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Making New Friends, by D. James Sanderson,


Making New Friends, by D. James Sanderson. He is a friend of mine and has story writng talent. If you look a bit closer into his stories, you will find that they come to life with power and clarity. This is a short story that he sent me a while ago! I think it's good and he does have a journal sense, in that he writes up everything that goes on in the D+D sessions every month. A fine writer if someone gave him the chance, as he uses inspiration from unusual sources with a good sense of insight into characters and so on. The story back drop picture was illustrated by me using watercolour. Please send any short stories to me also for illustrating, theme wise something that you think ties up with my site would be good.



Making New Friends by D. James Sanderson, his address is here>  (e-mail daz@lumiere.freeserve.co.uk)


Poem by Daz


Here is a poem by Daz. It's simple, it's funny and it's got to be read by you, so click on "poem"!

Poem (no title) by D. James Sanderson, illustrated by Claire



C-This space for Daz's new link to his Journal of Arianne Farmerschild. It is a collection of notes from a long running role playing game written from the perspective of one of the characters as her diary. I do not play it myself, my partner Ian and Daz play with a group of friends. The journal is quite long and is split into several parts. If you click on "index" at Arianne's journal then click on "science notes" you will find a hilarious write up about what she thinks the science is, in the world of Alba.

C-This space for his other short story soon to be put here.





C-This Music On The Mind* updated 9th December 2005


Ok, folks I will start to put more tracks here that have piled up these last few months (infact since last year)-(March 2004)

This page was updated on June 45th 2005.

C-This Music Section here is under construction... (Started about August 9th 2003)

This section here (it' s going to be a big page this) will be filled with a list of my song (CD) collections that I have have collected from the past, charts, rock, dance, disco, hip hop, rap, oldies, classical...)



Tracey Chapman http://www.tracychapman.com/


http://www.elektra.com/elektra/tracychapman/index.jhtml;jsessionid=SFLIE40SF3V02QAMEEQSFEY?_requestid=95318 is my favourite singer/song writer.




A Musical Creatvity Barometer Idea Starts Here (August 22nd 2004)

I have decided to use a creativity barometer idea thing here for all the tracks from this day onwards (August 22nd 2004). This creatvity idea is a separate issue, so I might make a good comment about the music/video, even if the creatvity amount isn't that hight, so it's just another perspective. The letter C- before the number denotes the amount of craetivity, v if it's for the video, m if it's for the music, v/m for both. A spectrum from 1-10 for the combination of music/video creatvity amount. 10 being a lot,1 being not that much. If any track/video scores, say for instance 37 (which is totally outside the standard amount!), then it is well above and out of this (world) spectrum (this could declare that the 1-10 is really a box) so in this case, it's "out of the (Juke?) box" music creativity! Yeah!!



C-This Music On The Mind* List


Oasis http://www.oasisinet.com/site.php, Let There Be Love form the new album Don't Believe The Truth. This track is John Lennon (I drew a picture of John Lennon, it is in my art section on this site) telling us he is still here with us after 25 years (he could have sung it you know). Oasis are a great group, and......one of my favourites, even though I had not got round to mentioning them here yet. I like most tracks and have many albums of theirs. They are so popular that I used to know someone in their mid 70s who loved Oasis! How amazing is that? One of my brothers went to a concert of theirs, stood near thre front near the stage and apparently Liam stood there on stage, put his arm straight out and stared while pointing his finger out directly at him for no reason what so ever for several seconds. This is sort of typical Liam behaviour apparently, you didn't know? ahh well... you obviously haven't grasped them properly yet...! lol! Good luck

I will soon review the brilliant X and Y album by Chris Martin of Coldplay that I have. ( when i get round to it, Dec 05)


Speed Of Sound - http://www.coldplay.com/index.phpColdplay from the album X&Y. It should be quite obvious by now why I like this track.(C-v/m79)


James Blunt http://www.jamesblunt.com Back To Bedlam. See this Wisemans music and hear his videos and your hooked. He is not really mainstream yet but wierd enoug to capture your imagination because of it. His lyrics I compare to Chris Martins work from Coldpay, or to put it Bluntly, not to be messsed with, but just intellectual enough to let you know gently that they make up the largest component of a great song. The videos are quite haunting, like his voice, but sweet enough to take you away so High....(C-v/m195)


Uniting Nations- Out Of Touch - My review for this is a bit old here, by about a few months (since last year?) but a lovely dance track. My suggestion play it LOUD! especially track 3 on the single, you could even dance to it and even watch other people dance to it while using your skills of psychology* while watching them dance or socialise. The 1st radio mix track reminds me of a friend I know all too very well and -keeping out of touch-. I have the single which has 6 tracks, plus a video and in there, a great no 3 track called the Skylab Remix- with this just really listen to the start of it, it's hypnotic and becomes more so as the track goes on. It would be interesting from a psychiatric* point of view too, having heard the lyrics Out Of Touch and Going Out Of My Head...blah blah blah from track 4...neuro linguistic programming... a few hundred to a million times over, because you could ask youreslf, will it drive me mad as a result? The answer, not a bit. You won't be out of touch, nor will you be going out of your head (your neighbours will be), and thank heavens it's just a song. Enjoy this great music because I am only kidding, but I would advise playing track three no more than three times a day, at least. If somebody asks you, why do they keep repeating the same lyrics over and over again? Just say back, "I have a bad memory". Track 5 called The Vanden Pias Remix starts really great too, just remember to play it very loud fro effect! Oh, I don't like the video for the original radio mix, by the way, because it's aimed at men :-(( When will they make a video of strip poker* aimed at women? But even just poker*...well a video of a game of poker* and aimed at women at least...(C-/m125)


Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)http://www.steveharley.com/ by Steve Harley 1975. This track has been my number three in my favourite top ten music tracks for years (the secrets out) it might move to 2nd very soon. As well as being -extremely handsome- many years back, Mr Harley has my full approval of his album "The Best Of...". On this track, Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) have you actually heard how this guy actually sings these lyrics? have you heard his articulation of the words on this track??? He actaully sounds like a child "....there's nothing left, all gone and run away...." but it works! It's very spooky this singing style, it is actually spot on though you know. I love the gaps of no music too, the -guitar- part, the timing is brilliant and his wonderfull voice, the whole lot. This track is fresh every time I liseten to it. The creative aspect, well lets just say, above average and thats a high average by the way. "...away. away and don't say, maybe you'll try..."(C-/m256)



Nick Drake

Nick Drake tragically died young in the early 70's. His track "River Man" is now in my top ten. Complex melodies. Once Brilliant, allways brilliant.(C-/m147)


damien rice Cannonballhttp://www.damienrice.com/. This track is spot on, just excellent. The album O. When you have tracks like, Amie, Eskimo and hope you know this guy is going to go very far. I hope he does. (C-v/m78)

Embrace - 'Gravity' The group here has an understated track and video. The guy playing the piano at the start reminds me of Chris Martin from Coldplay, was that intentional? I like this track not just because it's called Gravity but because it also has just recently inspired me to do some more of my cartoon here on this site! I suppose I can see this as a "suggested listening music" in the cartoon somewhere....let's just see. (C-m15)


MOUSSE T FT EMMA LANFORD . Is It Cos I'm Cool. You see, I reckon this track starts simple, changes from one style, then to another, finally works towards about another 2 styles? then ends up sounding a bit like something from ELO (which I am not complaining about at all !) Great stuff this. Is It Cos I'm Cool? (C-v/m43)




Who would I like to meet in the muisc world?

If I wanted to meet a musician in person, it would have to be Michael Stipe from REM. He is so interesting and inspiring.




Deepest Blue.http://www.deepestblue.tv Just to say I have only just found this official site for Deepest Blue! I have allways liked their music. I mentioned something about the video to the 1st track Deepest Blue in the top 40 chart forum website last year. I first said something like, Joel was a looker, the guys were similar(ish) Matti just as much, and the blue sploshy video had me changing my living room interior design colours, due to the fact that the blue paint in it, went all over Joel, Matti, the/my couch (out of the TV) and onto my carpet. I needed to re decorate the rooms as a result. The latest one is a hit 4 sure! I don't think they are ever going to have a problem creating more great music (Joel and Matti) do you? I think that my living room has recently been drowned in water (large tides??) as a result of a shooting star object that came from somewhere, I don't know were, but I was watching their latest video at the very same time it happened.....mmm. I will figure it out one day.....


More added to comment for O-Zone


We Are by Ana Johnson from the Spiderman 2 Soundtrack . This track is great. The video combined with the vocals makes the part, just after the bridge (music bridge), appear more scary. I will see this Spiderman 2 movie.


B U S T E D. 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 'THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! . "Year 300" was a hit for Busted, this one definately is!


The Streets- 'Dry Your Eyes' . I like this track. The simplicity works.


Jamelia. See It In A Boy's Eyes. Good track.


O-Zone. Mai Ai Hii. http://www.o-zone.go.ro/ ..."mai ai hi, mai ai hu, mai ai ha, mai ai ha-ha..." I could say they are taking the p**s out of eurovision in this song, but look what happened to ABBA (l like ABBA) and I like O-Zone. I think their manager said, "Ok, guys, your gonna look like this (Out with the jeans. In with the white pants) and gonna sing like this (mai ai hi...) and it'll work. It did! Love this track. UNusual to see guys stood on plane wing in the blazing sunshine !(see video). The guy with the lightest hair in shades, kewl indeed. (see video, listen to song).


KRISTIAN LEONTIOU - 'STORY OF MY LIFE'. http://www.kristianleontiou.com/site.php This song is extremely sad and addresses that side of life in the world today in the video. Very emotive and sung well. Well done Kristian.. If you read his bio on his site he has one thing in common with me, dyslexia.


OutlandishWalou. Bread And Barrels Of Water. (This is an older track) released maybe last year but I I just thought I'd say I like it.


Twista. Overnight Celebrity. "I can get you on CD's and DVD's, take you to BB's in BCB-G,"... What? It sounds good eevn if you can't tell what the hell he is sayin, so juss pla im @ haf speed if you wann th' words long' when this bro sing, know what I'm sayin'? cause the Smurfs take you to BB's in BCB-G's. The song is good because there is a violin in certain places. This IS a cleverly arranged track I reckon.


Keane. Hopes and Fears album Everybody's Changing, Somewhere Only We Know.. Excellent group, great lead singer (Tom Chaplin and his "moves" in Every Body's Changing vid) brill songs, tops for sure. Was he a choir boy?


Deepest Blue. Is It A Sin (To Love Again) latest video, VERY GOOD ;-) like the sunglasses, the hot day, the petrol station...

I have liked quite a few tracks these last few months (since last year). I will put them here as soon as I can, and rememeber what they were. That might take ten years.

..................here was the break of this page for about half a year. Now back and it's May 2004

Travis. Re-offender (all albums)http://www.travisonline.com/This group which I love. I have all thier CD's as a proofing factor to support this, is joint 1st with Coldplay except Travis are slightly more geater at this present time.


Deltra Goodrem. Inoccent EyesA good track. A bit darker this one...


...talking of the "darkness" The Darkness, Permission To Land How unbelievably crazy does this lead singer get to look from a scale of one to ten? 15. The technicaality of his vocals though and arragements are brill, infact there are two types of brill going on, one of which applies to this group which is the second I'll mention. The 1st brill that is brill, because anything other than it, is not as brill, so it is obvioulsy more brill, then the other second brill, is so brill that, when placed next to anything that is less brill, that is also quite equally as brilliantly rediculous (like giant squids flung around UFO ships or the darkness) is still brill, and shines through as being brill. Now that's brilliant and especially if any other music is less brill like a background, because then, it really is, just the darkness...


Dido.White Flag. Dido is a great musical artist. I've allready got her album, No Angel. I might be buying the next one. (September)http://www.didomusic.com/


Re- Written...Deepest Blue, Joel Edwards and Matti Schwartz.They say: From Ministry of Sound site "Deepest Blue is a collaboration of two great young talents: The producer, Israeli-born former Massive Attack collaborator Matti Schwartz (I say: Who I think was told to splosh blue paint about in the vid like Jackson Pollock, or is that Joel sploshing paint because they, the guys, if there is more than one guy, look similarish? ), and whose track with the Bristol trip-hoppers was featured in hit film ‘The Matrix’. The vocal and lyrics come from immensely talented (I say: also good looking singing in the video) singer/songwriter Joel Edwards (the one with the gotee, you can just about see his face and wondered how on earth he didn't get paint on it) who has worked with Ed Case, M Factor as well as supplying the vocal for the Zoom “Let It Go” single". I say: The Sploshest Video Ever... let it rip, not drip. You might want to try The Ministry of Sound (they are ace) site but this is better--> http://www.deepestblue.tv/main.php(August 2003)


Blu Cantrel and Sean Paul, Breathe. I said to some one this would be a hit for No1 about over 6 weeks ago. I was right

Four Minute Warning, Mark Owen. They say :"His first single in years and is a radio-friendly indie-pop ditty about what he might do if he had four minutes left to live." I say: I like this single and in the video he looks good and.... I am now waiting for Mark to over "take that" other guy from "Take That" with the initials RW, geddit? Why, Because Mark Owen deserves it. http://www.markowenofficial.com/markowen.php


Black Eyed Peas, Where Is The Love? They say: It's an ELEPHUNK ALBUM . I say: ? Basically, this song is just brilliant. The words/lyrics are, "philosophy in rythm" because I think they meant funky so it is Filosofunk... Here 's a link, but when there, click on "Click Here To Preview The Elephunk Album! & Watch The New WHERE IS THE LOVE? Video" at http://www.blackeyedpeas.com/launcher.html. Although some of the words/lyrsic are case sensitive. A good string section with the beat, infact I love strings anyway with modern arrangements, as well as electric and acoustic guitars.....I think you,ve got the idea. (August 2003)


Are You Ready For Love, Elton John. They say: Anglo Plugging "Elton’s long lost ‘77 disco gem ‘Are You Ready For Love’ “We first heard Justin Robertson play it and flipped. Then we started talking to all sorts: Ashley Beedle, Harvey, Dave Hill et al, who all knew and loved the record. We couldn't resist testing the water, and after discussion with EJ's management and label, a deal was struck. It just felt right, the music and lyrics are so lush and beautiful, we were ready for love.". I say: It's to be released this September. It's the sort of song that gets you dancing on your own on a summer afteroon, in the sunshine (in your flares) on the lawn in your back garden while the music plays (I wouldn't recommend this if your neighbour has just moved in or if your current neighbours are having buyers round and they decide to look at the view) otherwise what the hell, I like. Elton John in this "orginal" not the redone version by the way, video footage looks groovy with the cap and co-ordnating clothes to match. This WILL be a hit.


Coldplay, Clocks. http://www.coldplay.com/I say: I am certain that they are "probably" the best group in the world so far. In the video "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" it reminds me of my Thaleck cartoon (C-This Cartoon section) character friend I created years ago he is called "Hemsleaves" (No Hands) who works behind the Bar Ever and serves Thaleck with his first dose of draft beer (with no thought dregs..). Thaleck then meets Dr.Scriggle who, like in the Coldplay vid, disappears. You know, like they do. The music is top and the videos are too. They'll now probably release a song called "Heisenberg".

Secret Smile. Semisonic.http://www.semisonic.com At Semisonic.com they say: "When Minneapolis trio Semisonic began to work on their new album, All About Chemistry, the band found themselves in an unfamiliar position: they were no longer upstarts, underdogs or indie rockers. Instead they had a hit song and sales of two million albums worldwide to follow up." I say: Secretly, a great track.