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FTL is a totally web-based publication. We are aiming to fill our webspace with all the features of the sort of magazine you might buy at a newsagents or supermarket. We haven't been going for very long, so we are just learning how to do all this.

Magazine Editor is Wendy Graham, who has been a journalist for many (many) years but who knew nothing about computers until just before Christmas 1998. Webmaster is Ian Jeffery, who knows lots about computers, but knew nothing about publishing or creating websites until about April 1999. Mid-April is when the two got together (and after some stuff happened) decided 'Wouldn't it be fun if….'

Since then we have been building up the magazine to where it is today, which is not as far on as it will be tomorrow, but a whole lot more than it was a couple of days ago.

In these few short months we have been lucky to build up a list of contributors who support our ambition to build the most responsive and exciting magazine on the web.

We are aware of the bias at present towards science stuff - that is simply how it has come out so far, but we are working on redressing the balance.

This is going to be 'all the magazine you'll ever need'. We aim to change or add something every day or so, and to always be as up-to-date and immediate with the news as we can be (and no printed magazines can claim that) and we want to reflect your interests, but we can't do that unless you tell us what you want to see.

We have adopted a maxim by Dr Jack Cohen as our mission statement. Faced with the statement '90% of everything is crap' Jack's reposte was:

'If you are not failing at more than 10% of the things you are trying, you are not trying enough things.'

We are trying plenty of things - and if we get the failure rate down to 9%, well, that's okay.

Editorial Policy

If you're interested in submitting features, articles or news to FTL Magazine, please read our submission requirements below. Contact Wendy at..... and technical queries should go to Ian.

  1. All copy should be submitted by e-mail to the editor. Work should be as Word, HTML or RTF attachments, pictures as GIF (for 8bit colour) or JPG(for 24bit colour and photographs). Note that we work on PCs, so if you have a mac, please use RTF.
  2. Any images submitted should be kept to a reasonable size, preferably less than 20kB. Our aim is to keep the download time for all pages to a minimum. If you send images larger than this they will be compressed.
  3. Images should be sent separately and not embedded in documents.
  4. Unsolicited material: Please send an outline to the editor by e-mail before writing or sending any copy.
  5. FTL magazine's experts will review just about anything that has to do with science fact or fiction including books, films and games (board and computer). If you have something you'd like us to review, please send it to the address below. (Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will review any particular item. All submissions are evaluated individually.)
  6. The editor's decision is final.


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