophiuchus hosts another bright binary star called Alpha Ophiuchi. #AlphaOphiuchi 14 March

Serpens Caput (head) + Serpens Cauda (tail) In the middle of this half is constellation Ophiuchus, termned the Serpent-Bearer. #Ophiuchus 14 March

Listed by the 2nd century astronomer, Ptolemy, Serpens or Ὄφις this constellation is unique because it splits into 2. #Ptolemy 14 March

110 light years from us. α² Canum Venaticorum is the brightest + the fainter 1 is termed α¹ Canum Venaticorum. #CorCaroli #astronomy 14 March

combined apparent magnitude of 2.81. Being 19.6 arcseconds apart, its 2 stars can be seen with a decent telescope. this system is about 14 March

Cor Caroli,1 of the brightest stars in northern constellation Canes Venatici, is appearing for us. It's a binary star, it has a #astronomy 14 March

This astronomical science basically challenges any atmospheric effects before it can revise data then put it together again #interferometry 12 March

+ it is usually thought that precision engineering 2 b the most accurate science! In interferometry corrections have 2 b made 4 water vapor 12 March

+ its electronics that have to be in perfect synchrony. Each antenna signal has to be known within an accuracy of hundredths of a millimeter 12 March

Using the precision of 1 millionth of a millionth of a sec, ALMA, The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array uses 66 antennas 12 March

Current status: is reading about interferometry + how they collect pics via signals from radio waves using lots of antennas. 12 March

When I look at pics of Mars Rover dust it reminds me of a green version of Pink Cream Soda Sherbet that I used to eat as a kid. #Curiosity 12 March

Mr Ghosh on Mars ! ! Well, it was this TV trickery + stuff so not really. He could have wrapped up a bit more tho, brrrr,,, #MarsRover 12 March

It's just natural scientific #Curiosity to want to know what #MarsRover is up to. Besides they made the chocolate bar easier to munch. 12 March

Will they give us a bit more on #MarsRover ? It's really good to get more info on this. I think you would all agree. yes I think toyu would 12 March

I promised myself early last yr that I'd buy a Benoit Mandelbrot book because his fractal geometry thinking is like art. #BenoitMandelbrot 12 March

Then Aldebaran says hi! It's a very big red star in constellation Taurus..Has an apparent magnitude of 0.87 - BRIGHT! #Aldebaran 9 March

The orbiting star might be a white dwarf. The primary is an odd shape so in this context, the 3rd Kepler law gets thrown out of the window 9 March

What is it? Regulus A, a binary of bluey whiteness + main sequence which is quite niftily being orbited by a star of around 0.3 solar masses 9 March

Just to interject, next yr is 2014 + in March, would u know it, a main belt asteroid 163 Erigone, is to occult the Regulus!. #Erigone 9 March

Look out for Regulus in constellation Leo. Bright star about 77.5 light yrs away, being a multiple of 4 stars into 2 pairs.#Regulus 9 March

I am getting better at it. Iam workking on it. All to the good.... 8 March

is using a hook method. So music is the hook. It might be something else, like a term or even a well known event or idea. 8 March

So for example, there are 3 facts, then there r connections between them+n ew ideas form after. Only after can they click. The familiarity 8 March

Facts r more accessible to wider audience than thinking, but if u get the 'rhythm' right, the thinking gets into the mix well too. 8 March

Sometimes I have so many ideas that I have to tame my brain in order to do step by step thinkings required for instigating facts. 8 March

So, I jhave affectively wipped them all up ;-) (hang on i need my wip) 8 March

Then you all get whipped up into the cosmic storm of space and all its wonders. Really ace way to lean a few things + think about them 8 March

The facts are then revised, boiled down to be simple bites or easy chunks to learn. The music carries away the facts, the facts carry the 8 March

The questions are the countdowns. The facts are then set with the answers. The embedding is ideas within facts AND the music is the hook! 8 March

The 1st thing I do is make sure i know the 'facts'. I then figure out what could be a question (about 3). Answer that b4 the question is set 8 March

I've used some education practices from my job, like 'embedding' + into my quotes. the tangles r there with facts, ideas + familiar hooks 8 March

but I enjoy incorporating my thinking into + around the facts. Some loosely constructed of course. All there to make you think! 8 March

So on my quotes pg, 4 e.g I'll make sure the facts r clear, copy/paste any difficult words but ideas + thinking my own. Takes me ages. #huh 8 March

Just to be clear, I often copy + paste words for spelling. I don't<- copy + paste ideas - http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #space #ideas 8 March

Pyxidis, Cephei, Aquila, Berenices, Pyxis. Y do astronomers use words like this? Good job there's copy+paste as not good for us dyslexics 8 March

Noel Gallagher never had it so astrophysics good. Champagne #supernovaremnant http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #astrophysics #music #noelgallagher 7 March

John told me he had nearer NEO's + NEA's (NNEO, NNEA) data. How much nearer near can u get? Watch out tho #astronomy #NEO #NEA 7 March

Is wondering if I'll get bombarded with #NEO + #NEA e-mails of data from Mr Fletcher like couple of wks ago. (scroll down if not know what) 7 March

Space exploration is a natural progression to expand + explore our cosmos. It's sciences vast jump into a journeys future. #spaceexploration 6 March

I'm following Steven Spielberg @SpielbergTalks + @JurassicJaws because today I found out I have lots in common with him. #StevenSpielberg 5 March

Remembering Sir Patrick Moore http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … #SirPatrickMoore #astronomy 4 March

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick Moore, in the stars + resting among the wonders of space, everywhere u go u leave a cosmic trace #SirPatrickMoore 4 March

Zodiacal light - faint , kind of triangle shaped glow that extends up to the Sun along the ecliptic. See it just after Sunset + b4 Sunrise. 3 March

our Sun + more than six times our Sun's radius, MASSIVE! It's quite hot at 24,300 K, ouch! + 10,000 times as luminous as our Sun. 3 March

The faint constellation Pyxis hosts its brightest star - Alpha Pyxidis. This star is a Beta Cephei variable more than 10 times the mass of 3 March

The Summer Triangle, in Altair, Deneb + Vega, in 3 constellations of Aquila,Cygnus, + Lyra will be up an about soon. Watch out! 3 March

Later the Owl Nebula or Messier Object 97, is a planetary nebula in constellation Ursa Major + near the corner of The Big Dipper. 3 March

being 324 light-years from Earth, its primary is yellow at mag 5.1 + secondary is white at mag 7.2. Combined optical tertiary is mag 9. 3 March

Coma Berenices near Leo, contains loads of galaxies in the Coma Star Cluster. 2 main stars here, 35 Comae Berenices is a binary and 3 March

Guess what? Comet Panstarrs or C/2011 L4 is about near perihelion this month. Term Pan-STARRS is a telescope in Hawaii that discovered it. 3 March

cont - the associations means containing 10–100 massive stars where their spectral class O + B is known as OB associations. #astronomy 3 March

Antares, a Scorpius-Centaurus Association, is a 2 star system near the Moon, is a red supergiant of warm hue + is larger than our Sun. 3 March

Ah, well that's my penny for a (well considered physics) thought. The question is, how much do they charge for a tweet? 3 March

or basically changing the laws of physics + freezing them in the process (as if everhting would carry on as normal)Mm.. 3 March

it's possible 2 capture what we have already done with fusion or antimatter then boxing it up 4 a later date only 2 mess about with it. 3 March

It's not even remotely possible to hold onto an event that is a unstable as an exchange as conservation of energy. It's like saying 3 March

Its says in 1 of my physics text books that physics is the study of energy. Really, all things r is just energy, frozen as mass or in a flux 3 March

Who'd have thought that there would b so much above our heads in space + the stars 2 c, think + ponder about the cosmos at our feet. 3 March

Just seeing #Dragon dock, let's not forget the wonderful depth of field from pics of Earth in the background from the #ISS Now who's hooked! 3 March

Looks like #Dragon did its job then. #ISS 3 March

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: This object goes through about 2 general phases before arriving in a way we know it. 27 Feb

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: This object of physics almost borrows a surprising effect to kick start its existence. 27 Feb

@DonFriesenComic Hye Don I have Dmed you. Love your work ;-) And thanks for the follow... 27 Feb

'The Wonder Book of Science' by Harry Golding + where it all started - http://www.cthisspace.com/intro.html #science #art #space #astronomy

The Wonder Book of Science - by Harry Golding + how it all started for me http://www.cthisspace.com #science #art #space #astronomy 26 Feb

@davidastrohardy Thank you for the follow back Mr Hardy. U prob won't remember our meeting.. 26 Feb

Science + art are the same. Differences minimal. Physics is art using Einstein. Art is physics using Salvador Dali. #Scienceandart 25 Feb

Imagine standing outside of the observable universe + taking in the vast array of everything that we know all at once #cosmology 24 Feb

@mweasner thanks for the follow - followed back! Is a 3" Catadioptric. Since, also got Russian 6" reflector. Will use my mobile like u! 24 Feb

@mweasner Wow! this is similar to what I got in the 90's with my Short Tube Catadioptric (when stacking random eye pieces) 24 Feb

@RedSkiesSpace thanks for the follow back. I hadn't realised until now. 24 Feb

other particles under the table, the Standard Model table. There, I said it.. It's all sorted now. #Neutrinos Rule 0 e K 23 Feb

If the electromagnetic force were 2 b measured in alcohol units then the neutrino would drink half (cough) if not all the 23 Feb

do spy work on neutrinos by Z boson decay. There's a sterile neutrino that doesn't even get fussed by the weak interactive field. Stumped ? 23 Feb

I reckon, #neutrinos r the 'water bears' (Tardigrades) of the physics world, not fussed by electromagnetic forces. We can only 23 Feb

so hard to detect directly. A groovy method called inverse beta decay is used because #neutrinos r clever little critters (if they had legs) 23 Feb

because it sure is a strange particle. The neutrino is fermionic so has half-integer spin. They don't affect or ionize what they pass thro 23 Feb

Thinking about this, a neutrino is a lepton, so very strange that it's not in the six quarks (up, down, charm, strange,<-- top, bottom) 23 Feb

depending on whether they decay into antineutrinos or not. Antineutrinos are their antiparticles + neutral + come from nuclear beta decay. 23 Feb

and tau neutrino ν τ, that come in different flavours (they missed out Chocolate Vanilla) Z boson decay lets us know what these are 23 Feb

If there is anything that can travel through matter it is the Neutrino. With 3 types of neutrinos, electron neutrino ν e, muon neutrino ν μ 23 Feb

#Neutrinos with no electric charge r from radioactive decay+ nuclear reactions in the Sun + surprisingly created when cosmic rays hit atoms 23 Feb

Here is my website I have built up over 10 yrs about subjects I enjoy - http://www.cthisspace.com #space #physics #astronomy #art #quotes 22 Feb

Talking of Vacuums - Jupiter's Atmosphere "Sparkling red and gold" - David Gray http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #Jupiter #astronomy 20 Feb

Things would become interesting, if not slightly potty, if an engineer was suddenly told a camshaft stopped working due 2 #vacuuminstability 20 Feb

If I get any more NNEA (Nearer Near Earth Asteroid) or NNEO data than #DA14 from John Fletcher, I'll let you all know. Probably. #NEA #NEO 20 Feb

Energy UK crisis is very stupid. Can use thorium whic h is efficient + clean. 19 Feb

For every reaction there is an equal and opposite distraction where's that quantum uncertainty book... 19 Feb

Stars + planets compliment space. In fact the cosmos (isn't all entirely space) goes well with the universe. They are all good looking 19 Feb

@David_Scanlan Agree + he was rather a nice chap when I 1st met him at Sir Patrick Moore's house a few yrs ago http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … 17 Feb

pens out for the perigee + apogee calculations. Sum: prev co-ordinate data all courtesy of John Fletcher. http://www.jfmto.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk #astronomy 17 Feb

C2013 02 17.03554 06 02 55.67 +09 31 40.4 16.5 V J93, C2013 02 17.03834 06 02 55.49 +09 31 45.8 16.4 V J93. So, get the bright marker 17 Feb

cont- 2 21 59.9 16.5 V J93. Then No 11405 0.6 AU from home planet as follows: C2013 02 17.01588 06 02 56.61 +09 31 03.6 16.4 V J93 17 Feb

C2013 02 16.97196 07 18 44.72 +22 22 00.7 16.6 V J93, C2013 02 16.97830 07 18 45.12 +22 22 00.0 16.4 V J93, C2013 02 16.98042 07 18 45.24 +2 17 Feb

cont- 3.7 V J93. C2013 02 17.05987 13 36 17.35 +37 24 17.3 13.7 V J9. Onto No. 4179 Toutatis 0.6 AU from home planet; As follows 17 Feb

No. 3752 Camillo. 0.1 AU from home planet: C2013 02 17.05634 13 36 17.08 +37 23 13.5 13.6 V J93, C2013 02 17.05810 13 36 17.21 +37 23 45.2 1 17 Feb

No. 3752 Camillo. 0.1 AU from home planet. No. 4179 Toutatis 0.6 AU from home planet and finally No 11405 0.6 AU from home planet. 17 Feb

No 9. Metis in Auriga magnitude 9.8. These are all Main belt asteroids. More Near Earth Asteroids positional measurements for tonight: 17 Feb

From John Fletcher F.R.A.S, at present:No 1. Ceres in Taurus magnitude 8.1 ,No 4. Vesta in Taurus magnitude 7.8 and 17 Feb

His link to 'Near Earth Asteroid No. 3752 Camillo. 0.1 AU from Home planet.' http://www.jfmto.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Camillo.htm #NEO #astronomy 17 Feb

John Fletcher F.R.A.S. http://www.jfmto.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ has just sent me another e-mail, of many, saying he's captured loads of nearer NEO's #NEO 17 Feb

Previous few tweets, let's just say ------- http://www.cthisspace.com -------- has just SKY-ROCKETED! 17 Feb

So, if trend as an increasing (as it was) then this year will show cthisspace with higher stats bcs I have added more since. It's all there. 17 Feb

According to the/my webstats report this pg http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html level with http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … (last yr) 17 Feb

infact it IS at the top! 17 Feb

but overall, my idea I made up over a year ago Countdown to the Quote of the Month has rocketed to the top on hit rate. 17 Feb

The quote of the month page has had some interesting visited addresses. Will need to get back to tweeting random webstats sentences too 17 Feb

In fact, amount of hits its had is not bad at all + growing. Website cthisspace has done well. Lots of interest from all over the world 17 Feb

Previous page/link to my webpage on quotes doing very well. Tomorrow it could be an (half year) update on my webstats day (or just Sunday) 17 Feb

I absolutely love this (love it, love it). It's so inspiring - BBC Two Trailer - There's Always More To See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQqLRw8Ja6s … 16 Feb

-------> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-21421449 … #cosmicrays #supernovaremnant 15 Feb

Happy Valentines Day to the wonderful space + stars. I think it is right to say, we, as humans, have fallen in love with the cosmos. 14 Feb

#Astronomy has massive scope. 14 Feb

So, the 2 go together: Science + Art. Look at the universe through both subjects to get a 3D view of how things r. Astronomy is e.g 14 Feb

My passion are, science (astrophysics, physics, astronomy, art, music, nature)+ what life has been like as a working class lass. 13 Feb

- summary prev tweets - living in working class region of North of England all my life tells me economic realities r different 2 elsewhere. 13 Feb

Visiting Sir Patrick Moore at his house in 2008 http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … (I think there is a section about the RI on same pg) 13 Feb

I might combine this with my visit to the South of the UK a few yrs ago. A couple of events: Meeting #SirPatrickMoore + visit to to the #RI 13 Feb

I might write about the finding divide between the north + south of the UK. It might shock a few too. The contrast in unimaginable! 13 Feb

land. 13 Feb

p is 2 jump borders to Scotland, where at least they have decent funding for science, etc . A am appalled at how bad it is in the north Eng 13 Feb

science provision (although I will leave in Manchester Science Museum) there isn't anything north of that, and I mean anything. The next ste 13 Feb

Akso, something very important if ever a politician was to ever read this thread of tweets here now. The North of the UK has hardly ANY 13 Feb

I am unaware of how councils fund libraries in the South so I can't say anything about that, but the North is Dire, literally. 13 Feb

UK today. This is a sad indication of what it means to cut bugdets. (this is from my part of the UK mainly the North of England) #SOTU 13 Feb

In UK, local councils can't event fund a decent library for it's local residents. Now THAT is the sign of the REAL worrying times in the 13 Feb

to encourage growth, be it space programmes, or a local idea that can be passed by a local council. UK libraries r good expample 13 Feb

get logical here: there is a struggle with anything requiring funding in the current UK (poss US) economic climate. This impedes ANY effort 13 Feb

Today we are dealing very different economic problems unlike during the Apollo era. Like anyone here I'm all for science but let's #SOTU 13 Feb

fic) then a good base is put in place, only then will other issues, like science, be put into place. It's a different world now. #SOTU 13 Feb

and that includes, space science, that I know is important. Anything like science has to set upon a stable system (if we want to get sceinti 13 Feb

will be dealt w respectively) but that without any infrastructure in place, there won;t be investment in anything much less science. #SOTU 13 Feb

My RT earlier by Neil deGrasse Tyson says a lot about current pressing issues not withstanding projections of science (they ‏ 13 Feb

effect in the UK + possibly world wide. It was an important to c connections 2 i.e economic downturn in UK, effecting unemployment 13 Feb

Last night (this morning) I stayed up a bit for #SOTU speech. I wanted Obama to know that what ever happens in the US has a ripple 13 Feb

Rover Digs + Mars Rocks #MarsRover #Curiosity Feb 10

sucks in expanding dust + gas shells, creating the photos you see today that encapsulate their amazing behaviour. #Supernova 9 Feb

an amazing rate of 10% of the speed of light creating a shock wave, a Supernova remnant happens when its explosions shock wave #Supernova 9 Feb

Supernovas r extremely bright stars causing a burst of radiation creating a shock wave. Expelling their own material at #Supernovas 9 Feb

Some1 once had this theory that the Sun was a giant LED light stuck onto the sky with Blue- Tack. Imagine having to remove that? 9 Feb

Once upon a time ago, there was a galaxy far, far away, so far away in fact that it may have been a bit too far to tell a story about. 9 Feb

Astronomy and Snow Fest. Astro Snow Feast --- Ast Snow Fest --- #snow #astronomy #astsnowfest #astrofest 9 Feb

Hope #astrofest is going well to all those followers there now. One day I will attend as it appears to be a superb event. #astronomy 9 Feb

@BBCPallab Thanks for the RT Pallab! 6 Feb

Was thinking of female Space Shuttle type broach + drive a Mars Rover style car. I might make my house into a future Lunar base. 6 Feb

Rare event theory: Claire reads her twitter timeline in the day AND even stays put for more than half an hour. Should be BBC headline news. 6 Feb

Feb Quote - Jupiter's Atmosphere - "Sparkling red and gold" - David Gray http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #Jupiter #astronomy 5 Feb

What u didn't know about Jupiter? #Jupiter - a failed star! Composed of hydrogen + a quarter of its mass is helium with maybe a rocky core. 5 Feb

The wonder of astronomy right at ur feet if a model planet has dropped off ur Orrery. Don't give up yet, u need to build a universe. 5 Feb

The wonder of astronomy right at ur fingertips if owning a telescope. Wonder of astronomy right in ur mind if owning a brain. 5 Feb

The Thor's Helmet an emission nebula, is a cloud of ionized gas emitting different coloured light, as its core ionizes its outer layers. 5 Feb

Pleiades: Open star cluster with middle aged hot B-type stars. Is nearest star cluster to Earth. Can be seen with naked eye.#Pleiades 5 Feb

The Sombrero Galaxy: source of synchrotron emissions - high velocity electrons oscillating when passing thro areas w strong magnetic fields 5 Feb

The Andromeda Galaxy or Messier 31, M31, or NGC 224 is about 2.5 million light-years away + ref 2 as a barred spiral type.#AndromedaGalaxy 5 Feb

Physics Rules = OK. #Physics 5 Feb

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: Every 16 years and at a rate of 170 m/s, cyclonic disturbances engulf as high as 100 km. 31 Jan

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: The largest amounts of these two substances everywhere, are also there the most. 30 Jan

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3:There are 9 sections plus 1 very significant oddity making up an uncharted system here. 29 Jan

Deep cosmos is like life, a past of good + bad, but the same view, as the future, has better potential to create good universal exploration. 29 Jan

1st Shuttle mission + fantastic photography - space man afloat. The next is the sadness of tragedy. Humans learn the hard way. #Challenger 27 Jan

Buzz Aldrin + Neil Armstrong very moving then. Next it's to Apollo 13 now headed by Jim Lovell + Fred Haise. #NASA #SpaceExploration 27 Jan

Watching NASA's Greatest Missions on Quest TV (cld mean my TV goes back in place) Charlie Duke etc. Apollo 11 Mission. #NASA #Space 27 Jan

If u asked urself, with a parallel u, about anything, it would have 2 happen like a virtual particle but in real time http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 26 Jan

The constellation Argo Navis, with ref to 'Jason + the Argonauts' in Greek myth, appears in Vela, Carina + Puppis #astronomy 26 Jan

M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, our nearest Spiral Galaxy, is a naked eye object, guarding Pegasus at its top right corner. #astronomy 26 Jan

Later a deap sea wonder in constellation Cetus is up high near Mira, like a lighthouse beacon, flashing inside its middle #astronomy 26 Jan

The lovely Leo constellation is out in late Jan where it's beating heart is the star Regulus sparkling away in the early evening. #astronomy 26 Jan

@DClaphamFRAS it is. I was having a joke about when I studied physics, it was paramount to get ur units right even if the answer was right 26 Jan

@Moon_has_Moore hya Jason. You have @Markgatiss the famous actor + writer following you - u should know that! I'll look into it.. 26 Jan

Encourage science to think in a logical, rational, innovative way, encourage art to think in a creative, perceptive analytical way (or v v) 25 Jan

"Britain... the workshop of the world." from, 'The Genius of Invention'. What happened? #UKEconomy #IndustrialRevolution #Engineering 24 Jan

Liking the set + enthusiastic approach, directedness to power, energy, physics + engineering on #TheGeniusofInvention #engineering #power 24 Jan

I might put my TV back. #TheGeniusofInvention #BBCTV 24th Jan

The Reality http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #physics #SchrodingersCat #quantum #EverettsManyWorlds #thoughts #ideas #science #reality 24th Jan

I visited t Royal Institution a few yrs ago - loved it. I'll add 2 ths pg about it in nxt fw wks http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html … #SaveTheRI 24 Jan

Too much health + safety + not enough real interaction with science principles that are found around the house. That's where it all starts. 19 Jan

makes me wonder if kids these dys r missing out on natural science curiosity using fire, water, air etc. All part of 1st devpmt learning 18 Jan

So, there you go....that's what it's all about. 18 Jan

is enough to take any ones breath away, especially if they were to really study how amazing the science of the cosmos is.#astrophysics 18 Jan

without the stars + planets up there, we would not be here. We take so much for granted in life, that life itself would even begin 18 Jan

presence within the stunning landscape we call the cosmos. The universe is largely missed by us, as we wizz about our daily lives. Indeed 18 Jan

sweeping discovery about new planets + stars and all stellar objects. The Earth occupies a small area of space but has a large 18 Jan

physics at small and large levels that, combined with unexpected, takes us on a roller coaster from science of the past with 18 Jan

Beyond the bright clouds, you wouldn't think there was a depth of wonder as space takes an interesting turn into a journey of cosmology 18 Jan

I am all for the idea of Orion making it's move toward collaboration + space exploration + spin off effects (exc pun) #ProjectOrion 17 Jan

The project Orion spacecraft idea. It's about time something positive happened.+ maybe this is it. #projectorion 17 Jan

Politeness, courtesy, kindness, manners, should b instilled by parents but not so apparently.Schools teachers have 2 take over. #educhat 16 Jan

Just read an interesting article about teaching kids, manners + etiquette etc like not swearing online..Lead by example by the elders! 16 Jan

WRT to graphene, I'm ref to the lovely Mr David Shukman's good article on the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-21014297 … #graphene 16 Jan

UK priority: Investment in home grown science, engineering + tech. Making kids of today (for tomz) see this relevant #graphene #science 16 Jan

I see this research into #graphene as brilliant but as usual, the guys at the top (government) have to make out that it's not worth as much 16 Jan

Prob starts w kids + student apathy. They c science as irrelevant because government don't invest in school science #graphene 16 Jan

The UK are going to struggle with research on graphene if they take funding away from kids science lessons in schools #graphene 16 Jan

I was lucky enough to meet Sir Patrick Moore in 2008. His house that I visited was as wonderful as his world of astronomy. #SirPatrickMoore 12 Jan

It's important that I watch this later - Sir Patrick Moore on the BBC - a life celebration http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01pz88g … #SirPatrickMoore 12 Jan

and besides, astronomy is *THAT* ace. (they don't use the word astronomical for nothing) #astronomy. What a universe, what a wonder... 12 jan

2) Don't ever dismiss what is put on the back of an envelope. #physics 12 Jan

1) It cld b argued, even if using all available energy in universe, u couldn't put Sun back w Earth as Earth wld also b consumed 4 exp. 12 Jan

+ remember these two things: 12 Jan

I hope u all realise that if u DO do any of the previous tweets exp I've just tweeted, you will completely knacker up the universe. There. 12 Jan

How to stay younger + ruin the universe tip: Drive ur car fast 4 a while (don't go near Black Hole). Go home. Make a cup of teleported tea. 12 Jan

Energy tip:get Sun(easy) travel nr light speed w it undergoing acceleration. Go back 2 Earth. Sun done time dilation so yngr so lasts longer 12 Jan

It's using object information 2 re create object wld consume half, if not all avaiable enrgy in universe just to do that. Expensive drink. 12 Jan

Just thinkibg how great it would b 2 teleport drinks via internet. Mass equivalent 2 a cup of tea - using available energy of universe, no u 12 Jan

Right, just imagine this: ALL food sources on planet Earth have gone. The Moon harbours newly discovered edible amino acids. U guess. 12 Jan

If as much energy was put in2 creating a UK Space + Astronomy company as there is Tesco then most things wld go up, literally. 12 Jan

I've just been to Tesco. Fashions terrible, boots expensive food prices gone up. U'd think everything was tied to a helium balloon.. 12 Jan

It's all stars this week, which is good. Would be better if it was more than a week though. Now that's a different matter. A regular wkly 1. 10 Jan

So the 3rd run of programmes tonight of Star gazing Live. Astronomy is a science + an art so quite prolific in it's coverage #stargazing 10 Jan

I am trying to imagine what it would be like if an astronomer suddenly found an exoplanet in space but with a tree growing on it. 10 Jan

The universe is complex. Over time there may be more questions that open up new types of scientific discovery. #stargazing #BBCStarGazing 9 Jan

Only the human mind or reasoning can round up what the universe has in store. Physics, as clever as it is, can only go so far, so far 9 Jan

but at the end of the day, that's what it's like, bcs many things r uncertain - what happened before the big bang? Last q on #BBCstargazing 9 Jan

Good thing to show children interested in astronomy on Star Gazing Live - need more of that! #BBCstargazing #stargazing #astronomy 9 Jan

Star Gazing Live, once again is very informative + technologically advanced (even if a chalk board is used). #stargazing #stargazinglive 8 Jan

I've decided, I love space and astronomy. That's all there is to it. #bbcstargazing #stargazinglive #astronomy 8 Jan

"A rocky lifeless world covered in dust..." Prof Brian Cox on Star Gazing Live talking about Mars. #bbcstargazing #stargazinglive #astronomy 8 Jan

Curiosity Rover landing on planet Mars was a great event last yr. It's great 2 b around this day + age 2 witness b4 our eyes a great feat 8 Jan

loving the music with space themes here #stargazinglive #bbcstargazing #astronomy 8 Jan

I was watching Mars Rover last summer - kept a live track here. Was a great event . #NASA #MarsRover 8 Jan

The observatory for my telescope is so big, I decided to move out of my house + move into it (joke). But imagine... #astronomy 5 Jan

Get set-ready-GO! Space, astronomy, stars, humour, science, fun, astrophotography, Dara, Brian + you. #stargazinglive #bbcstargazing 5 Jan

or stellariums, or kids star projectors, like 'wot I gotz' at Xmas (even tho I've got 2 already) + I'm a grown up. #notgrowedup yet (43) 5 Jan

oh, the space, it's all about the space + stars tonight. Don't confuse with LED's stuck in a black cloth, no it's real stars. #astronomy 5 Jan

and the show begins... #astronomy 5 Jan

So, the stars are out to play, not like they were ever gone but the cloud keeps us guessing like a theatre curtain waiting to open 5 Jan

Also saving energy. If a decent regular astronomy/science programme(s) is shown, then will consider putting back (broken glass/screen+ all) 4 Jan

By that t TV hasn't been thrown as so much placed gently in2 storage until TV companies start showing proper science docs. If not, no watch. 4 Jan

What would you rather have? A ticket to the Moon or see the Sunrise in someones eyes? #songlyrics #ELO #space #moon #sunrise #astronomy 4 Jan

BBC Star Gazing Live next then. Emphasis put on kids + young people being interested in astronomy. Science past + future #bbcstargazinglive 3 Jan

A planet like the Moon is a commodity of all sorts. To get a lunar lab for experimentation is a step up from one in orbit. A gigantic jump. 2 Jan

Using all available tech, it can't b that difficult 2 get a colony on the Moon. At least, a start in establishing a larger human footprint. 2 Jan

Space and stars.........waaahhhhhhhh! Go get em! ! #astronomy 。・☆・゜・ ★*。☼ :.。★ *・☆・゜・*. ☄☀ : ★ .✵✧✸☼. :・: ★ -1 Jan

Let's make this yr an even greater + wonderous 1 for astronomy, space, astrophysics + sciences in general. Let's get some good ideas going. 1 Jan

if we ever do find out, there is 1 thing we can guarantee - we ARE part of 1 very BEAUTIFUL universe! Take that with you forever. #wonders

imagine what can be seen in the universe + stars in our night sky. 1 day we might figure out if the mind is bigger than the universe but 1 Jan

I am still up, but good night (morning) now. 'To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower' but 1 Jan

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: 1 problem creates wavelength shortening much shorter than Planck length at a certain critical point. 30 Nov

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: The other 1 of 2 main theories for this paradox relies upon information about what emitted it. 29 Nov

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: 1 of the 2 main theories for this paradoxical event relies only upon angular momentum, charge + mass. 29 Nov

me, bald + indeed very lovely manner. He said "Nice to meet u" on my way out. I thought, yes, u 2 Mr Lovely! Georgeous man. Was taken back. 29 Nov

Just got back from 18 month heart check up.Felt out of place in waiting rm, mostly old age patients. Had different Consultant, younger than 29 Nov

On our high streets there are music shops, art shops, all sorts of shops about all sorts of subjects but science shops. 25 Nov

Considering I'm not supposed to do too much exercise bcs I have weak heart, I still do what I can. Life's hard innit...? #exercise #medicine 24 Nov

...AND....AND (drum roll...) a Feynman Diagram, I can't forget a #FeynmanDiagram 21 Nov

Also want to write these equations, in faint gold italics high on my lounge walls - #EinsteinsRTheory #NewtonsLaws + #FermatsLastTheorem. 21 Nov

Am thinking, in the future, I'd like to do 1 of my rooms up as either a Star Wars, Star Treck or Dr Who set. #StarWars #StarTreck #DrWho 21 Nov

@DClaphamFRAS @daraobriain John Fletcher keeps sending me Near Earth Object data in email. It looks like a bus timetable. Not sure what 2 do 20 Nov

Watching Dara o'Briain's Science Club. Really good show and they made a comet! #ScienceClub 20 Nov

Just watching brilliant James May's Things You Need to Know prgrm. Ace visuals. #ThingsYouNeedtoKnow #JamesMay 18 Nov

One if my favourite subjects in physics is light. Its properties + behaviour is fascinating. #physics #light 15 Nov

Get your Primordial Nucleosynthesis Soup by Heinz! The title is so long, it goes all the way round the tin 2 meet up at the start. #topology 11 Nov

I'm pleased Obama is back. My delayed reaction due 2 space-time contortion caused by gravitational pull of #Obama's charisma. 9 Nov

Do you know what a great analogy wld b that could explain what those last few tweets here really mean ? Space Soup. #InterstellarMedium 7 Nov

So u could say - by asking what goes on in-between subjects can give us focus on how things started. Boundaries are paramount. 7 Nov

The #primordialnucleosynthesis of elements focus on a formation of stable nuclei of a heavy isotope of hydrogen - deuterium. 7 Nov

that by studying this medium, it's like knowing the way the early universe created its elements, which is called primordial nucleosynthesis 7 Nov

lower densities. Most #interstellar medium is made up of gas, with the main one composed of hydrogen. What is interesting is 7 Nov

create thermal pressures + the denser areas are mostly in molecular form + were there is heat, ionised matter occurs creating 7 Nov

The density of the matter + temperature are also part of it's makeup. Motions that are turbulent, along with magnetic fields

The 3 distinguishing areas within the #InterstellarMedium are the forms of matter that include, molecular, ionic + atomic types. 7 Nov

So, it includes dust, gas + cosmic rays. There is also a form of electromagnetic radiation there called the interstellar radiation field. 7 Nov

on stars + planets, like focusing on Earth + space, but it's good 2 ask, what's happening in the space in between. #Interstellarmedium 7 Nov

A bit like the Earth's Atmosphere, the Interstellar medium is what goes on in between stars in a galaxy. Often much if focused 7 Nov

1 of 2 behaviours when ppl encounter my site:1) BIG oppposition + ignoring (82%) 2) Inclusivity + friendly (18%) http//:http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 6 Nov

I want 2 go back in in time to1980's +say 2 a random person,"Did u not get that tweet I sent u from my loo about quantum physics?" #physics 5 Nov

Just woke up 4 loo. Faved 2 interesting tweets:Y is't gravity inverse square law different+ y neutron size t w it is #physics fodder at 2 am 5 Nov

Far Above The Clouds http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #stratos #space #Baumgartner #stratoslivejump #livejump #FelixBaumgartner Nov 3rd

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 1: Whilst the last 5 are generally denoted by 1 variable, 4 others are involved to complete it. Nov 3rd

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 2: One of the major sciences is literally situated in one of the biggest of these five areas. Nov 3rd

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 3: There are five general areas that make up this natural but important phenomenon. Nov 3rd

Next Sun, as well as Venus, 1st-magnitude Spica the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, is exactly that, bright! #Spica Nov 2nd

Sat is Venus time at a half decent magnitude –4.0. If you have a good telescope, you can get a decent disk shown in it. #Venus Nov 2nd

#Orion constellation on the celestial equator is out Fri appearing halfway to the zenith + seen next to red #Betelgeuse + cool white Rigel Nov 2nd

On Thurs Jupiter is magnitude –2.8 (good disk seen if good scope) + at its highest until Venus appears later. #Jupiter #Venus Nov 2nd

On Monday there are the slow moving Taurid meteoroids that sometimes produce bright fireballs or bolides. #Taurids Meteoroids Nov 2nd

In the meantime in the next few days, Ceres, an asteroid, is near the 3rd-magnitude red giant star Eta (η) Geminorum. #Ceres Nov 2nd

What's Up? http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #RocketPropulsion Oct 28

bulges most likely contain supermassive black holes. The NGC 4178 galaxy is about 55 million light yrs away. #MiniSuperMassiveBlackHoles Oct 27

generated by material being pulled into this black hole, is heavily absorbed by gas + dust surrounding it. Galaxies without Oct 27

NSF's Very Large Array puts the mini-supermassive black hole as being near the extreme low-mass of the supermassives. The light Oct 27

The NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory + a few others of spiral galaxy NGC 4178. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope + radio data from Oct 27

Earlier, I was looking at the fantastic sunset + wanted 2 fly off in2 space there + then. Day + night, the sky is just mesmerizing. #sunset Oct 27

Space is worth it http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #Rockets 26 Oct

not 2 mention, a natural science that is the study of celestial objects, such as stars, planets, comets, nebulae, star clusters + galaxies 26 Oct

but it's also the phenomena that originate outside the atmosphere of Earth, such as the cosmic background radiation. #astronomy 26 Oct

Astronomy is the evolution, physics, chemistry, meteorology + motion of celestial objects + formation of the universe. #astronomy 26 Oct

Not many ppl know this but, laser altimetry and stereo image analysis has been used to measure the topography of the Moon. 26 Oct

-cont, I meant later tonight, not now! Gee, do you think I am that obsessed with physics? OK, maybe just a bit, a qubit #physics #qubit 25th Oct

is going to read this - 'Constructor Theory' by David Deutsch who did ace Quantum Computers yrs ago. http://edge.org/conversation/constructor-theory … #secretsout 25th Oct

It's good 2 think about where the human race will b in terms of #spaceexploration in about 500 yrs. Setting up home on the Moon - reasonable 25th Oct

Astrobiology with exoplanets, is 1 of the top subjects in science at the mo - dealing with not just astrophysics but life itself. 25th Oct

- besides, the word school has got the letters cool in it, innit. The X Answer. 24 Oct

cont - if they ̶g̶e̶t̶ sing correct answer, say they are into the next round - singing in assembly in front of school. The X Answer 24 Oct

Get school kids(ones uninterested in science) to SING their answers in class with mic, on stage etc to their favourite tune. The X Answer 24 Oct

science, such is life. 24 Oct

Science is the underlying epitome of just about everything but often spurned. It's so easy to ignore yet so powerful when utilised, such is 24 Oct

There is an extraordinary dance between nitrogen + oxygen + the speed at which light is emitted from each to produce the various colours. 22 Oct

- and oxygen and nitrogen atoms returning from an excited state to ground state. As the solar wind collides, they become ionized or excited 22 Oct

Auroras r emissions of photons in the Earth's upper atmosphere from ionized nitrogen atoms regaining an electron - 22 Oct

The Aurora Borealis is caused by colliding energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere called the thermosphere. 22 Oct

Space is the place where stars, planets and galaxies are seen in a live show called astronomy (+ in your backyard to boot) 22 Oct

If u think current theme on #RocketPropulsion is on the Up this month http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html wait until next month - will be above all others 21 Oct

I'm half tempted to get my short tube 3" Catadioptric Telescope out as so clear- my Russian 6"Tal 2 is under garage junk but still tempted. 21 Oct

Rocket Propulsion never had it so good - the number of hits from this page on my website has it very good http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #rockets 21 Oct

@Exoplanetology I've nearly finished reading 'Exoplanets + Alien Solar Systems' a good book by spectroscopy/astrophysicist Dr Tahir Yaqoob 20 Oct

So scale outside previous assumptions about how gravity + mass interact, creates a paradox much like Black Holes breaking down Relativity. 20 Oct

Dark Energy, accelerating universal expansion, uses negative pressure that does not influence gravitational interaction between masses. 20 Oct

Up^ there with the quotes http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 20 Oct

- if it was, we might not even be here to ask it! 20 Oct

If any of these variables changes just slightly, the inevitable question would be to ask, how different would our universe be and - 20 Oct

If any of these variables changed slightly, it could b a very different ordering system of what it means 2 say 'What is beyond our Universe? 20 Oct

Cosmic Microwave Background measurements say the universe is nearly flat, were its mass/energy density must equal to its critical density. 20 Oct

The Standard model of cosmology says dark energy makes up 73% of total mass-energy of the universe that is found by using a redshift method. 20 Oct

So b 4 this, all I know is radial velocity of stars reflex orbit about its barycentre. How to find an #exoplanet but I need a cuppa tea 1st. 18 Oct

The #AlphaCentauriB low signal 2 noise ratio finding makes u think about a delicacy of accurate data. Think universe, think big. #exoplanet 18 Oct

- then when I've done that, I'll write an #astronomy + #exoplanet book called: 'Star, Planet, Nebulae Spangled, Rainbow Coloured Brilliance' 18 Oct

Is wondering if planet Earth might screech to a halt nxt wk, then go into backwards orbit, back in2 summer. #NotMuchToAsk 17 Oct

+ in the space + astronomy news this week, 1 person breaks the sound barrier + another 1 breaks the embargo. #FelixBaumgartner #exoplanet 16 Oct

The Alpha Centauri folks might already be on their way to see us. Puts a new meaning on Starbucks. #alphacentauri #exoplanet #Starbucks 16 Oct

@Betelgeuse10 certainly is - mass is volume times density. It might be same density but different volume (size) 16 Oct

Irony. Dr Tahir's Yaqoob's Exoplanet + Alien Solar Systems book(c pre tweets other day) I'm reading + reviewing. Decent book. #exoplanets 16 Oct

@shiroboshi that's an option. Have ignored them for years. They look like a load of numbers on rows + columns like a bus timetable. 16 Oct

If keep getting sent data about Near Earth Asteroids by someone, as I do, what do you actually do? #NearEarthAsteroids #NEA #astronomy 16 Oct

- it's got significance, like a 5.9 sigma levels of certainty existing for the #Higgs boson but without the Standard Model issued at the LHC 16 Oct

Just got a load of Near Earth asteroids data from John Fletcher again. Not being alarmist, but 16 Oct

A Nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen and helium mixed with other ionized gases. Sounds like a bar drink after all that lot. 15 Oct

If you are lucky, most nebulae form from a gravitational collapse of gas within the interstellar medium (ISM). If you are not, duck. 15 Oct

Nebulae belong to four main groups, H II regions, Planetary, Supernova remnant + Dark. The Dark types need not contain cocoa. 15 Oct

On that note again, back to Dr Tahir's Exoplanet book(c previous tweets other day) I'm reading + reviewing. Already decent book. #exoplanets 15 Oct

Paul's superb article on planets with 4 Suns BBC News - Planet with four suns discovered http://bbc.in/V1v6Yu 15 Oct

Wow, this is absolute perfection! #stratos #livejump #Baumgartner #stratos #livejump #FelixBaumgartner 14 Oct

The Saturdays lyric from their song 'Up' is theme #RocketPropulsion quote of the month on my site http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #stratos #livejump 14 Oct

"I'm ready for the lift up, Keep steady beat, 'Cus I'm ready for the big jump," The Saturdays lyrics from the track 'Up' #livejump 14 Oct

I'll send you an e-mail update as usual Tahir. @xrayastronomer <-- I highly recommend Dr Yaqoob's book on Exoplanets. 14 Oct

-so that's another book added to my 94 physics/astronomy - most are text books, collection. #physicsbooks #astronomybooks #sciencebooks 14 Oct

Ref prev tweet - Dr Tahir Yaqoob @xrayastronomer I'm trying hard to getting back round to reading book again. Good book - already recommend. 14 Oct

Dr. Tahir sent me 2 books in post early this yr. I'm supposed to be reading Exoplanets which is a decent book, in order to review, as w 2nd. 14 Oct

On the 1st of this month I managed 2 get #RocketPropulsion physics + pop group #TheSaturdays into 1 idea. Like you do. http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 12 Oct

I might be the only 1 to put pop group The Saturdays + antimatter on 1 pg http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #TheSaturdays #RocketPropulsion #Antimatter 11 Oct

Back 2 reading 'Exoplanets and Alien Solar Systems' book by X-ray Astronomy +Spectroscopy Astrophysicist Dr. Tahir Yaqoob @xrayastronomer 10 Oct

U might think u cannot touch a star but it takes light from Proxima Centauri 4.2 yrs 2 arrive at ur eyes. In that sense u r touching a star. 7 Oct

The Sun isn't the only Star creating flares. #ProximaCentauri a star 4.24 light-yrs away, creates flare activity generating X-ray emissions 7 Oct

Beautifully majestic - the stars, planets, nebulae etc... involving an interspersed cornucopia of forces in the laws of scientific events. 7 Oct

Star - a big, luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity. Later can contain some degenerate matter. Don't confuse with ceiling light 7 Oct

#Yarkovsky effect - 1 ounce of force from imbalance in sunlight steers asteroids in2 Earth crossing orbits altering layout of solar system. 7 Oct

G-force is a measure of proper acceleration by weight per unit mass whereby compressive + tensile stress give a sensation of that weight. 7 Oct

Take a look at my 1st article in Dave Bood's @AstronomyWise Astronomy Wise mag - http://en.calameo.com/read/001319831951dafab4469 … or http://www.astronomy-wise.com 4 Oct

Got to astronomy meeting earlier +as I was walking in, speaker was talking about rockets + antimatter. The irony http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 3 Oct

Theme this month on my site - #rockets http://cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #rocketpropulsion #space #physics were I just jazz up quotes a bit. Worth a read 3 Oct

Try it (previous tweet) The sound of the wind is ethereal + nostalgic, almost sad. But it's just so peacefull + wonderful. #SitAndThink 2 Oct

Just sat in lounge now. No TV on. No central heating sounds. No noise at all apart from howling wind outside. Gorgeous feeling of calm. 2 Oct

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: There are about 5 new, other proven techniques that can achieve similar efficiency for same result. 31 Sep

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: It works by using Newton's third law of motion which works around air density and airspeed. 31 Sep

Countdown the the Quote of the Month 3:Applying a high speed method intrinsically by expelling, then functions due 2 a conservation law. 31 Sep

Now having all these professional (+ amateur) astronomers, astrophysicists + physicists following me means I'm now under GREAT scrutiny! 24 Sep

Supernovas are extremely bright stars causing a burst of radiation creating a shock wave. Bright dudes of the cosmos #Supernovas #Astronomy. 21 Sep

Milky Way: As viewed from inside, a band of stellar objects arching across the night sky. A barred spiral galaxy that we are in. #MilkyWay 21 Sep

The amazing planetary nebulae, like M27, are remains of stars once looking like our Sun b4 dying out + expanding gaseous layers. #Astronomy 21 Sep

Astronomers use an estimate 4 distant objects by using redshift - light seen coming from an object that is moving away. #redshift #astronomy 21 Sep

Amazing 2 think, when the cosmos was 400,000 yrs old it was just atoms. By the time it was a billion yrs old it had galaxies. #astronomy 21 Sep

It's not Autumn yet but can still c Sun's (+ Moon) immense power over Earth + its inhabitants. Astronomy, a full time contender we rely on. 16 Sep

Astronomy in the Day: Beautiful low down Sunlight beams across country lanes in Autumn+remember it's your nearest star doing that, the #Sun 16 Sep

n 500 yrs time we might be saying, "Titan is a good place. Here's a pic of our accommodation - The Liquid Hydrocarbon Lakes Hotel " #Titan 16 Sep

So, the info goes for Comet P/McNaught 260P NEO's. 2012 QG42 0.01 AU No. 214869 0.3 AU + No. 329520 0.1 AU. All from 'home planet'. Decipher 16 Sep

@AunatEridu I'm very fit (trim build, slim) + tend to look after myself well. Never garantees tho! Ta 4 concern. 16 Sep

@AunatEridu considering, I don't smoke, hardly drink+ don't take drugs, I suppose I do ok, but have 2 watch heart valve. Everything else ok! 16 Sep

@AunatEridu yep. Had cold/fluey thing about 2 wks ago, or more, but left me tired + still getting over it! Taking longer than thought. 16 Sep

Actually it wasn't, I met John in Patrick's house. Later John showed me his observatory+house. He was wearing fitting #astronomy themed tie 16 Sep

On mobile so I'll fire up e-mail after T 2 report John Fletcher's #astronomy findings. Patrick Moore's Observatory was the place I met John. 16 Sep

Later I'll sweet some co ordinates from 2nd email sent from astronomy finding from John Fletcher again from last night. It's on going. 16 Sep

So next time some1 asks u if u want milk in ur coffee, say no, u like everything dark, inc the acceleration of the expansion of the universe 12 Sep

#DarkEnergy accelerating expansion of the universe, a negative pressure+ in itself a cosmological constant contradicting logical assumptions 12 Sep

@13SciDave were the Higgs Boson gives particles mass, the peer- review gives science its approval. Balanced! #higgsboson #physics #science 12 Sep

Will b interesting 2 c what happens -> #JupiterImpact Jupiter - an interstellar swirl of dynamic mass + the Dyson Vacuum of the #SolarSystem 11 Sep

There's been an impact on Jupiter a few hours ago . Good astronomy news, that then. #Jupiter one of my favourite planets. 10 Sep

BUT it's a temporary dip in2 a world of ppl with different/special needs, b it more glamorous 1. Real life very different but good 2 chill.9 Sep

Unfortunately this country does NOT look at disability/inclusion (also outside education) in the way the #paralympics appear 2 do. #reallife 9 Sep

Ironic that I chose a theme + music for this months quote of the month on my site by #Coldplay. Haven't uploaded it yet as been too busy. 9 Sep

i.am...i.can...i.will tweet a pic of @iamwill RTing me on his twitter page last month at the #JPL #NASA #willpower pic.twitter.com/4Zoce7dI 9 Sep

Near Earth asteroid co-ordinate by John Fletcher - he's sent me this in email. Might tweet ltr. In bed so don't have name on me. 9 Sep

- those pesky #supernovae, the wild children of interstellar space, the stars of the most powerful parties of the cosmos, space + beyond....5 Sep

- nucleosynthesis, occurs within a Supernova explosion - already a source of elements heavier than oxygen, it's a place of unstable nuclei. 5 Sep

As well as nuclear fusion, a process of creating new atomic nuclei from pre-existing nucleons like protons + neutrons called 5 Sep

I watched BBC Science Documentary 'How Big is the Universe?' Very good. Next 'How Small is the Universe?' #cosmology #astrophysics #physics 4 Sep

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 1: It probably won't ever be achieved because of certain scientific principles. 29 Aug

Countdown To The Quote of The Month 2: An ornithological creature took its name. 29 Aug

Countdown To The Quote of The Month 3: It is a system that is often associated with abundance, beauty and perfection. 29 Aug

Just 2 b totally clear about this, #gravity was responsible 4 the #apple falling, not the other way or it wld go against the laws of physics 29 Aug

Who'd have thought a piece of fruit, the apple, was responsible for 1 of the most profound theories of #Physics #Gravity by #SirIsaacNewton 29 Aug

A massive #Telescope + the #LargeHadronCollider of Cern features now on #Paralympics #Professor Stephen Hawking once again. #Greatstuffinnit 29 Aug

#BlackHoles + #Radiation #physics (incl #BigBang + #Higgs) never had it so good on an opening ceremony for the #Paralympics Athletes. #Kewl 29 Aug

It's not often u get #StephenHawking showing us how grand the #Universe is. Indeed, it's v Special (+that includes #Relativity) #Paralympics 29 Aug

Brilliant themes + props for #Paralympics #OpeningCeremony with past scientist #IssacNewton + even the #HiggsBoson! 29 Aug

has been tracking #BigelowAerospace inflatable Genesis I 3000 lb (1363 kg) spacecraft http://www.bigelowaerospace.com/genesis-1-tracking.php … 27 Aug

I'll take a few words back. In view of #NeilArmstrong, the dream of human space exploration is exponential- the reality will 1 day catch up. 27 Aug

-unlike physics/astronomy - most interesting sciences + 2 say this alongside human space exploration lethargy, the more astonishing. 26 Aug

It's not wrong 2 b in2 what goes on this Earth but if missing what is in space means no exploration 2day then priorities can't b exponential 26 Aug

as opposed to a cloudy view of many. Twitter was a #launchpad 4 this. When it's time 4 #takeoff it'll b when it's right 2 expand them back. 26 Aug

Initially, when I started twitter, it was 2 short cut down ideas into tweet format, to clear away the debris + sea clarity in a few 26 Aug

They r a start 4 a new blog. The waiting has been 4 more time 4 clear thinking 2 set about putting this up. I'm hoping 2 materialise it soon 26 Aug

Well b4 I changed my tweeting style recently, I amassed random ideas form here about physics, astronomy etc. I've copied most on2 my site. 26 Aug

How about 2 Frank Lloyd Wright houses -1 each. 1st on #Moon incorporating #MoonRock + 2nd #Mars using #MarsGeology #Astronomy in ur kitchen! 26 Aug

Neil Armstrong sounds like 'Neil I'm Strong' because that's what we r when hearing sad news - passing of great space explorer #NeilArmstrong 26 Aug

We owe our ingenuity 2 engineering that enabled space exploration +that was 1969. Think of what we can do now. #winkatthemoon #NeilArmstrong 26 Aug

In the part of life were u sit 2 mull over remember how insignificant u r in this vast universe, or just go 2 the pub. Deep tweet cut short 25 Aug

Anyone ever thought about making a #telescope out of chocolate? The lenses +mirrors could b sugar glass (as if). #Telescopes in #astronomy 25 Aug

Sad news Neil Armstrong. A pattern of life as the next new+even greater step will 1 day begin. Maybe Mars? Who knows. #RIPNeilArmstrong 25 Aug

The #Orionids meteor shower is 1 of many Earth's night sky shows as it passes through the trail of Halley's Comet. #Meteor #Astronomy 24 Aug

The #Orionids meteor showers are next on the agenda on October 20, at First quarter Moon phase. #Meteor #Astronomy #BBCSkyAtNight 24 Aug

Has just treated herself 2 a packet of lovely chocolatey + random #MarsPlanets as it's Friday. There's no better way to celebrate that fact 24 Aug

I'm on a mission 2 buy a #meteorite 2 wear around my neck on a cord. I already have a Russian Sikhote-Alin meteorite in display cabinet. 22Aug

Although it's great having the next #InSight in2 #Mars it's about #TiME we knew more about Titan's surface 2. #TiME Titan Mare Explorer 20 Aug

Science now Rocks + Rolls 4 #InSight - Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport #MarsRover #Curiosity 20 Aug

The Rock + Roll in the wonder + supreme ace-ness of Science never had so good on twitter. Spread the words #ScienceRocks for #astronomy 20 Aug

The #stars, where are they?? They are -- Far Above the Clouds -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpIQHWN_cUU … #FarAbovetheClouds #MikeOldfield #TubularbellsIII 14 Aug

#Astronomy is the best live show on Earth, but u wouldn't think we were on Earth half the time, with our minds in the beauty of outer space. 14 Aug

Thunder Storm here now. Is imagining the difference between #SolarStorm +Earth storm. Neither system of #Astromony or # Meteorology superior 13 Aug

Beautifully majestic - the stars, planets, nebulae etc... involving an interspersed cornucopia of forces in the laws of scientific events. 11 Aug

Those pesky #Perseids in constellation of Perseus, 2 do with orbit of comet Swift-Tuttle, don't half get ur passion inflamed for #astronomy 11 Aug

#will.i.am @iamwill puts the #STEAM back into #STEM with #MarsRover #MarsCuriosity #MSL #JPL #ScienceandArt #Space #willpower 6 Aug

---------------It's not all R-over yet.-------------- #MarsRover #MarsCuriosity #MSL 5 Aug

Folks, genius Singer/MusicMan/GorgeousHunk/ ThinkerAce/STEMtoSTEAMAce @will.i.am @iamwill just RTed me! #MSL #MarsCuriosity 5 Aug

#Supernova explosions + positron destruction, along with black holes, are some of the places of Gamma-rays in #space + #astronomyc 4 Aug

The most energetic forms of light r in the electromagnetic spectrum as Gamma-rays, having the smallest wavelength permeating the universe. 4 Aug

Indulge ur #MarsCuriosity in #Countdown to the #QuoteOfTheMonth http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #astronomy #space #ideas #physics #music #thoughts  4 Aug

....strange effect of gamma-rays termed Bremsstrahlung, of deceleration by charged particles after deflection, offering a braking system 4 Aug 12

After studying all the steps required to land, is now wondering if #MarsRover name #Curiosity should in fact now be called #Yikes 4 Aug

#Countdown To The #QuoteOfTheMonth 1:It's largest satellite orbits faster than its own rotation rate, rising + setting twice each day. 31 Jul

#Countdown To The #QuoteOfTheMonth 2: The largest labyrinth of intersecting canyons in a local sense is hosted there. 31 Jul

#Countdown To The #QuoteOfTheMonth:3 Light+dark areas were thought 2 predict an already abundant substance in a familiar form we know. 31 Jul

From 1 of my other tweets b4 here, the #OlympicsCeremony included engineering +innovation via the Brunel theme. Best part 28 Jul

Alok Jha ‏@alokjha @ClaireCSmith Eclipse, it's the last song on Dark Side of the Moon 28 Jul

I am assuming that little green grass hill will now just float away and turn into a fighter plane. #OlympicsCeremony 28 Jul

he best part was the music with the little Brunel's sorting out bridges + the industrial engineering reference + hence science +innovation 27 Jul

This bit reminds me of Pink Floyd . Genius. #OpeningCeremony LOVE the music! 27 Jul

VERY impressed with the opening ceremony , music, effects history and industrial revolution that made Britain Great. 27 Jul

#GoingForGold in #Countdown to the #QuoteOfTheMonth http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #astronomy #space #ideas #physics #music #thoughts 26 Jul

So, in the next few yrs, is the UK going belt out its own modern v of The Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace style as a #Science + #Art event? 26 Jul

During the Victorian era we had The Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace but this was about culture+ industry. About time it was Science+Art. 26 Jul

#GoingForGold in Countdown to the #QuoteOfTheMonth http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html #astronomy #space #ideas #physics #art #thoughts 26 Jul

AstroPolitic:Welcomes u2 a Binary system of #David #Mizar + #Nick #Alcor in the constellation of #UrsaMajor home of the Big Dipper Recession 25 Jul

Claire quickly realised that in order 2 make sure any #cosmological theory not work in the metric expansion of space she just needed a pin. 25 Jul

#Science, #physics, #astronomy + #art - are the result, of the attempt, to understand the universal predicament in its final terms. 24 Jul

Sometimes t most interesting go with most difficult. Initially, nature doesn't give away secrets that easily. U ever read Bourbaki Math? 24 Jul

e,g Looking at my collection of science books (about 94) the chunky set ones are the physics+chemistry. You could build a house with them. 24 Jul

There's so much interest in studying #Space #Astronautics #Astronomy #Astrophysics #Physics that even as an amateur it's a full time job! 24 Jul

cont pre tweet - I don't say this much but, I'm VERY honoured 2 have the followers I have. Great group of ppl including lots of physicists. 23 Jul

Saw a tweet few days ago, but can't find, saying every1 shld have a physicist in their life (followers list). You shld c the amount in mine. 23 Jul

Countdown To The #QuoteOfTheMonth This months theme #GoingforGold http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 23 Jul

Equation with exp explaining use of all mass+ energy in order 2 balance out spontaneously cancels itself+ vanishes mid way as used as 'all'. 23 Jul

My #Jupiter #space pic has #Io on it so completey changes the scale. It was 2 get the 2 in initially. They wouldn't b like that otherwise. 23 Jul

Don't 4get, if u can't c stars/planets if dull, that u r in fact stood on 1 of the most interesting planets in the solar system, the #Earth 22 Jul

#Space #images #magazine #cartoon #thoughts #science #ideas #quotes #star #physics #random #astronomy http://www.cthisspace.com 22 Jul

#thinking #ideas #fusion #science #music #astronomy #space #bbcskyatnight Countdown To The #QuoteOfTheMonth http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 22 Jul

In edu there's every reason 2 think of #scienceandart connections, after all, #astronomy is the art of the science of looking at the stars.. 19 Jul

..so scalar is size, to be right, but as means to an end, whereas a vector has direction, a journey that goes somewhere as a means 19 Jul

Yrs ago on my site, I say 2 be right is scalar, good but stops but being interesting, tho not always right, is vector has direction, goes on 19 Jul

same reason #CAE + #CAD diagrams have a place in engineering. Art to seeing when flipping thro engineering textbooks 2 look at the diagrams. 19 Jul

Art + physics r almost identical in that they make u c a 3D visual representation of how the universe works e,g via mental rotation. 19 Jul

Aurora Borealis occurs in high altitude atmosphere the thermosphere below the exospehere. Atmospheric tides occur below in Mesosphere level 18 Jul

mesosphere is greatly unknown. Because of various systems interlocking, all the layers are dependant on each connection eternal or internal 18 Jul

apart from the well known Noctilucent Clouds that are an effect happening at mesosphere level, but dynamic effects to other levels from 18 Jul

You can see the top part of the dance the Aurora Borealis usually straight to local, never a step down in the in-between mesosphere 18 Jul

So I was right that various space weather effects like Sun spots affect local weather with some mingling of layers of atmospheric dances 18 Jul

Trail behaviour of particles left behind after collision inferring #HiggsBoson - liken this to knowing about a snail via only its trail. 18 Jul

A few mnths ago I stopped at roundabout 2 give way+none of t cars giving way moved either+each thinking other cars wld go 1st. Like economy. 18 Jul

The other thing, a minute seeding of atmosphere by microbes + viruses left on human equipment on previous Mars missions. All system connect. 17 Jul

What will space exploration be like in a 100 years time? I have just thought about the under the surface water ocean of Europa. 17 Jul

Is looking forward to the 1st steps of #Curiosity the #MarsRover landing of the Mars Science Laboratory going to plan. 17 Jul

3,2,1 Countdown 2 the #QuoteOfTheMonth themed with #ideas, #twirled + #wazzed up with a #sprig of #science http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 17 Jul

Something I prepared earlier - http://www.cthisspace.com 13 Jul

@BeesInSpace antiBeckham collided with Victoria leading 2 annihilation of normal people values + then there's BarryManilowogenisis. 13 Jul

@BeesInSpace the government would tax it for giving people mass + the standard model would be David Beckham. 13 Jul

Can't sleep, so back at PC. It must b all this interesting astronomy + physics going on in the early hours on the other side of the plankton 13 Jul

Next the free #SkyAtNight show is the #Perseids #Meteor shower. Go in groups, for safety, if u plan to see it. #stargazing #wonders 12 Jul

..3,2,1 Countdown To The Quote Of The Month - themed with ideas, twirled + wazzed up with a sprig of science http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 9 Jul

I reckon we should change the word #Astronomy to Awsestronomy as it really is that awesome. #space #bbcskyatnight #space #ace 9 Jul

Gone dark now now so inside. Trying to imagine how cold it is on Mars #MarsRover #Curiosity. Hope one day we can get to the place at least. 7 Jul

The Clouds are ACE tonight + thus is deeply into #Meteorology but not as much as #Astronomy but most importantly superb #Physics #SpaceAce 7 Jul

No, math/philosopher guy, Plato didn't write songs for Boney M + neither did singer Neil Young invent the element Gold 7 Jul

Am set 4 Rover 2 land. 30 days, 5 hrs, 1 min + 2 secs from now - we have not lift off but land down #Mars #Curiosity #Don'tForgetUrSlippers 7 Jul

However, the #Higgs discovery is great news, now that is certain (well at about an attained confidence level of the 5-sigma point at least).4 Jul

t wld b good if more ̶m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ umph was put into space exploration, be it either manned, commercial or otherwise. Just a thought.4 Jul

I'm remarkably calm about this #Higgs event - probably good 2 remember there r also other things that r just as ground breaking in #physics. Collapse Reply Delete Favorite 4:07 PM - 4 Jul

U know the saying, "Gettin Jiggy With It" it's now, (depending on 4- sigma level accuracy) "Gettin Higgy With It" #Higgs #Physics #YeahBaby.1 Jul

You know when Robert Peston talks, does he stretch the space-time continuum when he pronounces his his vowels? #BBCNews Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite 1 Jul

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 1: It is a transition substance and often occurs in free elemental or native form. 28 June

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 2: It is valuable and highly sought-after with constant monetary and symbolic functions. 28 June

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 3: A warm hue with a surprising texture that is least reactive under standard conditions. 28 June

Any one seen the Argos advert with the aliens playing tennis? I have never laughed so much in ny life. (apart from watching Billy Connolly) 28 June

Peston, your tie needs sorting. #BBCNews. 28 June

- and of course I was only joking in the last tweet WRT Tesco. Much looking forward 2 t event. Can learn lots of things. #Mars 27 June

@Astro_T_ thanks for favouriting of my 3 tweets. Appreciated muchly, loads. 27 June

is v MUCH looking 4ward 2 car-sized 1-ton rover #Curiosity landing on #Mars like big kid in a sweet shop. They shld have used my car 27 June

LOS. 25 June

Also not forgetting that includes finding new things too. That part is the best part but often resources are mostly directed at the former. 25 June

Astronomy is the ability 2 capture the same interstellar objects + events differently every time, more than 500 times + still be interested. 25 June

Did anybody get to drive out on the open roads during football last night? It's the best opportunity to try out electric cars. 25 June

Right. Try to invent a new colour. 25 June

- so cld team colour kit. The fairness of football a good science exercise. Is it scientific enough + fair 2 each player? I'm not convinced. 24 June

Changing colours on ad banner around football pitch cld wrongly distort players perception of depth + distance.Red advances, blue receides. 24 June

Instead of saying, 'God Saved The Queen', why can't they all say, 'Science Saved The Game' ? #Science #England #Football 24 June

The only thing, I wish there was as much enthusiasm 4 science, in all its form, as there is 4 sport. I'll never understand why there isn't. 24 June

I can only handle final games with football, any other + it's not 4 me. Now, the physics of football is a very different thing 24 June

Over 2 other account in about half an hr. I mean, come on, astronomy + football go 2gether, yes? 1 nil to Astronomy overytime tho. 24 June

@DrMRFrancis I'll see if i can match them up on2 my list (prob not as I have unusual taste) but might be! 24 June

onto another classic - 'Brave New World' Just superb another great from Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds 24 June

@DClaphamFRAS I've played Thunder Child loads this month since it's this month quote on my site! I love it 2 but other tracks 2 24 June

Onto the Red Weed (Part 2) at 5 mins + 46 sec that goes to the 'jiggy' bit. Sounds like a background track to UK show Hustle. 24 June

..so onto the 1 of my top 3 <-- music tracks - Justin Hayward's Forever Autumn. Love the string section + modern arrangement 24 June

Well this is just ̶g̶r̶o̶o̶v̶y̶ weird. A music album about Martians but makes u want 2 dance + jig. That has just got 2 b something. 24 June

Gene J. Mikulka ‏@genejm29 @ClaireCSmith Just an FYI that's one of my favorites.. :-) 24 June

is listening to Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds. 1 track goes with this months theme http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 23 June

Am watching The Graham Norton Show, with superb http://Will.i.am @iamwill Advise u watch. It brillianthttp://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01k78mt/The_Graham_Norton_Show_Series_11_Episode_11/ 23 June

... 3,2,1 Countdown To The Quote Of The Month, themed with ideas, twirled + wazzed up with a sprig of science http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 23 June

... 3,2,1 Countdown To The Quote Of The Month, themed with ideas, twirled + wazzed up with a sprig of science http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 22 June

I created 'Countdown To The Quote Of The Month' up about this time last yr - a feeble attempt 2 throw few ideas together (again) 22 June

Theme is thunder. Choice of 2 songs, Leo Sayer's 'Thunder In My Heart' or Jeff Wayne's 'Thunder Child' from The War of the Worlds 22 June

Well, before months end, my attempt at putting together loosely constructed ideas with a theme each month http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 22 June

Apparently yesterday was Solstastic. 21 June

@DClaphamFRAS hya Dave! It wasn't to do with trends TBH, I just tweeted what arrived in my head! Cheers anyway.. 21 June

#Mars and #space right at the top. Let's get there then. 21 June

The UK inflation rate has fallen to 2.8% + England got through 2 the quarter-finals. We just need a hotel on Mars next. 18 June

You know when we colonise Mars, will there be an instruction book on how to air your clean washing? 18 June

wants to be a space lady. Next best thing over at http://www.cthisspace.com 18 June

I've just heard a car chugg out on the road outside my house. What chance we have if can't get cars right, much less space programs? 18 June

+ just think of how many people will do the interesting research into the commercial side of - The Science of Everyday Space Flight. 18 June

cont - the clouds won't get in the way 2 c the stars but prob need 2 b out of the Suns rays 2 reduce extreme contrast. 18 June

Back to space flight - u wake up 2 the view of the Earths curvature + its atmosphere of sparkling hues never seen b4 until now. 18 June

How many ways can u understand science? Any way to understand science, example via art, is a better way, than limited ways. 18 June

I was tweeting about commercial space flight other day. Need 2 sort problems with funding. Make it an asset 2 our species. 17 June

So, what will the future hold in terms of commercial space flight or space hotels, this is the next big question to be addressed. 16 June

Ironically, the theme I chose this month for my 'Countdown to the Quote of the Month' idea, is thunder http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 15 June

@BudgetAstro not much chance of me able 2 do that but if i was rich 1 day a large observatory and lecture theatre wld b on the cards at mine 15 June

Today I have a free day with virtually nothing planned. I could even go to Morrisons. I would rather fly a space ship though 15 June

@tttabata well, it's the physics of light and all the theories that surround it. Astronomy included! They are superb subjects 15 June

@KidzOutdoors thank you for the kindest words and the #FF Jane and Neil. One back to you both #FF! Cheers. 15 June

@tttabata Yes, thank you! Yours is still a good idea. I like science so much. I think my favourite area in physics is light. 15 June

@tttabata put it this way, my day job isn't anything like my interest/hobby. It's good that there are institutes like urs 15 June

@tttabata so it remains an interest but I still love it. Physics is my 1st choice. I have studied it as an autodidact. 15 June

@tttabata yes, I was about 7 in 1977. I grew up, didn't do well at school so wasn't clever enough to do science properly. 15 June

On my site, this mths 'Countdown To The Quote of the Month's theme is ̶l̶o̶v̶e̶l̶y̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ thunder. http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 14 June

@tttabata I might have the paper mag still from about 1977/8 with Black Holes article in it, also lasers. It's strange what we remember... 14 June

I missed quite a lot of the #NuSTAR expedition ̶t̶o̶d̶a̶y̶ yesterday so wondered what happened. Will be catching up on that. 14 June

It's iffy, if describing Dark Matter, 2 use the flowery word of mysterious. Something like unknown - we know a don't know 13 June

If u look thru a Sun filter into an eye piece when viewing the Sun, make sure it's new. It might have flecks u don't want 13 June

Right, I'll shut up now. 13 June

orientation +rotation of fronts like puppets of political cells also included here. So things + systems with people. 13 June

had 2 log back in... was thinking about politicians+ prime ministers as fronts of organisations w no change in orientation 13 June

The idea I put in these last few tweets can be used in companies not just engineering or physics. Can be used anywhere. 13 June

- idea is if u only combine ideas their surface area r stagnant or still. Rotating increases surface area so more ideas. 13 June

 the last word looks like it reads rational - it actually rotational. Rotate objects and ideas (different to combining) 13 June

Combine a di·a·met·ri·c scientific approach 2 ur working day. Logic. Clarity. Objective <-> Insight. Creative. Rotational 13 June

@ClaireCSmith It's wonderful that you were interested in an article about black holes in Scientific American at the age of about six. 13 June

@tttabata @SciAm it was Scientific American mag about Black Holes, that I 1st read about age 6, that got into science. memories! 12 June

I am very intrigued by the science of the unusual dynamics with regards to the recent UK weather. #floods#meteorology 12 June

I think there is a big dynamic going on. 12 June

If there was as much enthusiasm 4 live #astronomy as footy, not only wld there b no cars on the road there wld b no scopes left in the shops 11 June

Robert Massey ‏@RobertMasseyRAS @ClaireCSmith Sadly it's a sign of the times. Hoping the Govt. does the right thing with the science budget in the next few years 9 June

#TheArcofVenus #light-curve data should tell us how Venus's middle atmosphere, the #mesosphere, explains #rotationphysics.  #VenusTransit 10 June

I really liked it when #twitter always left our last tweet in large letters in the top box. Could we have that back? 9 June

Countdown 2 the Quote of Month - my site, different themes every mth, info, quote, ideas, thoughts http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 9 June

John Brady ‏@Betelgeuse10 @ClaireCSmith You watched the #VenusTransit live online Claire? I stayed up till 3.30am, saw clouds were not going to budge & went to bed. 7 June

I watched mostly the American footage on various live feeds, one being the NASA site. Great pics also from #VenusTransit 6 June

I had a great time last night (this morning) on line watching thec  #VenusTransiton the other account. Now slightly tired 6 June

Countdown To The Quote 1:Its heat causes expansion into cooler air faster than sound would travel in the same cool air. 31 May
Countdown To The Quote 2: The sound created by it, is from increased pressure + temperature, by rapid expansion of air. 30 May
Previous tweet I incorrectly tweeted 2 instead of 1. No reason ends cannot be 2 or more - think of #non-Euclidean #RiemannHypothesis #Zeta 30 Ma
Everything relies on a fine equilibrium of balance + fine tuning but don't rule out extremes at 2 end or the other. #science #space #system. 30 May
Good job really, innit. 30 May
It's amazing that we occupy only a small portion of space on Earth but at the same time seem largely to envelope it with our great knowledge 30 May
- cont, if it's a bloke 2 live in space, he'd definately need a decent lunchbox along with a female in order to breed. 30 May
Space+astronomy was never so good when some 1 actually asks me, if we travelled there, would we need a lunch box? 30 May
What a wonderful place to be, on this Earth, travelling at great velocities, through the vast unknown of #space itself. 29 May
On twitter (or elsewhere) there's a superb continuum of streaming news about #astronomy #space #physics #bbcstargazing 29 May
Space + astronomy r great subjects, even if cloudy u can imagine the night sky(or day) at it's best teaming with events 29 May
-unique events more accepted in astronomy, like stray asteroids, than in living things, stray abilities. #makesyouthink 28 May
Y is it often considered that if something or some1 is outstanding or different then it can't b plausible as a natural state? 28 May
Insects Revenge:Link in last tweet to 5th photo looks like spiders leg #iss caught a fly #dragon via spiders web #spacex 27 May
Space Flight Now great PHOTOS: Dragon arrives at space station #iss http://www.spaceflightnow.com/falcon9/003/rendezvous/ 27 May
I know it's got nothing 2 do with astronomy but am going 2 start taking pics of jets in clear sky. #moveoverissfanatics 27 May
It's been skimpy shorts + a bikini top day today for me. To round it all off, in astromony terms, the Sun is a great star. #whatwasthat? 27 May
My1st doc evidence of #sunspots using my mobile with Captain Cook job (my smallest telescope out of 3) on paper. http://pic.twitter.com/ots4ZEE7 26 May

is trying to get her 1st picture of documented astronomy. There might be a small waiting of half an hour 26 May
Slightly Odd Thought:No to duck floating in ur bath put Saturn- density is 0.687 g/cm3 water is 0.998 g/cm3. Means float 26 May
Slightly Odd Thought: Triton, Neptune's Moon, is only 1 in Solar System in retrograde orbit-opposite direction 2 Neptune 26 May
@rincon_p and star gazing astronomy ones ! 23 May
@genejm29 hya yes, it has been. Same to you Gene, hope u r well. Cheers. 23 May
@KarenLMasters as there r many professional amateurs, e.g. Live cld have meant linking up to their observatories +work 23 May
@KarenLMasters yes, I liked the prgm, but thought as well as, an outreach in UK idea might increase interest 4 layman. 23 May
Note however, as light takes time 2 reach ur scope+ eyes it means generally u r observing the past, better than nothing! 23 May
2nd best, buy ur own telescope, go outside on clear night + set up 2 c the wonder of the sky as live as it could ever be 23 May
I thought that the title Stargazing Live wld imply just that, a live programme or some live aspect about #bbcstargazing 23 May
this would have been easy as Nature watch does this already. Also more programmes at a better hour for children to see 23 May
with actual live star gazing. Maybe various live outreach events that would also increase probability of clear skies - 23 May
talking of doing live star gazing, as per the yr before, I would have been good 2 see this yrs prgm #bbcstargazinglive - 23 May
In fact, I think I prefer my 3" Catadioptric than my 6" Russian Tal 2 (can take catadioptric out for star gazing easily) 23 May
looked as it moved pas the centre of the field of view. It was as live as u could ever get it with a cheap Catadioptric 23 May
on what looked like the central clear view only (chromatic aberration?) but it didn't detract from how amazing the Moon 23 May
I remember in the 90's I just put in the highest mag eyepiece then loosely stacked on the next highest. I saw the Moon 23 May
thing 2 remember is that it's quite affordable 2 get a good observing view out of cheap telescope. No need 4 fancy stuff 23 May
2 the live feel of just observing. Even my 3" Catadioptric over my other 6" reflector, has reasonable effect, so the main 23 May
Having three telescopes myself, I am not concerned with any technology or optical accuracy as it doesn't change or add 23 May
as long as the image is reasonably clear, or you can make out a shape, or at least distinguish stars from planets. 23 May
So, unless you r doing astro imaging, you don't need buy a very expensive telescope. The live factor is easily captured 23 May
the viewing is live (the best aspect of astronomy I think, is much like live TV) it's almost as if you can touch the sky 23 May
It is very easy to but a cheap telescope to see the night sky, and as real as using the naked eye. The best aspect is 23 May
No one can change the universe but can always do a bit of astronomy on it and about it, which can't be bad. 22 May
Think about things in terms of probabilities but don't forget to wait for the good times to roll, like a dice. 22 May
Logic says best to be prepared for events that sometimes cannot be understood nor answered + 2 enjoy the journey. 22 May
it's like the critical energy density and gravity of the universe - it needs to be just that otherwise, well who knows... 22 May
but not any less that, you do the most stupidest things, and not any more that you never do anything at all. Balance 22 May
It's probably best to be just spend your life being slightly deluded into thinking most of the time it's going to be ok 22 May
so ,it made me think about not just quantum uncertainty but also classical level of real life events - very scary, v real 22 May
and that we do not know. That's the uncertain part. The certain part is a chance to make a difference - 22 May
The reason why I have tweeted this is because, science, life and the universe is more than we think it is, much more 22 May
because at the end of the daythat is all we have got. 22 May
which is, to be in a universe or a world with all the emotion+feeling just enough to inspire us to get through the day 22 May
but at same time, we as humans would best be advised to just get on with life as if it had appeared to be exacttly that, 22 May
In the real world, the universe (quantum too) does not owe anyone or thing a favour - it is without emotion + feeling 22 May
unpredictability. It can also b unfair. Reason why I deleted the tweet was it seemed negative but wasn't the intention. 22 May
Basically I tweeted that life (a bit like quantum uncertainty) is like, well, uncertain. Also full of risks and 22 May
pinhead in front of car headlight 22 May
cont - tweet on 'speck in front of light' - If still doesn't get idea behind #solareclipse nor #transitofvenus just say 22 May
If anyone asks you what is the #transitofvenus just say it's like the #solareclipse but instead of the Moon, it's Venus.21 May
I would advice wearing shoes that vibrate when they detect steps/obstacles whilst walking in a dark garden stargazing. 21 May
A Don't Do This At Home Astronomy Tip:(smear black shoe polish on binocular eye pieces) look directly at the Sun at all. 21 May
Cbut I could get out my 3" Catadioptric instead meanwhile my 3rd scope I call the Hand Held Captain Cook, sits on cabinet 21 May
Was thinking of making my largest of three scopes, a Russian Tal 6" telescope, the focal point of the #transitofvenus 21 May
So, I've got 4 telescopes, where one of them is made of cake, to view various happenings going on in the next few weeks. 21 May
It'll b another superb #astronomy marathon in early June, #venustransit + #iss passes over UK. Better than Olympics! 21 May
So after the great #annulareclipse + various #sunspot sightings + photos there is some more astronomy 4 all to enjoy 21 May
Woooooooooshhhhh!! 20 May
Solar flares produce low 2 high frequencies of radio, microwave, infrared, visible, ultra violet, x-rays+ gamma rays. 20 May
Whereas the magnitude is based on the Sun's visual output only but plays a part in working out its apparent brightness 20 May
So the solar constant includes all wooping wavelengths of solar electromagnetic radiation and not just the visible light 20 May
on a plane perpendicular to the rays of distance of one astronomical unit - a similar distance from Sun to Earth(ish) 20 May
The solar constant flux density is the amount of incoming solar electromagnetic radiation per unit area + be incident 20 May
cont- this is y the Sun + its light it such an important aspect in our life. Not much emphasis is put on type of light. 20 May
Sunlight is a total frequency spectrum of electromagnetic radiation ranging from infrared, visible + ultraviolet light. 20 May
The Sun's dynamo is self-exciting creating a direction of the field reversing itself about every 11 yrs, a sunspot cycle 20 May
The Sun's internal + external layers create a type of magnetic dynamo generating its unique magnetic field we know about 20 May
The Sun is mainly plasma + magnetic fields, not solid but is often mistaken for being so because of it's immense power. 20 May
Astronomy is 4 EVERYONE-1st a science, sometimes an art, talking point + thinking subject #bbcstargazing #bbcskyatnight 16 May
so meaning actually talking about how new advances in technology often do so by, 4 e.g. a hybrid system (joining ideas) 15 May
By by product, I meant combining CryoSat with space exploration (seeing Earth in different way) as evolutionary advantage 15 May
The CryoSat mission has a by product role (like heat by product of light) that makes us c our own endeavours as shocking 15 May
The problem is when there are blurred boundaries, like CryoSat mission, by evolutionary changes of our view of priority 15 May
Astronomy + space seems to, superbly _ rightly so, churn out loads of new ideas + theories (also military technology).15 May
Time:15th May 2012. Advanced civilisation: Humans. Planet: Earth. Latest invention: Android. Last trip to Moon: 1969. 15 May
What's often forgotten, is the largest asteroid in the inner Solar system is the rocky + icy dwarf planet, named Ceres.14 May
Was scanning the clouds again today when I was out driving home. It looked quite dramatic. Wld love 2 drive on Jupiter.14 May
U know when u have a fire in lounge+it's a centre point/ focal point, the BBC News website is the focal point of the net 14 May
A pic of my old cat (she is slimmer now) and like me, she has long dark hair and is slim and trim! http://pic.twitter.com/y4u8b8mk 14 May

is listening to 'The War of the Worlds', Jeff Wayne's, Forever Autumn track. Absolutely superb as ever....forever.13 May
Windows were a brilliant invention. Not as brilliant as wheels, mind u, or wooden pegs and even those furniture sliders.13 May
Who'd have thought that space wld b so amazing that a trip out 2 car had turned in2 a galactic journey of wonderment.12 May
Last night Venus was stunning (naked eye) + that was me stood in the street with full street lighting. #venus 12 May
Just use a tube of #smarties 2 discover the elusive Higgs Boson thereby completing the hardest puzzle-the Standard Model 11 May
'smarties are oblate spheroids with a minor axis of about 5 mm (0.2 in) and a major axis of about 15 mm (0.6 in).'- wiki 11 May
so the laws of physics and hence science have all the answers until you get to the sweet shop to buy a tube of #smarties 11 May
An infinite awe of a cycle of science, by the beauty of space, the universe leads us a way to the sense of the majestic. 8 May
Did I just say astronomy twice in that last tweet? Yes. That's because it's so good I had to name it twice. . 7 May
I am onto just loving good science, astronomy, physics, astronomy, art, music, it's all great, it is honest. .7 May
I'll watch #thskyatnight on catch up TV. Apparently it was good. Last wk I hardly watched any TV. An increasing trend. 7 May
I often think of Abba music as 70's spacey and all ethereal - quite technical for its day too. 7 May
@ClaireCSmith - According to director @alex_freeman it was a piece called 'Blue Planet' by Terry Devine-King. Cheers. 6 May
Apparently the universe could be saddle shaped, nothing new, but cld be thought of as due to bottom heat molding the plastic.6 May
Scary thought: one day we will all be able to download each others minds - on Ebay (for (£2.99 each) 6 May
Interesting to think about the accuracy of a Pulsar, as a pure model, only to stand out against the dilution of space. 4 May
Moon:a night-time reflector. Clouds:our high up insulator. Wind:natures tumble dryer. Sun:just hangs about being hot. 3 May

@Betelgeuse10 hys John, thanks for RT the tweet that links to my website (rare event!) Will speak (DM) again ths wk .3 May

Astronomy is BRILLIANT. 8:22 AM - 28 Apr

Looking at engineering text book diagrams visual exp, rotating mental constructs is like an art of science or vice versa 11:04 PM - 26 Apr

now I feel like eating some chocolate. 10:42 PM - 26 Apr

- also my monitor is on a higher table so able 2 c it clearly. I think it's healthier to stand up using the computer. 10:38 PM - 26 Apr

Iv'e put my keyboard on higher desk + now standing up 2 use PC. It makes me less restless+ stops me falling asleep at PC 10:34 PM - 26 Apr

@DrMRFrancis kinetics + kinematics system not same as regular classical mechanics but rather a analysis of each Hide conversation 9:10 PM - 26 Apr

In the last tweet, I gave Labour the last laugh with the Higgs field to balance the idea out (I am generally a Labour supporter) 6:14 PM - 26 Apr 

Tory - classical. Pro: determined. Con: predictable. DIS: quark. Labour- quantum. Pro: random. Con: unpredictable. DIS: higgs. 10:06 AM - 26 Apr

Star gaze + b warm:Cover sky light in ur roof with duvet with hole. Put head through(Equivalent to wearing your house). 8:19 AM - 26 Apr

Camp a tent in ur back garden + stick ur head out on a pillow 2 star gaze. Warning: A few frogs might jump on ur face. 11:56 PM - 24 Apr

Some stuff: http://www.cthisspace.com 9:19 AM - 24 Apr

Last tweet could be misconstrued. Best jokes are the ones that don't work out 1st time + timing is off. 9:10 AM - 24 Apr

SPACE: The final front rear. The rules that voyages knows are: Everything has no up or down, nor any front or back. 8:59 AM - 24 Apr

Nothing 2 do with space but if @edballsmp carries on trimming + slimming he is going to end up a bit of a looker (in my eyes). 22 Apr

Like wearing 3D glasses, science one colour, art the other, combine 2 create a depth of field unique in their vision of the world 9:30 AM - 22 Apr

Beautiful 'The Empire Strikes Back' film theme music by John Williams now playing. It takes me back in time... 10:34 PM - 21 Apr

Correction: Now playing 'The Cowboys' : Overture by John Williams. Next his best 'Star Wars' themed music. GO! 9:43 PM - 21 Apr

Usually I'm playing chart music, Coldplay, Noel Gallagher etc. tonight it's about space+ film themes.J Williams GO! 9:39 PM - 21 Apr

Holland Space Center ? @HollandSpaceCen Close @ClaireCSmith imagine this: Dessert.... Middle of the night.... Stars.... Meteor shower....#ISS pass...and listening to Vangelis "Voices"... Retweeted by Claire C Smith Hide conversation 9:27 PM - 21 Apr

After I'll b listening 2 John Williams themed film music (Star Wars, Harry Potter) Could do with Leonard Bernstein music 9:27 PM - 21 Apr

electronic BAGPIPES by Vangelis. That's like solid planets made out of Styrofoam. 8:59 PM - 21 Apr

Is listening to Vangelis music (voices Athens Opera Company) 8:51 PM - 21 Apr

Mightvsound ridiculous, am in bed on mobile reading about mechanical dynamics. It's a science + art attack on the mental schema. 9:15 AM - 21 Apr

I want to be an atom flowing above the Earths atmosphere, free, wild to see it all, then changing form.(prob end up carbon) 10:39 PM - 20 Apr

If I have missed anyone out of the #FF's, it's because my brain has gone dead because I am using linear sequences. 7:34 AM - 20 Apr

@Peston Tesco is not yet great enough (en masse) to evolve into a Neutron Star, as now it is merely, just a White Dwarf. Hide conversation 8:57 AM - 18 Apr

Great #ISS pass tonight. #internationalspacestation #science #nightsky #research #space 10:55 PM - 15 Apr

Robert Massey ? @RobertMasseyRAS Close @ClaireCSmith London is difficult but not a lost cause - lobby your council for shielded lighting Retweeted by Claire C Smith Hide conversation 10:50 PM - 13 Apr

@RobertMasseyRAS - that's very true. All the Astronomers have even less control if no intervention! Needs 2 b looked at Hide conversation 10:59 PM - 13 Apr

Robert Massey ? @RobertMasseyRAS · Close @ClaireCSmith Not that councils are the worst offenders - commercial lighting has very few controls 10:52 PM - 13 Apr

@RobertMasseyRAS - Robert, I agree! I will have to think about that route. It just seems a shame + energy waist. Cheers. Hide conversation 10:53 PM - 13 Apr

from the vantage point of even the street. Venus was about the only obvious 1. Street lights need adjusting accordingly. 10:47 PM - 13 Apr

This evening I was out looking at sky in street. It's no wonder ppl think Astronomy isn't important if u can't see stars 10:45 PM - 13 Apr

Colliding Concepts at 'Countdown To The Quote Of The Month' - http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 5:36 AM - 13 Apr

All natural ingredients (no artificial additives) http://www.cthisspace.com 5:34 AM - 13 Apr 12

Is this a correct answer? 10:13 PM - 12 Apr

Someone asks a question using words that has one answer only but the correct picture, not a word, of the answer is used. 10:12 PM - 12 Apr

Pulsars on the other hand, use their own sustained angular momentum to produce an unique formation of electromagnetic radiation. 5:30 PM - 12 Apr

- that's a lot of energy that we can't do much about yet. How great it wld be to harness the most powerful state known. 6:01 AM - 12 Apr

Some radiation from Quasars span a wide spectrum of far-infrared to optical ultraviolet + radio emission to gamma-rays. 5:57 AM - 12 Apr

The Sun set is golden like it's painting everything it touches. WOW! We r talking about a STAR of spectacular proportions 7:41 PM - 10 Apr

I have just found him + followed him but he requires a request before u do. Well, I am not sure what will happen now. 7:19 PM - 10 Apr

last tweet about tweet b4 was referencing Nassim Nicholas Taleb http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nassim_Nicholas_Taleb. I wanted 2 follow him in twitter. 7:17 PM - 10 Apr

or to put the last tweet more bluntly and precisely - it is an unaccounted for probability in a mathematical quadrant. 7:09 PM - 10 Apr

I am shocked at my own ability to get on line at exactly 8 mins past 7pm at night. It's a black swan (rare event) 7:08 PM - 10 Apr

Anyone seen the clouds and sky tonight? Colour, shape, form, dramatic + thunderous like a Turner painting. Dark sky next 10 Apr

Who owns the space in between planets and stars in space? More to the point, who owns what in space and to what point? 9 Apr

In fact a lot of the stuff was from memory. The old magazine was there at the start - so very old! 19 Apr

The space stuff on my website isn't really anatomically correct as it was imagination over real. 9 Apr

So there we have it - http://www.cthisspace.com/ 8 Apr

A recent idea with quotes and colliding concepts - http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 8 Apr

Well look it's all here - you just have to take some time to see it (about 5 hours) http://www.cthisspace.com/ 8 Apr

More on this clever bloke Maths + Geometry Professor Ian Stewarthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Stewart_(mathematician) 8 8 Apr

Ok folks we are talking Maths + Geometry Professor Ian Stewart #ianstewart http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/maths/people/staff/ian_stewart/ http://www.cthisspace.com/ftl/features.html - 8 Apr

This magazine was about some science + related stuff then had some good interviews and...there's more http://www.cthisspace.com/ftl/aboutftl.html 8 Apr

Quasar #quasar #space #art http://www.cthisspace.com/cthisspace/quasar.html - 8 Apr

Atomic Planets Brigade - #bbcstargazinglive #astronomy #skyatnight http://www.cthisspace.com/cthisspace/globularstorm.html 8 Apr

Stars R Us or BADAS meets cthisspace #startgazinglive #skyatnight #stargazinglive http://www.cthisspace.com/cthisspace/starftlhtml.html 8 Apr

Earth with Sun (and Moon)<---? why did I leave that one. Important for the economy. http://www.cthisspace.com/cthisspace/earthwithsun.html 8 Apr

Look familiar? http://www.cthisspace.com/cthisspace/thepinkstar2.html 8 Apr

Site is a hobby with random space+ traditional art + thoughts about science + related subjects+ contains old magazine. 8 Apr

The titles merged into blocks of text and are quite large now so u can read them from the back of the room. Very handy. 8 Apr

Intro - but it went on and on with random thoughts (Harvard pics page was a follow up) http://www.cthisspace.com/intro.html - 8 Ap

sorry re do that : http://www.cthisspace.com/ 9:49 PM - 7 Apr

Just a starter tonight.....http://www.cthisspace.com 9:47 PM - 7 Apr

Derren Brown ? @DerrenBrown Close Great couple of long afternoons in best seat @javalytham nr Blackpool (thank u!). Tomorrow will return to fave spots in Cardiff. Love it. Retweeted by Claire C Smith 12:49 AM - 6 Apr

@LauraLouanne79 oh and @wossy was in Blackpool. Why do they all keep beeing round here?! 9:38 PM - 7 Apr

@LauraLouanne79 Hya my sister, illusionist Derren Brown was nr u in Java @javalytham a couple of afternoons this week. 9:37 PM - 7 Apr

jonathan ross ? @wossy Close So for those who asked the Blue Diamond restaurant in Blackpool is on Highfield Road. Really lovely food! Retweeted by Claire C Smith 10:55 PM - 5 Apr

The letter 'c' also denotes 1st letter of 'create' for it was 2 b an abreveation in space as cyber + planetary space respectively 7 Apr 12

The idea using 'C' is it represents c as a constant for the speed of light - also like physics of light + C for Claire or to see. 7 Apr 12

Then there are some very old loosely constructed random thoughts about science and related ideas that are in another section. 7 Apr 12

I think i contributed to a book by another bloke, then there are some portrait art sections with one that looks a bit constipated 7 Apr 12

It's got all sorts of stuff on it like space art, a space science non profit old mag with this maths guys stuff, cartoons, quotes 7 Apr

Nicolas Labrosse ? @niclabrosse Close @ClaireCSmith Good luck for the promotion of your website. A little help from me: everyone, take a look at http://www.cthisspace.com/ ! 6 April

If I am not 'out there' with all of you, it's not because of you, it’s because of the way I look at the world and you. 6 Apr

Watching the making and new series of brilliant US comedy show, The Big Bang Theory. Then throwing my TV out. 5 Apr

- last tweet was referring to telescopes not guys. 5 Apr

Great astronomy viewing tonight if clear. Thinking of getting my 3" catadioptric out. The 6" Russian Tal is under junk in garage. 5 Apr

Has Ed Balls (BBC news tonight) got gorgeous eyes, or is it me? Don't say it's you. Ok do. Stay on topic Claire, stay on topic... 5 Apr..

Countdown To The Quote 1:Specular at a change in direction of wavefront at an interface between 2 different media + returning to. 31 March

Countdown To The Quote 2: In planes, at an angle a, from the sector at the intersection of 2 half spaces rotated via 2a. 30 March

Space is vast + yet the parts we know about (baryonic matter) r not yet fully obvious, much less the unexplored parts we don't. 29 March

Electric cars have the last laugh. 28 March

- it means there 'could' be rain but don't count on it. Although there is a possibility that u could count the drops (about 5) 28 March

**BBC BREAKING NEWS** I have just seen a cloud - REPEAT - I have just seen a cloud. *** 28 March

It's surreal, Southwest and superb. Venus near Moon in the sky....... now! #stargazing #bbcskyatnight 26 March

It's surreal - Venus near Moon in the day! Please look. #bbcstargazinglive #bbcskyatnight #skyatnight. 26 March

- can't work out declination from the azimuth. Tree in the way now. 26 March

and in theory, as well as practice, can do more than just wash the dishes at once. #quantumsuperposition 25 March

wants to be in quantum (and classical) super position as that way, can be in more places at once at any one time 25 March

Steve K ? @OOK_Librarian Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open @ClaireCSmith They have awesome compound eyes and are the Jedi Masters of Biological Pest Control #hoverfly 25 March

I declare I have a pet Hoverfly .. love these chaps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoverfly 25 March

was stood in garden today, hand out next 2 Hover Fly. It moved at same speed as my hand then landed on hand. Next door. 25 March

The thing is, I've so many solar powered LED lights in the garden, that and the Sun today has left it too light to see. 25 March

Apparently there has been a triangle of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus in the sky. Also Earth shine on the Moon. #moonwatch 25 March

Right - going to spend ONE whole day at a weekend promoting my website here. Life is too short. cthisspace to you! 23 March

listening 2 Vangelis album 'Voices' I used 1 of t songs 4 Jan CDTTQOTM on my site- namely Ask The Mountains. Perspective 23 March

Nicolas Labrosse ? @niclabrosse Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open Where's Dr Who? RT @rhjames164: Picture of the decade - Dalek hiding ready to attack the Queen on visit to BBC studios. http://twitpic.com/908c9h . 23 March

I observed 1 of the most strangest things in 1 of the most mundane situations today. Will go towards nxt mnths CDTTQ. 23 March

Science and Art - like two lenses of a set of 3 D glasses seeing the world in more dimension than the mind perceives.23 March

So, waht do we all think of this new Fusion experiment? It not going to produce more energy but it's still interesting. 23 March

@Sunset_Twilight the shortest bit of interest of our time only lasting for 23 billionths of a second!23 March

@aspencountry @Morgansdead @Jet739 @AntRyanET @Quantum_tunnel @PatriciaLevy93 @mmaayeh @FredMotta_ @mrmeteor a #ff 2 all 23 March

loves Physics, Astronomy, Music and Art as mentioned in my profile. All natural ingredients. No artificial additives. 23 March

I've only read one story on the fusion experiment yesterday. I'll be reading the BBC account later tonight. VERY interested. 23 March

@Spacettf so had to learn to toughen up a bit. Kindness doesn't always return. I now chill out online. Cheers! 23 March

@Spacettf Sorry I sounded negative. I've spent most of my life kind + nice but it can backfire. Ppl use u or walk over u. 23 March

@Spacettf thanks for ur kind words but I often think that being a 'nice' person gets u(me) absolutely nowhere. Evolution! 23 March

All quiet after Solar Storm? Still adjusting satellite computer failures - Earth's magnetic fields only protects so much. 22 March

@cwiscwonin I fell asleep at Edwards, went into dream at Peston and had Rapid Eye Movement at Robinson. 22 March

Where Art meets Science via @RogerHighfield @sciencemuseum @borisjardine http://sciencemuseumdiscovery.com/blogs/insight/science-museum-unveils-new-hockney-ipad-portrait-of-professor-stephen-hawking/ 21 March

Gravitational Wave detection - fundamental way 2 scan Black Holes, Neutron stars + even White Dwarfs(not Snow White). 20 March

Electromagnetic Spectrum subjects like X-ray, Radio, Gravitational wave detection + (MHD) MagnetoHydroDynamics. Why not! 20 March

So what is an astronomer to do when all the clouds appear? Think off the ways that space can be detected perhaps - 20 March

and now the bright stars r out to play, we can get the telescopes to see what the night brings as they shine like Jewels. 18 March

I was listening to High Flying Birds album in the car by Noel Gallagher. Love it but miss Liam's voice projection too.18 March

I was driving today and the setting Sun was brilliant across the country fields. I love that effect as the Sun beams. 18 March

@slworking @SiTrance Oh, wow yeah, I had forgot about that. Sheldon would be pleased. The Big Bang Theory rocks...18 March

@tttabata _ I think I'll be spending quite a lot of time reading your work!17 March

Tatsuo Tabata ? @tttabata Reply Retweeted Favorited · Open @ClaireCSmith Neither do I have words about the book, Not Even Wrong, but like very much Woit's posts at the blog site of the same title.17 March

cthisspace ? @cthisspace Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open C this at http://www.cthisspace.com and follow @clairecsmith on twitter. 17 March

Blackpool Astronomy ? @badas_tweets Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open Strictly Come Astronomy:Mars sometimes dips inside a habitable zone but its thin air prevents liquid water from existing 17 March

Blackpool Astronomy ? @badas_tweets Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open The Astronomy Factor:Sun spots are depressions occurring on its surface usually in pairs with opposite magnetic polarity 17 March

Alain de Botton ? @alaindebotton Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open Hard to speak of our need for awe - when everything, even a new kind of biscuit, is routinely described as 'awesome'. 17 March

Peter Marko ? @petermarkophoto Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open "Life is like photography, you use the negatives to develop." 15 March

Heck, I have another superb photographer @petermarkophoto following me...runs for cover...has it all gone yet?17 March

@tttabata - yes I agree. I'll have to get back to reading Peter Woit's blog (if still there) as it was along time ago.17 March

@tttabata - I used to read Peter Woit's blog! 17 March

Tatsuo Tabata ? @tttabata Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open Neutrinos not faster than light: ICARUS experiment contradicts controversial claim. Nature, News & Comment http://bit.ly/yMPRCK 16 March

apparently Not Even Wrong is better! I don't have that book to compare though. 17 March

@tttabata it was a gift from a friend just after he released it. It's a good book. He has some interesting thinking.17 March

@tttabata - it was a gift from an friend just after he released it. It's a good book. He has some interesting thinking. 17 March

@tttabata - it is.....The Trouble with Physics - yes by Lee Smolin ( I had to go to other room to check!) 17 March

Simon Rowe ? @SiTrance Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open @ClaireCSmith I've got series 1-3. Also I have a Green Lantern T-Shirt like Sheldon. ;-) http://pic.twitter.com/34iqOLKd 17 March

@Spicey_Spiney @Ju_Cooper @RayGil @james_lennie @Avertedvision @star_gazer1965 - they are awesome photographers I agree.17 March

Hey, now now, that last tweet was supposed to b a direct message! ! Lovely! 16 March

I am so sorry - I hardly EVER read or look at my website these days. Where di go...? 16 March

@edballsmp - Hello lovely Ed! You look like you are wearing a rose on your lapel. 16 March

At some point(dispersed point) there's a connection between every part - the Sun, the Earth. At some expanse it's all 1.15 March

Gee. Now needs 2 get back 2 the beautiful subjects I was supposed 2 tweet about on twitter-Astronomy, Science, Art,Music 13 March

Goatees on guys also included (in fact I prefer them to beards) any red hair involved is a bonus (as is the guy). 13 March

On the subject of red hair. I LOVE red hair on guys - especially beards - the world has gone to put! 13 March

...so there you go u see, that's what it's all about and the school kids suffer as a result (but gov are not bothered about that) 13 March

Not teachers fault - they do good job of running around paperwork for targets for Gov. Disconnect on both parties.13 March

Interesting science in school e.g astronomy, physics use a seed 4 productcity science, engineering, tech. Needs more connection. 13 March

Mindset for this should start with kids in school be instilled by government (by pass current edu policy) but not easy but poss.13 March

UK needs engineering, science, innovation and industry. It needs to produce well above board to survive or it will sink.13 March

Stefan Franczuk @stefanfranczuk Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open @ClaireCSmith I am always amazed that the electrostatic attraction that builds dust balls also builds planets 12 March

Everything REALLY happens at a proper level of action(physics) when cleaning - thank gravity(+suction) 4 keeping hoover on carpet. 12 March

Besides, it's also checking t mobile(new interference) every so often to look at a face and a thought. The filter needs cleaning. 12 March

Today I am doing house work(cleaning hoovering) but its not just that. It's all the thinking that's going on at the same time. 12 March

More to the point, your parents giving life to u has got to be 1 of natures most greatest magic tricks - without the hat + wand. 12 March

Car mechanics know that having fixed an engine it then has a mind of its own. Best metaphor for life. 12 March

....... Lots of them! !10 March

Our weather: reasonable known predictable parameters. Space weather: appears a multitude of unknown unpredictable permeates.10 March

I've just been reading about Sun spots, Solar storms + CME's. It involves many genres of science - quite compex. 10 March

Beautifully majestic, the stars, planets, nebulae -an interspersed cornucopia of forces in the laws of scientific events 10 March

other possibility is Black Hole. At least odd socks will b accounted 4 + the Event Horizon will b classed as Rinse Hold. 10 March

Hey up, washing machine wants emptying again but if it wants emptying any more it'll start implode into a Neutron Star.10 March

I suppose you could argue that if something has 'magnificent unknown conditions' in it (my other tweet) it's an oxymoron 10 March

the more the challenge of not being able 2 replicate conditions inside the Sun on Earth, the more interesting t science. 9 March

A bit like the extreme and weird but magnificent unknown conditions inside the interior, for example of the Neutron Star. 9 March

If there is 1 person to ask about the recent Solar Storm + Space Weather it's Nicolas @niclabrosse <-! 9 March

It's v quiet around here(not complaining). How quiet is it in space + more 2 the point, did we really hear the Big Bang? 9 March

1 of the most interesting subjects in Astronomy is about the sun + 2 b blinded by it's brilliance is an understatement. 9 March

Was thinking earlier solar storms + high indoor static - not sure if correlated. Either way need 2 do some follow backs 8 March

@niclabrosse - SNAP! In reply to Nicolas Labrosse 5 March

A BIG Happy Birthday 2 Sir Patrick Moore today #bbcskyatnight an honour it was 2 meet u! http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html 5 March

@niclabrosse Thanks loads for the RT! <----- Nicolas - what a great inspiration. 4 March

Great that a meteor was spotted last night. #wonders why I missed it #bbcstargazing #ukmeteor 4 March

If space exploration wants to expand into the future, studying these 3 areas of the past might be the catapult needed. 4 March

Further The Oort Cloud about a light-yr from the Sun + about a quarter of t distance 2 nearest star Proxima Centauri. 3 March

The probe to explore the Kuiper belt is called New Horizons + will be an interesting journey into unknown objects there. 3 March

What could this mean? Maybe our exploration of science too often goes for the obvious. Keep in mind the less obvious. 3 March

With The Kuiper belt, it's hosts are iced Pluto, Haumea, and Makemake and some solar system's moons originate form here. 3 March

The Asteroid belt hosts Ceres, 4 Vesta, 2 Pallas, and 10 Hygiea and unknown to some Ceres is classed as a dwarf planet. 3 March

yet the interest and science is still in it's infancy because of the techniques used to detect how their objects behave. 3 March

It's amazing to think that The Asteroid belt and The Kuiper belt host some of the most interesting findings in astronomy 3 March

likes Top Gear by the way. 2 March

I used to enjoy watching wacky car based adverts but now we have, Top Gear or Top Automatic, if that's what you use. 2 March

Fantastic Friends ff# @AntRyanET @Star_gazer1965 @Peteuplink @McrSciFest I've prob missed some, more nxt wk if so..2 March

Gene J. Mikulka @genejm29 @ClaireCSmith A #FollowFriday back to you and thank you for including me in that group of people.. quite honored! 2 March

Fantastic Friends @Nighthawk_Black @RayGil @pjhydro @james_lennie I haven't forgot any1 as I'll do more next Friday! 2 March

Fantastic Friends #ff @barticasun @nealbw @niclabrosse @DrMRFrancis @materion @johnnycroucher @NorthStaffsAS 2 March

Fantastic Friends #ff @genejm29 @steve_p_knight @FelicityLennie @Betelgeuse10 @bel__23 @alliebalibee Alison, ta for RT! 2 March

Fantastic Friends #ff @Spicey_Spiney @Sunset_Twilight @Spacettf @OOK_Librarian @aspencountry @merseysci @OOK_Librarian 2 March

Countdown To The Quote 1:It's a physical system existing partly in all its possible states until measured.- 27 Feb

Countdown To The Quote 2: It is a linear sum of a net response, at a given place and time caused by two or more stimuli. 11:02 PM - 27 Feb

If people knew the science behind principles about how their car worked, they would not excuse chance if it broke down. 11:06 PM - 28 Feb

Where most people would see a hundred trees in one way, the famous artist, David Hockey, would see a hundred ways to see one tree 4:26 PM - 28 Feb

Don't worry, theme 4 Countdown to t quote this month will shortly b made more accessible by tomz. I shld have chosen Tiddlywinks. 1:59 PM - 28 Feb

has got energy on the brain. I read, the term, 'vintage posters' as 'voltage powers'. 1:40 PM - 28 Feb

It's as simple as that. 8:28 PM - 27 Feb

If you don't step back 2 look (art) 2 think (philosopher) + 2 work out (scientist) then you have missed 90% of the world 8:27 PM - 27 Feb

David Hockney a most interesting person: Artist 1st. Philosopher 2nd. Scientist of nature 3rd. We have a lot to learn. 8:18 PM - 27 Feb

If we all woke up and saw the world like artist David Hockney does, it would be brilliant before we even started. 8:15 PM - 27 Feb

goes outside with very long stick to poke at the #sky just to make sure it's not black material with LED's stuck on it. 10:41 PM - 24 Feb

#moon saw it. #venus saw it #jupiter saw all three. #iss saw it. #skyatnight yup, it was there, unless it was a trick. 10:37 PM - 24 Feb

cont- Inverse Law:areas that have abundant ideas(science, busi) inversely proportional 2 areas w control + power(gov, politics). 12:44 PM - 24 Feb

Ref last few tweets-1st time I've used fictional character as e.g. 4 idea about ideas. Fiction sometimes imitates life quite well 12:38 PM - 24 Feb

? *?·?·?· ?*:.??.*.?¤ :.?? *·?·?·*:.??.*.?.*.?** ? :.???·?·? *·¤ :..*.??* * :.. ? ?·? ?· ?*?·?* :.. ??.*.??* *?.*.?¤ ? - 23 Feb

incidentally I spelt t professors name wrong, character is Professor Furie with play on word 'fury'. Is it any wonder. 10:10 PM - 22 Feb

+ t recession wld b v significant indeed. Ppl spend too much time talking, not enough thought into ideas and invention 10:06 PM - 22 Feb

If there was as much effort put in2 idea generation + its thinking, small scale or large, the connection betwn science 10:05 PM - 22 Feb

then entrepreneurs, small shops, then way down the line local councils, then government. A terrible short fall it is. 10:03 PM - 22 Feb

r the only institution's so far that make sure that idea generation is the best way 2 improve most things.Science is 2nd 10:01 PM - 22 Feb

I've yet got to (in real life) find a person who thinks about ideas as a way of making communities better. Businesses - 9:59 PM - 22 Feb

Character, Professor Fury from A Very Peculiar Practice, was right when he said there aren't enough original ideas. 9:57 PM - 22 Feb

needs to rummage around in the mind to find some random thoughts again. They might appear here in the next few days. 11:41 PM - 21 Feb

I thought the Brit Awards with Noel Gallagher + Chris Martin on piano with him was good. The set was kewl too. 11:37 PM - 21 Feb

@sgruenwald - in reply 2 ur DM, yes I'll have 2 put more pics of me on my page. That is the only 1 of me on line ever! 3:31 PM - 21 Feb

@Darkskypark - Alastair, it's been lovely and sunny here up until now! 3:28 PM - 21 Feb

I don't think ppl like it when u put something you're interested in online.They prefer ur a professional or small talker 11:33 PM - 20 Feb

An unknown area where new optical phenomena emerge is the innovative technological intersection of perception + physics. 4:22 PM - 20 Feb

The eye/brain structure could change with evolutions advance to accommodate new interpretations of the visible spectrum. 4:12 PM - 20 Feb

1 day we will invent a telescope so big, that we will need another telescope to find where the eye peice is on the 1st telescope. 7:57 PM - 19 Feb

Science is Golden. - 19 Feb

likes quietness (apart from listening to music, which on some occasions can be quite loud) and 3:09 AM - 19 Feb

John Bailey - if you ever go on twitter (will text u about this), look at my favourites + u'll see a list of fracking* tweets. fracturing* 9:03 PM - 18 Feb

Right, that's it. We've all been duped. Planets are just large inflated beach balls and the stars are just under shelf LEDs from Maplin. 8:43 PM - 18 Feb

@Steve_P_Knight - me not going 2 Tesco's as much (hardly ever)now (nothing against their staff) but ethos is like a sprawling unwanted weed. Hide conversation 7:58 PM - 18 Feb

The most intriguing but mysterious - a network of common state out of a vacuum but connecting everything - an acceleration beyond its means. 1:03 AM - 18 Feb

Saw Cameron speech on TV days ago, with backdrop window to Edinburgh - what architecture + beautiful if not the most magical there is. 12:44 AM - 18 Feb

@alaindebotton - if you don't mind me saying, Mr. de Botton, I find you quite comical (in the nicest possible way) ! Hide conversation 8:41 PM - 17 Feb

@Alby if u r setting an example to children as a teacher, why swear online? Do we want children to swear(even tho some do?) Hide conversation- 17 Feb

You know when something goes into administration, what happens if administration goes into administration? 11:37 AM - 17 Feb

I've about 92 Physics books. Most text books different levels. 2 Stephen Hawking, A Brief books cos some1 thought I didnt have his book. 12:53 AM - 17 Feb

Advanced Calculus SI (metric) edition. Murray R Spiegel. This book printed in 1963(for electronics studies). I've quite a few books. 12:47 AM - 17 Feb

Another is very different - good colour use, Physics, Third Edition, Ken Dobson, David Grace & David Lovett. Very clear + explanatory book. 12:43 AM - 17 Feb

1 here called Concepts of Modern Physics, second edition, Arthur Beiser. Not so modern now - fundamentals same. 12:40 AM - 17 Feb

Just been looking at another text book. They all use different formulas for layout of info. Might take some pics of my book shelf to show. 12:37 AM - 17 Feb

@barticasun @bel__23 Simon, v good point. Some jobs have long duration but start with little pay - others big pay at 1st but risky duration. Hide conversation 9:59 AM - 16 Feb

@materion - Arjen - the person + lovely guy, who has re tweeted me the most in last few years. 8:50 AM - 16 Feb

On Valentines night, i tweeded 2 @Betelgeuse10 i had trouble with perspective. I was joking! i don't (c my pic+ cartoon 4 reason) 11:31 PM - 15 Feb

If a robot learns 2 walk it won't just sit down + read a book but uses many modalities like balance systems. Unless it's had a few to drink. 9:59 AM - 15 Feb

Learning not to just stop at writing and reading. As with last few tweets, technology with learning evolve as a duo and as a matter of fact. 9:49 AM - 15 Feb

Large flat display on ground 2 act out the methods of calculations with feet + body (great for restless dyslexics like me). Why not dance! 9:36 AM - 15 Feb

Why do we use our hands to explain something? Because it helps! Use same thing with body. Hands work on display next step down if not body. 6:36 AM - 15 Feb

I have invented this + called it Real Time Learning - think of dance or using hands when talking 2 explain - use hands + dance on display. 6:32 AM - 15 Feb

Cld use same method 4 planet orbits in Astrophysics to integrate learning - immediate effect combining kinesthetic methods of calculation. 6:28 AM - 15 Feb

cont- mobiles + i-pads already use same interface with hands but it's interactions have no 3D subject to model - only lists, text or links. 6:17 AM - 15 Feb

Thinking of CAD/CAM etc..how about a hands on way of rotating or revolving 3D images with hands on flat data display if no real life version- 15 Feb

Lecturer asked us 2 write an answer. They all wrote straight away. I sat thinking 4 a whole 5 mins b4 hand. The most productive 5 mins ever..- 15 Feb

You still don't get the idea, equation for how it works - you have memorised it - you read it backwards - written it forwards. Just draw it.- 15 Feb

@james_lennie - and we are still working out how to make better batteries. Hide conversation 12:25 AM - 15 Feb

So what do we do about the bad Mars news? 11:55 PM - 14 Feb

They say everyone falls in love at some point. If they fell in a Black Hole, you can forget the point and that's stretching it. - 14 Feb

Imagine today was the day that we solved all the problems, absolutely every problem. What would we do about all problems solved . What next? 8:29 AM - 14 Feb

Can white background with text b changed 2 another - less glare help my dyslexia. It appears more glare, oh dear, oh well, that's that then. 7:50 AM - 14 Feb

Have been looking at Greenwich area, to stay, on Google street maps - interesting place near Royal Observatory, with large open green spaces 7:24 AM - 14 Feb

The tweet about my great followers before - does not include the lewd bots. Need to know how to get rid of them! 7:37 AM - 13 Feb

@Keaton_S - yeah, ok. Hide conversation 1:04 AM - 13 Feb

I don't have thousands of followers but the ones I have are great. 13 Feb

will watch The Sky At Night #theskyatnight on I player as it's all #stars #moons and #wonders tonight - am sure #sirpatrickmoore won't mind 12:36 AM - 13 Feb

If needing 2 join up any inconsistent science areas in the future, Cosmology @AntRyanET is the way -also a thinking vehicle for Astrophysics 11:45 PM - 12 Feb

Cosmology is a subject that connects disparate areas. Gregory Chaitin once talked about joining islands of mathematics -same with cosmology. 11:42 PM - 12 Feb

@Diffractionman - lol! ok well it could be -> repeated tea, as apposed to reheated tea? cheers Peter! ! Hide conversation 10:48 PM - 12 Feb

@OOK_Librarian - then its good enough for????? ha! Hide conversation 10:39 PM - 12 Feb

cheers @AntRyanET <- also pls have a look at Antony's theories - some good thinking going on. Cosmology is vast subject - connects areas up. 10:38 PM - 12 Feb

has been a bit too busy to go on line this wknd. Did you all watch Top Gear tonight? I was in stitches - Richard Hammond as a director<- 9:41 PM - 12 Feb

@niclabrosse - hya Nic! I'll be doing some later this weekend! along with awards (ahem) I noticed u b4! cheers. .. Hide conversation 12:02 AM - 11 Feb

So, there's me here + u lot all down there, everything down there with ISIS Synchrotron Particle Accelerator. I've got The Tower Ballroom. 12:01 AM - 11 Feb

@RogerHighfield - Hello Roger Highfield!? U r welcome(did I mention u? ) more 2 the point, am I following u (looks to see..will follow).. Hide conversation 11:28 PM - 10 Feb

@nealbw - okeeee... It's all about what you do with the camera/ adaptors not always having the best (like anything!) Thnaks Hide conversation 10:54 PM - 10 Feb

@nealbw - hya Neal - ive managed to get Jupiter with Moons in my short tube catadioptric - need to c if i can attach mobile to eyepiece. Hide conversation 10:21 PM - 10 Feb

Gee, I've never spent so much time talking (interacting twitter) than tonight. Where did my earlier random thoughts go (tries 2 catch them) 10:43 PM - 10 Feb

@Betelgeuse10 - John I like ur Moon crater loads and spiders pics! Brilliant ! Hide conversation 10:18 PM - 10 Feb

@Astromount - hya Matt, I'll be loking at ur photos soon tonight- There is so much to see! Ur all there then! Hope it's a good event. Hide conversation 10:07 PM - 10 Feb

@sky_watching @AntRyanET @felicitylennie - yes and you too!! sky_watching - I was before, it was cloudy. Hide conversation 9:52 PM - 10 Feb

@Betelgeuse10 @IDADarksky @peakdarkskies @Paul_Abel @marsroverdriver @NASAKepler @darkskyman @RogerHighfield -John - Ta loads 4 mention ! ! Hide conversation. In reply to John Brady 9:50 PM - 10 Feb

@Spacettf - cheers George for that! I hope to tweet everyday .....one day! lol Hide conversation 9:49 PM - 10 Feb

I have saved many thoughts here 2 make a blog 4 ideas - I appreciate that twitter is a social network, so inevitable that chat will increase 12:54 AM - 9 Feb

Last few tweets about wonder or interest in science since childhood - does any one have the same thoughts that stay with you all your life? 8:09 AM - 8 Feb

Mid 1970's I took interest in my mum's crystal ornament on windowsill. On clear midday, it refracted the Sun's light - enough to wonder. 6:22 AM - 8 Feb

1st interest in physics of light was reading Scientific American Mag at my Aunt + Uncles house, about 1977/8.Took it home -never put it down 6:14 AM - 8 Feb

I was about 7 yrs old, 1 v cold sunny day in garden, my breath turned in2 ice crystals seconds after hitting air, then clinked on the ground 6:10 AM - 8 Feb

It's not always an obvious thing but, Art + Physics r v similar. Look at a text + popular book + see how they merge 2 encompass a gestalt. 11:51 PM - 6 Feb

Just 2 b on the serious side, physics + bubbles do go 2gether. An interesting overlap, though not fully researched like Neutron Star physics 11:41 PM - 6 Feb

Just finished washing up. If you think physics and bubbles don't go together -then you are thinking wrong - very wrong. It's been a journey. - 6 Feb

Astronomy is the evolution, physics, chemistry, meteorology + motion of celestial objects + formation of the universe. 11:11 PM - 20 Feb

It is also the phenomena that originate outside the atmosphere of Earth (such as cosmic background radiation). 11:08 PM - 20 Feb

Astronomy is a natural science that is the study of celestial objects (such as stars, planets, comets, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies). 11:07 PM - 20 Feb

There is an extraordinary dance between nitrogen + oxygen + the speed at which light is emitted from each to produce the various colours. - 6 Feb

- and oxygen and nitrogen atoms returning from an excited state to ground state. As the solar wind collides, they become ionized or excited - 6 Feb

Auroras r emissions of photons in the Earth's upper atmosphere from ionized nitrogen atoms regaining an electron - 6 Feb

The Aurora Borealis is caused by colliding energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere called the thermosphere. 7:38 PM - 6 Feb

2 angles at understanding a subject - through science: deduction, induction, hypo deductive - art: diagram, function, visual data display. 5 Feb

it could be that Science + Art r ways of using change in ref frame 4 subjects. Education cld use these changes in frame 2 improve learning. 11:08 PM - 5 Feb

cont- wave collapse function - observer not able 2 re frame in2 other state. Artificial Intelligence might have some answers we have not. 9:08 PM - 5 Feb

cont- oblong objects seen head on look different to sideways on - make this metaphor for reasoning - accentuate the angle not the object. 9:02 PM - 5 Feb

Last tweet in ref to, not this months Countdown To The Quote Of The Month theme, but last months - really makes you think about ref frames. 8:58 PM - 5 Feb

Re-frame the question - what is being looked at then viewing a field strip, while on a train, when it is viewed head on - metaphor for frame 8:56 PM - 5 Feb

cont- idea becomes apparent when seeing the strips change at acute angle i.e not directly in line with form but info about form same. 8:51 PM - 5 Feb

that anything we know about matter has same properties as illusion -.view is paramount not so much the subject in view. Hidden variable type 8:44 PM - 5 Feb

So ur on a train + looking thro window as it goes past fields with long strips at right angles 2 train. Wld it b unreasonable to think . 8:41 PM - 5 Feb

flip. 11:57 PM - 3 Feb

As inconclusive as Bell's Theorem is, at 1 point, if applied to qubits, its quantum algorithm cld suggest instantaneous alignment 2 the next 10:39 PM - 3 Feb

Make a probe this is able to take specimens from within the centre of a Neutron star without being affected by the enormous forces at play. 10:30 PM - 3 Feb

cont- landscapes/solar imaging+ its astronomy/space exploration/space + portrait art/vanilla perfume/star themed items/things that light up. 1 hour ago 28 Jan

cont- physics of air dynamics + engineering/soap bubbles/the Earth's upper atmosphere/electricity/forces/QM/driving in car/nebulae/barren 1 hour ago 28 Jan

Strange things that Claire C Smith is interested in: Physics of light/ Electromagnetic Radiation/LED par Can disco DJ stage lights cont- 1 hour ago 28 Jan

Talking of lights, It's now another interest that I have bought another LED light from Maplin (already got 2 LED spot par cans) like shoes. 1 hour ago 28 Jan

..dear I am making loads of mistakes tonighht! (doing 7 loads of machine washing, watching film and sorting cat) makes for mistakes online 1 hour ago 28 Jan

Of course the idea was dancing 2 a beat like Pulsar emissions, was likened 2 music lights in discos + clubs - no science, no dance lights. 1 hour ago 28 Jan

It's Saturday night + everyone is dancing 2 the beat of the beam of electromagnetic radiation emitted from a Pulsar - another Neutron Star. 3 hours ago 28 Jan

A Neutron Star's gravitational field is so immense that it has a quirky gravitational lensing effect bending radiation 2 expose its surface 3 hours ago 28 Jan

The physics of Neutron Stars isn't very widespread because the conditions inside their core are hard 2 replicate on Earth - but can theorise 3 hours ago 28 Jan

(corrected word in last tweet) A stars demise turns to Neutron star form whereas a Black Hole evaporates due to Hawking Radiation. 4 hours ago 28 Jan

The study of a star/planet is 1 of the greatest subjects in Astrophysics - it shouldn't stop at that when it's interesting demise is denser 28 jan

At the centre of a Neutron star it is thought that there are conglomerations of quarks and its central properties act like a superconductor. 4 hours ago 28 Jan

#ff+ #baots(But Also On To Sat) @DanielGlomboske @newburyastro @JasonOnion @RichB22 @doctorjeff @McrSciFest @materion @Clairepie @Jdean975 4 hours ago 28 Jan

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I have thrown in another few other peoples twitter names in with the #ff's thankus - I hope that is ok. Random thoughts soon to be tweeted. 27 Jan

@mama2mir Thanks 4 the #ff Cynthia @aspencountry @xineutrino @jthomasross @sinnerman24 @followacharity @mmaayeh @connectcolorado @ffhelper 27 Jan

@aspencountry -Thanks 4 the #ff Michele @mama2mir @xineutrino @jthomasross @sinnerman24 @followacharity @mmaayeh @connectcolorado @ffhelper 27 Jan

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@Keaton_S - You run away from them - I run towards them. I LOVE spiders! 26 Jan

@HonorarySpock - Hya Paul, is there any reason why I am blocked from following you? 26 Jan

@lizditz - Liz, thanks for the follow back and I can only explain anything to anyone using my hands. 26 Jan

cont- I'll probably get my hand wrapped for that because the telescope will be affected by temperature and humidity (depends on the room). 26 Jan

Astronomy Furniture: If you have no room to store your telescope outside, place it in a seat box under or near window seat. #bbcstargazing. 26 Jan

Ok, here is a question: You start to take a photo with your telescope then see a drop of rain on the lens. What do u do next? #bbcstargazing 26 Jan

badas_tweets Blackpool Astronomy @ @VirtualAstro - Well not quite now as hailstone was a slight problem - Imagine getting that in/on your lens! #bbcstargazing #stargazing 26 Jan

badas_tweets Blackpool Astronomy Someone needs 2 come up with a strategic idea -how 2 store large telescopes in a box in a garage when not in use. #bbcstargazing Any takers? 26 Jan

It's incredible 2 think that above the rain + clouds it is clear + dark to expose the night sky - a bit like taking the roof off your house. 25 Jan

It's incredible 2 think that above the rain + clouds it is clear + dark to expose the night sky - a bit like taking the roof off your house. 25 Jan

@LauraLouanne79 - Hya Laura !!! Yes you are right, we need a 8+ level here for the Aurora. The weather today has gone too. Will speak soon. 25 Jan

@AntRyanET - ok up to part 10! tis v good stuff this. I will keep in with your work. 24 Jan

@AntRyanET - *Sizeless Point* is that folding geometry -well put. R u going to b or r u a Physics lecturer? I think that wld suit u. brb. 24 Jan

@AntRyanET - VERY<----- clever idea. back in a mins. 24 Jan

@AntRyanET - mmmmmmmm.. yeah ok (had to think about that!) u into geometry of spaces and angles etc. I'll watch ur 3rd video. brb... 24 Jan

@dbatty - I always read text books alongside<--- advanced books (that's for pleasure) as I am sad git but it helps put the facts together. 24 Jan

@dbatty - Daniel, I thnk whether u take CGSE physics 1st or read the text book facts urself, ur understanding is enriched learning. 24 Jan

@AntRyanET - Ok, (just pasued the vid) is that polyhedra togther about surface area? Ok, maybe I should watch the next video! 24 Jan

@AntRyanET - Neutron Star collapse seems/appears newish area but has heavy weight in understanding of physics (I think< not a fact - idea) 24 Jan

@AntRyanET - Pauli is 1 of my fav laws. It like a rule that cannot be symmetrical - chiral. I'am v interested in your ideas - more advanced! 24 Jan

@dbatty maybe a grounding of text book physics(at least GCSE)b4 anything for facts 1st or @AntRyanET (last tweet) will know more than me. 24 Jan

@AntRyanET -Hya Antony, yes they absolutely do collapse - Black Hole is same, GT is wiped out. Better I would like 2 read about ur<-- theory 24 Jan

The finite end, after gravitational collapse, of the Neutron star is classical proof of the quantum effect of the Pauli Exclusion Principle. 24 Jan

Symphony of patterns in stars are placed in such a way that any technique 2 get what ever data we can from them will always play 2 our ears. 24 Jan

So it's ionized particles effect now + I haven't seen this ever in my lifetime - the Aurora Borealis. Don't confuse with Noctilucent Clouds! 23 Jan

@steveslater1987 - Keep me posted on anything you do. Space science is a great subject to see on screen + ur work helps support that! 22 Jan

@steveslater1987 - ok but Ill change it anyway. Yes, it's a very inspiring sentence one which fitted that theme. My website is a past time. 22 Jan

@steveslater1987 - Steve - am about 2 have some tea - will change t word after tea. Hope it's not caused any prblms quoting ur documentary. 22 Jan

@steveslater1987 - oh very sorry! I can change the word. I didn't think I had done that! I can take it offline if you want. 22 Jan

- everything could flips the coin if using same rules with qubits in quantum computers. How many worlds would there be at a flip of a qubit. 22 Jan

altho often thought Cosmology a bit fuzzy, watching Max Tegmark's take on a Q Mechanics set wrt Everett + Copenhagen interpretations. cont- 22 Jan

@steveslater1987 - cthisspace.com/quotes2.html - Prof John Zarnecki - U'll have trowel the page - it's ages ago! ! 22 Jan

amongst all the space, physics and wonderment of all the things in this unique universe I now ask after a thought - is Max Tegmark married? 22 Jan

Countdown to The Quote of The Month - Just bunged a few ideas together + hoped for the best - http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 21 Jan

Just b4 I sign off folks, the random thoughts I put here (c tons of wks/months yrs) r supposed 2 b ideas for a blog I haven't started yet! 20 Jan

@nealbw @chrisenorth @Darkskypark @Dr_Lucie @Freckleface12 @geoffnotkin @GirlInBlueCoat @hannyvanarkel - Neal thanks 4 #ff! 20 Jan

@aspencountry @EmilieTD @PatriciaLevy93 @OxyMoronParadox @mathenaetor @XINeutrino @Astroguyz @nando_Bach @ffhelper - Thnks 4r #ff! Michele ! 20 Jan

Beautifully majestic - the stars, planets, nebulae etc... involving an interspersed cornucopia of forces in the laws of scientific events. 20 Jan

@Peteuplink @MyDarkSkyUK @AntRyanET @siabost9deas @SciChem_ @Sunset_Twilight @pjhydro - thank u for #ff too! 20 Jan

Right.... as soon as this weather improves - need a drive in the car to music - anywhere, country/seaside, space - those driving forces! 20

is impressed with Jonathan Amos's BBC reporting of science. It's really odd that there are only a few articles per day though. What gives? 20 Jan

@TimeLapseGuys - I would like to introduce you to @steveslater1987 (unless u know him) he directed Destination Titan BBC Doc - ace footage. 20 Jan

Looking for accommodation near Greenwich Royal Observatory - Hotel reasonably priced - Want's to stay there at some point in space-time. 20 Jan

zubeninskip Steven Waterworth Brian Cox was great last night, but does he listen to Patrick Moore? He answers the question before any discussion!! Great Prog though. 18 Jan

@astroknowhow thanks - for the info ! We did meet at Patrick's house in 2008 but u won't remember! 20 Jan

#ff @TimeLapseGuys @NewBookArrivals @IsraelSpace @Tokhtaman @AmasinGallery @shropastrosoc thnks 4 follow backs 2 ! 20 Jan

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@merseysci @crest_star @ScienceForAllUK @Scousestuff @MyMathCloud @AmandaChemist @BeerMeNow1 @NorthScience oh ur welcome @merseyskeptics 20 Jan

The strange fascination of Electromagnetic radiation in space - 2 fields oscillating in phase perpendicular 2 each other + energy direction. 19 Jan

Apart from finding out about Gravitational Radiation via it, the rotating Neutron Star, a Pulsar, emits a beam of Electromagnetic Radiation. 19 Jan

Twitter should be called 'Twink'(Twitter Link) because of the amount of other ppl using it as a linking exercise - 4 me a thinking exercise. 19 Jan

Where will you be in ten years time? Not where you are now perhaps - and not in the same place in space certainly - think about that! 19 Jan

Steady State theory is finite in that it ties up starts + ends, continuously balancing out the Perfect Cosmological Principle. 19 Jan

String Theory does a good job of getting rid of infinites - something that Steady State theory would agree to - a finite result. 19 Jan

One of the most difficult things to tie together in our sci understanding is the breakdown of a fundamental law at a Black Hole. 19 Jan

The vastness of the universe is an unknown variable, in that, not everything about it, is in a state of equilibrium. 19 Jan

Sometimes an unexpected surprise in ur day makes ur day + a matter of living for that occurrence, even in the night sky, still makes ur day. 19 Jan

Did any 1 see/listen 2 David Attenborough's little Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World ditty with brilliant photogpraphy, last night,? 19 Jan

likes Jonathan Amos's BBC article about the Herschel telescope's majestic version of the Eagle Nebula - #bbcstargazing 18 Jan

Beautifully majestic - the stars, planets, nebulae etc... involving an interspersed cornucopia of forces in the laws of scientific events. 16 Jan

Optical, radio and space telescopes tell us about how Solar Flares produce radiation across the Electromagnetic spectrum. Watch the grids! 16 Jan

The future of space travel is about the small steps into the giant step that mankind had back in 1969 when the first man went to the Moon. 16 Jan

Just imagine yourself on 1 of the most amazing journeys of your life - a flight into space - will need tomorrows kids to do science for that 16 Jan

Astronomy is 1 of the main subjects where both Science + Art combine 2 create some of the most brilliant scenes of discovery #BBCstargazing 15 Jan

Is someone thinks dust, clouds and gases are boring, get them to look closely at a Nebula in the night sky and they won't think that again. 15 Jan

You don't need to create a worm hole to jump in time - the best time machine is to look at stars and see a history go right into your eyes. 15 Jan

It's a good way to think of a Black Hole as the opposite of an explosion - a reverse blast typically in slow motion that warps space-time. 15 Jan

Astronomy doesn't stop when the Sun comes out - in fact it starts again with the journey of discovery about what the Solar Astronomy is. 15 Jan

It can be:know what the subject is and study it differently via different books or get to know the subject with just one book - or both! 15 Jan

At star parties there are different scopes that are used to look at the same object. It's a great journey to go through each one per object. 15 Jan

It looks like The Royal Observatory building in Greenwich is a work of art b4 you even get to the science of Astronomy! Just up my street. 15 Jan

@JasonOnion - Great way to break the ice! Just looking at map of Royal Observatory Greenwich - v central. Lovely grounds too, quite green. 15 Jan

Planets are events that, like people, have a personality of their own. Ask questions about their origins - watch the party begin. 13 Jan

Astronomy - today a science, tomorrow an art. Later, a way of thinking about our universe outside of the minds eye. 13 Jan

Astronomy - today a science, tomorrow an art. Later, a way of thinking about our universe outside of the minds eye. 13 Jan

You've arrived at a Star Party all set up and instead of your telescope in the boot of your car, you realise you've packed your microscope. 13 Jan

Once upon a time ago there was a S P that was far away. In the end it lived happily ever after the universe begun just before the big bang. 13 Jan

A man walks into a pub and orders a beer. A man walks into a telescope and orders a white rag to be tied on the end of its counter weight. 13 Jan

At a Star Party you can even fall in love with a Satellite in the night sky after looking at it a thousand times over. Telescope Goggles. 13 Jan

The saying "Don't Try This At Home" - does not<- apply to Astronomy #wonders #bbcstargazing #bbcstargazinglive 13 Jan

Astronomy is for all of us - It's free to see the night sky and all its #wonders #bbcstargazing 13 Jan

It's the #Higgs boson that predicts the mass ratio between the W boson and the Z boson. I hope they get 2 this point this year at the #LHC. 11 Jan

The Z boson is neutral whereas the W+ and W- bosons r electrically charged + mediators of the weak interaction. It's all good proper stuff. 11 Jan

thinks she has a great set of followers on twitter. Physics + Art inspire by photoelastically combining profound processes of the universe. 10 Jan

thinks she has a great set of followers on twitter. Physics + Art inspire by photoelastically combining profound processes of the universe. 10 Jan

is reading about Lagrangian Mechanics. It's better than Pepto Bismol. 9 Jan

The Countdown to The Quote of The Month's subject can change your perspective of perspective http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 7 Jan

Well, it's not long to go now for our annual BBC Star Gazing Live (BBC Grass Grazing Live if it's cloudy) programme !! #bbcstargazing 7 Jan

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Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 1: We are often told to get a perception in it and it's used in a form. 1:59 AM - 31 Dec 11

Countdown To The Quote Of The Month 2: Has similarities to S and G Relativity by Cartesian coordinates but for its planes, scenes and axes. 1:36 PM - 30 Dec 11

Countdown To The Quote (of The Month) 3: Subjects size of dimension along this being shorter than dimensions across it.

Is listening to Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto album. What paradise this music is that blends many decoherence worlds like Everett's interpretation. 12:47 AM - 27 Dec 11

Am missing those late and light summer nights to drive around the country with music playing in the car. Bring on the New Year longer days. 11:31 PM - 26 Dec 11

Dr Who was teary - loved the atmospheric effects. Was expecting Tardis Ace @JasonOnion to be the Doctor but Matt Smith will do for now. 11:34 PM - 25 Dec 11

has just seen Santa leaving the remote planet of Elves and Reindeer in her telescope. Please make sure all ur chimney tops are free of soot. 2:48 AM - 25 Dec 11

Steve my large Russian is in a wooden box (or two)+ stacked under most of contents of garage. My short tube catadioptric is easier obviously 2:07 AM - 25 Dec 11

- Breaking News - was using my catadioptric to view Santa and he didn't fall short<- of not leaving any gifts at any houses to prove it. 12:06 AM - 25 Dec 11

Xmas Party Politics: Ed Baubles. Tinsel May. David Caramel Topping. Nick Robin. Christmas Huhne. 11:51 PM - 24 Dec 11

what do u reckon, opening gifts is just another way for the other person to see you get your kit off - but in parcel form. 11:35 PM - 24 Dec 11

pls tk nt: This yr Santa is digital which means he will only zoom into lit up areas in suburbia. Don't wear flashing lights on your lapel. 11:00 PM - 24 Dec 11

says fresh snow absorbs sound lowering ambient noise cos trapped air between snowflakes attenuates vibration. Point in tip toeing in snow? 10:47 PM - 24 Dec 11

says that melting ice cubes in a drink, has the unusual property of absorbing heat that keeps the drink near 0 °C (32 °F). 10:43 PM - 24 Dec 11

Claire C Smith @ClaireCSmith Close @Steve_P_Knight - you what? I think ur Santa, just admit it. Hide conversation 10:32 PM - 24 Dec 11

A) Knock Knock. B) Who's there? A) Ok. your shelf is up now. 10:24 PM - 24 Dec 11

do a snow making machine/light from stars: in sky, brain or eyes/how do LEDs work/why is it harder to roll a snow ball increasing in size/ 10:19 PM - 24 Dec 11

#Howmuchsciencecanyougetyourkidstodowithoutthemknowingoverxmas? 10:11 PM - 24 Dec 11

I hope you all realise that ur kids wrapping paper over gifts accounts for about 25% of their maths knowledge about topological manifolds. 10:00 PM - 24 Dec 11

Creativity at Xmas - Thinking outside the gift. 9:56 PM - 24 Dec 11

Due to budgetary cuts, Santa is piggy backing on the back of the ISS this year. All Elves will be entering t Earth's atmosphere as meteors. 9:55 PM - 24 Dec 11

@BBC_TopGear Merry Xmas Top Gear - that's all very well but what if we all go Automatic? ----- Top Automatic ? Hide conversation 9:16 PM - 24 Dec 11

when I open my xmas gifts i chuck out the gift and keep the boxes. 9:01 PM - 24 Dec 11

Steve Knight @Steve_P_Knight 24 Dec Reply Retweet Favorite · Open The international space station passes by the Pleiades over light polluted Banbury tonight! #iss twitpic.com/7xv28j Retweeted by Claire C Smith 5:37 PM - 24 Dec 11

@ClaireCSmith you could hang my bank statement....it's doing a good impression of a black hole (or should that be a red hole?) Retweeted by Claire C Smith Hide conversation from Falkirk, Falkirk 12:33 AM - 23 Dec 11

is going to hang planets as baubles on xmas tree next year + on that note, is trying to work out how to make Black Holes to go with them. 12:30 AM - 23 Dec 11

The best thing at this time of the winter solstice yr is when u know the days are getting longer. Upon measuring them at about 25 foot more. 12:24 AM - 23 Dec 11

is wondering how CERN is going on now for the wait till March to see what results they have. If time was a carpet we could just pull it up. 1:11 AM - 20 Dec 11

Did anyone watch @ProfBrianCox last night? Wasn't he good. Lots of sand, skipping ropes, humour and intrigue to keep any one interested! 6:49 AM - 19 Dec 11

Solar flares spurt out surges of X-rays, gamma rays + strong ultraviolet radiation which can damage electric grids. AI helps pred 3:40 AM - 18 Dec 11

so got Black Holes + Planets 4 virtual estate, maybe networking could b Background Radiation, servers as Neutron stars. Spam - Space debris. 1:42 AM - 18 Dec 11

RT @steve_p_knight: Allan Chapman giving us a fantastic talk on Astronomy & Brewing at @newburyastro Xmas dinner! http://twitpic.com/7uobdn

@newburyastro @steve_p_knight - we just had him at a Garstang Hotel near me in Lancaster this week. He is very good. Hope meal was tasty! Retweeted by Claire C Smith In reply to Newbury Astro Soc 1:36 AM - 18 Dec 11

Oh, hello Hugh ! @SFScience - Jethro Tull fan hey - goes to see what CD's are in collection... got quite a few of those in CD music rack. 11:04 PM - 17 Dec 11

If u could re-tweet a re-tweeted re-tweet tweet, is that like Black Hole? It seems that the virtual spaces could now be called planets. 11:00 PM - 17 Dec 11

Anyone know what the flashes of light on the horizon where, reported by @ReadingAS, during the Geminids shower? Not lightening apparently. 8:08 AM - 15 Dec 11

Everything #Higgs today. As the results are not completely clear yet, let's celebrate an interesting twist on physics - better than nothing. 9:01 PM - 13 Dec 11

But there is also the lovely Moon to consider, that will be 82% illuminated, waning and gibbous in the adjacent constellation of Cancer. 9:59 PM - 11 Dec 11

Don't forget the Geminids meteor shower is due on morn 14th Dec, where there will be a Zenithal Hourly Rate (ZHR) up to 120 meteors per hr. 9:58 PM - 11 Dec 11

Have reached the magic 10 followers [nobody leave!] next target 100 - fat chance. I would need to be famous [like Winston Churchill] Retweeted by Claire C Smith 9:04 PM - 11 Dec 11

is trying to imagine what it would be like if the Earth suddenly started to be effected by space turbulence. 8:35 AM - 11 Dec 11

cont - could assume other way- directly but much more fun to assume the opposite. Imagine thousands of people sat down in your (big) lounge. 8:27 AM - 11 Dec 11

Let the amount of followers a person has on twitter be inversely proportional to the amount of scrutiny of the tweets that they post to them 8:20 AM - 11 Dec 11

@snap2grid recently followed @national_grid. I am jealous. 8:14 AM - 11 Dec 11

@newburyastro oh, how good is that! V simple and direct. I will get 1 of my scopes out over Xmas to see what can be captured. A 1st though. 12:38 AM - 11 Dec 11

@JasonOnion how r the Tardis's going? I've DM'd u bac reply. I would like a life size replica of a Daleck (in chocolate). Not much 2 ask. 12:32 AM - 11 Dec 11

Physicists do it energetically. Retweeted by Claire C Smith 7:37 PM - 10 Dec 11

@RichardWiseman Richard Wiseman has just bought himself a pint of milk. Well I thought it was funny. 11:44 PM - 10 Dec 11

Richard Wiseman @RichardWiseman Close Just bought a pint of milk. The sell by date was 21st December. Terrifying. Retweeted by Claire C Smith 11:01 PM - 10 Dec 11

Ok, here's one I made up a while ago:What do astronomers do when it's raining? 11:36 PM - 10 Dec 11

1 day something will happen in space and it won't follow the rules of least action principle but it'll be geometric but not devised as such. 1:35 AM - 10 Dec 11

Just reading @daraobriain 's tweets cos he's quite jokey, that might help. maybe not. he has many jokes and banter to wake anyone up. 1:13 AM - 10 Dec 11

Thanku. @Keaton_S Am trying to keep awake, saw u in list! I think the tiredness will win over any minute now! It's caught up. I surrender. 1:10 AM - 10 Dec 11

v gud idea ! @Darkskypark i think they r trying to do that but in a more subversive way, maybe not. Lovely and calm here , rare event! lol 1:01 AM - 10 Dec 11

hello @Darkskypark htere! Iam trying to keep awake by reading tweets and jokes (if there r any going about) 12:45 AM - 10 Dec 11

@doctorjeff og hello Jeff. Keep me awake pleaese!!! 12:27 AM - 10 Dec 11

@Keaton_S hello, just wanted to say that! 12:24 AM - 10 Dec 11

so, science is great, space, physics+all that. Wonders if it's possible 2 run out of tweets about such subjects. Answer: u must be kidding. 7:14 AM - 8 Dec 11

cut coupon captions in 2, changed the meaning: '3 for the price of 2' - '£1 each' - 'Half Price' + split a caption in 2 with gap:'Half/each' 7:02 AM - 8 Dec 11

another card a small lone cut out of a can of Campell's Soup(Mushroom flavour)on white plain card with a glittery star stuck on its top. 6:56 AM - 8 Dec 11

another card uses a coupon caption saying 'Buy One Get One Free' as 'Buy One Get One Pea' with a load of peas then a lone pea underneath. 6:53 AM - 8 Dec 11

1 card is a pic of bloke sat on end of bed in pyjamas+slippers wondering if drinking Tetly Tea is better than a can of Fabric Conditioner. 6:51 AM - 8 Dec 11

made a load of Xmas cards out of letter box junk mail+coupon leaflets (e.g pics of soup cans, peas, BOGOF titles)4 family/mates.Will post. 6:49 AM - 8 Dec 11

I liked Timberland when he was Twista, now he co-sings with other music artists like the formation of super symmetric particles in a lattice 7:07 AM - 7 Dec 11

was listening 2 album I bought a yr ago of Timberland ystrdy - on it a track for this months Countdown to The Quote on my site. Superb music 7:03 AM - 7 Dec 11

foreigner who can always spell English better then them! Also, using Google Chrome for twitter a few months back, it has auto spell checker 6:50 AM - 7 Dec 11

-cont being dyslexic myself, it made sense that an English dyslexic person, no matter what, won't find it easier 2 spell better than a -cont 6:48 AM - 7 Dec 11

1st time watching The Life Scientific radio prgrm by @jimalkhalili yesterday, about autism + dyslexia. V informative. Will catch the others 6:43 AM - 7 Dec 11

Marcus du Sautoy @MarcusduSautoy Close Just given a Christmas lecture to packed theatre of sixth formers in Milton Keynes for the open university about art and science. Retweeted by Claire C Smith 4:17 PM - 5 Dec

Science + Art always seem miles away from everyday real life but it's good to hold them in mind to add to this world of wonder. 9:41 AM - 3 Dec 11

At the moment, any1 has got a greater 'chance' of stirring a set bowl of porridge than they have changing someone's mind to see the obvious. 7:25 AM - 2 Dec 11

Countdown To The Quote 1: Is often attributed by something but not its own co-occurrence. 30th Nov

Countdown To The Quote 2: It could be probability or not as post hoc ergo propter hoc. 29 Nov

Who forgot Countdown To The Quote of The Month for my website again?? I did! here goes folks..............a three, a two, a one and lift off 29 Nov

Other applications 4 art in science- CAD (computer aided design) illustrations 4 schools. Art + computers 4 science engineering. 26 Nov

but not only that, art becomes a function in it self, of learning, more than a hobby - an element of discovery needed in science. 25 Nov

How do we know about the biology of the eye? A cross section diagram shows the form + function of each process through art in sci 25 Nov

Diagrams + scientific illustration eg of art in science share a common understanding in many text books + popular science books. 25 Nov

Some people c the world through art, some science, why not both? Not all subjects r in a box with no relation 2 other subjects. 25 Nov

wonders if they Lepton the wrong bandwagon about Neutrinos violating relativistic velocities. 24 Nov

Right, this is VERY hard- I'v been reading about Cherenkov radiation for past day + combined it with my knowledge of electromagnetic theory. 22 Nov

So, is it that Neutrino's r a different cookie, un hindered by gravity/mass, almost jumping the mainstream avenues of common understanding. 22 Nov

cont from recession tweets from other day:Change in system to not good 1st then much better later- better than no change at all. 22 Nov

neiltyson Neil deGrasse Tyson Unfortunately, for some people, the universe is above their heads. We need to do something about that. 22 Nov Unfavorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

MarcusduSautoy Marcus du Sautoy Neutrino story: strange logic being used. Icarus doesn't prove result wrong. It proves Cerenkov-like radiation and FTL result incompatible. 22 Nov Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

2 simplify term, any major poke 2 recession= result in change whether good or bad it still a dif-simpler:Needs a collective kick up the bum. 21 Nov

outcome is change in internal structure of system, whether it changes that system in same way is unsure, just a analogy 4 energy expenditure 21 Nov

now compare 1st 2 ways in wich that system can internally changed by say, quantative easing (more dosh) with push of more supply+ demand. 21 Nov

Suppose the recession is 1st law of closed thermodynamic system-it's change in energy=dif between energy as heat + work done on surroundings 21 Nov

Tonight it's crystal clear+ atmosphere layers reasonably consistent making it a good opportunity to see detailed areas better. A free show! 20 Nov

if growing up in inner cities + the like, then it is reasonable to assume any1 will think that stars don't exist because of light pollution. 19 Nov

Ok, just looked at sky+guess what? There are stars. That statement might sound ridiculous but some people have asked if they are still there 19 Nov

cont- best not performed in front of people u don't know apart from ppl viewing ur house if u don't want to move house 4 e.g. + wear slacks. 19 Nov

Little exercise tip- when u go to turn light switches off/on don't use hands but do a couple of taekwondo moves then use foot/toes instead. 19 Nov

jimalkhalili Jim Al-Khalili "Two hundred degrees that's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit I'm travelling at the speed of neutrinos" #lyricsthatwontwork 19 Nov Unfavorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

Recession-complex system, a science 2 fathom, more interesting, mathematically, socially, behaviourally, a challenge of unknown variability 19 Nov

would be very amusing to use this song as a template for a change in economic circumstances - what chance with the Red Weed of Recession? 19 Nov

is now listening to Jeff Wayne's 'Brave New World' from 'The War of The Worlds', get kids 2 listen 2 any songs at assembly to inspire. 19 Nov

if we don't get it right with kids leaving school today, tomorrow, next yr, we will not make headway in this ever changing world. Go! 19 Nov

because 19 Nov

so, lets get Revolutionising ! ! ! Start with getting kids to think differently about what their futures, to think strategically+ enterprise 19 Nov

that 1st picture just brings it back home. Article is by A N WILSON - Dire Straits -' Bothers In Arms' song goes with the 1st picture. 19 Nov

that Britain was once great because of The Industrial Revolution, was a perspective once gleamed with hope and unity(be it differneces). 19 Nov

being less great if we don't see the Industrial Revolution of the way things r now. There is (economic) profit + fruition if we get it right 19 Nov

hits home because not everu human is equal, wehter it be the way we behave, work, think, look, learn, and morals. Great Britain is nearing 19 Nov

"People did not merely work hard. They had been apprenticed from an early age and actually taught to do something economically useful." 19 Nov

not being a particularly religious person, this song 'Ticket To Heaven' by Dire straits is fitting with this Daily Mail article.The pictures 19 Nov

is listening to Dire Straits album 'On Every Street' and reading this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2063476/UK-unemployment-1m-young-Britons-dole-motivated-foreigners-job-vacancies.html reading this continued in next tweet 19 Nov

So how would you fix the economy? "999" How many Fed Agencies would you cut? "999" What's the cost of a Godfather Pizza? "$9.99" 12 Nov Unfavorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

The specialised field of Scientific Illustration in Engineering makes the difference between understanding a complex idea or not. 18 Nov

It's good that something as relevant, important + functional as Engineering is on the same par with Science. No time 2 wait. 18 Nov

There is about 20mins left of BBC Children In Need to donate -anything makes a difference.#CIN #CIN 18 Nov

is watching BBC Children In Need with special needs children - all very familiar to me.#CIN 18 Nov

Give kids the ability to do #science .... and be amazed. SEE: http://ssep.ncesse.org/communities/experiments-selected-for-flight/selected-experiments-on-sts-135/ #education #NSTA #teacher 18 Nov Favorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

cont- more 2 the point, would sitting between these 2 b like sitting in a bar between 2 magnets, where the bar serves Iron Bru 4 Physicists? 18 Nov

Jim Al-Khalili busy talkin 2 Brian Cox about blogs+names 4r ppl.Wld sitting between these 2 b like sitting between 2 magnets in a metal bar? 18 Nov

is still fascinated by electromagnetic induction after reading book Electromagnetism for Engineers a few yrs ago (+faulty grown up gadgets) 18 Nov

as the (cold) magnets on their own took over induction. Methinks t plate got warm+shorted a circuit as worked ok 2nd time but went off again 18 Nov

the Sphere was suspended ok by the electromagnetic induction but when LEDs went off with t electromagnet t sphere slammed to 1 side of plate 18 Nov

so it's a gud job real Planets don't use these forces+a domestic plug 2 socket, otherwise we wld have 2 take the Universe back for a refund. 18 Nov

is taking the Magnatron Levitating Sphere back to Maplin because the electromagnet +3 LED's, shut off a few mins after plugging into socket. 18 Nov

also, hello to @newburyastro and @nicfleet as I had read ur recent excursion to the lovely South Downs Planetarium I have visited also. 16 Nov

@Darkskypark hope u have a great rest! I was hoping to star gaze this wkdn but weather doesn't look promising. Hope its better in Galloway. 16 Nov

meant into 3 parts, not 23 parts (ref last 3 tweet) mind u that wld b more definitve wld't it? Did any1 c the Moon then b4? A spectac show 16 Nov

lets break up in2 3 parts:1) Sees really good Moon just b4 junction2) Stops 4 Ambulance 3)Cars turning don't stop, they think ur a hologram. 16 Nov

or 2 t better piont, best knowing where other cars r, even if they think ur invisibel + nearly crash in2 u (after helping dying patient). 16 Nov

so word of advice, if u do Astronomy while driving + let an Ambulance drive thro red traffic lights, best making sure cars know where u r. 16 Nov

@cho_web I was driving b4+saw Moon horizon, I stopped at a junction 2 let Ambulance drive thro red, I got stuck as 3 cars nrly slammed 2 me 16 Nov

correction, it's a 'Magnatron Levitating Sphere' not Magantron (last 2 tweets) ok need sleep now. Birthdays r not sposed 2 go over 2 nxt day 15 Nov

r quite strong+ wld advise keeping them away from computers or anything that can be stripped by strong magnets. Very clever idea though 15 Nov

just been playing with a gift I got myself, yesterday (mon 14th) a Magantron Levitating Sphere from Maplin. Word of warning: it's magnets 15 Nov

No clear sky tonight so not much Astronomy, but can use imagination instead - something we r less reliant on because of increase in CGI. 15 Nov

yesterday, I was referring 2 a black cat called Magic that was attained about a yr ago by family member. He doing fine(as cats do)magically. 15 Nov

s totally into these Tardigrades so wonders what ee can learn from their robust armour- human expedition to Mars 2 give insight 14 Nov

Watched Frozen Planet again, was superb photography, music + atmosphere essential watching as gives sense of perspective on life. 14 Nov

cont - supposing it's a lovely crystal clear sunny calm day+ night ahead, now if that isn't magic then I'll eat my (magic) hat.. 14 Nov

So, today i've got to find some magic (hint) looked at a magic box but can't b that so it's got to be in the air then- Embrace! 14 Nov

Some1 said I look like Leela of (Futurama) http://koku-chan.deviantart.com/art/Leela-anime-style-41311260 in this 1st pic of me online(I have 2 eyes by the way) http://pic.twitter.com/Rmz6HdYC 12 Nov

Tesco's 'Time Control Gadget (Short Circuiter)'- On Sale Now! No Clocks Needed, No Messy Wires Or Worm Holes Needed. Offer ends last week. 12 Nov

Buy One Get One Free- Black Hole Edible Radiation Particle (BOGOF-BHERP-) In Ur Nearest Store Now!! Free Pack of Spaghettification! Yummy! 12 Nov

Physics Dimension Swap Shop Offer- Don't have enough time? Convert ur spare living space in2 time-Don't have enough space?- Vice versa.Woop! 12 Nov

Mind travelleing in the calm centre of life's storm, were you see this world is bigger inside, which is greater than life itself. 10 Nov

Eye of Orion or Metebelis 3? Death by giant spiders it is! :0/ http://pic.twitter.com/Vu4vOVwQ 9 Nov Favorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

Morning @BestDrWho off to Olympia today taking details of the TARDIS.. Wish me luck trying to find your Recorder ;0) 9 Nov Favorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

In the universe, Our World is just a pin head on a map... Space is Big... very Big... we are only children finding are way... 8 Nov Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

A quote from scientist Professor John Zarnecki from the BBC doc 'Destination Titan' directed by @steveslater1987 is this mnths theme 4 site. 8 Nov

If google maps went into space then they wouldn't need to blur out the Pulsars just discovered spinning at 43,000 revolutions per minute. 6 Nov

Space is a funny place. You don't say the words, "Shut up" and "Calm down", you say "Shut" and "Calm" and "Go the stairs" and "Yours". 6 Nov

Countdown To The Quote of the Months theme this month is Space Exploration with 3 Twints (tweet hints) and a link to music to illustrate. 6 Nov

When i was about....about....15/16? I drew a pastel colour portrait of Julian Lennon. I still have it. So thinking of putting it on my site 6 Nov

Hello hen @ClaireCSmith :0) Something pretty for you x http://pic.twitter.com/89DDsMRJ 5 Nov Unfavorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

Oh wow, @bigspaceballoon r following me, had a look+ have followed them back. This is superb to say the least. Always wanted 2 b part of it. 5 Nov

Hya @zubeninskip hope u r ok, pls check ur e-mail i have sent u and...it's Bonfire night, means keep all pets inside+check hedgehogs r ok. 5 Nov

What do astronomers do when its raining? a)Go to Cambridge b) Talk about lenses c) Eat Chocolate Planets by Mars(i think)? 2 Nov

Will get round to watching Frozen Planet and .apparently Chris French was on The One and Only Show. 2 Nov

@JasonOnion How do u know they r going up? Artist, who's illusion inspired science moillusions.com/2006/05/escher… 2 Nov

Countdown To The Quote 1: Orbitors, landsliders and rovers went to a cold planet to achieve this in the 1960s. 31 Oct

Countdown To The Quote 2: The nearest planet was featured in one of its journeys in 1969. 30 Oct

Countdown To The Quote 3: It was marked by the 1st orbital launch in a man made object in 1957. 29 Oct

3 Countdown To The Quote Twints (tweet hints) on my site r coming up in next 3 tweets 2 cover Countdown To The Quote of the Month on my site 29 Oct

John Fletcher just told me in e-mail that Patrick Moore's cat had 2 b put down a few days ago, due to kidney failure. John stayed with him 29 Oct

@doctorjeff clever vid (am just watching ur vid now - so paused it) iv'e seen the Carl Sagan one, it's brilliant. This is brill. Gr8t stuff 29 Oct

It looks like Jeff @doctorjeff is up and about. Good to see you again (if u notice my mention amongst all the billion others of course!) 29 Oct

I have been in my garden looking at Jupiter + sky wishing I was in Galloway Dark Sky Park looking at exactly the same thing but better! 29 Oct

Recession is at moment of inertia but gov getting banks to change their shape, will work towards the conservation of angular mo-money-tum. 27 Oct

@Darkskypark Seconded! Would be good if the BBC could link up live to clear outreach sites around UK if cloudy at base. I said this last yr 24 Oct

U know t saying 'The world is Ur Oyster' altho seems lovely 2 cram inside an oyster is it possible 2 change Oyster 2 Tardis, it's def bigger 22nd Oct

When u want 2 think about something really well, don't think about it but don't not think about it but think about it at t edge of 1+t other 22nd Oct

Cing life thru sceince+art is like looking thru a very clean glass door-just don't make t mistake of walking in2 glass instead of open door. 22nd Oct

after all physics + art are t same, just that physics is actually more art than art, but in an art box, whereras art itself is on the easel. 22nd Oct

cont- was expecting soem art or splash of coloured paint by him 2 represent t different way t theories collide (if you excuse another pun). 22nd Oct

watched Marcus du Sautoy do faster than light.Tachyon idea V good. Unkown dimensions, 2 far fetched. He took t oppurtunity 2 swing his maths 22nd Oct

cont - so t humour is neither here nor there, bit like quantum particle, neither here nor there but most probably here but could be there. 22nd Oct

Last tweet is inhouse physics joke I made up so top quack is top quark produced when colliding atoms at high speed in particle accelerator. 22nd Oct

If ppl were particles there wld b no doubt of uncertainty ruling economy. Certainty is when top quacks as politicians smash heads together. 22nd Oct

Science for everyone also exists in the North of England and Scotland - science @McrSciFest and astronomy @Darkskypark. Get kids into it. 18 Oct via web Favorite Reply Delete Retweeted by MagicalMo and 1 other

Today I came across (online) 2 of the most superb subjects combined - Astronomy + a dark sky in Scotland,Galloway @Darkskypark.Go figure! 18 Oct

¤ ? ? ? 18 Oct

@Darkskypark GallowayNightSky Where the Night Sky meets the Blackpool Lights to work in harmony together … #Lancashire 18 Oct via TweetDeck Favorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

geodesic of Earth, altitude of detectors, general +special relativity but it still really odd. No info oabout their exact mass. Structure 18 Oct

neutrino path. What evidence that Earth geolog,y combined with particle mass is mystery. Not downright unknown tho. They already considered 18 Oct

is thinking about t neutrino problem. Previous exp on light show its velocity change thro cesium chamber. So consider geology structure for 18 Oct

@cho_web Peter Franklin seconded! “@newburyastro: Here, here!! :)) RT @callump: Excellent #fascon2011 yesterday - well done to the organisers @fedastro” 16 Oct via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

Other night at Tescos car park I saw t moon big on t horizon+ thought some1 chucked giant peach in air. Price of fruit still high 16 Oct

@zubeninskip @dbatty yes, the hover shoes r a probable. Been busy ths wknd. Have i missed anything? Any Earth near misses for eg. 16 Oct vi

In 2 yrs time we will b ringing ppl up from ur clothes, watching TV inside drinks glasses, cooking from shower units+ walking in hover shoes 14 Oct

Recession a result of wobble started by The Big Banks like ur universe The Big Bang but dif w t The Big Bank is no intelligent life evolved. 12 Oct

Next months Countdown To The Quote on my site http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html theme will b from BBC4s Destination Titan - directed by Stephen Slater. 10 Oct

Where do New Scientist anbd thier writers/editors and ideas layout team get thier ideas from??http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21128330.600-about-time-countdown-to-the-theory-of-everything.html 10 Oct

I have a clock with different cat themed pictures at side of each number- so now the time is 'nearly a goldfish bowl to sleeping cat'. 10 Oct

Try this - get an old clock+take t numbers off, put them back in different order. Can u still tell t time if the numbers are in wrong space? 10 Oct

Look at ur life now +imagine how difficult it would b 2 live without t pull of gravity in ur day today-all ornaments sat snuggly on shelves? 10 Oct

Is there such a thing as a mobile phone that will project a largish image on a wall? I am aware keypads can be projected used virtually. 10 Oct

Cont - will b interesting 2 c how it goes with more followers+following over time. Yesrdy was g fun 4 that matter. Will do again. 9 Oct

cont- all this after discovering more well known ppl r on twitter + following them a couple of wks ago. Good fun if lots of time! 9 Oct

Spent most of yesterday discovering that an @mentions function is on twitter(after using twitter 2 yrs). c the retweets for it. 9 Oct

Apparently Prof Brian Cox is launching Manchester Science Fest. He could use a boat or an eareo plane with the Bernoulli effect to show it. 8 Oct via web Favorite Reply Delete Retweeted by McrSciFest

Apparnetly Al-khalili did Electricity this week + I dint know. Will have 2 watch that prgrm.....as long as I don't get a shock<-Just joke 8 Oct

LOVES The Big Bang Theory the American sitcom. Humour is superb. Wants to follow the characters in a min................................... 8 Oct

wants 2 get in2 Solar Imaging, Bubbleology +2 make a home made Atom Collider (latter 1 might be difficult). Could start with the toaster. 8 Oct

@e4update e4update @jjonline @ClaireCSmith @Nerdista @bengrue @3PennyMovies @avunque @wilbertsmit what is #physics http://is.gd/hN8Va 26 Nov via e4update Favorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

@Yoda_Bot Jedi Master Yoda @ClaireCSmith Strong is Vader. Mind what you have learned. Save you it can! 1 Mar via Yoda Bot Favorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

@Yoda_Bot Jedi Master Yoda @ClaireCSmith Twisted by the dark side, young Skywalker has become. 1 Mar via Yoda Bot Favorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

@Yoda_Bot Jedi Master Yoda @ClaireCSmith Vader, you must confront Vader, then, only then, a jedi will you be...and confront him you will. 1 Mar via Yoda Bot Favorite Undo Retweet Reply Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

@Yoda_Bot Jedi Master Yoda @ClaireCSmith 3-CPO is an hypocrite. You wouldn't believe what he said about Andy's performances on the Mork & Mindy show! 25 Jun via Google Favorite Undo Retweet Reply - Retweeted by ClaireCSmith

@dbatty artificial wetsuit? ......will have a think about designing yuo an 'artificially efficient wet suit' ? never been asked THAT b4. 8 Oct

Tesco have pinned me down via their main twitter page. Still thinking of what next to do next. Its all about strategy and toast. 8 Oct

Our lives follow laws of a Schrodinger's Cat like event but this is only observed if owning a real pet cat opens the lid to a box full of us 4 Oct

i don't wear glasses but when I was at university a student once said I should always wear dark glasses because my eyes were too intense. 4 Oct

Get people to look at your face today like you have eyes in the back of your head but if you wear glasses don't put them on back to front. Oct 4th

Countdown to the Quote 1: Artists, mathematicians and architects use this proportion that is also universal in other areas. 30 Sep

Countdown to the Quote 2: Its effect can be found in organic form right under your nose or non organic form up above your head. 29 Sep

Countdown to the Quote 3: Two quantities that are compatible but not symmetrical that when combined become beautiful. 28 Sep

Recap on Countdown to the Quotes 3 Twints (tweet hints) in next three tweets coming up here. Quote on Saturday to go with them on my site. 30 Sep

V good prgm to @steveslater1987. Might just quote Professor John Zarnecki in nxt months quote, will credit 'Destination Titan'+ Steve Slater 29 Sep

music by Brian Eno with the surface ot Titan which makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. That must mean it good programme. 29 Sep

data arrives + all was well. Good music 2 set off celebration+reflection after relief suggesting that si what science is all about in t end- 29 Sep

-signal not arrived on time yet, so loads of suspense (a bit like Dr Who but without the monster). Interetsing to see what happens next.... 29 Sep

Jean-Pierre Lebreton starts the twist with a signal being picked up, maybe t gloom was worth t wait. Weird, it's like the probe was alive 29 Sep

something amusing here, the probe looks like its taking a drag out of a fag!(yuck!) Perhaps it sensed that the projects wasn't going well.AI 29 Sep

slight criticism: try not to make out doing experiments as too hard an painfull too much as school pupils will b put off practical science- 29 Sep

Dr Ralph Lorenz saying BBC lighting not working on project with other things going wrong. Me thinks limitations makes u more creative yes? 29 Sep

Professor John Zarnecki explains v well the surface science which invloves an instrument that has 9 different sensors like giant probe - 29 Sep

Professor John Zarnecki explains v well the surface science which invloves an instrument that has 9 different sensors like giant probe - 29 Sep

guy did splashdown dynamics 4 his PhD, liquid methane on Titan stuff + wanted 2 know if t probe would hit properly. Chemistry + physics - 29 Sep

so far, shame not enough ppl/reseachers were on Titan project but must have made it more fun because of limits + the unknowns. Uni life huh. 29 Sep

is still in the middle of watching 'Destination Titan' aka @steveslater1987. So far so good: science, mystery, humour, history, storyness. 29 Sep

is in the middle of watching 'Destination Titan' aka @steveslater1987. So far so good: intrigue, sadness, joy, pacing, music all ok so far. 29 Sep

@steveslater1987 hya Steve, i just DMd you. Thanks 4 follow. I was away from my PC so just caught ur tweet now. 29 Sep

@materion Arjen Dijksman In my model, neutrinos go slightly faster than light :-) http://commonsensequantum.blogspot.com/2007/12/why-comme-sense-quantum-physics.html 24 Sep via web Favorite Undo Retweet Reply- Retweeted by ClaireCSmith and 5 others

cont- also consider the timing of the result, not meaning the timing of experiments but the economic aspect and type of publicity for 'help' 22 Sep

cont- also consider the timing of the result, not meaning the timing of experiments but the economic aspect and type of publicity for 'help' 22 Sep

cont-makes u wonder if the suggestion of mistakes alongside this are too overlooked making the novelty much greater than the facts- cont 22 Sep

cont- the scientist mentions the statement "we want just to be helped by the community" which is embedded in another statement 22 Sep

at Cern on BBC webpage it mentions a scientist suggesting a particle faster than light. This is the 1st puzzle, seond puzzle in next tweet - 22 Sep

BBC reporters at Jaguar Land Rover's new plant like aliens visiting a new planet wereas the industrial revolution was a bit more familiar. 21 Sep

ok pair science w politics but make sure politics does as much of a scientific job as science, instead of personalising problems.B objective 21 Sep

watched Jim Al-Khalili's Horizon programme on nuclear power on i-player on Sunday-shame science can't detach itself from politics 2 imrpove 20 Sep

Seeing t world through science+art is like wearing a pair of coloured 3D glasses:The clarity of dimension magnifies any truthfull attribute. 12 Sep

Some ppl think that looking at t stars is likend 2 looking inside a ping pong ball-but it makes everything else a damn site interesting. 12 Sep

If people where told t exact forces+physics invloved in their plane flight,car journey or phone call,they wld b suprised. An odd concept. 12 Sep

is inspired by the Swedes. 11 Sep

is listening to Madonna - Hung Up (Original Instrumental)the Abba original is superb too. Wants this on CD format or Mp3 any1 any ideas how? 10 Sep

is wondering y there r only few genuine carbon emissions twitter pages. Would hv thought it was a pushing agenda. Nuclear isn't pushed sadly 9 Sep

it was diffiucult enough keeping up with under following under 50 twitter pages - getting more complex as time goes by, but amusing too. 9 Sep

sadly not every1 on twitter but most. Is thinking of spending 1 whole day just tweeting 1 weekend. Barack Obama ideas sound intresting. 9 Sep

but cannot get full twitter profiles on mobile ,so cannot win either way. Hopefully mangage 2 not fall asleep on pc tght, now that wld b gud 9 Sep

had fun + games downlaoding half a ton of twitter pages this morn. Twitter on my pc is V slow, much better on mobile. Not sure y this is. 9 Sep

-Edward de Bono, loads but it going 2 take me all night + v tired so will resume tomz with twearching all last few tweets properists ppl. 8 Sep

cont - Prof Brian Cox, Dara o'Briain(balancing the equation), Robert Peston (tie needs straightening), Rihanna, The Royal Institution, 8 Sep

Sir Alan Sugar, Prof Richard Wiseman, Barack Obama, Prof Jim Al-Khaili, Dr Brian May, Prof Ian Stewart(math geometry) twerching. 7 Sep

Right, as it is, I cannot find any twitter pages for these guys (last tweet). This page is offering some v amusing ppl to follow, not sure 6 Sep

wants 2 follow these ppl on Twitter:Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor/Rory Bremner,impressionist,comedian/Nicholas Nassim Taleb, probability. 5 Sep

has just woken up w a jolt, nearly banged face on keyboard, whilst sitting at pc on Ikea Markus chair(tall backed chair like Alan Sugar's) 5 Sep

There is so much that we do not know,not just bcse we don't know what it is, but bcse we also haven't thought about how 2think about it yet. 4 Sep

Law of physics:path shape of ball real. Brain: wont see ball path in same way. What did Horizon say on colour, 1st episode of recent prgm? 4 Sep

"Perception is real, even if it's not reality" - Edward de Bono. Look at all t last few tweets and decide which side of the paradox is true. 4 Sep

cont- anyone who knows Edward de Bono's owrk knows how t brain creates patterns that can b forced 2 change by thinking certain way.Ties in. 4 Sep

of course t brain creates patterns of experience :oterwise it would b easy 2 think out of the box aswell. What an absolute paradox is that? 4 Sep

I understand the physics of curvball but not y t brain does not perceive t real forces involved, so to oppose the facts. 3 Sep

Illusion also works other way- ball spins w straight path,its spin makes brain thinks its curved on entering certain vision areas 3 Sep

cont- it's actually really v weird bcs the facts r there but they appear to not change experience of perception. Absolulely amazing thing 3 Sep

I am struggling 2 undertsnad y,if visually the (my) mind can see t path + spin goes against all expereience of how the minds makes sense. 3 Sep

cont- simply put, baseball path appears 2 b straight but it's not. Its spin changes the way brain perceives its path through space. Curved 3 Sep

-cont, curveball horizontal curve v's its spin create dissonance to viewer - its illusion. This is absoluelty incredible 2 think about. 3 Sep

It is v disconcerting 2 think that stng that cannot b wrong as t laws of physics can still make t brain think other wise.Wise operative word 3rd Sep

2 c the world through the eyes of t subjects i mentioned last month here is great but 1 stands out that I need 2 study more about: Illusion. 3 Sep

www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html is here. Count Down To The Quote, 1st Of The Month Quote subject, music by Eminem - Space Bound. Obviously 1st Sep

www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html is here. Count Down To The Quote, 1st Of The Month Quote subject, music by Eminem - Space Bound. Obviously 1st Sep

Count Down To The Quote 1: Its not so obvious but it can be curved in a sport involving a ball. 31 Aug

Count Down To The Quote 2: It is down to kinematics that include the forces of orbital mechanics. 31 Aug

Count Down To The Quote 3: Its position over time is the difference between being here and not here. 31 Aug

Its v windy tonight. Acually it looks stormy. Not sure if it can be likneddvtoca space storm. Super Nova weather approaching. 28 Aug

And w the engine started and 'the final front tyre' fixed. That's was it, go forth and fly free like a bird, 'ye old' space car. 28 Aug

???????????(?????)????????????­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­? 27 Aug

Space: the final frontier. Space: t infinite frontier. Space: t non infinite fronted infinitier.Space: frontier undecided, ok go. Flat tyre 26 Aug

It would b rly good if cars could take off in2 space. This wld make sense of the flying petrol pump cartoon bloke i did on my site yrs ago. 26 Aug

engineering/Astronomy/nebulaes/lunar/space art,cartoons(should be in Art,forgot)//loads of stuff. Science and Art mainly. All my interests 26 Aug

-cont missed few out:Music/rock/pop/dance/classical//Art/portraits/figure drawing/linear drawing/Physics/electricity/time/quantum mechanics 26 Aug

-cont /driving with music playing in the car. 24 Aug

-cont creativity/thinking/cognitive science//the future/new technology//animals/biology/mind/neuroscience//conceptual maths/probability/risk 24 Aug

Heart skipping subjects:art//physics/nuclear fusion/electro magnetism/light/forces//astronomy/solar imaging//bubblology//psychology/illusion 24 Aug

My heart goes twenty to the dozen when I read about any new nuclear fusion news, but I love it.There isn't enough research in2 t subject. 24 Aug

- cont sprayed banana with perfume. Didnt eat the banana but thought it was the best smelling banana in the world, untill droped in bin. 24 Aug

Perfume nozzle was wrong way, then I sprayed perfume to creat a cloud to walk through, guess what happened next? Answers on a postcard... 22 Aug

Other day, I was getting ready 2 go out.Freshly peeled banana(only 1 left)in 1 hand, perfume in other ready 2 spray air 2 walk through it. 22 Aug

@cho_web Hya Pete, how's t spider? I love spiders. That type often grab my leg after being in garden then end up on carpet.Lovely critters. 22 Aug

Is thinking of getting back into Dragons Den prgm on i player in a bit and.. Steve- Scotland sounds great!(well i would say that) 20 Aug

Shadows are the theme for this months Count Down To The Quote on my site.Previous themes for this new idea are:Slowed Time/Out of Phase. 18 Aug

.sdrawkcab dnatsrednu ot reisae saw ti desilaer dna noitauqe na dieduts ecno I ,egelloc ta elihW ?lla ta if ,siht teg uoy od yaw hcihW 17 Aug

cont- back to bubbleology, it's easier. Am looking for a live show that features a bubbleologist. Would pay extra ordinarly amounts to see 14 Aug

Gov does cuts. We need 2 look safe. UK attractive 2 investors. Ppl think cuts r world related but not. Twist. UK gets recession at OUR cost. 14 Aug

v difficult! Will sort itself out 1 way or another.Meanwhile back 2 astronomy/physics/art/bubbleology. Anyone know a bubbleologist show? 14 Aug

- maybe UK recession not same as world recession, if so then middlemen (gov) r obvious causes. Gov use world recession as excuse 4 UK cuts? 14 Aug

T recession is real+I am not clever enough 2 c all its causes but wonder if UK recession not same as world 1.Depedns on ties with US Europe 14 Aug

T link 2 me asking if there is really a recession is our country+ t gov buzz phrase statement:Safe haven in sovereign debt storm. 14 Aug

Any1 get t buzz phrases then? Could kids get their meaning, is t real question +if not does it contribute 2 their riot behaviour? 14 Aug

Some Wed 10th August 10 clock BBC News buzz phrases:Safe Haven In Sovereign Debt Storm/Austerity Drive/Ambitious Growth Strategy/Defecit. 12 Aug

Overall there were about 16 buzz phrases that could impede rioters understanding of local+world economy.Will epxlain ltr, what buzz phrases 12 Aug

analysed last nights 10 o clock BBC news for buzz phrases that cld mean t difference betwen rioters knowing their place in economy or not. 12 Aug

Last tweet not a dig, physics works in economic systems, but question un accounted for probability in mathematical quadrants. 11 Aug

Asking how much the laws of physics predict how the economy will work out is like asking a battery operated hand clock how accurate it is. 11th Aug

Hypothetical q: what would edu psychologists think if all 350 pre Gcse pupils at a school want to b physics professors as careers 6th Aug

4-3-2-1.. Count Down To The Quote Twint for Quote of the Month is on my site now-http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html 2nd Aug

The only real event were its cross section becomes a two dimensional effect. 31 Jul

The magnitude of the object equal to and no higher than -4 makes them visible. 30 Jul

Don't believe in them but old tales say they where there behind somewhere. 29 Jul

Count Down To The Quote Twint for Quote of the Month is coming up in the next tweet - a mouthfull. Short:CDTTQTFQOTM 29 Jul

Went 2 Ikea + thought i like the Idea of Ikea. Then thought, Letsgo to Tesco. Then Thought there needs 2 b a shop called Bought. 28 Jul

Got most things done with 1 hand ok, like washing pots. Will try driving in 4 days. Cooking was half baked, if u excuse the pun. 28 Jul

Spent last 4hours in A+E, did my wrist in, had 3x rays, no break/dislocation bu sprain can't move it. No driving 4 a wk! Oh no! 26 Jul

loved The Apprentice Final tonight+ final Apprentice. V funny. Inspiring. Best prgm at present time + The sky At Night. 17 Jul

U know when someone says, "Have a safe journey home." Y only on way home, how about on way there. Here there and everywhere maybe 17 Jul v

Weather v windy, the clouds r silver, can't see any linings, that's bcs t whole sky is grey, there r no edges. So much 4 sayings. 17 Jul

Just got in from drive in car.Found out y i love driving. My mum loved driving+ wanted to b in traffic police. It's genetic then 16 Jul

Selsey beach looks good 4 astronomy but wonder about air consistency near coast. Portsmouth prby same b w more light pollution. 13 Jul

Next time I go down south again,WILL go 2 Selsey beach(right on the beach) and Portsmouth - home from home,say no more.. 13 Jul

Apart from moonshine it good night for astronomy again. Have got a choice of 3 telescopes to do that. Cloud approaching from SW. 11 Jul

There r 2 many jet trials in sky. It's the way things r now tho. Flight is a fantastic invention but need balance w r t air. 11 Jul via

cont - might get the old lady a gold fish to lessen the blow as has no other pets. She is v grounded about it. Sat in garden here 11 Jul

Had sad news, v old lady with v old dog had her dog put down 2day. Although death is natural cause of events, still v upsetting. 11 Jul

Added a bit more anniversary to page again, see last tweet + thinkg of nxt months music+ idea 4 countdown to quote. It's, yl,i K. 11 Jul

http://www.cthisspace.com/anniversarytext2009.html all up, running again.2 much of Sky At Night, "Ah, I remember him.." 9 Jul

Elvive Repairing Shampoo, Ceramide-Cement Technology,Hair's Natural Cement. Didn't know concrete was in our hair........ 8 Jul

At mum's.Can't find any Magical Dissapearing Shower Gel this time but there's something very odd going on with the shampoo bottle 8 Jul

It probabalty doesn't make any sense what so ever, but Quote of the Month as Coundown To The Quote is now on my site. 3 Jul

Can any1 tell me if they can get cthisspace on their connection. Can't uplaod anything as yet. Not sure if the cache i 2 Jul

My website is down temporarily. Hopefully it'll be back up in nxt 24hrs after renewing. Quote Will b on too, everything the same. 2 Jul

is having trouble uploading stuff on2 website.Easyspace r not allowing any uploads OR HTML is not right. Will try later. 2 Jul

Have been v busy but will put quote(referring to count down to the quote here) on my site this evening. Its been 1 of those days! 1st Jul

Have been v busy but will put quote(referring to count down to the quote here) on my site this evening. Its been 1 of those days! 11 hours Jun

One result of two apposing affects out of a double standard enigma. 30 Jun

A normal variation of the brain and suppressed by expert dance. 29 Jun

Not by chance but repeat local meaning over larger. 28 Jun

They can stand being cancelled but can't stand being the same. 27 Jun

did the 1st 'Count Down To The Quote' last month. Here's the 2nd this months countdown to the quote(trial idea alert) 27 Jun

-cont, let another 140,000 people into Glastonbury crowd with only one repartee in reply, "Why, what did you do wrong?" 27 Jun

Is wondering how many times the phrase "Excuse me" is said when walking through the crowd from Glastonbury main stage to exit. 26 Jun

Not a massive Beyonce fan but this performance one of the best of Glastonbury so far. She can sing! 26 Jun

Half expecting Art Garfunkel to walk on Glastonbury stage any min now 2 join Paul Simon. Won't happen but can you just imagine... 26 Jun

Any chance that someone can wazz Chris Martin's guitar off him? More interesting behaviour when dancing (prancing) on stage. 25 Jun

Loving Coldplay's Chris Martin's frolics on stage on Glastonbury here. He's going back to the stars now. Volume Up! !! 25 Jun

@beatonthebeeb have just followed me - will follow them back.Wonder if it's the Glastonbury music banter. How's the mud? 25 Jun

Meanwhile on Glastonbury Bono from U2 U3 C3PO R2 D2 sings well. Are his lyrics on the inside of his sunglasses? 24 Jun

Lead singer of Mumford and Sons on Glastonbury is a hybrid - Johnny Vegas from front, Stephen Fry from the side. 24 Jun

Mumford and Sons on Glastonbury are superb. Is it me or does lead singer look like Stephen Fry from the side? 24 Jun

has all the Amy Macdonald albums on CD.Scotland is the most beautiful place ever. I have always loved it. it's inspiring 24 Junv

is listening to brilliant Scottish singer/songwriter Amy Macdonald's 'Troubled Soul' from her album 'A Curious Thing' 24 Jun

has managed to pin cthisspace down back online. It was an iffy financial decision but proved good in the end. Thrown on street.. 21 Jun

Just to add, i love driving. Inspired by te and loud music in car when on a journey, much like a website i know...did i say a we 21 Jun

going to lake district one day in nxt 2 weeks. Also, need a drive in my car,enjoy the free weelin country drive every now+ again 21 Jun

cthisspace is staying online for the foreseeable future, as a contribution to the universe. As was b4. T journey is not over. 21 Jun

-if not the nose...thought mine was going to fly off. Viruses need the human sneeze to replicate, or maybe not, who nose<- 21 Jun

Woke up at 3am sneezing then wondered if a sneaze was a way of physically jolting a thought(if not the brain). 18 Jun

is wondering wether 2 keep on with an online identitiy, website,twitter etc. It's the cost! Been over 10 yrs.Inspiration 17 Jun

-last 3 tweets was to poke fun at politics. Now back 2 something more familiar - ideas in Science, Art.Engineering feats 15 Jun

-simple idea, which of course would be no idea at all, so t idea is t idea of t idea not just the idea, that's the idea. 14 Jun

- than just an idea, like had it been just as before, would have been a less than great idea, which was to be just a - 14 Jun

An idea about the idea, that does nothing but only be an idea, is such a great idea, that the idea of it being more - 14 Jun

It's very good to see the world through art + science. A stereogram of events and the workings of everything around you. 9 Jun

--cont y not incorporate an invisibility cloak on label? Senses - Magical Elegant, Dreamy and Gone or 'Were Di Go' Gel? 8 Jun

-cont why not have the gel bottle change colour dpdng on temp of water or glitter that dizzolves on contact with water. 8 Jun

Ystrdy was at mums + noticed in bathroom Avon Shower Gel 'Senses - Magical Elegant + Dreamy'. Didn't notice any tricks. 8 Jun

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°0 7 Jun

S????????????????????????????P???????????????????????????????A??????????????????????????C??????????????????????????????E 7 Jun

S..........................P............................A..............................C...............................E 7 Jun

wants you to imagine that there is EVERYTHING in the universe except 7 7 Jun

Which 1 flows better: cthisspace.com c-thisspace.com or.....randomthoughts+artowrkwithspacethingcartoons.com ?????????? 7 Jun

it's not t sort of thing u wanna throw a party over but random thoughts +artowrk with space thing cartoons is my website 7 Jun

doesn't have access 2 proper science journals 4 refs so it's just a roundabout summation of ideas that may b of interest 7 Jun

-cont, put it this way, it's npt going to ruin ur career. The quotes r picked 4 genuine reason, 2 promote a thought or 2 7 Jun

If I have quoted u in last 10yrs but not asked 1st I apologise.Mostly did ask.My site is interest/past time w low impact 6 Jun

Q.Excuse me have you got the time? A.It depends, I am a bit busy right now.Call me back yesterday + u can get 4ward 2 me 4 Jun

There should be a clock to tell the space. Not what time is it but why is that time it.Space time inside shell of sphere 4 Jun

Bought a book mark yesterday, although not correct scale, the planets on it are in 3D. Can't stop looking at it, it's brilliant. 2 Jun

Quote of the Month + a new idea I have created called 'Count Down to the Quote' http://www.cthisspace.com/quotes2.html.

It's The End of Something for Julian. 31 May

Change the rate for micro expressions. 30 May

The bullet scene in the film The Matrix. 29 May

Cats and dogs licking up water. 28 May

Idea. Count Down To The Quote. You will get it. Today ill start with a countdown tweet. They nearer the quote the later the count 28 May

Roger Penrose is one of my favorite physicists so its just ad well his ideas are brought toward to answer this puzzle. A great ay to 27 May

Interestingly, it could be assumed that a specific psychology is used to understand the physics of the mind. Cognition is key it. 27 May

That last text is going toward Roger Penrose territory - meant any place. The mind is important factor regardless of which method 27 May

Pertaining to mind, the saying u r on my mind, on supposes physical. U r of mind denotes any place of mind. What other things r a 25 May

Can't think of new word but we know it's still in the eye of the beholder. The science lies underneath regardless of the outcome. 22 May

So what i am asking is, y would a flower be more beautiful than a car? Don't like the word beauty-need different 1 21 May

Beauty objective but fancying someone more subjective? Beauty in form of biology, psychology important function, but miss clues in physics 21 May

Beauty objective but fancying someone more subjective? Beauty in form of physics is important function- miss clues in biology, psychology. 21 May

back 2 subject of beauty(MayQuote of month on my site)has scientific+asthetic function.Always wondered y I find certain guys more fanciable 20 May

uses mobile 4 talking only 4 emergency, don't undertand y people r always talking on mobiles. Conatant talking is piontless-Net is bettter! 20 May

pointless using my mobile 4 talking, never talk on it + scrap t contact list, just use t internet, constellation map + weather apps. 20 May

Is thinking of having mobile implanted under skin, the cyborg overlords are here 2 stay. 19 May

so by some, never heard of, law of deduction, if mobile always in bag(like mine)then bag is strapped 2 head 2. Will everyobe follow suit? 19 May

thinks everyobe should use a strap on head 2 hold mobile IN like u would a bathroom shelf with soap in it on wall tilesSuction cup on 4head 19 May

has no become a head strapper (term i coined- using mobile phone so much, may as well strap it to the head) but still leaves phone in bag. 19 May

My website and twitter will still carry on, but adding a new angle in blog. The ideas more pronounced. 15 May

Is wondering whether to start a blog using ideas from twitter and website. Is currently thinking about this. 13 May

per unit difference of source is like increase in surface area(last tweets)of energy expenditure in variability then include e consumption. 11th May

Electric + hybrid cars work better in tandem with nuclear energy not coal/gas -so per unit difference of source maybe, not of consumption. 10th May

cont- fractals r about beauty of forms in space - trees, lungs, grass. Another example of a form working with its surroundings, psychology. 10th May

is thinking about why natural forms expend large amounts of energy on large surface areas, the brain 1 of many. A form of beauty perhaps. 10th May

How did u spend ur sat night? "well, you know getting soil out of my ornaments," 8 May

May i just add, it was the plant that fell off shelf due to a leaf catching my sleave . 8 May

cont-soil/compost fell all over 3 sets of shelves underneath, complete with ornaments(filled with soil) couch + half the crapet.Total mess! 8 May

Spent most of last night cleaning lounge. Pulled dead leaf from large potted plant on top shelf but leaf caught my hem and fell off shelf. 8 May

has just come back from a superb party. Quote of the month on site with music by Akon - Beautiful ft. Colby O'Donis, Kardinal Offishall. 2 May

C this at http://www.cthisspace.com and follow @clairecsmith on twitter. (Retweet 20 Oct)

Idont mean i got u the bloke,lovely as he is, i got u the book. Besides,i,d have trouble wrapping him up. 30 Apr

I have accidently deleted the re tweet !fun and games with my new mobile here, +as per usual making mistakes 29 Apr

That was supposed tob a D M! the other was meant as a reminder of the para 29 Apr

Yes laura that s the bloke with that book u have, 29 Apr

wasn't going 2 say this but I drew a portrait of Prince William many yrs ago, mid/late 80's+ he was very young. It's been on my site years. 6: 05 AM 23rd April via web

is sat at pc(in dressing gown)listening to Eternity by Vangelis,with bird song from the garden, as the window is open. Can't beat the mix! 11 hours ago

Is this just me or do all main Twitter pages now look like a logged in format + y is there a #! before each name in title bar? What gives? 21 Apr

If using Dragonpad Speach to Text Software 4 e-mail, don't dictate the sentence, "Send my regards..." mid paragraph as 'send' is a command! 15 Apr

The 1st bit of t Vangelis music(harp/triangles?)4 Quote of t month reminds me of David Bohm's Implicate Order which forms part of his theory 14 Apr

David Bohm the physicist is this months quote as I decided to edit it but same music, same theme. Vangelis music works well with the theme. 5 Apr

Don't confuse subjects with thinking. Thinking can be boxed - Edward de Bono 6 thinking hats, however subjects r different. try the two. 5 Apr

In retrospect not sure if this months quote goes with t music/theme. Was a bit rushed. Also didn't check person out first.Might change it. 2nd April

watched 'Everything and Nothing' with superb Prof Jim Al-Khalili-very explanatory except can't work out wt colour Jim Al-Khalili's shirt is. 10:16 PM Mar 24th via web

is following a photographer when the usual case is to run a mile. Neve rbeen one to have photo taken. Can never resemble a beach or sky. 12:48 AM Mar 24th via web

Physics/Astronomy/Art r related.Boxes were invented 4 things 2 defy laws, not just of gravity, but of connection.Subjects mustn't b boxed.

is pleased with her new Radio Controlled Weather Station/Clock/etc she got from Lidl yesterday. Beats going to Tesco for once, or more even 10:13 PM Mar 16th via web

humans don't make enough contigency plans for the future, +for as far as tyhis goes on, a natural rare event will test our feeble methods. 11:35 PM Mar 13th via web

the forces of nature must never be under estimated. It doesn't care what we think of it, nor do the stars and planets. They just defeat us. 11:28 PM Mar 13th via web

Next months quote of t month music is about t power of wars between elements, people vs nature, mind vs matter, matter vs anti matter... 11:21 PM Mar 13th via web

Question? Trouble justifying answer. Answer closed, question open. Answer! Work backwards 2 t question from answer, reverse 4ward 2 answer. 10:09 PM Mar 13th via web

If thinking is finite, then finite laterally is infinite. Change the direction then come back to the answer from a different angle. 11:23 PM Mar 9th via web

is very aware that she is not currently following the real Alun Anderson (but would like to) but just wanted 2 get rid of 1 of the noughts. HSBC "The world's local bank - but we've already got started on Mars, where we're waiting for its microbes to evolve for a new tax idea" about 23 hours ago via web

Get petrol. Look at amount counter then stare at petrol station roof. If some1 asks what ur doing, say the price of petrol has just gone up 06 March 2011 00:10:31 via web

Quote of the Month is on cthisspace now. The quote is from a Stanford Uni Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics. 01 March 2011 07:59:57 via web

cont - The Death Star would become a giant Easter Egg, ruled by Darth Chocolate Wader Vader. Han Solo 2 b Choconited. 01 March 2011 07:12:24 via web

cont-Tesco would team up with NASA. Get chocolate back 2 Earth. Make Choc bars with silly Star Wars names. Yummy Yoda. 01 March 2011 06:58:04 via web

is wondering what would happen if we found that all t solid planets were made of chocolate 24 February 2011 09:22:11 via Mobile Web

thinks her books on Vector Analysis for Electrical Engineering should include more Scientific Illustration (Visual Art Diagrams 4 science). 22 February 2011 19:21:10 via web

are a result of high energy collisions that are apparent at particle accelerators. One is the atom smasher the Large Hadron Collider. 21 February 2011 18:51:33 via web

U like Lord of the Rings? Go 2 Strange Quark Comics 4 their parody of it with US Politics.Quarks r small quantum particles that r a result 21 February 2011 18:45:37 via web

last tweet fell of a cliff. Meant has just followed Strange Quark Comics back as they have superb intelligent humour. 21 February 2011 00:25:59 via web

has just followed Strange Quark Comics back cos they looked (American) supreb intelligent humour. Likes t websi 20 February 2011 18:09:40 via web

is v sad that 2 horses were killed at Newbury prob by electric shock frm damaged cable under ground.Feb 10th tweet here 14 February 2011 09:40:28 via web

Does t science+tech of how ur mobile phone works, increase or decrease ur interest in it, is it less or more mysterious? 11 February 2011 06:10:43 via web

thinks enough of using the term 'energy' 4 t likes of what goes on in a capacitor as apposed 2 battery potential energy 10 February 2011 08:48:16 via web

1 form of energy is state of change, capacitors (resist) change in voltage+tend 2 equalise more or less voltage. 10 February 2011 08:44:39 via web

potential difference thus APPEAR 2 store energy, they dont. Read the work! This type of force not b compared 2 classical 10 February 2011 08:26:45 via web

voltage, charge r different class 2 energy stored i.e. battery stored energy. Capacitors don't accumulate but exchange 10 February 2011 08:21:06 via web

has been thinking about this 4 years. Capacitors don't store<-- energy like a battery but more little action potentials 10 February 2011 08:18:21 via web

is aware various forms of energy wrt physics but'energy stored'in capacators is loosely close 2 that of classical energy 10 February 2011 08:12:44 via web

thinks making mistakes in theoretical physics/cosmology etc is ok, but not as ok when constructing an electrical network

has given up!Rory Bremner not on twitter etiher. C how it goes again, meanwhile back 2 the other stars, Alpha Centauri.. about 5 hours ago via web

is now wondering who else to follow after realising Nassim N Taleb hasn't got a twitter page. Was thinking of a comedian.. about 23 hours ago via web

+ Nassim's angle on probability.His fooledbyrandomness/notebook page is hilarious! Love t honesty,take with pinchofsalt 07 February 2011 06:42:31 via web

cont also, not sure if him not having Twitter page is due to eating dark chocolate matter bars(see unfished text)below. 07 February 2011 06:37:30 via web

to H, Nassim Taleb is philosopher/mathematical finance/writer bloke.My interest is his angle in prediction of economy 07 February 2011 06:35:49 via web

wants to follow Nassim Nicholas Taleb on twitter but doesn't think he has a twitter page. Oh well, must be the 05 February 2011 19:34:18 via web

Dark Chocolate Matter Bars(80% Cocoa, 20% Neutrinos)Get ur Energy equals Mass of Cocoa times chocolate milk 2quared. 03 February 2011 07:01:32 via web

Tesco...Store Wars.In a Galaxy(Bar),all chocolate bars, far far away...from size they were,same price but smaller bars.. 03 February 2011 06:51:20 via web

is listening to superb singer Ellie Goulding album, Bright Lights+ mentioning this months quote of the month on my site. 01 February 2011 16:59:40 via web

Talking of Horizon, Sir Paul Nurse on climategate-interesting. It seems science can't operate(socially)purely on truth. 28 January 2011 16:33:24 via web

watched Horizon's prgrm What Is Reality with Max Tegmark+various physicists. It appears quantum computers r the future. 18 January 2011 06:42:22 via web

last tweets i put 'are after t subjects' i usually use 't' 4 shortend 'the' but not here,meant after tea or after dinner 18 January 2011 06:42:16 via web

is wondering if there can b more investment in nuclear fusion physics-relevant, interesting,not just an after t subject. 17 January 2011 06:12:51 via web

How many unrelated subjects can you connect+get in2 chat at once? More than 3 perhaps, Astronomy, Supermarkets, Banks.. 16 January 2011 00:39:28 via web

cont- Lloyds Bank-money-coins-discs-accretion discs-black hole-Quasar-ur money converted in2 energy packets- pay packets 13 January 2011 07:21:05 via web

cont-Tesco's own Black Hole Bags of Spaghettification on offer.Santander is Neutron Star-ANY impact on, makes them money 13 January 2011 06:48:16 via web

Tesco 2 become so dense it will collapse on itself,it's bakedbeans tins 2 give off Hawkings Radiation.Every Little Helps 13 January 2011 05:38:02 via web

Last night watched Horizon 'What is One Degree?' presented by comedian Ben Miller.The Fusion+Superfluid parts where good 11 January 2011 06:18:37 via web

When I was at Patrick Moore's house his neighbours complained abt our interest in Astronomy.Reflection of ppls interest? 08 January 2011 17:15:01 via web

Meant Stargazing LIVE could have worked better if they had outreach presenters showing live astronomy items around t UK. 08 January 2011 16:55:55 via web

Last tweet was a compliment so both guys equal like balanced equation.Could Stargazing LIVE not have been live round UK? 18 minutes ago via web

cont-he still looks like he is about to take his GCSE's.Not much live stuff though! We await Wed even live events.. 04 January 2011 23:55:17 via web

I think Dara O Briain (has physics degree-went into comedy) is better looking, besides even if Brian Cox is age 40ish - 04 January 2011 23:45:06 via web

Watched astronomy live on BBC 2 - very good!even if all women think Brian Cox is the latest thing since sliced astronomy 04 January 2011 23:42:09 via web

New Happy Year!Had time out from twitter but now back.Saw about 100 Chinese lanterns in 45 mins after nw yr celebration. 01 January 2011 03:20:00 via web

Watched BBC prgm 'Beautiful Equations' yesterday.Presented by artist Matt Collings. It was about beauty in physics+art. 17 December 2010 06:17:03 via web

so next time some1 asks u if Doctor Who is on @ 6pm Xmas Day, say only if t probabilities around that event make it so 16 December 2010 07:27:43 via web

nothing is even behaviour as things or events nor momentum/position-its probabilites.U r a walking probability(probably) 16 December 2010 06:37:51 via web

cont-physics observes particle behaviour<-position/momentum not waht they r.This problem with human perception 2 measure 16 December 2010 06:28:21 via web

cont-not meaning get rid of people or Psychologists, that would b over the top, whether human behaviour can be measured 16 December 2010 06:25:01 via web

Last tweet wasn't a dig a Psychologists-meant String Theory gets rid of infinities 2 a piont, what if we could with pple 16 December 2010 06:17:09 via web

If people r awkwardly infinite 2 Psychologists as maths is 2 QM 4 Physicists then it's a good job we have String Theory. 13 December 2010 07:22:38 via web

When waiting a time 2 b 4 a path 2 meet, a divergence again +its horzion is vast + all that encompasses it, is more 2 c. 13 December 2010 06:57:37 via web

What percentage of texts contain inspiring information? It's probably mostly gossip. Send an inspiring text 2 some1 2day 04 December 2010 07:45:23 via web

Last text from Andrew: "Radio 4, 3.45 - 4.00 p.m.every day this week-'Five Particles' -repeat programme by Simon Singh." 02 December 2010 00:39:14 via web

"Jim Al-Khalili was on Desert Island Disks on Mon - really xcellent! If u missed it repeat is 9.00 am on Radio 4 on Fri" 02 December 2010 00:34:49 via web

Andrew sent many inspiring texts 2 me.eg."Radio 4 now-"In Our Time", 'Time', Ian Stewart, Jim Al-Khalili, Monica Grady." 30 November 2010 07:30:09 via web

Andrew went 2 a Scotland Astronomy bash. He sent this:"Sat next 2 Prof Anne Glover-Chief Scientific Adviser of Scotland" 30 November 2010 06:44:46 via web

European Symposium. He WILL be missed! latr 2day I'll tweet some of his texts he sent me over the years. Start with - 30 November 2010 06:40:35 via web

IOTA-ES. He co-organised the 16th joint meeting of IOTA-ES in Cambridge, + more recently also helped 2 organise the 29th 30 November 2010 06:34:27 via web

He was coordinator in the Lunar Section + Assistant Director in t Asteroids + Remote Planets Section + was a UK rep of - 30 November 2010 06:32:12 via web

image intensification+recording of dynamic phenomena- asteroid + meteors. In 2000 he received the BAA's Merlin Medal. 30 November 2010 06:28:40 via web

Cont- he was a member and honorary member of Reading Astronomical Society. He was expert in high-sensitivity video + 30 November 2010 06:26:48 via web

Andrew Elliott was beating cancer-strong till t end.He was Secretary of Leeds Astronomical Society.Like a father figure 30 November 2010 06:23:41 via web

Andrew+ his astronomy were on The Sky At Night.Through Andrew, I went 2 c Patrick Moore @ Patricks home in Selsy in 2008

Next few tweets all today will be about Andrew. He was a professional amatuer astronomer + retired vet who inspired me. 29 November 2010 06:22:32 via web

Our+my good friend Andrew Elliot passed away ystrdy.Was big inspiration.His work was on The Sky At Night. Will b missed. 29 November 2010 06:15:53 via web

Cont-tip toe back on same footprints.Don't advise this 4 certain areas or ppls as could cause falls(get them on camera) 27 November 2010 22:06:07 via web

Confuse some1 tomorrw by hopping on either left or right foot only all t way down a smooth path of snow.Draw face at end 27 November 2010 21:54:07 via web

Aunt + Uncle got all new black cat called Magic(from previous owner).Thye don't like name.I do.How u get them 2 keep it? 24 November 2010 06:23:26 via web

Spot The Difference. Julian Schwinger:Numbers + equations 4 fields. Richard Feynman:Diagrams + line squiggles 4 pathways 24 November 2010 06:23:10 via web

On closer inspection, the guy, who isn't, doesn't bang head on bridge,but it's other side of river that looks like it is 24 November 2010 06:09:29 via web

gud job lovely Marcus du Sautoy didnt bang his head on bridge,but wld b explanatory 4 maths,as it does include accidents 19 November 2010 10:26:32 via web

watch Beauty of Diagrams with Marcus du Sautoy! C bit were he walks over bridge, looks like bloke on boat bangs head. 19 November 2010 10:11:13 via web

Diagrams are often in popular physics books, not text books, so y make it harder?+ yet they r explanitary 2 more people. 19 November 2010 10:08:01 via web

Owning a few (70)physics text books, I can see where they could add some diagrams 2 explain ideas. Add Marcus du Sautoy! 19 November 2010 10:04:55 via web

Last night watched the lovely Marcus du Sautoy present TV prgm Beauty of Diagrams, they could push these in text books.

Under the weather with heavy cold since Wed but lovely sunshine now 2 boost day ahead AND there's no wind, splendid. 19 November 2010 09:58:27 via web

What does anybody know about the science that goes in2 t car or plane that gets them from A 2 B?You bet your life on it! 18 November 2010 06:32:31 via web

Energy meters in homes(I have 1)shld explain t data with graphs+pie charts 2. Being dyslexic, just numbers r a bit vague 17 November 2010 01:24:45 via web

The piece on BBC news ystrdy about child carers should have been much longer.These kids need all t support they can get. 5:20 PM Nov 16th, 2010 via web

In 2 yrs time the UK will b desolate. Every1 gone 2 China+India. All that wil be left is Tumbleweed blowing in the wind. 10:16 PM Nov 8th, 2010 via web

This months quote of t month is on my site along with link 2 1 of t most magical music pieces that goes with it somehow. 11:21 PM Nov 1st, 2010 via web

Actually art was only mentioned on Autumnwatch. This quote is on my webstats 'Is it logical to want to think logically?' 1:51 AM Oct 31st, 2010 via web

Good 2 c some art(+science) on Autumnwatch.More science of electricity in The Secret Life of the National Grid wld be gd about 1 hour ago via web

-or does it just like Kitten Nibbles?Schrodinger's Kitten has decided 2 go bac 2 t past history to re read last 3 tweets 1,287,638,972,000.00 via web

- the run before the re-run, in which the past, of the past history was the run,run past the re-run of the past history? 1,287,638,827,000.00 via web

-if a re-run was run, with Kitten that would re-run + accelerate to t point that would be past t past history, or would 1,287,638,780,000.00 via web

Schrodinger's Kitten.Past history,with no history,of a past history.Could kitten claim a past history of a past history? 1,287,638,665,000.00 via web

is listening to Flo Rida +(David Guetta<- again!)Club Can't Handle Me ft+he wears a T shirt in vid(exception to A rule?) 1,287,387,482,000.00 via web

Tis very sad to hear the great mind Benoit Mandelbrot, of fractals, roughness etc, pass away. I have only jusyt read it 1,287,386,216,000.00 via web

Make science more relevant by putting word science with 'industry' like The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester 1,287,386,102,000.00 via web

I dont use a mouse pad on right but a hard mat w gel area @ base of it 4 wrist support, all on my lap.My mouse is remote 1,287,120,094,000.00 via web

What angle is ur monitor+keyboar?Mine @ 45 degree.Also used 2 third of my keyboard hanging off table.Normal is 90 degree 1,287,119,723,000.00 via web

cont-worked out houses yet?Look @ birdseye view.T clue is behind terrace houses on birds eye or in2 Mchstr town on left. 1,287,004,172,000.00 via web

Without cheating go 2 Google streetview, Liverpool Rd(from Water St end)Manchester, c terrace houses on left? Not quite. 1,286,869,531,000.00 via web

if government spent as much time sorting cuts properly as Tesco's do ordering Halloween stock the recession wld improve. 1,286,863,077,000.00 via web

In Tesco's ystrdy.Nealry bought glossy Dr Who book only cos it had Matt Smith in it.Then info overload - Halloween stock 1,286,863,059,000.00 via web

-cont, group of women+group of men each design car engine. Would they differ? Would t engine reflect t sex of the group? 1,286,753,785,000.00 via web

The car engine was invented by guys. What would a new type of car engine be + look like if invented by a group of women? 1,286,687,735,000.00 via web

Stanford follw me,I follow them,they unfollow me,I unfollow them.Then they refollow me,I refollow them, they unfollow me 1,286,518,468,000.00 via web

Just watched Stephen Hawking's Universe. 1 of t best prgms on TV in a while. Good visuals, music, narration, production. 1,286,240,276,000.00 via web

2 ways in which the medium of t message ensures t message is taken seriously: 1)Men with degree,wearing suit.2)Cartoons. 1,286,000,051,000.00 via web

This Months Quote of t Month is now on my site (I did forget it was October - then put 1st of Autumn then remembered Oct 1,285,976,102,000.00 via web

Need 2 get 2 t coast + t country lanes in t car preferably, with music playing. Best thinking going on when driving 8:50 AM Sep 30th via web

A well known scientist that I totally admire is coming 2 my hometown.Not sure if t connection can b made here.Great news 1:47 AM Sep 28th via web

Car=tree.Most people understand cars via trees only. Less ppl udrstd cars via cars.Does tree win becse of larger amount? 9:01 AM Sep 22nd via web

I have re-followed Arjen Dijksman @materion a famous Physicist 2 put him back up at top of my follow list above E Cars. 7:24 AM Sep 21st via web

The last part of last tweet didn't quite come out right and that was the third attempt 2 get it right. One shall redo 2:05 AM Sep 19th via web

Profess 2 b wise about how small our world is, but how large a good impact we r able 2 make of it 4 t best place 4 live. 5:51 AM Sep 18th via web

T chemical reaction created by my Alberto VO5 Conditioner made such a stench in t shower i nealry passed out.Ths Normal? 7:20 AM Sep 17th via web

Y do soap mnfaturs put moisturiser(oil) in soap when t reason y using soap is 2 get rid of unwanted oils in 1st place? 7:14 AM Sep 17th via web

Gust of wind woke me up so tweeitng. Haven't tried wind sufing on roller blades(last tweet) Will twt more e saving ideas 5:17 AM Sep 16th via web

If travelling same direction as 70mph wind, wear roller blades+use wind sail 2 get 2 work.They can't do u 4 speeding. 8:05 AM Sep 15th via web

Right well, gt ur bags packed, we r all off 2 Venus. It has t longest day, so will cover Money = Time.Pack the ice packs 7:57 AM Sep 15th via web

Just tell councils we all move 2 a larger planet(Longer days Space-TimeMoney-TimePlanet)is just a form of 'outsourcing' 8:01 AM Sep 13th via web

Councils r 2 ration Air. As Space is needed 2 keep bottles of Air, Space-Time (at later date)will need 2 b reconsidered. 7:40 AM Sep 13th via web

Space-Time now Money-Time. Councils r 2 extend working 24hr days 2 345hrs + pubs/clubs/cinemas remain closed. Next Air. 7:37 AM Sep 13th via web

This statement is on my webstats page, "humans are logical creatures yet they don't think logically". Very interesting. 7:54 AM Sep 8th via web

-cont, was impressed with my Catadioptric, it showed up Jupiter+its moons well(but no other planets where embarassed) 4:32 AM Sep 4th via web

Got back from Star Party 1hr ago.Took Short Ass Catadioptric scope-James May(see many tweets ago) Saw clusters/nebulae 4:25 AM Sep 4th via web

Quote of the month up on my site. My cat thinks she's a dog, plays goaly, frisby + catch a ball.Might take her 2 a park. 1:53 AM Sep 1st via web

Had productive Bank Holiday.I got all family together 2 talk of future 4 elderly relative+sorted box room so more space. 2:44 AM Aug 31st via web

Tesco's has bought t Moon 2 set up a supermarket there 4 passing life forms. T Sale starts Monday.We just need transport 1,282,975,616,000.00 via web

also, u can see mini mirages (on v warm days) driving on tarmac roads over hills...but don't forget.... WATCH THE ROAD!. 1,282,972,683,000.00 via web

but that's life! I wish t best of luck 2 all school leavers, but either way, t situation is not their fault. Our future 1,282,626,354,000.00 via web

It's in the interest of pupils/students to gain less results in correct way, than 2 gain more results in incorrect way. 1,282,625,959,000.00 via web

2 make clearer, results can improve by learning-is marginal, takes place besause of environment, but genes deter.50/50. 1,282,625,534,000.00 via web

Correction:Even if achieved results r natural ability, no amount of learning changes achieved results/distribution curve 1,282,625,271,000.00 via web

Back 2 square 1.Somwhjere between learning+subjects lies a mirage of data or interpretation of it, allowing grade fixing 1,282,524,188,000.00 via web

Subjects become obscured in 'learning'? (what we don't know yet).Gov make sure that we 'think' we know, when we don't. 1,282,523,738,000.00 via web

Bcse school teachers don't have time 2 make learning different they r led a merry dance-teaching learning on how 2 pass 1,282,523,317,000.00 via web

Could argue achieved results(grades)is a form of natural ability 2, it is, but still leaves subjects+standard deviation. 1,282,522,987,000.00 via web

Learners(students)assessments show fixed distribution curve b4 injecting subjects. Small low, large medium, small high. 1,282,522,616,000.00 via web

If there's such a thing as changable data, then what chance does true data have? Data this, data that Lets go on a data. 1,282,461,251,000.00 via web

Cant change true data only changable data. Dont know what correct term is 4 changable data. Didn't know u could do it. 1,282,461,010,000.00 via web

Caveat 2.Data(grades?)r required results (interpretation of true data) can b changed. Changable data from true data. 1,282,460,897,000.00 via web

Caveat 1.Longitudinal study of natural ability(can't be changed), regardless of subjects, stays same.So something a miss 1,282,459,336,000.00 via web

I used the term 'required results'. Don't know what real word/function is but t dea comes 2 mind with this lot. Nebulous 1,282,459,161,000.00 via web

Intrstng bcse longitudinal stats is another way of interpretion but based on true data. Required results(my words)not so 1,282,458,953,000.00 via web

longitudinal stats show natural distribution 4 ability over t(can't b changed)Can change required results(interpretation 1,282,458,641,000.00 via web

(Cont) t required results r down 2 teaching which is ruled by gov. This makes comparisons with stats r harder 2 discern. 1,282,458,429,000.00 via web

Exams not easier but pupils r achieving t required results 4 grades by which subjects r a vehicle in which 2 obtain this 1,282,458,410,000.00 via web

Have heard 1st hand+read: Student/pupils grades r fixed. What r the benefits? Grading has become politics not education. 8:02 AM Aug 20th via web

Wot can a deep pastime/intrest provide in frustration th@ they r not a world calling where others only seek it in facade 7:53 AM Aug 19th via web

May have broken world record for not @ing people on twitter! Just had short chat with SimPhone on tinychat! All is good!

Does v slow car infront increase chances of crash-cars behind more likely 2 overtake in impatience at front slow driver? 5 minutes ago via web

Was cloudy at Patrick Moore's house in Selsey but John Fletcher told me it was superb at his house in Gloucestershire. 10:35 PM Aug 13th via web

Was at mates house last night and some Perseid meteors appeared in between clouds!Was ok actaully, quite mild temp too. 10:14 PM Aug 13th via web

Because, bcs, bcs, bcs, bcs, bcs of the wonderful things he does. We're off 2 c t Wizard, The Wonderful Banks own us. 9:39 AM Aug 12th via web

(last tweet)got in car + kept boot open. Was a backwards Houdini. Remembered car keys, had I not, would have frozen in. 9:35 AM Aug 12th via web

This winter just gone, all my car doors were so frozen up, so got in car via boot. Had 2 think not 2 shut boot properly. 7:21 AM Aug 11th via web

Tomorrow night am off 2 c meteors. Not taking any of my scopes, just going 2 lie back, watch + listen 2 everyone cheer. 7:12 AM Aug 11th via web

I wouldnt recommend buying an Aston Martin (not that i can) unless u know it's going 2 drink a lot of petrol (+ money). 1:02 AM Aug 10th via web

A mate, who's 1st name begins with P, has let me b passenger (quite alot) in his Aston Martin. It's called living it up! 7:59 PM Aug 8th via web

Clamerggon(Cameron/Clegg) r not good politicians, they r 2 honest. Thye need 2 start lying more. Then we'll believe them

Knowing Camclegg knowing they don't know where money is,is worse thn them knowing there's no money+u don't know there is 18 minutes ago via web

Conservation of energy law - only b transformed from 1 state 2 another.Economic exchange similar.Something got 2 give 10:30 AM Aug 3rd via web

Lost confidence in UK enterprise, finance, jobs, business, not same as have no money.UK needs spark in economic exchange 10:10 AM Aug 3rd via web

Last 2 tweets ref 2 economy.High expectations r ok as long as thy have built in buffers when real world doesnt owe back. 10:01 AM Aug 3rd via web

Things that appear v good in life intially, may ltr disappoint, same reason things not so great 1st may turn out better. 9:24 AM Aug 3rd via web

Next tweet after this refers 2 people, work,health,love,events, economy, anything that can trick ur mind.Watch ur back.

Any innuendo implied by last tweet, either implicit or explicit, is the responability of t reader. I also 4got The Stig. about 5 hours ago via web

My large 6inch Russian job, can't say last name. Motor mounted.White.Jeremy as Jezza.Scope's called The Big White One. about 10 hours ago via web

My medium is 3inch short tube catadioptric, bright yellow funky. Is May as Captian Slow.Call this scope Short Ass Catube about 10 hours ago via web

My smallest is a hand held tube, like 1 binocular eyepiece. It's Hammond the Hamster, I call it my Captain Cook scope. about 10 hours ago via web

Next 3 tweets r a parody of Top Gear. Iv'e got 3 telescopes. Small, medium + large. So either Tops Scope or Scope Gear. about 10 hours ago via web

Waiting 4 next clear night 2 get small(possibly large) scope out. It's been cloudy 4 long time now. Or build space ship. 12:29 AM Jul 29th via web

Next talk on BP am sure there's going 2 b a magic trick. Hand went 2 mic b4 cam roll, or doesn't know where tie is (yet) 1:26 AM Jul 27th via web

The tie(venetian blind design?)was more skew whiff than ever on news 2day. R the BBC trying to have a joke? I know I am. 7:37 PM Jul 26th via web

Next time suited man with tie sits on TV (not literallY)place him directly at camera angl so's not to confuse audience. 7:53 AM Jul 26th via web

cont-when sat at angle 2 camera, Peston's tie looks like it is crooked.Tsn't. It's ur brain at 6'clock that's make it so 7:45 AM Jul 26th via web

Peter Gibbs is a superb BBC weather man, pleasure 2 watch. Peston's skew wiff tie is an optical illusion- continued 7:41 AM Jul 26th via web

My cold woke me up.How can a cold wak e u up, yoi tis usually the opposoitd.+ thoi is what happens whe u type in th dark 6:14 AM Jul 26th via web

Nassim's 'Back Swan' is about an un accounted 4 probability in a mathematical quadrant.2 say that is its only prediction 1,279,541,264,000.00 via web

Besides, it could have been a 'Black Swan' (last tweet) I thought t Duck was a child, would have been worse in that case 1,279,540,857,000.00 via web

I screached breakes on only clipping duck wing i think.Got out 2 check duck,was fine.It went in field.Am still shaking! 1,279,489,617,000.00 via web

Just drove home via country lane in dark just now + swerved car and stopped 2 avoid a duck flying across front of car 1,279,489,483,000.00 via web

Superb track, K'NAAN - Wavin' Flag ft. will.i.am, David Guetta. Pity world cup has gone. Love the melody+worth a listen 1,279,472,745,000.00 via web

This David Guetta guy infiltrating the charts, very interesting 2 say t least. Just listening 2 K'NAAN Wavin' Flag. 1,279,472,443,000.00 via web

It comes to something when spending 25 mins leaving the twitter box open when deciding what to tweet on a Sunday Ttime. 1,279,471,994,000.00 via web

Last tweet might cause a logistical nightmare. We should go back 2 canals + hover craft. Maybe even walking or skipping 1,279,326,655,000.00 via web

Motorways should have large car+truck carriers. It's not like we r going 2 drive off untill we get 2 a junction, is it? 1,279,172,812,000.00 via web

If t technology was there 2 grab + straighten ties through t TV screen, I'd b t 1st 2 do it.It's not going 2 b far off 1,279,170,519,000.00 via web

Any chance BBC to reduce web pg white spaces + more intro text.Robert Peston's tie needs straightening on 6 o clock news 1,279,088,875,000.00 via web

Objects moving towards us r slightly in blue shift. If u tell that a stranger they would run a mile(in red)but it's true 1,278,912,594,000.00 via web

My explanation of this months quote of t month was cobbled together very last minute. It might not make that much sense 1,278,911,599,000.00 via web

I'll drive 1 of those cars that plays footy in latest hyundai ad. Can physics b used in a car ad 2 sell cars + physics? 1,278,481,122,000.00 via web

I don't have fancy car, just like driving+It needs repairs.Got rid of rust on door frame. Driver side windows don't open 1,278,481,103,000.00 via web

Unlike music 2 love, hate, or b intrstd, Lady Gaga's music literally grabs u until u have no other choice but 2 like it 1,278,307,026,000.00 via web

The very clever Nassim Nicholas Taleb's powerfull idea features as a quote of the month on my site. Nealry 4got th month 1,278,021,466,000.00 via web

_______^-------______________^---------V--------------------V-------------^--------______V-------V-________ _________^ 1,277,873,093,000.00 via web

Science, physics/astronomy + art, such superb subjects 2 get in2 if u can. Music, nature, driving the car with freedom 2 1,277,750,503,000.00 via web

Made an England flag+put it outside window. Doesn't mean I'll fall in love with Football but will watch tomorrows match 1,277,577,978,000.00 via web

Only thing I love doing is driving my car in t country. Might live in it next.Could drive 4 England(can't play football 1,277,500,759,000.00 via web

Am here, am here! It's just the sunshine, it kind of gets me away from being inside, so hence the PCgood thing really). 1,277,483,111,000.00 via web

My large reflector scope stays @ home(2 big 2 move) so took my catadioptric, was ok. Got Jupiter+moons. Got 3 scopes. 1,277,159,415,000.00 via web

B4 getting my short tube catadioptric(telescope) out Sat eve, I saw a Kestrel being dive bombed mid air by smaller bird. 1,277,159,131,000.00 via web

Was watching Roy Orbison @ my Dads yesterdayFathers Day(on SKY TV) Dad's lent me his Hank Marvin CD as I wanted a copy 1,277,152,918,000.00 via web

but we can c a comet pass by with a telescope, mind you, which is waht I am doing 2nite with my local Astronomy group. 1,276,964,841,000.00 via web

We have been 2 the moon, created th internet, made technological leaps, but still don't know how 2 stop an oil spill. 1,276,243,888,000.00 via web

My large telescope is a reflector mainly 4 planetary, but now more in2 nebulae+solar imaging. Wud luv refractor- costly. 1,276,232,570,000.00 via web

Any1 want a mini planetarium I made last year. It's based in a box with tube legs+ hanging planets+ mixed star effects. 1,276,153,046,000.00 via web

Got 2 pairs of stilettos, many medium chunky heels, one pair kitten heal, 4 wedge heels, including boots, 4 flats.Crocks 1,276,152,438,000.00 via web

Iv'e remembered 2 more scientists who I met @ Patrick Moore's house in 2008. Will be adding them 2 anniversary pg l8tr 1,276,146,288,000.00 via web

If a handbag is wide then has 2 adavntages 1) Force distribution 2)Can get to things better, zip top of bag- can c more 1,276,074,736,000.00 via web

Am looking @ my pairs of stiletto heels. Will keep them but not happy with (not current) thinking about shoe heels. 1,276,074,159,000.00 via web

Y don't handbag+shoe manufacturers think laws of physics. Bag can b same volume even if wider shape.Wide straps 4 com4t 1,276,072,608,000.00 via web

Pressure is force per unit area, bag straps, shoe soles, bottom of drinking cups should b wide not narrow.Wine glasses? 1,276,072,050,000.00 via web

Habit? I pile clean clothes on upstairs window shelf. Open window 4 air, clothes fall out onto path.Socks, tops,t lot. 1,276,059,774,000.00 via web

When the ash cloud was around I thought the sunlight looked abit polarized bt wasn't sure if there was anything in this. 1,275,694,286,000.00 via web

Infact a few friends of mine had a BBQ in winter, was a success. Should make food taste different eating in cold air 1,275,694,088,000.00 via web

Am blaming the superb sunshine for taking me away from twitter for a few days. People should have BBQs in winter too 1,275,693,898,000.00 via web

(superb mind u) presenters on Genius. Mosely gets in2 the acts (etc,electrical stimulation of muscles) more tangible. 1,275,328,617,000.00 via web

Just watched Genius of Britain. Going 2 b honest. - not as good as Michael Mosley's Story of Science, perhaps 2 many 1,275,328,312,000.00 via web

Just rung United Utilities 2 tell them I no longer need their elctcl mains power as Iv'e Roger Daltrey singing instead 1,275,256,501,000.00 via web

The Who r best played LOUD with B + W (domestic) speakers with gold plated back plugs, if not Warfdale. They belt rock! 1,275,256,296,000.00 via web

Roger Daltrey was 1 of the best BEST live singers in music history. Talk about belting out power. More of The Who 2night 1,275,256,094,000.00 via web

It's properly called Action Potential. Interesting view from electromagnetism electricity angle. R these plants aware? 1,275,174,365,000.00 via web

More info turns out I was correct about Venus Flytraps. Thye use signal transduction wch is electrochemical impulses. 1,275,173,938,000.00 via web

Listening to 1 of my best tracks 'You Better You Bet' by The Who. Can sing every single lyric 2 it. Intro part great. 1,275,171,425,000.00 via web

2) It doesn't mention electrical pulse idea. Question now is, r Venus Fly Traps a little bit concious, if electrical. 1,275,163,466,000.00 via web

1 of two things 1) B4 researching Venus Fly Traps now I thought it might b electical current/pulse that mkes plant close 1,275,163,299,000.00 via web

The word 'crap' can b used on few occasions (last tweet). How do Venus Fly Traps close on the fly? Lookng in2 it here. 1,275,162,926,000.00 via web

Adults should b role models 4 children, eg, not swearing, or break law. Being decent, be realistic, doing best in life. 1,275,162,179,000.00 via web

I used to enjoy Top of The Pops, what ever happened to live talent? Would be good to have something newer though. 1,275,155,764,000.00 via web

If it wasn't 4 documentaries, news + waether (some films) I would throw my TV right out. Appaling content at best. 1,275,153,467,000.00 via web

Campbell's Condensed Soup. All random thoughts on my site will now have condensed twitter versions here, and other. 1,274,916,909,000.00 via web

Decided 2 copy all my tweets + put them onpage on my site. Will carry on here but will + new ideas on site again 2 1,274,820,660,000.00 via web

So what did i do today? Oh, just ate a quantum mechanics book on toast - magnets abd lasers brulee for afters. You? 1,274,818,759,000.00 via web

But can be good also. Am lucky to have both worlds at once- it's like a stereogram view of life (without double vision) 1,274,818,636,000.00 via web

Long time no C? Heh! get it. Sometimes real world gets in way of Twitter, this undertsandable, but not always good. 1,274,818,474,000.00 via web

Of course the laws of physics will always win over magic. But it's good 2 pretend they don't. Gravity Rules OK ! 1,274,482,228,000.00 via web

Bought magic wands today (4 pack) does that mean magic trick is 4 times more likely to work? 2 hazy 4 telescope still 1,274,472,630,000.00 via web

Was going 2 go 4 a drive + play music in car, 2 the coast tonight but the sun has gone in. Things r not as they seem 1,274,297,428,000.00 via web

The cloud has now moved to the north. There is a tree in next doors garden that thinks it's March. I know. I asked it. 1,274,296,745,000.00 via web

Then sun(that isn't out) is shining on cloud back dwon 2 garden at odd angle, makes garden look different. Cloudlight. 1,274,296,618,000.00 via web

I'll get DIY bloke 2 make a ceiling fitting for my large scope b4 putting it back nxt wk. But i'll buy a wand anyway. 1,274,043,479,000.00 via web

Am going to magic my large telescope out from under the junk. Did I say I wasn't anygood at magic? Oh sorry. 1,274,041,634,000.00 via web

Getting my large telescope out nxt weekend but has half my house on top of it's two solid wooden boxes it's housed in. 1,274,025,996,000.00 via web

Staying up till 5-6 in morning after stargazing was like waiting 2 find out who won the general election, never again! 1,274,025,888,000.00 via web

So b4 retiring 2 sleep am listening 2 Elgar(classical 4 change)+first bird in garden sings along 2 it. A superb moment. 1,273,985,928,000.00 via web

It's been 2 windy 4 small scope tonight-morn, shopuld have used my larger telescope but has stuff on it's box. 1,273,985,427,000.00 via web

Why do cars have comfy seats? Wonder is thinking 4 the sake of it, otherwise what is the point. Drive around and c 1,273,976,989,000.00 via web

Wikipedia takes away a journey of curiosity. All 2 easy 2 go straight 2 it. Curiosity + struggle go hand in hand. 1,273,968,872,000.00 via web

I don't mean its silly that it's about t Azores i mean it's silly as am strugling wth what song is about. Struggle! ! 1,273,871,788,000.00 via web

I was NOT good at history! I mean! This it about Spanish treasure ship in Azores. but this is silly. Anyone ? 1,273,871,636,000.00 via web

This absoulutely nothing to do with subjects I am into so not sure why am even bothered, Al Stewart's music is ace tho 1,273,870,982,000.00 via web

It's about the Spanish flagship. Conisdering there were two Lord Grenvilles (frm Eton) Y didnt he write song about that? 1,273,870,876,000.00 via web

fitting but turns out Stewart is on about English Naval commander! Song reminded me of Brown's resignation! Nope! 1,273,870,750,000.00 via web

Playing Al Stewart's song Lord Grenville from The Year of th Cat yesterdy + the BBC on about Lords from Eton seemed 1,273,870,666,000.00 via web

The last tweet/joke about the magic shop, didn't come out right because the punchline vanished b4 I could make it funny. 1,273,780,095,000.00 via web

Tried 2 find a magic shop but it vanished before I got there. So asked stranger in street, they said, where did u go? 1,273,748,392,000.00 via web

Not a good magician so using Invisible Thread 4 planets in Model Planetarium I made last year. Then 4 pendant round neck 1,273,689,664,000.00 via web

Want 2 know what Invisible Thread looks like, might order it Very interested in what it's like2 use(puts cards aside). 1,273,643,433,000.00 via web

They keep telling me it's there, but I still can't see it. They say keep looking - Invisible Thread on google images. 1,273,516,065,000.00 via web

Just listening to old (70s) music by Al Stewart. Waht great guitar rifts. This might form next months quote on my site. 1,273,506,633,000.00 via web

Twitter was invented over 15 yrs ago when mum rang me 2 say she was going 2 make a cup of coffee then put t phone down. 1,273,427,557,000.00 via web

Just opened a packet of ankle socks. Found the design is on the underside of the foot. What's the piont in that? Doh 1,273,426,821,000.00 via web

Awake 2 long watching polls, swings + roundabouts + I still dont get it. Going 2 bed at 5am might not have helped. 1,273,272,684,000.00 via web

New fish tank in cardiology unit needed rocks placed at the bottom so fish can escape stress. Will tell NHS manager. 11:18 PM May 7th via web

Politics is like physics vote4a person -quantum/m with infinites, or is like String Theory gets rid of infiniparties 7:06 AM May 5th via web

read of "Electromagnetism for Engineers" by P Hammond. There are similarities. Gud job politics isn't like physics. 6:57 AM May 5th via web

Woke up and thinking in bed just now, Penrose's The Emporor's New Mind (so far) is obvious massive jump from third time 6:54 AM May 5th via web

Embrace's Danny Mcnamara on Gravity, then Coldplay's Chris Martin version - refering 2 Quote of the Month on my site. 7:10 AM May 4th via web

Was in B +Q +cardboard cutout of TV personality ther needed pale edges disguised wth dark marker pen. Will tell manager. 9:48 PM May 2nd via web

The Emperor's New Mind book by Physicist Roger Penrose, Iv'e had this book for years so will get round 2 reading it now. 2:15 AM Apr 30th via web

I don't know the guy + he doesn't wear a suit. Strange how clothes r seen but what was it? The Emperor's New Clothes. 2:06 AM Apr 30th via web

A man used 2 wear shirts. Now he ws T shirts more. I prefer shirts on him but T's show more! Y do I prfr him in shirts? 1:03 PM Apr 29th via web

Whats 2 b done after a mistake, over what was thought and said 2 b, wether meant or not, is an objective in itself. 12:56 PM Apr 29th via web

Lights, Camera, Action. LIghts: Lib Dem under spot light. Camera: Tory on camera. Action: Labour, where was it? 11:32 AM Apr 24th via web

Do the 'Camera-On With The Cameron'. Go on, do it! Chuck the script out of t window (with the bath water)+ do the 4:56 PM Apr 22nd via web

Get Your Brown Grinning 24 Hour InvisibleThread! Place at each corner of mouth then to each ear. Just Keep It Up!(grin) 4:14 PM Apr 19th via web

When Clegg talked about Duck House Expenses half his face went into a Penumbra Shadow, like in a Partial Solar Eclipse. 10:01 PM Apr 15th via web

Be individual but the consequences can b dire. 4 differing systems, better if dressed up in everyday life 1st, then c. 11:21 PM Apr 14th via web

Physics + forces in playgounds, electronics of ur High def TV, form/structure of sport trainers, sound waves in music. 5:07 PM Apr 11th via web

How about 'pubilc understanding of science' people actually go round schools 2 enthuse kids into the topic.Just an idea 5:02 PM Apr 11th via web

Talking 2 science teacher at Astronomy club other night, he said it's more difficult 2 get kids in2 science than adults 3:01 PM Apr 9th via web

BBC BREAKING NEWS Th Universe Isn't Bothered About What We Think Of It But It Might Want A Lift Into Galactic Town L8tr. 11:59 AM Apr 5th via web

Art + science are not really the same, it's just good 2 c where they are. The universe just does what it does regardless 12:38 PM Apr 1st via web

Science is art where theory is creative, multi sensory, visual, abstract +its experiment is the test of natures palette. 9:16 PM Mar 29th via web

Art is a science where seeing the form of things over te surface + understanding its hidden structure r all its wonder. 4:51 PM Mar 27th via web

Ok, a little far fetched. What about solid planets as Vacuum Abboring Singularity Space Knots. Maybe Planets is easier. 5:29 PM Mar 23rd via web

Every Little Helps. Imagine if Tesco's held classes on particle physics + physics info was currency instead of money. 3:07 PM Mar 21st via web

Ur 30 day money back garuntee Beatle Dung. If QVC don't sell beatle dung, then will try Tesco's. They sell EVERYTHING. 3:56 PM Mar 20th via web

Idea: Dung beatles. Always wanted 2 keep them. Problem: Elephants r harder 2 keep. Solution: Have dung mailed. QVC? 3:52 PM Mar 20th via web

Spectacular sky returns after rain at sunset. Look closely + u will c that t stars are different colours. Worth t wait! 11:52 AM Mar 20th via web

Brilliant programme Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds on BBC One tonight. How 2 see things already there but uniquely. 2:27 PM Mar 16th via web

Love this. Watch a curtain suck up 2 slighly open window upstairs, while someone opens door downstairs. Air presre equal 3:52 PM Mar 15th via web

How good that art + science can b intertwined 2 produce t most stunning stereogram of insights into the known universe.

Was going to put something here then I forgot what I was going to put here, so instead I put this here. Hope that helps 3:36 PM Mar 9th via web

I don't have kids, but they must b priority 4 us. Back to....ask any person in the street wot they know about physics. 7:55 AM Mar 6th via web

It's important to make sure all children are ok in t world. They r our future (whcih checking last time, was crucial). 7:07 AM Mar 5th via web

Think gotees look better on guys with fair/red hair and less so on dark hair. A light gotee looks better. Supersplendid 2:34 AM Mar 5th via web

It's very interesting that a lot of guys r wearing Gotees these days, not complaining of course. I say Gotee 4 it! 1:09 AM Mar 4th via web

It would b good if Newton's Laws could be applied 2 t economy + eveything would work in predicted order. 2 t future! 11:14 PM Feb 28th via web

Nature plays a magic trick whn wise wrds r acted out not only in theory but practically even if t mind is the best lab 10:48 PM Feb 23rd via web

Spending more time on title of idea than idea now, in so much as, title now overtaking idea. Completely possible. 10:30 PM Feb 21st via web

Movement of craft critical 4 forming change. Has 2 b partly stationary and eye level, so need imagination 4 that part. 11:34 PM Feb 19th via web

However,large fighter crafts might create t effect. Prefering aviation 2 nautical, 2 get it right, has 2 b large craft 11:32 PM Feb 19th via web

Worked it out. I can't use plane in title because of t way the "boat" moves 4 the effect 2 work, even tho prefer it. 11:22 PM Feb 19th via web

Now playing with the Plane idea, as apposed 2 t boat. Theory still same, but title wanders. Boat was ok, now like plane. 11:09 PM Feb 19th via web

It could b a plane not a boat. The Plane That Changed Shape. The Changing Plane. Boat to Plane! Nope. 11:03 PM Feb 19th via web

It's impossible of course, for boats 2 change shape or anything non organic, because it didn't. It's an analogy 4 it 10:54 PM Feb 18th via web

Wondering wether 2 change 'The Shrinking Boat' title 2 'The Boat That Changes Shape'. Nearer the idea, metaphorically 10:50 PM Feb 18th via web

If it wasn't 4 the cold winter I'd live outside all the time. The importance of fresh air should never b underestimated. 3:44 PM Feb 15th via web

Waiting 4 the Sun 2 shine 2day + then a crystal clear nite 4 cing stars + like magic, is a breath of fresh air. Look up! 10:34 PM Feb 7th via web

The Shrinkng Boat idea co dvlpd wth paradox. Encompasses islands gotr 2 fm cnlsve thry in physics or otr 11:59 PM Feb 6th via web

The Shrinking Boat idea I had last year isn't easy 2 explain but easy 2 undertsand whn got. Various topics meet up. 10:31 PM Feb 6th via web

The paradox idea co dvlpd wth the Shrkng Boat - encomp ass es disparate islands gotr 2 fm cnlsve thry in physics or otr 10:31 PM Feb 6th via web

Tampering wrt paradox systems. One or the other. 2 opposites both b proven true. Quantum, biology, planetary+ universal 11:00 PM Feb 3rd via web

Although I am mostly a cat person, my Dad has just got a Springer Spaniel puppy. He is lovely+ have a soft spot 4 him 8:21 AM Feb 2nd via web

Sport is ok, watch a bit of footy and play table tennis myself, but they could have its science+ health benefits also. 11:41 PM Jan 31st via web

Passionately agree with bengoldacre about 2 much sport in BBC news. Concepts of Hooligan Physics. 11:36 PM Jan 31st via web

How about glasses that tilt vision to a 90 degree angle. Teh ground can be either left or right. Bumping into ground. 1:37 AM Jan 25th via web

As a kid I would walk around with upturned mirrors stuck under my eyes so it looked I walked on the ceiling. 1:37 AM Jan 25th via web

'The Secret Life of Chaos' I watched the other day was the right balance. More of these TV prgms would b good.U got it 5:09 PM Jan 20th via web

Slight delay with things but returning 2 normal in good time. The snow might change the recesson in an interesting way. 4:00 PM Jan 12th via web

New Year Quote of the Month on my site now. The clouds were interesting at sunset, colour, shape + form. It's snowing? 9:30 AM Jan 4th via web

Did u all spend half an hr wrapping ur gifts, bows and frilly things, only 2 put them in a Tesco's carrier bag later? 2:20 PM Jan 2nd via web

Rang him back said 'SURELY no chimney means no CARBON<- footprint, heh! geddit'. He say,'No, and don't call me SHIRLEY' 10:05 PM Dec 20th, 2009 via web

Sent txt 2 Santa sayin, 'just leave gifts on roof, cos iv'e no chimney'. Repy, 'Can't do due 2 snowbon footprints'. 7:02 PM Dec 20th, 2009 via web

What i meant was, the scientists in my followers list, followed me 1st (it's the flu). Inspiration beckons.. 3:53 PM Dec 12th, 2009 via web

Flu virus clever. Feel better,go out,spread 2 mny poeple.Feel worse, go home. Virus tricks us, we think itgone but not. 11:35 AM Dec 12th, 2009 via web

Back on 2nd half, Patrick Moore's house,planetarium, R.I. London.Flu better, not 100%tho. I for 1 welcome Smurf sounds. 11:07 PM Dec 11th, 2009 via web

Now on site more info on my trip 2 Patrick Moores house last yr,1st half so far. Same pg my experience @ R.I in London. 11:54 PM Dec 1st, 2009 via web

So, we are still spinning around in space on a planet called Earth. Is that it then? 3:52 PM Nov 19th, 2009 via web

Many people will identiify with next months quote on my site. 2 Carl, is life just lots of 'move on's in a stream? 10:08 PM Nov 15th, 2009 via web

Right. Obviously, the LED isn't<- going to shine on the tree when I am observing night sky. As if. 4:20 PM Nov 8th, 2009 via web

Next doors tree blocks out half my night sky 4 astronomy observing, so shining LED on their tree. 2nite yellow!

My Eco LED is v bright/indoor wide spot/bright colours thro my window 2 next doors tree(s). Let u know reaction. Pink! 4:35 PM Oct 28th, 2009 via web

The Eco LED is 4 lighting up next doors garden tree. Am painting their tree effectively. Bought more LED's for lounge. 4:04 PM Oct 28th, 2009 via web

Binary instructions 4 a Par 56 Eco LED light(151 LEDS) + a 6 Channel DMX Controller Unit I have just bought,er um. 3:50 PM Oct 20th, 2009 via web

Keep ur money moving + invest it in more than 1 place at any one time. Sounds like particles in quantum super position. 4:37 PM Oct 17th, 2009 via web

The Royal Institution, London, 4 a day, this Nov, to c Astronomy lectures. It beckons. I go. Go 2 it. Will. Am going. 10:52 PM Oct 11th, 2009 via web

I like those car LED's that glow from under the car onto ground. Am thinking of hvng bodywork sprayed glow in the dark. 4:26 PM Oct 10th, 2009 via web

If only I could drive my car around space + beyond. Love driving on country lanes, music blasting out(windows shut). 5:05 PM Oct 8th, 2009 via web

Shall we all move to the star Alpha Centuri? If so take your sunglasses and quote of the month of my site now up. 9:31 AM Oct 1st, 2009 via web

Move t clouds away 2 find planets that don't need 2 be stuck 2 t sky with invisible thread like those I made earlier. 4:00 PM Sep 28th, 2009 via web

Ok. If I said u were just made up of a sum of vectors (and a few other things) as points r QM fuzzy, how would u react? 12:55 PM Sep 23rd, 2009 via web

Actually, t dog idea reminds me of t total internal refractive index. Happy Brifday Jim Al-Khalili by the way. Ur honor 1:38 PM Sep 20th, 2009 via web

Just seen pic of a dog watching a dog on TV being taken 4 a walk by a person dressed up as a dog. Infinite regression. 12:16 PM Sep 20th, 2009 via web

?????u? ?uo?? 2 ???q u?op ?pisdn ?q lli? ?i ??u?? n ?i ??? ???i? ??? dn pu? 2 ??? 8:22 PM Sep 18th, 2009 via web

Half th demographic ring up their boss saying they can't make work due 2 being stuck 2 t couch. Derren sorts t recession 12:57 AM Sep 15th, 2009 via web

T point of 2nd programme was 2 create a clever illusion of revealing the 1st trick. That's t point! Was split screen 1:22 PM Sep 12th, 2009 via web

Not sure if misdirection of people, already suggestable, used 2 bolster illusion<- of real prediction is gud trick 11:14 PM Sep 11th, 2009 via web

Misdirected us in2 believing he used maths 2 appear 2 give away how he predicted numbers Still open ended Very clvr 4:22 PM Sep 11th, 2009 via web

Possible edit break in half left screen only (subtle, don't blink) b4 lottery man says no 15 to Derren saying no 28. 12:44 AM Sep 11th, 2009 via web

Tesco Supermarket will take over world, solar system + universe. Won't be long b4 they are responsable 4 a Black Hole. 9:20 AM Sep 4th, 2009 via web

What about a pre-word b4 super (e.g supermarket) e.g superduper. So, Superdupersupermarket. Tesco's can buy it off me. 9:20 AM Sep 4th, 2009 via web

...last few tweets - off on a tangent maybe. Was a possible business angle but could blight outcome. Tescos r giants. 9:14 AM Sep 4th, 2009 via web

So, I need Robert Peston (I don't mean I 'need' need) I mean I 'need', but I woudn't mind the other need either. 11:29 PM Sep 1st, 2009 via web

It's like this, suppose Tesco did my idea (I sent them businesss proposal?)2 get super physics lab. Every Little Helps. 9:25 AM Aug 30th, 2009 via web

If Tesco supermarket use my idea, any profit thye make with me, goes 2 astronomy observatory + small physics lab. 10:17 PM Aug 26th, 2009 via web

Hvn been asked out twice from different guys @ Tescos, y not they have live dating service 4 shoppers, 2 for price of 1? 5:38 PM Aug 26th, 2009 via web

I can't remember that much of my the random thoughts on my site (apart from the last few). Talk about embarrasement. 3:31 PM Aug 26th, 2009 via web

Now back 2 the important stuff! ! Like science, art, jokes, physics, thoughts, these subjects r like rocks, true 2 form 3:27 PM Aug 26th, 2009 via web

I am presuming supermarkets r the place 4 finding dates. It probalby won't happen now 4 another 20 years! 3:23 PM Aug 26th, 2009 via web

Yestrday me @ same supermarket, similar time, but another guy (this 1with blonde woman this time) asked me out 4 a drink 3:22 PM Aug 26th, 2009 via web

Thanks Stefan (c him on my followers here ->) 4 asking me out on a date, made my day!The pond between us. 11:04 PM Aug 17th, 2009 via web

Hah! They found it! If only QM was as logic as this solved mystery, Penrose would havea field day - Penrose, brilliant. 10:26 PM Aug 16th, 2009 via web

BBC says missing ship, I say shrinking boat (joke). Just been suggested 2 say "brilliant" more<- often not less. Ok'd. 12:36 PM Aug 12th, 2009 via web

Been sayin the word 'brilliant' 2 much in conversation. Have an idea 2 solve this, will not say it as much. Brilliant. 5:20 PM Aug 10th, 2009 via web

so with regards 2 my last few tweets about my odd event at the supermarket - has the world gone completely mad? 5:03 PM Jul 22nd, 2009 via web

He walks back 2 his fancy car. I turn round + ask him, "Why u choose me?" He comes back 2 reply, "Cos ur attractive". 4:26 PM Jul 22nd, 2009 via web

Man walks up 2 me with peice of paper + says "Have this. Give me a ring". I put trolley between us for caution puzzled. 4:24 PM Jul 22nd, 2009 via web

crocks shoes, hair in ponytail. Blonde woman infront of me went back 2 her expensive car wearing, sharp suit, hi heels. 4:21 PM Jul 22nd, 2009 via web

Next few tweets r about what has just happened 2 me whilst walking out of supermarket. I was wearing cardigan, cords, 4:19 PM Jul 22nd, 2009 via web

Just making a minature planetarium model. Keeping up with amount of stars from real visible sky 4 it quite a challenge. 3:43 PM Jul 21st, 2009 via web

Shrinking boat is not: odd geometry, ST contraction, expansion/contraction due to temperature/water, scale change.

Another clue. It's not what you think, but it is what you think. Connection 2 physics/science obscured, but fundamental. 9:56 AM Jul 19th, 2009 via web

A clue. It's not<- 2 do with materials shrinking/expanding due 2 water. Only seen it once. Could b used 4 other ideas. 9:38 AM Jul 19th, 2009 via web

Arjen asked if boat idea was space-time contraction, it isn't, but is related 2 physics. Not sure if it will be got. 3:43 PM Jul 14th, 2009 via web

Been plying wth gift, mate got me, keyring, laser/LED from UE Wk of Astronomy + Space Science of Uni of Hertfordshire 4:48 PM Jun 28th, 2009 via web

I think the next random thought on my site is going 2 b about a shrinking boat, not really shrinking nor even sinking. 12:08 PM Jun 10th, 2009 via web

Am wondering if I still love spiders (last tweet) I do. There is a need to learn y Fire Ants like electrical stuff. 2:15 PM May 20th, 2009 via web

Small insect short circuits main government server, sets off major button 4 nuclear arsenal, dstroys Earth. Now what? 4:23 PM May 10th, 2009 via web

Have just spent about 5 mins tryng to figure out where a spider went on the underside of my PC bench. I love spiders. 4:28 PM May 9th, 2009 via web

Look where you are going, but don't go where you are looking. 1:43 AM Apr 29th, 2009 via web

Fractal Business Solutions! We won't keep you waiting forever. Please apply within, within, within, within, within, within, within 12:54 PM Apr 26th, 2009 via web

Looking at the things we have already in a new way is just as important as looking for new things. Quantum. 5:03 PM Apr 7th, 2009 via web

You don't understand quantum mechanics, unless u study it upside down with one leg up in the air. 9:43 PM Apr 3rd, 2009 via web

Universe in recession. All planets to not lend out, light, mass, gravity until further notice. Sun and Moon cancelled. 9:16 PM Mar 30th, 2009 via web



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